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Please evaluate the student’s presentation based on the criteria listed below. The objective is for students to receive 3 points for each criterion unless they clearly go above and beyond the standard. Please make constructive comments—students appreciate your feedback. Thank you!
Criteria Below Standard 1 point Approaching Standard 2 points Meets Standard 3 points Exceptional Achievement 4 points Score Comments


Introduction Attention Getter Speech Body Spoken Grammar Transitions Organization

Needs improvement

Attention getter lacks spark; introduction abrupt Somewhat organized & logical; significant errors in grammar; transitions inconsistent or missing Emerging grasp of topic; some gaps in knowledge

Attention getter is interesting/appropriate; sets the tone Organized in logical sequence; mostly correct grammar; smooth transitions

Attention getter is unique/highly effective Uniquely insightful and engaging; organized in logical sequence; flawless grammar; smooth transitions Exceptional in-depth knowledge of topic

Disorganized; very poor grammar; no transitions; ideas choppy

Knowledge Depth Knowledge of Topic (demonstrated during presentation) Conclusion Clarity Appropriateness Panel Questions Knowledge Poise (demonstrated during questions) Questions for student:

Minimal evidence of learning topic

Shows confidence in knowledge of topic

Lacks conclusion

Included, but somewhat irrelevant or inconsistent with speech body Inability to answer critical questions; shows some knowledge, but limited understanding

Clear and consistent with speech body; sense of completion Answers all simple questions; difficult questions show noteworthy and emerging understanding

Uniquely insightful; makes a lasting impact on audience Answers questions with ease and expertise; shows clear understanding

Inconsistent, unclear answers; shows limited knowledge & no deeper understanding

Subtotal Subtotal back page TOTAL

Total points possible: 41 Student needs 29 or more total points to pass.
Passed: Yes No

lacks enthusiasm. uneven pace. adds meaning to the presentation Between 8 and 12 minutes (standard) Exceptional visual(s) Maximum 3 points allowed Subtotal Maximum points possible on this side is 21 . limited but present enthusiasm. mostly even pace Skillfully uses voice inflection. difficult to hear. uneven pace: may go too fast or slow at times Somewhat relaxed delivery with minor signs of nervousness. appropriate volume. uneven pace. clear articulation. t-shirt. difficult to see. dresses. no errors. confidence in speaking. eye contact with minimal note reading or looking away Relaxed body language. inappropriate shoes. can hear most of the time. somewhat enthusiastic. not used effectively 15 or 16 minutes (2–4 minutes over standard) Visual has minor errors. calm.Criteria Below Standard 1 point Approaching Standard 2 points Meets Standard 3 points Exceptional Achievement 4 points Score Comments DELIVERY Voice Quality Inflection Volume Pace Poise/Delivery Body language Attitude Eye contact Lacks voice inflection. projects voice well. not used effectively 13 or 14 minutes (1–2 minutes over standard) Visual is easy to see. enthusiastic. appropriate shirt ALL: dress shoes Maximum 3 points allowed Maximum 3 points allowed Too casual: jeans. dress slacks FEMALES: skirt. limited eye contact Good posture. shows great discomfort in speaking. even pace Nervous body language. speaks too fast or mumbles Some voice inflection. limited eye contact Late = zero points Expressive voice. consistent effective use of eye contact OTHER Arrival Time Preparedness Attire Professional Appropriate Late = zero points Arrived on time and prepared with materials MALES: button shirt with or without tie. slacks. inappropriate for presentation Neatly dressed but lacking appropriate professionalism and formality Visual Quality Appropriateness Speech Length Zero points: under 8 minutes and over 16 minutes Comments: Visual is of very poor quality.