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Llamado, Adrian R.

SOSC 4 – S-2R

March 21, 2013

Integrative Essay
Throughout the course of history, there are certain individuals whose deeds and decisions made significant impacts to their society. Among these great persons are those falling in the rebel-reformer, intellectual, and strongman “archetypes”. These three kinds of individuals may appear at the same period of history in a country and interact with each other, with their interactions, whether antagonistic or cooperative, influencing the conditions of their society. In contemporary Philippines, different personalities have emerged under these three archetypes, and among those personalities are Jose Maria Sison (rebel-reformer), Jose Diokno (intellectual), and the former president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo (strongman). These three individuals’ role in shaping the society and how the society they grew up in shaped them will be discussed in this essay. First, how did these three personalities exemplify their respective archetypes as stated? Jose Maria “Joma” Sison can easily be named as a rebel-reformer since his reorganized Communist Party of the Philippines gave birth to the New People’s Army, using tactics such as guerrilla warfare in order to place the country under a system which he deems as better for the Filipino people, while also becoming an outcast and a fugitive. Until today, the CPP is still a remarkable force to be dealt with by the government and it still has a hand in many of the country’s affairs. Jose Diokno, on the other hand, unlike the classic freedom fighter, chose to critic the Marcos government through words and legal struggles, the way of the intellectual. This made Ferdinand Marcos, a strongman himself, consider him as one of the most dangerous enemies of his administration along with Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino, Jr. Lastly, Gloria-Macapagal Arroyo, who became a prominent figure years after Marcos’ time, possessed many treasured qualities of the strongman such as having a heavy influence in the government which made her hard to be defeated even by a sheer number of opponents, and almost achieving total control of the country if she had not been stopped. Given how these three individuals became remarkable persons who contributed much in shaping our country’s history, what led these people to be as such? Were each of them shaped by his/her space, period, or time? How did the society they grew up in contribute in molding them into the personalities that they have become?

Since this . and Arroyo were all shaped by their time and society to a certain degree for them to become what they are. to what degree? Where do they stand between a conscious hero and someone who was just merely created by the circumstances? This distinction will be determined by the points in time in which their development as individuals is being purely caused by an outside influence and the points in time in which said development is directly a result of their conscious decisions. and graduated with honors. which inspired him to start his human rights activism. his Maoist and Marxist-Leninist hybrid ideology would not have been developed if he were educated differently. Therefore. She essentially lived the life of a princess. In Sison’s case. she received high education. studied abroad. She was 14 when her father became president. It is evident that Sison. starting from Ateneo de Manila University to the University of the Philippines. The harshness of the government in his time made Diokno fearless. his inclination to radicalism began. and he showcased his bravery and human rights advocacy by offering legal services to Marcos’s victims pro bono. upon hearing stories about the Hukbalahap from the locals. Diokno. directly opposing Marcos. Because of this. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo grew up embracing it. It is further instilled on him upon his admittance to a public school and later to different universities. During his university years. Meanwhile. Having experienced World War II and learned of the infamous “Jabidah Massacre” initiated by Marcos. Her life was set with the path of success laid out in front of her and great things were expected of her.Joma Sison was born to a family of landowners with a heavy influence in the community. Furthermore. even having a municipality named after her. the scope of his agenda widened into a nationwide goal. a portion of her childhood was spent in Malacañang Palace. Jose Diokno’s human rights advocacy was inspired partly by his education. but the question is. thus igniting her flame of ambition to become a competent and powerful leader. the first organizations that he spearheaded were youth advocate groups and eventually. the significance of the two factors being weighed and compared. but it is certain that she was confident that her capabilities and origin would both help her rise to the top. and partly by his experiences. Unlike Sison who turned away from his origin as a member of an influential family. Diokno saw the cruelty in society. One can only guess if Arroyo believed all along in her having the “divine right to rule”. However. his education was instrumental in the development of his radical views and motives in revolutionizing the idea of communism to our state.

She had it all planned from the start. . and how in turn. waiting for a dramatic change in our current society enough for him to return from his exile and take drastic actions again. If he were born in a time of peace where human rights are widely respected by individuals and authorities. another remarkable individual comes along and he/she will take part in the continuous process of creating and shaping history. He simply responded to the call of the people and to the call of the times. on the other hand. He was only pushed by the circumstances and that is what shaped him to become a heroic opponent to Marcos. Finally. The lives of Jose Maria Sison.ideology is what prompted his plans and actions with the CPP-NPA to take shape in the first place. and as each of us pursue our own dreams for the future. However. what set her apart other politicians is that her ambition and skill far surpassed theirs. Moreover. Being a woman did not make her stop from dominating the game of politics. was mostly shaped by his time rather than his own conscious goals. She had fixed her eyes on her goal and did not set them away from it. This puts him vaguely in the crevice between a conscious and a made hero as his story has not yet concluded. he would have been something else entirely. it can be said that a great deal of influence on his development as a significant individual came from how he was educated. one’s desire to move or change his/her society can be strong enough to make something significant happen. who knows if among us. It is something that the former president sought from the beginning and it is that rare quality of every strongman that can make him/her a conscious hero. investing hard and using her resources well to climb that ladder. Various factors of time and space can shape a person to become someone. and Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo are just a few examples of seeing how society can influence an individual. Jose Diokno. Diokno. and reading the life of a person can help us further understand the society that he/she has lived in. Arroyo also would not have become president had she been born from a different family. However. his dream of achieving utopia has not wavered and he might just be bidding his time. It is certainly one thing to have a path of success laid out in front of you. but it is another thing to choose to tread that treacherous path and battle your way to the end of the line. the individual can influence the society.