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J ankalyan Samitis
Experience in the field of Disability (Q. 8 &9)
I, Suresh Patil, a parent of Cerebral Palsy Child
(1999). Consulted number of doctors in Pune and
Mumbai, who suggested Physiotherapy and special
education. But in our Latur District there was no such
centre to treat and train the child. Hence I encouraged
my wife Smt. Deepa patil to undergo training in
Special Education for CP at Spastic Society of India
Bandra Mumbai during 2004-05.
Along with that we became a member of
J ivhala Parents Association Latur(Affiliated to NFPA)
in 2005. We came to know many number of Parents
are in the same situation as we were, which motivated
us to start a day school exclusively for Cp Children.
With the assistance and guidance of R.s.s J anakalyan
Samiti And Vivekanand Medical Foundation, Latur.
We started Sanvedanain 2006 with 3 Children.
Now we have got trained Special
Educators and well equipped
Physiotherapy, Speech therapy, Music
Therapy, Massage therapy & Aculaser
Therapy Units. Our School strength
reached to 42 from all the four categories
(CP, MR, AUTISM, MD). Along with that
more than 150 children from remote areas
of Marathwada region. benefited regarding
Physiotherapy & Special Education
We are training our children in variety of games,
cultural programmes, Dance, Art, Drama etc.,
because of that children were motivated and
became confident and their vision also expanded.
They participated in district and state level
competitions for disabled children and achieved
prizes also. A skit named J APA SUMANE was
became very Popular which was presented before
huge audience in Latur Festival. We also used to
take children every year to railway station,
business mall, public parks which gave an
occasion to interact with society.
Student Ku. Sneha Hake win prize in State Level Sports
Competition. Taking awards by Hon. Kumari selja Minister Of
social J ustice & Empowerment Government Of India
Our Students Performing a skit J APA
SUMANEin Latur Festival, Latur.
making the Children J oyfull
Parents meet is arranged on every
Wednesday of the first week of the month.

I amvery pleased to release

Annual edition of sanvedana. I t
Has been a learning experience
For meto visit thecerebral palsy
Unit and seethevarious
therapies practiced here. I am
Very inspired by thededicated
Serviceof all theteamengaged
I n thenobletask of family
oriented rehabilitation programme
Of this centre. My Best Wishes.
Dr. Vijay Bhatkar
April 2010
The activities are going on
very well. Because of this
sanvedan celebral palsy
centre has its own name and
reputation. Their loyalty and
duty is matchless. In the
future we expect more and
more social work by this
Mr. Eknath Davale
District Collector, Latur

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Niramaya Card was distributed 42 PWD &

out of that 24 Claimed successfully.
On World Disabled Day2013
Intereaction between normal and PWD
Intereaction With NCC Cadets of
4 Districts
World Disabled day Students suffering
in Railway at Latur Railway Station..
Sanvedana Students in Vishwa Mall in Latur
To get land for the project.
Modern Building for the project with
required amenities.
To have Respite Centre
To create training centre for teachers and
To start career guidance centre for the
children above 18 years.