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National Conference on

Advances in Radiation Measurement Systems and Techniques
IARPNC – 2014
March 19-21, 2014 Multipurpose Hall BARC Training School Hostel Anushaktinagar MUMBAI – 400 094



com Phone : 25595076 Mobile : +91 9969961663 Fax : 022 25505151 . Mumbai 400 085. India E-mail : kmukund@barc.Conference Secretariat Dr. Organizing Committee IARPNC-2014 M. Trombay. RPIS Radiological Physics and Advisory Division Bhabha Atomic Research Centre. Kulkarni & ksmukund@yahoo.

industry. It conducts training courses to cater to the requirement of trained manpower in the industrial applications of radioisotopes in industry and research. Hyderabad. The association has a large membership of the specialists and users of natural and man-made radiation sources. Mumbai. There have been tremendous advancements in nuclear .. The Indian Association for Radiation Protection (IARP). It encourages adoption of appropriate means / procedures for avoiding or reducing radiation exposure in the applications of ionizing radiations and nuclear technology in the country. agriculture.INVITATION The Indian Association for Radiation Protection (IARP) is organizing its 31st National Conference (IARPNC-2014) on “Advances in Radiation Measurement Systems and Techniques” during March 19-21. The IARP publishes an open access web-based quarterly journal “Radiation Protection and Environment” (RPE). 1970. such as power generation. a nongovernmental organization (NGO) of radiation protection professionals in India. was registered in 1968 under the Public Trust Act. Anushaktinagar. The aims of IARP include bringing about proper awareness of the benefits of ionizing radiations and as well as the hazards amongst their users in particular and the public in general. Tarapur. scientific research etc. medicine. Maharashtra. 2014 at Multipurpose Hall. IARP has been serving the national and international scientific community for the past 45 years by organizing national and regional conferences and workshops in the field of Radiation Protection and Safety. Kaiga and Kalpakkam). 1950. thereby maximizing the benefits to the society. The Association is an affiliate of the International Radiation Protection Association (IRPA) since May. The Association has its six chapters in different regions of the country (Delhi. Kanpur. Training School Hostel. It provides a forum for communication and exchange of information amongst specialists in the field of radiation protection and related disciplines in the country and with their counterparts in other countries.

Sharma Chairman..measurement techniques.2014 Dr. IARP & Convener. Organizing Committee IARPNC. Radiation Protection Instrumentation.S. sensitive techniques in environmental measurements. D. The major thematic areas to be covered are: Radioanalytical and Measurement Techniques. As per the policy of IARP of holding every alternate conference in Mumbai. Kulkarni Secretary. the 2014 IARPNC is being organized in Mumbai which happens to be the centre of major research and regulatory activities in the field of radiation protection and safety. miniaturization of instruments. embedded systems. which have made a huge impact in overall radiation protection. Radiation Metrology and ICRP Recommendations. Pradeepkumar President. Dr. Radiation Protection of the Environment and Public. in the last decade. M. This conference is a forum for all the stakeholders to discuss various issues related to the developments in radiological and environmental safety of nuclear facilities. utilization of software based applications. Radiation Dosimetry. IARPNC2014 will be devoted to “Advances in Radiation Measurement Systems and Techniques”. K. IARPNC-2014 . Occupational Radiation Protection. IARP Dr. In view of these developments. Regulatory Aspects and Environmental Legislations.N. growth of large area/volume semiconductor detectors.S. It gives us immense pleasure in inviting you to participate in IARPNC-2014 and we look forward to your valuable technical contributions in the conference. development of rapid radio-separation methods etc.

Panel Discussion and Technical Exhibition. Medical Exposure.SCIENTIFIC PROGRAMME The scientific programme of the conference will include Invited Talks. 3) Shri A. Proffered Papers.R. l Emergency Preparedness: Prevention. Vohra Memorial Lecture Award. . A. l Radiation Dosimetry: Internal. Accelerator Facilities. Aquatic and Atmospheric Modeling. Liquid Scintillation Analysis and Beta Counting/Spectrometry. 4) Dr. there will be best oral paper and best poster presentation awards. l Latest ICRP Recommendations including Dose to Eye Lens. 1) Dr. Neutron Spectrometry. The Oration lectures will be delivered in the Plenary Sessions. Monte Carlo Simulations. which will be declared during the last session of the conference. A. Conventional Pollutants. 7) Meritorious Operational Health Physicist Award and 8) Dr. Gamma and Alpha Ray Spectrometry. Preparedness and Response to Nuclear and Radiological Emergencies. External. In addition to these.K. l Radiation Detectors & Nuclear Instrumentation: Recent advances in the field of Radiation Protection and Safety. Environmental Chemistry. Radioecology.K. A. Kamath Radiation Environmentalist Award. l Regulatory Aspects of Radiation Protection and Environmental Legislations. l Radiation Protection of Environment and Public: NORM.R. Posters. Ganguly Memorial Oration Award. Medical. 2) Dr. l Measurement Systems and Methods: X. 5) Dr. Risk Assessment. 6) Meritorious Radiological Safety Officer Award. TENORM. l Occupational Radiation Protection in Nuclear & Radiation Facilities: Nuclear Fuel Cycle.G. P. Metrology and Quality Assurance. The major thematic areas to be covered at the conference are listed below: Analytical Techniques: Radiochemical Separation. Eminent persons in the field of Radiation Protection will be honoured by bestowing the following awards. Gopal Ayengar Young Scientist Award. l Radiation Standards. Source l Preparation. Ganguly Felicitation Prize. K. Industrial Applications of Radiation. Radiological Accidents and Risk Assessment. Nagaratnam Memorial Oration Award. Baseline Studies.

financial assistance to the deserving students will be provided subject to the availability of funds.) Foreign delegate Regular up to 31/01/2014 2000 750 2500 1500 750 5000 150$ Late or on the spot 2500 750 3000 2000 750 7500 200$ * To encourage the participation of young students.REGISTRATION Registration is pre-requisite for attending the conference and presenting a paper. National Organizing Committee. by sending the completely filled up FORM-A. IMPORTANT DATES Abstract Submission Intimation of Acceptance Registration and Accommodation Request (up to) Registration and Accommodation Request – (late) Full paper submission for Consideration in RPE journal (few suitable papers) : : : : 30/11/2013 15/01/2014 31/01/2014 01/03/2014 : 31/03/2014 . Request for registration should be sent to the Convener. Registration fee payable is listed below: Amount payable (INR) Type of registration IARP member Senior Citizen Non IARP Member Associate delegate Student delegate* Trade delegate (two Nos. Certificate from Head of the Institute/Department is required.

For this. figures. the journal in which it appeared. title of the paper. In the reference list. Results and Discussions and References. A book of abstracts including abstracts of invited lectures will be published and distributed during the conference. etc should be . not exceeding 500 words. Abstract submitted for presentation in the conference will be reviewed independently by the two members of the scientific programme committee and experts in the field. the full text of the paper including tables. The objective of the paper should be clearly stated in the introduction of the being published as a quarterly journal. strictly as per the template. unless they are & ddrao217@gmail. The acceptance of the paper will be intimated within 45 days after the last date of abstract submission. The contribution can be submitted ONLINE through the abstract submission facility of IARP website (www. It is also planned to consider a few suitable papers for publication in the web based open access Journal of Radiation Protection and Environment. Affiliation. The abstracts can also be submitted OFFLINE by email to the convener (ddrao@barc. references.GUIDELINES FOR MANUSCRIPT PREPARATION AND SUBMISSION Contributions should be brief with relevant scientific/technical details in the form of an extended abstract of one before the closing date. References in text should be indicated as given in the template. SI units should be used throughout. Introduction. The template of the abstract can be downloaded from the IARP website. A maximum of only three most relevant references should be included in the abstract and listed as per the template. volume number and the page numbers. The illustrations such as figures and long tables should be avoided as far as possible. followed by comma. the author's name should be followed by year of publication within parentheses. Last date for abstract submission is 30/11/ of the Scientific Programme Committee of the conference. The extended abstract should be of two column type containing Title. Materials and Methods.iarp.

India E-mail : ddrao@barc. Efforts will be made to accommodate delegates in BARC guest house or nearby DAE guest houses on payment basis.prepared following the “Instructions for Authors” of RPE journal and submitted to the journal through ONLINE SUBMISSION SYSTEM of RPE (http://www. It is assumed that the authors have obtained clearance (if necessary) from the appropriate authority for presentation and publication of the material they are submitting. . Rao Trombay. The full paper submitted for the journal will be peer reviewed by experts in the field as per the policy of RPE journal. Standard tariffs of guest houses are applicable. D.journalonweb. Bhabha Atomic Research Centre. Scientific Programme Committee. D. Last date for receiving application for accommodation is 31/01/2014. It is assumed that authors are fully aware of plagiarism and are submitting original research/developmental work for this conference. Dr. While finalizing the full manuscript.: 2559 8288 ACCOMMODATION Accommodation to the delegates will be provided on receipt of the completely filled Accommodation request form (FORM-B). The authors of the best papers presented at the conference will be given IARP Best Paper Award (Oral and Poster).com/rpe) within 15 days after the conference. Radiation Safety Systems . Tel. the authors are advised to address the comments/suggestions of scientific floor of the conference. Mumbai 400 085.

K. K. P. Ganguly Felicitation Prize p Dr.G.IARP AWARDS Nominations/applications are invited for the following IARP awards. Information on awards can also be found in the IARP web site (www.K. p A.R. Nagaratnam Memorial Oration Award p Dr. Gopal Ayengar Young Scientist Award p Meritorious Radiological Safety Officer Award p Meritorious Operational Health Physicist Award p Dr. & ksmukund@yahoo. Ganguly Memorial Oration Award p Dr. Vohra Memorial Lecture Award p Shri A. IARP (kmukund@barc. Kamath Radiation Environmentalist Award . may be approached for obtaining more information about these awards.

M.BARC Dr. B. RD&DG.Chairman Dr. RPAD.S. BARC . S.R. Bhat Ex. BARC . BARC Mr. BARC Mr. D. Saibaba Chief Executive. RC&IG Dr.K. HS&EG. DAE Mr. N. Ramakumar Director. Debanik Roy BRNS. Kohli Chief Executive. BARC Dr. M.N.U. BARC Mr. AERB Mr.A. BSC. RSSD. Chellapandi Director. Markandeya Controller. DAE Dr. K. Tripathi Head. R. S. RSSD. K. Convener ORGANISING COMMITTEE : Dr. Sharma Director. Jodhpur Mr. Babu Head. HS&EG. AERB Mr.K. Bhattacharya Secretary.K.S.L. D. Pandit Head. Sonawane Head.S. A. D. Pankaj Khot AD. K. AEC & Secretary. P. R. NFC Dr.R. Y. RCnD. A. RSD. VECC Dr.C. B. Gupta Director.S. Purohit CMD. BARC. HPD. BARC – Chairman Dr.S. K. AERB Mr. Pithawa Director. NPCIL Mr. BARC Dr. RB&HSD. N. DAE . K.S. Pradeepkumar Head. HSEG. Jose Joseph Head. P. Bajaj Chairman. R. IGCAR Mr. Duraisamy Vice-Chairman. BARC Mr. Rajvir Singh RSSD. IGCAR Dr. BARC Dr. Defence Lab. T. (Mrs) G. S. PAD.NATIONAL ADVISORY COMMITTEE : Dr. HSE. BARC Mr. BARC Dr.R. S. C. BARC Mr. NPCIL Dr. BARC Mr. P.H. BARC (Convener) SCIENTIFIC PROGRAMME COMMITTEE : Dr. Kulkarni RPAD. RPAD. EMS. Srivastava Director. DST Dr. Mishra NDMA. IHS.Chairman Mr. A. BRIT Dr. BSC Secretariat. Kulkarni RPAD. Nageshwar Rao Director (O). Ex-BARC Mr. Vasudeva Rao Director. Chougaonkar RPAD. UCIL Mr. Sinha Chairman. D. BARC Mr. Diwakar Acharya CMD. K. New Delhi Dr. HESG. Malhotra Head. Ex. NPCIL Dr. K.D. S. Purohit HPD.C. BARC Dr. Pushparaja Ex. Co-Chairman Dr. B. Bandekar Head.R. E&I Group. J. Mayya Head. RRCAT Mr. K. S.C. M. Sapra RPAD. H&S Group. Pradeepkumar Head. Bhatt Head. BARC Dr. BARC Dr. BARC Mr. BARC Dr. Vadera Director. R. AERB Dr. Datta HPD. A. M.G. K. Vaze Director. Nandakumar Head.N. Sudhakar CMD. P. Khan Ex-BARC Dr. Gouthaman Chairman. BARC Mr. RSD. K. Soundararajan Head.G. Sekhar Basu Director. D.G.P. AERB Dr. Sharma Director. ECIL Mr. Ramasami Secretary. G. S.

BARC Mr. Kapil Deo Singh HPD. Chourasia RPAD.R. S. Mishra RPAD. ACCOMMODATION & CATERING COMMITTEE: Mr. S. R.D.K. Oza RSSD.G. BARC Mr. Sawant RSSD. S. BARC Mr.Convener REGISTRATION & RECEPTION COMMITTEE: Dr. BARC Dr. BARC (Convener) . Sahani RSD. VECC Dr. M. BARC .Convener EXHIBITION COMMITTEE: Dr. BARC Mr. D. Tapas Bhandopadhyaya HPD.P. Sharma RPAD.H.S. G. BARC Mr. BARC Dr. Rao RSSD. Vandana Pulhani HPD. Anilkumar RSSD. BARC Dr. BARC Mr. Murali RSSD. BARC Dr. Sahoo HPD. Jitendra Singh HSEG. Sahoo HPD. Sharma RPAD. S. BARC Mrs. BARC Dr. BARC Dr. R. BARC Dr. S. BARC Mrs. BARC Dr. Sanu S. Pravin Patil RSD. S. BARC (Convener) TRANSPORT. BARC Mr. S. BARC Ms. D. Sathya Priya RSSD. Chourasiya RPAD. BARC Mrs. Tripathy HPD. I. AERB Mr. BARC Dr. Pramilla D. BARC Dr.S. Sneha C RPAD. S. S. P. Ajay Kumar HPD.K. Vinodkumar RSSD. BARC Mr. NPCIL Dr. Nagesh Bhat RPAD. G. Jha HPD. Chatterjee RSSD. Sanaye RPAD. BARC Dr. S.K. BARC Mr. BARC Mr. BARC Dr.M.K. Lovely Paliwal RPAD.Dr. BARC Dr.D. Munish Kumar RPAD BARC Dr. BARC Mrs. BARC Mr. Supreetha Prabhu RSSD. Probal Chaudhury RSSD. BARC Dr. BARC Ms. Rakesh Ras Bihari RPAD.K. BARC Mrs. S. BARC Mr. Shashank RSSD. Kulkarni RPAD. S. Sharma RPAD. BARC . BARC Mr. D. BARC Dr. BARC Mr. Chitra S HPD. S. BARC Dr. Rupali Karpe HPD. Pradhan RPAD. AERB Mrs. Raj HPD. G.D. Gopalakrishnan RSSD. BARC Mrs.B. BARC Dr. BARC Mr. Ratna Pradeep RPAD. S. Ravi HPD. Sonal Wankhede RSSD. Chilkulvar RPAD. Mishra HPD.D. Rajesh Sankla RSSD.M. BARC Dr. Singh RSSD. R. D. BARC Dr. Girish Joshi RSSD. Rao RSSD. Manish Mishra HPD. D. M. Chinnaesaki HPD.


000/8.000/15. 2014 (20/02/2014). Companies/Traders can also send in their requests for publishing product advertisements in the book of abstracts/proceedings. one special full page advertisement) 75. M. Organizing Committee. 8. ADVERTISEMENT/EXHIBITION/SPONSORSHIP 1. Kulkarni. Interested vendors or companies can avail this facility for demonstrating their products.000/- HOSTING A LUNCH (Includes a stall of 2m x 2m.S. Convener. IARPNC-2014. BACK COVER BACK COVER INSIDE FRONT COVER INSIDE SPECIAL FULL PAGE INSIDE HALF PAGE INSIDE STALL SIZE (2m x 2m) STALL SIZE (3m x 3m) TARIFF (Rs.000/30. 6. two free registrations. Last date for receiving trade request forms for booking space is February 20. .TRADE/SCIENTIFIC EXHIBITION Arrangements for trade and scientific exhibition have been made at the conference venue. one special full page advertisement) 100. two free registrations. 3.000/- 9. 5. 2.000/HOSTING A DINNER (Includes a stall of 3m x 3m.000/15.000/45.) 20. 7. Companies may send their requirement for trade exhibition through completely filled trade exhibition form (FORM-C) to Dr. 4.No.000/12. S.

Name Designation IARP Membership No. 6. Address (mailing) Email id. Date Please mail the completed form to: Signature Dr. RPAD Convener./USD) Date of payment *: DD/Cheques should be drawn in favour of – “IARPNC-2014” payable at Mumbai. Mumbai 400 085. Trombay. Organizing Committee IARPNC-2014 Radiological Physics and Advisory Division Bhabha Atomic Research .gov. Institution/Affiliation 5.March 19–21.* DD/Local Cheque/Outstation Cheque 8.S. 7.31st IARP Conference ADVANCES IN RADIATION MEASUREMENT SYSTEMS AND TECHNIQUES (IARPNC – 2014) . 2. Associate delegate Name Payment details DD/Cheque No. Bank Name Amount (Rs. RPIS. M. 4.A (Registration) 1. India E-mail : kmukund@barc. 2014 Form . Kulkarni Head. 3. . M.March 19–21. RPAD Convener. India Signature E-mail : kmukund@barc. Date Please mail the completed form to: Dr.* DD/Local Cheque/Outstation Cheque 9. Name Designation Type of accommodation Institution/Affiliation 5.S. 4. Organizing Committee IARPNC-2014 Radiological Physics and Advisory Division Bhabha Atomic Research Centre. 8.31st IARP Conference ADVANCES IN RADIATION MEASUREMENT SYSTEMS AND TECHNIQUES (IARPNC – 2014) . Address (mailing) 6. 2014 Form – B (Accommodation) 1. Kulkarni Head. Mumbai 400 085. Number of persons Duration of stay Payment details DD/Cheque No. Email id. 2. Trombay. 7. Bank Name Amount (Rs./USD) Date of payment *: DD/Cheques should be drawn in favour of – “IARPNC-2014” payable at Mumbai. RPIS. 3.

in . India E-mail : kmukund@barc./USD) Date of payment *: DD/Cheques should be drawn in favour of – “IARPNC-2014” payable at Mumbai. Date Please mail the completed form to: Signature Dr. RPAD Convener. M. Name of the company 2.31st IARP Conference ADVANCES IN RADIATION MEASUREMENT SYSTEMS AND TECHNIQUES (IARPNC – 2014) . Organizing Committee IARPNC-2014 Radiological Physics and Advisory Division Bhabha Atomic Research Centre.S. Mumbai 400 085.* 7. Kulkarni Head. Address (mailing) 4. RPIS.March 19–21. Trombay. Advertisement in the Souvenir (type & no. Bank Name Amount (Rs. 2x2 m or 3x3 m 5. Brief description of the equipment/product 6. of pages) Payment details DD/Local Cheque/Outstation Cheque DD/Cheque No. 2014 Form – C (Scientific/Trade Exhibition & Advertisement) 1. Number of stalls. Contact Person