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Cụm Đề bài số 1 "Change/

shift/ alter /modify/ transform" (transform là từ academic thuộc sublist 6)

Cấu tạo từ Cụm từ Climate change Alter/ alterable/ alteration/ Transform/ transformable/ transformation

Câu ví dụ Change: "Don't change the topic!" /climate change adversely affects numerous people in the world/ Shift: "Because of the recent large assaults in town, there is a great shift in public opinion about how the governors should run it”. /That teacher shifts in methodology teaching attributes considerably to kids’ success/ Alter: "Since his beloved's death, he's altered his way of living noticeably" Modify: "They modified their concept of true friendship after having been betrayed"./ it is advisable that some companies modify their product in order to meet customer’s demands/ Transform: "The politician transformed his opponent's statement into another statement by using straw fallacy"/the innovations of scientist transform human’s life/

Ghi chú dùng 'alter one's way of life" chứ ít khi dùng "change. Change với alter gần nghĩa nhau bạn ạ. Đều là thay đổi cả, nhưng change thiên về ý nghĩa là mình thay đổi 1 thứ gì đó hoàn toàn, ví dụ như "everything is changed" mọi thứ giờ đổi khác rồi (trước đây không có A, giờ có A; trước đây có B, C, giờ có B, C, D, E...); trong khi đó, alter dùng giống như là mình chỉ thay thế 1 cái này bằng 1 cái khác khác hơn cái đã có. Ví dụ như 'He altered the orders of the must-do list', tức là cái order có sẵn, mình xếp lại. Nhưng nhìn chung alter và change nghĩa rất gần nhau. Còn transform (gồm trans và form), trans thường thấy trong việc thay đổi (ví dụ như transgender: chuyển giới) còn form là hình dạng. Cho nên, transform dùng trong những trường hợp thay hình đổi dạng. Trong Harry Potter có cô McGonagall dạy môn Transforming đó. Hoặc ví dụ: "The alchemist transformed the sand on the table into gold" bổ sung từ acquire chị nhé. get/gain/ obtain/




Achieve/ achieving/

To achieve greatness, one should stay focused She succeeds in defeating her foe"

” 2 từ eventually và ultimate đều là các từ academic thuộc sublist cao 8 và 7. which is not neccessarily correct" “it is undeniable that people's ultimate object/goal/aim/ target/ is discovery what their true love is” “Manager always has ultimate responsibiliy for whatever happened.succeed/ accomplish/ attain (achieve thuộc sublist 2. have a happy ending after having been through thick and thin" "There are lots of similarities and differences between the sketch and the final version of a drawing" "The disctintion of 'ass' and 'butt' is the last section of this chapter" "They will ask you to show your ticket at each terminal station" “One of the usual mistakes that many non-native speakers make is the eventual outcome of how they try to pronounce correctly some difficult words. attain sublist 9) achieved/ achievable/ unachievable achievement Succeed/ successful/ success/ successfully Accomplish/ accomplished/ Accomplishment Attain/ Attainable/ /unattainable/atta inment That was one of the Admiral's greatest accomplishments Most of us students attained the goals we'd set before" với cụm 2 nè thì bạn chỉ cần nhớ 1 số collocation của các từ khác nhau thui. manufacturing multiple endings. - predictive là tính từ chỉ khả năng có thể tiên đoán trước sự việc. 4 4 "estimate/ Estimate/ underestimate/ov "Back-up. . I need back-up .Roger that! Where is your current location? . like 'specific' or 'ghosts'. chẳng hạn "mission accomplish" hay "attain the goal" là đc chứ về nghĩa thì ko khác nhau nhiều 3 3 "happy ending/ last section/ final version/ eventual outcome/ terminal station /ultimate responsiblity "They are madly in love and thus.Right behind the west main building.

predictable là có thể đoán trước. scientists are likely/possible/feasible to anticipate future of Earth. Anticipate/ anticipation/ anticipative(ly)/an ticipatable anticipated inflaction Roger! Estimated time of arrival (ETA) 5 mins" "She had predicted that Obama would be the next President and It turned out to be true. which is to say. Viet Nam Economists predict that in 2011 growth rates of Viet Nam will increase by 2% more than in 2010” thanks to utilizing the evolution of technology in prediction. biết trước đc như là quyển sách hay là bộ fim dễ biết trước kết quả ấy . she has a real ability of prognostication" “Because of recovery of global economy.predict/ forecast /anticipate (anticipate thuộc sublist 9) erestimate/ estimation/ estimated Predict/ prediction/ predictable/ unpredictable/ predictive.

linguistics. which he'd hated a lot before" I'm keen on reading newspaper I'm enthusiastic about meeting new people I'm passionate about drawing and writting Cái nè cả nhà nên luyện tập dùng trong speaking đối với câu hỏi dạng "Do you like.. adventures.5 5 "like/ be keen on/ be fond of/ be enthusiatic about/ be passionate about" be crazy about Like/likeable/ Alike Enthusiatic/ enthusiasm i like to play badminton i could be keen on solving puzzle i'm enthusiatic about Classic Russian Literature I'm passonate about collecting stamps and postcards "She likes reading literary books" "There are many kinds of books here in this library." thì sẽ rất nhàm mà còn bị đánh lỗi over-use the word "like". such as: comics." brain drain is 1 phenomenon that skilled workers move It reflects the situation in which the intelligentsias in a country go to other countries to work and live thực ra đây là 1 từ vừa hay vừa dễ nhớ bởi nó là 1 dạng chơi chữ kiểu từ láy trong tiếng Anh.". I like. general sciences and the like" "British people are keen on gardening" I was really taken aback by his new enthusiasm about traveling by cars. Khi đó nếu reply theo kiểu "yes. như thế hãy cố gắng thay đổi đi chút bằng cách đặt câu dùng các cụm trên mọi người nhé^^ fervour = avidity = enthusiasm (n) fervid = fervent = ardent = avid = passtionate = enthusiastic (adj) 6 Câu khó "brain-drain" Brain drain is a problem for many poor countries losing skilled workers to richer countries Brain-drain is one of the causes for the increasing unequality between rich and poor countries brain drain is a popular phenomenon in the developing countries. Nowadays. cái nè các bạn có thể đề cập đến khi nói đến chủ đề giáo dục hay việc làm của task 2 ah^^ .. brain drain is one of the big problems of Vietnam... "His vision was for a "University of the Lakes" which could prevent the brain drain of bright young things from a county which couldn't offer them any higher education.

” “with a view to preserving people’ health especially kids.” “Both of them felt miserable because their love was forbidden.Nah.BAR 8 7 "solve/ handle/ SOLVE/ SOLUTION/ SOLUBLE/ SOLUBILITY from their countries where they are trained to other countries. you know. . government prohibits smoking in the public places. "Why don't you try flirting with her? .7 6 ban/ forbid/ prohibit/ not allow/ not permit" Prohibit/ Prohibition Forbid/ Forbidden cụm: God forbid Prevent/ Prevention FORBID/ FORBIDDEN/ FORBIDDING/ FORBIDDINGLY/ PROHIBIT/ PROHIBITION/ PROHIBITIVE/ PROHIBITIVELY/PR OHIBITIONIST .owing to lack of budget. "Brain drain can occur either when individuals who study abroad and complete their education do not return to their home country or when individuals educated in their home country emigrate abroad for higher wages and opportunities" “How to solve brain-drain problem is difficult question with deprived countries namely Viet Nam which.” “by dint of steep development of technology.Smoking is completely banned in every area of this museum.are imposible to generate positive enviroment for development of their talent citizent.” The law prohibiting student demonstrations has just been done away with. team-word.My parents do not allow me to go out after 10p. presentation… forbids some students to adhere to competitive labour market." Knowing how to handle yourself is of great importance for Thêm từ “prevent” và “Bar” nữa nha.” “immunization assist infants in preventing hazardous diseases. The police are making every effort to solve the case.m. / He was barred from the pub because of his unacceptable behaviour the previous night. Từ “prohibit” thuộc academic sublist 7 nha . . She's unfuckable. otherwise the whole plan will be totally ruined. she's kinda an insolvable puzzle. .The situation does not permit any mistakes. lack of vital skills including computerization.

I finally got it successfully cracked." The crisis is being seriously tackled by the Government.” “The traffic was being hold up by an accident. You know what.” “Sorry.At first I had to struggle to cope with several difficulties but then the job turned out to be much more interesting than I had with/ cope with/ tackle" address CRACK Contend with Solvable/ Insolvable HANDLE/ HANDLING/ HANDLER/ TACKLE/ TACKLER/ Tackling 9 8 DELAY/ DELAYER -POSTPONE/ postpone/ POSTPONEMENT/ POSTPONABLE/ suspend/ POSTPONER SUSPEND/ pending/ SUSPENSE/ SUSPENSION/ hold up/ SUSPENSIBLE/ SUSPENSIBILITY retard PENDING/ PENDENCY DETAIN RETARD/ RETARDATION DEFER PROCRASTINATE/ PROCRASTINATIO PROCRASTINATE N delay/ you to be successful in this field. “Haven't you sent the letter? Send it now without delay or you're fired. I can assure you that I can handle everything this baby can dish out. . “Brain-drain has retarded the development of many poor countries” “He has fallen behind because of his continual procrastination. We could hardly move”.” “Lack of evidence has led to the postponement of the trial.” “On no account should you defer the decision since nowhere else will you find a more wonderful job. "I'm a fully-trained babysitter. but after hours of thinking. tackling inflation and corruption and bureaucracy and shit like that in this country is just impossible" I admire her just because of her ability to deal with awkward situations in such a tactful way.” Từ “suspend” thuộc sublist 9 nha cả nhà .” “His aggressive attitude earned the player a two-match suspension” “Don't u feel thirsty? I'll go to buy some drinks. just because I had witnessed a stupid fight on the street. I'm late. The Math problem was quite tough. I was detained at the police station for questioning. Read this pending my return.

10 Khá c Easy/ Straightforwa rd/ Uncomplicate d/ Painless assert /claim /assume /protest .