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IELTS Spoken Real Test

Part 2 Topic Card 1. Describe a museum
1) How often do you visit the museum? 2) Which type of museum is popular in your country? 3) Why do you want to visit the museum? Follow-up:  What do you think of the importance of museums in history?  How do you think of the heritage of a country?  Compare the museums nowadays and in the past

2. Describe your favorite photograph

1) Where was the photo taken? 2) Who took the photo? 3) What can be seen from the photo? ) !"plain why it is the favorite photograph for you# Follow-up:  How to take good photo?  When do people use camera?  How can the new technology put cinema$s skill advanced?

1) What is the place? 2) Where is it located? 3) Why do you think it is important? Follow-up:  What do you think of the historic place in the future?  Will the government increase or decrease the safety guard?  What are the changes to the local people and economy?  What is the impact on the historic place by tourists?

. The importa!t historic place

". Describe a party

1) What is the party? 2) Why was the party held? 3) Who attended the party? ) What did you do for that party? Follow-up:  What$s the difference between serious party and friendly party?  Why are some people late for parties intentionally?  Why do some people like party while others hate it?  What would you do if the guests feel bored?  Will there be more and more people to attend parties?

#. Describe a sub$ect taught i! your school%

1) Who teaches it? 2) How is it taught? 3) What do you learn from the class? Follow-up%  &s there any difference between the traditional and modern educational systems?  What are the pros and cons of the current educational system in your country?  'o you think it is necessary to give comment or criticism to teachers?

&. 'hat is the importa!t i!ve!tio! before the age of computer%
1) What is the invention? 2) Why do you think it is very important? 3) What are the advantages and disadvantages of the invention? Follow-up%  What is the significant impact of modern inventions on life?  Which skills do you want to study in the future?  'o you think it$s necessary to develop modern invention in the countryside?

(. Describe a foreig! cou!try you have !ever bee! to

1) Where is the country? 2) When will you go there? 3) Why would you like to go there? Follow-up%  (ay something about the tourism development in China) facility) services and the effect on environment#  What is the importance of travel and tourism industry?  What do you think the function of tourist guides?

). Describe your favourite movie

1) What$s the name of the film? 2) What$s the theme of the film? 3) Why do you like it? Follow-up%  'escribe a type pf movie you like#  What$s the difference between Chinese and *merican movies?  What do you think of the violent films +Hollywood films)?  Why movies need computer techni,ues? *ny e"ample of movie using computer techni,ues  Which parts of cinema are the most important and how to improve it?

*. Describe a !ewspaper or maga+i!e

1) What$s your habit for reading? 2) What are the benefits of reading? 3) What-s the main difference between newspaper and maga.ine? Follow-up%  What do you think the important ,ualities for a news reporter?  What$s the function of a report to the society?  What kinds of books/newspapers/maga.ines do Chinese adolescents read?  With the popularity of &nternet) do you think newspapers and maga.ines will disappear?

1,. Describe a childre!-s game .sports !ot suggested/

1) How is it played? 2) What can you learn from the game? 3) What impact does it bring on your growth? Follow-up%  What do you think of the benefits of children$s games?  0owadays children have less and less time for game) what do you think about it?  What do you think the difference between games nowadays and in the past?  What$s the negative aspect of games?

11. Describe a happy eve!t i! your life%

1) When did it happen? 2) Where did it happen? 3) What was it? Follow-up:  1ell me how you organi.e your study time?  What do you think is important in achieving happiness?  How do Chinese celebrate some happy events?  What do the camera and video play in celebrating?

12. Describe a thi!g which is importa!t to you
1) Who gave it to you? 2) What is the thing? 3) What does the thing mean to you? Follow-up:  What are the changes of city between now and past?  'oes money represent happiness and why?  How do you regard as the things people want to earn?

Describe your favourite a!imal 1) What kind of animal is it? 2) 'escribe it briefly 3) Why do you like the animal? Follow-up:  What do you need to do to take care of it?  What$s the future trend of the animal?  How do you think of the poaching of some precious animals such as pandas? . Describe o!e of your !eighbours 1) When did you become neighbours? 2) 'o you often meet? 3) (tate whether your neighbour is a good one Follow-up:  What is the difference between neighbours and friends?  Why do people like to watch 12 serials in their houses?  How do you think of the relationship in the city?  How to improve the neighbourhood? 1". Describe o!e of the shoppi!g ce!ters you ofte! go to 1) Where is the shopping center? 2) How often do you go to the center? 3) Why do you often go to it and its characteristics? Follow-up:  Will smaller shops survive in the current business system?  What are the characteristics of shopping malls and smaller shops and their difference?  What is the trend of future shopping centers?  1alk about &nternet shopping 1#.1 .

0dvertiseme!t 1) What are the forms of advertisement? 2) What are the functions of advertisement? 3) What is the effect of advertisement to people? Follow-up:  'o you feel bored and disgusted about advertisement?  What do you think are the criteria of assessing a good piece of advertisement?  What will happen if unauthoritative advertisements prevail in the market? 1). Describe a historical place 1) What is the place? 2) Where is it located? 3) What is the historical meaning of the place? Follow-up:  What do you think of the future trend of historic places?  Will government strengthen its protection toward historic places?  What are the changes brought about by the historic place in local economy) people) etc?  What is the effect of tourists on the place? 1(.1&. Describe a! importa!t letter 1) When did you receive the letter? 2) 3rom whom did you receive the letter? 3) !"plain the reasons why it is important Follow-up:  What is the significance of handwriting?  'oes your country have handwriting lesson now?  Compare the handwriting now and past  With the popularity of computers and &nternet) will people lose their ability to write letters? .

Describe your holidays 1) Where do you go for the holidays and how long do them last? 2) Who do you go with? 3) 1alk about any interesting thins happening during your holidays Follow-up:  What do the Chinese people mostly do in their leisure time?  What-s the difference between holidays today and 4 years ago and the reasons for the change?  'o you think people will spend more time on leisure or working in the future? .1*.. Describe the best prese!t you have received 1) Who sent it to you? 2) When did you receive it? 3) 'etailed information about the present Follow-up:  'o you think that present giving will play an important role in Chinese daily life? Why?  'o you think that the brand name is very important for sales?  &n terms of the media) which do you think will play a main role in present giving) television) newspaper or &nternet? 2.

Do you li3e readi!g% (. 'hat do you usually do with your frie!ds% &. 1s your !ame importa!t to you% 2ometow! or birth place 1. 'here do you come from% 2. 0re you a stude!t or do you have a $ob% 2. 'hat do you li3e most about your $ob% 1. Could you tell me a typical day of yours% (. 0re you satisfied with your $ob% *. 'hat 3i!d of $ob do you prefer after graduatio!% ". 'hat 3i!d of $ob do you prefer i! the future% 2obby or i!cli!atio! 1. 'hat do you usually do i! your spare time% 2. Do you li3e 4!glish% 'hy or why !ot% *. Could you show me your ide!tificatio! card please% 2. Ca! you tell me some famous la!dscapes or sce!ic spots i! your hometow!% #.. Does your !ame have a!y special mea!i!g% #. 'hat do you thi!3 of the importa!ce of 4!glish% 1. 'hy do so ma!y people cha!ge their !ames% &.. 'hat is your ma$or% #. 'here do you live% . Ca! you tell me some history of your hometow!% Perso!al bac3grou!d a!d i!formatio! 1. 'hat shall 1 call you% ". 'hat 3i!d of boo3s do you li3e best% ). 'hat do you usually do whe! you go out% #. Ca! you tell me somethi!g about your hometow!% ". 2ow do you get your $ob% ). Could you tell me your full !ame please% . 'hat do you do for livi!g% &. 'hat do you li3e most about your study% .Suggested questions for stage 1 'arm-up 1. 'hat do you usually do o! wee3e!ds a!d wee3days% ". 'hat are good hobbies a!d bad hobbies% 'hy% . Do you prefer to stay alo!e or with your frie!ds% .

:uildi!g Ca! you tell me a! i!teresti!g buildi!g i! your hometow!% Ca! you tell me a! i!teresti!g buildi!g i! . Tra!sportatio! Ca! you say somethi!g about the tra!sportatio! i! your hometow!% 'hat is the commo! mea!s of tra!sport i! your cou!try% Do traffic $ams ofte! occur i! your hometow! or i! the city where you live% 2ow to solve the problem% 'hat cha!ges i! tra!sportatio! have ta3e! place i! the past several years i! your cou!try% #. 'hy do you ta3e the 145T6 test% 2. Traveli!g Do you li3e traveli!g% Do you li3e travel alo!e or with your frie!ds% 2ave you traveled to other places% 'here are they% 'hat do you usually do whe! you first arrive i! a !ew place% 'hat are the be!efits of traveli!g% 'hy do so ma!y people li3e traveli!g !owadays% 2. 9usic Do you li3e music% 'hat are the be!efits of liste!i!g to music% 'hat 3i!d of music do you li3e best% 'hy do you li3e this 3i!d of music% ". 'hat is the first thi!g you will do whe! you arrive at the !ew place% Suggested stage 2 questions most frequently asked in stage 1 1. 'hat are you pla!!i!g to do i! the !e7t te! years% ".Future pla! 1. Frie!ds Do you have ma!y frie!ds% 0re they casual ac8uai!ta!ces or close frie!ds% Do you prefer to stay with your family or with your frie!ds% Do you prefer o!e or two close frie!ds or ma!y frie!ds% Ca! you tal3 about your best frie!d% 2ow to ma3e frie!ds% 'hat do you usually do with your frie!ds% 1s the time you spe!d with your frie!ds as much as that you spe!d with your family% .ua!g+hou% . 'hat are you pla!!i!g to do i! the !e7t five years% .

'hat are the impacts of electrical e8uipme!t o! huma!’s life i! the past te! years% 2. Discussio!: 1. 'hat are the differe!ces of the life i! the past a!d at the prese!t% . 'hat are the differe!ces betwee! adults a!d childre! i! terms of ma3i!g frie!ds% 2. 2ow will tech!ology develop i! the future% #. Do you wa!t to become famous% 2. 'hat do you thi!3 of the relatio!ship betwee! a well-3!ow perso! a!d advertisi!g% (. Describe a well-3!ow! perso!. 2ow to become a well-3!ow! perso! i! Chi!a% . Describi!g a piece of e8uipme!t you ofte! use at home or at wor3. 'hat are the adva!tages a!d disadva!tages of bei!g famous% #. 'hat do you thi!3 of the privacy of a well-3!ow! perso!% &. Describi!g a frie!d i! your school time> you li3e most. Ca! adults ma3e frie!ds with childre!% . 'hy do ma!y foreig! cou!tries develop faster tha! Chi!a% (. <ou should say= 'hat is it % 'hat you do with it> 2ow to use it% 2ow lo!g you have had it% 2ow importa!t it is to you% Discussio!: 1. <ou should say= 'ho he>she is% 'he! did you became frie!ds% 'hy do you li3e him>her or why do you thi!3 that he>she is importa!t to you% 2ow he>she i!flue!ces you.Suggested topics in stage 2 & related questions for stage 3 Category 1: Describi!g thi!gs . 'hat are the possible factors that cause the brea3-up of frie!dship% . 'hat do you thi!3 are the most importa!t factors whe! ma3i!g frie!ds% ". 'hat role does tech!ological developme!t play i! people’s life% ". 'hat 3i!d of people ca! become famous i! Chi!a% ". 'hat are the adva!tages a!d disadva!tages of computer a!d i!ter!et% Category 2: Describi!g people .1 test item/ 1. <ou should say= 'ho he>she is% 'hat ma3es him>her famous% 'hy you admire him>her% Discussio!: 1. 'hy does the Chi!a’s 'est develop faster tha! Chi!a’s 4ast% ). Do you ofte! tal3 about si!gers with your frie!ds% 'hat do you ofte! tal3 about% 2. test items/ 1. Do you have a mobile pho!e% 'hat are its adva!tages% &. 'ould you be i!flue!ced by the well-3!ow! perso!s i! T? commercials% ).

Do you li3e to wor3 alo!e or with a part!er% 2. 'hat do you thi!3 of the adva!tages a!d disadva!tages of fast food% #. 'hat will the frie!dship become li3e whe! getti!g old% . 'hat are the adva!tages a!d disadva!tages of family food% 2.. Describi!g a! i!teresti!g buildi!g.2 test items/ 1. 'hat food is popular% *. 'hat is the differe!ce betwee! fresh food a!d ca!!ed food% 1. 'hat is your opi!io! o! efficie!cy% *. <ou should say= 'here it is% 'hat it loo3s li3e% 'hat 3i!d of services is provided% 'hat 3i!d of food you li3e there> 'hat 3i!d of food is famous% 'hy you li3e it% Discussio!: 1. Describi!g a perso! whom you li3e to wor3 or study with. 'hy is it difficult for adults to ma3e frie!ds% &. <ou should say= 'ho is he>she% 'he! did you wor3>study together% 'hat do you ofte! do together% 'hy do you li3e to wor3 with him>her%> 'hat ca! you lear! from him>her% 'hy is he>she particular% Discussio!: 1. 'hat are the adva!tages of studyi!g by yourself% 1. Discussio!: . 'hat do you thi!3 of teamwor3 a!d team spirit% . Do you li3e group wor3 or group lear!i!g% ). 'hat it loo3s li3e. 'ho coo3s i! a Chi!ese family% ". 'hy is fast food so popular% &.#. 'ill you coo3 for your frie!ds whe! they visit you% . 'hat ca! we do to solve the problem of food shortage% 11. 'hat services are provided% 2ow you li3e it. Describe a restaura!t or a cafe. <ou should say= 'here it is located. 'hat cha!ges would ta3e place i! terms of Chi!ese eati!g habits% ). Do you li3e coo3i!g% 2. 'here would Chi!ese go whe! they eat out% (.. 'hat do you thi!3 of efficie!cy% Category : Describi!g places . 'hat 3i!d of people are good to wor3 with% ".

'ho se!t it to you% 'hat it is about% 'hether it is importa!t to you% 'hy% Discussio!: 1. Describi!g a 3i!d of boo3 you li3e. 'hat is the role of letter #. 'hat they are about.'hat role do old buildi!gs a!d !ew buildi!gs play i! moder! society% 'hat cha!ges have ta3e! place i! architecture i! the past two decades% Do you thi!3 it !ecessary to protect old buildi!gs% Category ": Describi!g media a!d commu!icatio! . 'hat is the differe!ce betwee! me! a!d wome! whe! choosi!g what to read% 2. <ou should say= 'hat 3i!d of boo3s you li3e." test items/ 1. 'hat 3i!d of boo3s do Chi!ese people li3e% . 'hat are the adva!tages of readi!g boo3s% &. Do you li3e other boo3s% 2. years ago a!d at the prese!t% &. <ou should say: 'he! you received it. 'hat is the differe!ce betwee! readi!g a!d watchi!g T?% ". 'hat boo3s are popular i! Chi!a% 2. 'hat effect have boo3s brought o! you% Discussio!: 1. 'hat is the differe!ce betwee! letter a!d e-mail% 2. 'hat 3i!d of boo3s do Chi!ese wome! li3e% 2. 'hy you li3e them most. 'hat is the differe!ce i! the past a!d at the prese!t as regards commu!icatio!s% #. Discussio!: 1. 'hat is your favorite boo3% 'hat it is about. 'hat is the relatio!ship betwee! readi!g a!d computer% #. 'hat 3i!d of boo3s do you recomme!d to others% . 'hat 3i!d of boo3s do Chi!ese childre! li3e% . 'hy do childre! li3e pictorials% (. Describi!g o!e of your favorite boo3s. 'hat is the differe!ce betwee! diary a!d letter% ". 'he! did you get it% 'hy you li3e it. 'hat do you thi!3 of the role #. years later% . 'hat 3i!d boo3s do childre! li3e% 'hy do they li3e readi!g% . Do you ofte! 3eep diaries% . Describi!g a letter. <ou should say= 'hat 3i!d of boo3s you li3e most.

'hat is the differe!ce i! the past a!d at the prese!t as regards travelli!g% 2. 'hat do you thi!3 of creative writi!g% ). 'hy is holiday so importa!t to moder! people% . 'he! is it celebrated% 2ow to celebrate% > what you usually do o! that day. Describi!g a perfect trip> holiday. 'hy or why !ot% 'hat 3i!d of music you li3e best 'hat role music plays i! people’s life. Discussio!: 1. 'hat cha!ges i! terms of spe!di!g festivals a!d holidays have ta3e! place i! the past dec ade% #. 'he! would you go% 'hom you would go with. <ou should say= 'hat it is. <ou should say= 'here you would go. 'hat are the be!efits of lear!i!g to play musical i!strume!ts% ". 'hat you thi!3 it perfect.. Discussio!: 1. 'he! you we!t there. 2ow would the tourist i!dustry develop i! the future% . years later% *. Describi!g a 3i!d of music. <ou should say= 'here you we!t. Describi!g a! i!teresti!g trip you have ta3e!. 'hat you are goi!g to do. Describe a traditio!al festival i! Chi!a. 'hat cha!ges have bee! brought by the computer% 'hat is professors’ attitude% ". Do you thi!3 it is !ecessary to observe the traditio!al customs% ". 'hat is the co!cept of holiday i! Chi!a% 2. Discuss the impact of wester! music o! the world music% Category #: Describi!g celebratio! a!d leisure time . Discussio!: 1. 'hat you li3e a!d what you do!’t li3e. 'hat should the gover!me!t do to attract tourists% ". 'ould post office disappear #. 'hat is the differe!ce as regards celebratio! i! differe!t part of the cou!try% 2.(. 'hat role does computer play i! our society% 1. . 'hy is it easier for childre! to lear! playi!g a musical i!strume!t% . 2ow lo!g do you liste! to music everyday% 2. 'hat should the people do to attract tourists% . <ou should say= 'hether you li3e music." test items/ 1.

'hat’s the differe!ce betwee! the old a!d the you!g as regards e!viro!me!tal protectio! % 2. 'hat is the differe!ce i! the past a!d at the prese!t as regards traveli!g% 2. Discussio!: 1. 'hat should the people do to attract tourists% ". 'hy you li3e it. 'hy you li3e it. Discussio!: 1. 'hy do people usually do i! their spare time% Category &: 0dditio!al test items . 2ow should we educate childre! to protect e!viro!me!t% &. 'hat should you do i! a bad weather% . 'hat should the gover!me!t do to protect the e!viro!me!t% . Discussio!: 1. 2ow would the tourist i!dustry develop i! the future% . Discussio!: 1. 2ow lo!g you spe!d o! it. <ou should say= 'hat it is. 'hat effect it has brought to people’s life. <ou should say= 'hat it is% 2ow lo!g it has e7isted. 'he! bega! to do it. 'he! did it happe!% 'here you were. Describi!g a 3i!d of e7treme weather. Do you li3e hobbies re8uiri!g teamwor3% ". 2ow ofte! you do it. Describe a! e!viro!me!tal problem. Describi!g a! i!teresti!g hobby.'hom you we!t with.> 'hat it happe!s% 'hat we ca! do to solve it. 'hat causes e!viro!me!tal problems% 2." test items/ 1. 'hat you did there. 2ow you felt at that time. 'hat other measures ca! you thi!3 of to protect the e!viro!me!t% #. 'hat should the gover!me!t do to attract tourists% ". <ou should say= 'hat it is. 'hat should we do to protect the e!viro!me!t% ". Do you thi!3 it will cost too much time to do them% . Do you thi!3 that surfi!g the 1!ter!et= watchi!g T?= liste!i!g to music or 3eepi!g a pet ar e i!teresti!g hobbies% 2.

'hat other la!guages are taught i! Chi!a% #. 'hat is the most effective way of getti!g !ews% .via !ewspaper= T?= 1!ter!et= radio or other people%/ 2ow do most Chi!ese people thi!3 about the importa!ce of getti!g update !ews everyday. 'he! would be most suitable for childre! to lear! 4!glish% *. 2ow does weather i!flue!ce people’s perso!alities i! your cou!try% . 'hat is the most i!teresti!g thi!g i! a! 4!glish class% 'hat is the most effective way of lear!i!g 4!glish% 'hat difficulties you have whe! lear!i!g 4!glish. 2ow do $our!alists e!tertai! their customers% &. <ou should say= 'he! a!d where you bega! studyi!g 4!glish. 2ow do Chi!ese people gather i!formatio!% ). The climate has cha!ged these #. 'hat is the relatio!ship betwee! weather a!d culture% ". Do you thi!3 the i!formatio! o! the 1!ter!et believable or !ot% 2. 'hat are the adva!tages of lear!i!g 4!glish% Discussio!: 1. 'hy you thi!3 it is importa!t. 0re the people i!terested i! gatheri!g the weather i!formatio! i! your place% (. 'hat do you thi!3 of the importa!ce of privacy% #. 'hat problems would Chi!ese people have whe! commu!icati!g with foreig!ers% ). 2ave you !oticed the cha!ges% #. years. Ca! 4!glish ta3e the place of Chi!ese i! Chi!a% ". 'hat 3i!d of !ews do you thi!3 should be co!trolled% #. 'hat are the adva!tages a!d disadva!tages of differe!t media% *. Do you thi!3 that 4!glish is the most importa!t la!guage i! the world% . 'hat difficulties would a foreig!er have whe! he lear!s your !ative la!guage% (.. Tal3i!g about lear!i!g 4!glish. Describi!g a s3ill you wa!t to lear!. . 2ow will tra!slatio! a!d i!terpretatio! develop i! the future% ". 2ow do reporters gather i!formatio!% ". Describi!g the way of getti!g !ews. 'hether the !ews is !atio!al or i!ter!atio!al% 2ow you get !ews . 'hat cha!ges do you predict i! the followi!g years% &. Do you thi!3 that age is the most importa!t factor of lear!i!g 4!glish% 'hy% &. Discussio!: 1. <ou should say= 'hether you get !ews everyday. Do you thi!3 it !ecessary to co!trol the !ews coverage% 1.2. 'hat role do media play i! people’s life% (. 'hat problems do you have whe! studyi!g 4!glish% 2. <ou should say= 'hat it is. 'ill bad weather mould or cha!ge people’s perso!ality% .

'ho se!d it% 'hat is the gift% 'hat is it for% ii. years ago to the prese!t that people !ow are receivi!g= what@s the differe!ce betwee! them% . clothes etc. She bought a electronic dictionary as birthday gift."nd she hoped that the electronic dictionary could help me to improve my #nglish. people give presents each other. 'hat do you thi!3 of the role of family for childre! to lear! s3ills% &. my wife celebrated my birthday at home. It fits into my pocket. Detail i!formatio! about the prese!t. 'hat do you thi!3 of the traditio!al s3ills% 2. flowers and foods. my wife said to me : she decided to immigrate to !anada with me. 'ut now. I like the electronic dictionary very much. try to compare the gift you received i! your tee!age with the gift childre! received !ow / $h. Such as flowers. 1/ 1! Chi!a= whe! will people se!d the prese!t% $h. 'hat s3ills ca! you lear! i! school% ". with the help of the electronic dictionary . wine. 'hat are the adva!tages a!d disadva!tages of school educatio! a!d family educatio!% Sample Answer to IELTS Spoken Topics !ersion 1" 1. 'he! did you receive it% iii. I made such rapid progress that before long I began to write articles in #nglish.2ow you are goi!g to lear! it. (uring Spring )estival. such as %edding &arty. I often received a notebook as gift. food. Discussio!: 1. 2/ Compare the gift which people have received 1. attend the party. I was very happy because my wife agreed to immigrate to !anada finally. special gift: Describe the best prese!t>gift you have received : i. In future. I remember at that time. I think the gift was monotonic before. 'hat 3i!d of school would you se!d your childre! to% 'hy% ). $n that day. books. there are various gifts to choose from. Last year . including clothes. 'hat 3i!d of s3ills have your pare!ts lear!ed% #. It's blue and quite small. 'hat role it will play i! you future life. 'irthday &arty. 'hat s3ill do you thi!3 the u!iversity has provided for your $ob% . 'hat is the most popular s3ill that people wa!t to lear!% (. "lso. )or e*ample. we must study very hard . .

%hen the enemy came . fires were lit to warn other soldiers. . 2. Soldiers used to keep watch on the +reat %all. / 'hat are people@s attitudes to old buildi!g today a!d that of our later ge!eratio!% 6hould we protect them% 'hy% &eople. In a word.'ecause old buildings represent the great artistic .made ob-ects on earth that could be seen by the astronauts who landed on the moon. 'ecause it is one of the wonders of the world and it was one of the few man. In the future. "lso. years ago% Describe the buildi!g styles i! detail% . It runs across north !hina like a huge dragon. and it is the oldest building in my hometown. various buildings with different colors and styles have been going up in my hometown. is located in the southern of "nyang !ity. 3urals of %enfeng . it serves as a museum of history . advocate that government should protect old buildings .ower. 6owadays.ower give visitors a feel for the great artistic achievements of ancient !hinese civili7ation. people will give flowers each other. including our later generation. I think the %enfeng .housands of buildings look the same. built in /012.his is very convenient.ower is the most interesting building. such as electronic dictionary. room is equipped with kitchen and bathroom. the +reat %all has become a symbol of both !hina's proud history and its present strength. people came to the tower to worship the +od of 5eaven and pray for a good harvest. In the future./ Aust image the gift i! the future childre! will receive. I think the +reat %all is the most interesting building. 2/ Compare the differe!ces betwee! the co!structio!s i! your city with them i! 2. 'ut now. . (uring the 3ing and 4ing dynasties. in most case. notebook computer and so on. It was used to enemies. buildi!g 'hat is the i!teresti!g buildi!g i! your cou!try% 'hat is it located% 'hat is it used for% 47plai! why you thi!3 it is the most i!teresti!g% I think the interesting building is the +reat %all. oh. In addition. I think flowers will be the most popular present.he traditional buildings are made of the red brick and always have curved eaves. I think more and more children will receive intellectual gifts. 1/ 0re there some old buildi!gs i! your hometow!% 'here a!d Describe it% %enfeng . "/ Aust image the gift i! the future people will receive.

It9s like being brothers or sisters. / 2ow do childre! ma3e frie!d% !hildren to children. I have a lot of different kinds of friends. "partment is convenient and cheap but small. If he didn't help me when I was in need. #/ 'hat is the seco!d importa!t thi!g i! frie!dship% 5elping each other. there is a big yard beside house. modern buildings are for us to live and work. I prefer having a real variety of friends. transportation and communication are easy and convenient. "/ 'hat role do you thi!3 the old a!d moder! buildi!gs play i! the society% $h. but even more than that. others are shy. #/ Compare the differe!ces betwee! house a!d apartme!t% In !hina. )riendship is e*tremely important to me. while old buildings are for us to visit and research.he difference is attitude or mindset between adults and children making friend. Some are loud. 6owadays. I mean. "/ 'hat is the most importa!t thi!g i! frie!dship% . then I would not consider him a good friend. where we can plant some flowers and trees etc. "t that time. I would do nearly anything for my friend. 2/ what do you thi!3 the differe!ce betwee! adults a!d childre! ma3i!g frie!d% . of course. we often gather together to study and play. 'ut adults make friends with anyone they like. 'ut house is more e*pensive. In general. 6ow.achievements of ancient !hinese civili7ation. . . %e have more opportunities to meet all kinds of people and make friends with them. %e were in the same class for 8 years. we work in the same company. and I would e*pect that he would do the same for me. children like to make friend with good students because they can help each other in studying. frie!d: 'ho is your best frie!d% 2ow did you meet% 'hat do you do with your frie!d% Tell me the way you ma3e frie!ds with others a!d youu thi!3 what people should be your frie!ds% 3y best friend is***. 1/ Do you thi!3 it is easy to ma3e frie!ds i! Chi!a% :es.rust.

I suppose it's somewhat like !hristmas is in western countries. I met a classmate of !hongqing >niversity in Shilin. and watch .@ to welcome the 6ew :ear. )inally. resembling various figures. So. I went to Shilin with my wife. . 'he! a!d where you go% 'hom you go with% 'hat thi!gs you do% Last year. I was very angry but I said nothing. I think that is an interesting thing. my roommate lost his watch. (uring the Spring )estival. the stones are fantastic.he Spring )estival is the biggest festival in !hina.ourism is a useful source of foreign currency for the country. Ca! u describe it for me% $k.. 3y roommate apologi7ed to me. "ll stones in Shilin are vividly shaped. 5e thought I had taken it. Shilin. we eat delicious food. Shilin is famous for its large areas of stone forests. and then I helped him to look for the watch. but . such as Spring )estival. I met a classmate of !hongqing >niversity . 6ational (ay and :uan ?iao )estival are many festivals in !hina. Bunming is the capital city of :unnan &rovince . Spring )estival is the only time when all families gather together and stores and business are closed for several days. / Describe the adva!tage a!d disadva!tage of travel for the cou!try .It took us C days to get Shilin. and it is really an ama7ing way to learn about different cultures. I forgave him his rudeness. I also like to try and contact some friends before and see how they9re doing and what they9 re up to. Festival .< %hat makes friendship break up= 3isunderstanding )or e*ample. and some stones look like a bird. one day. I think trust is the most important thing between friends. visit relatives and friends. when I studied in !hongqing >niversity. #. %e talked about the things and persons which we remembered in school. I think that is an interesting trip. is located about A2 kilometers from Bunming. ". In addition. %e give each other presents for the 6ew :ear. we found it in his Describe your latest i!teresti!g travel i! detail. It is so interesting to see how other people live. 1/ Describe some i!teresti!g thi!gs happe!ed duri!g your travel. Some stones look like a monkey. "t that moment. 2/ 'hat is your goal to travel a!d your reaso! to travel is I en-oy traveling. In a word.%e talked about the things and persons which we remembered in school.

'ut now. &/ 'hich festival do people travel i! a!d where do people travel to% %e often go to resorts around 6ational (ay. Shilin is famous for its large areas of stone forests. tourism can accelerate other industry to develop.222.< . #stablish protective 7ones can prevent pollution.ourism is playing a more and more important role in our country's economy.1/'hat measures does your gover!me!t ta3e to protect !atural sce!ery% . Since the opening up.. Surrounded by green mountains and forests. "ll stones in Shilin are vividly shaped. transportation was very difficultD few people could travel in !hina because most of people were very poor.year cultural heritage attract more people to !hina. the number of tourists has increased quickly. Some stones look like a monkey. Bunming is the capital city of :unnan &rovince. #/ Do Chi!ese people li3e to travel !ow% :es. transportation is easy and convenient. there is a lake in Shilin. of course. we have ample money for the -ourney. and some stones look like a bird. Summer &alace. In a word. E/8F "lso. Shilin. "/ 'hy Chi!a ca! attract people to travel% " 8.emple of 5eaven in 'ei-ing. located about A2 kilometers from Bunming.he government establishes protective 7ones of natural scenery . "lso. resembling various figures.2/ Do you thi!3 it is effective% :es. of course. Since the opening. . .#ducate people to protect natural environment. "lso. and . .ravelers can row a boat on the lake or stroll on the shores to en-oy its special quiet beauty.up. / 'hat role does tourism play i! your cou!try@s eco!omy% . I went to Shilin with my wife."/ 'hat should you pay atte!tio! to i! travel% . transportation is easy and convenient and we have ample money for the -ourney. the lake is not destroyed by any pollution. the stones are fantastic. (/ Compare the differe!ce about traveli!g amo!g Chi!ese people betwee! 1. such as )orbidden !ity.. years ago a!d !ow% /22 years ago. and this is a useful source of foreign currency for the country. . &/ !atural sce!ery 'hat is the most beautiful !atural sce!ery you have ever see!% 'hat is the specific poi!t% 'here did you see it% 'ho did you go with% Last year. It took us C days to get there. &eople who destroy natural scenery will be punished.sometimes so me visitors destroy cultural heritage.

the speed of car. &lane ticket is more e*pensive. the number of private cars in urban areas should be limited while the number of public buses should be increased. particularly those in busy areas of the cities. So. including drivers. It brings us with nutritious spiritual foods. 1/ Compare the differe!t tra!sportatio!= such as betwee! pla!e= trai! a!d car. enriches our leisure life . $n the one hand. I like tube. and I think it is necessary to bring some medicine.In addition. weather. one of the biggest problems of transportation is traffic -ams in "nyang city. there seem to be too many private cars and not enough public buses. even though in the small city. plane etc. It can elicit the imagination of are several reasons for this problem. many 'hat role do you thi!3 music plays i! our life% Gust as other kinds of art. 2/ Ca! you $ust image the tra!sportatio! i! the future a!d describe it for me% In the future. .hird. "t the same time. the transportation will be easier and convenient.ive me some opi!io! o! the tra!sportatio! i! your city% In my opinion. I am sure you will soon be refreshed from a day's hard work and rela*. mea!i!gful thi!gs . especially at busy intersections. / Aust compare the tra!sportatio! i! the past a!d !ow% 'hat tra!sportatio! do you li3e a!d why% 6owadays. "nd. Such as tube. In my opinion. (. 'ut it is too slow and it may spend us much more time. music has become an indispensable part of human culture. we have more choice on the transportation than the past. $n the other hand. effective measures must be taken before things get worse. pedestrians and cyclists do not obey traffic rules properly. Listening to the music. . "nd.Safety. ). it teaches us how to distinguish beauty from nature. Second. one of the biggest problems of transportation is traffic -ams in "nyang city. (rive car to travel is convenient because we can set out at any time. . train and plane will be faster. I think train is the best transportation for me. Tra!sportatio! . In view of the seriousness of this problem. because tube is safety and tube ticket is cheap. B ha!dcraft / *. music can do good to us very much. the number of vehicles is increasing much more rapidly than the building of roads. it is essential that stricter traffic rules and regulations be issued to strengthen traffic control. the government should invest more money in the building of new roads and the repairing and maintenance of old ones. )irst. It has become common to see passengers and drivers having to wait in long lines of buses and cars moving at a snail's pace on the streets during the rush hours.

the western music is definitely great. &/ Describe the music you li3e most a!d tell me why% I like classic music. and it plays an important role on the world music. "ll people want their life to be filled with variety. of course. the symphony of western countries is long while most of !hinese music is small piece.< 'ut I must wear work clothes when we are working. %hen they praise me. $therwise. it is a difficult question. 'ecause it is not only cheap but also convenient to wear. Listening to the musicD I can soon be refreshed from a day's hard work and rela*. / 'hat effects will ta3e place u thi!3 to let childre! . "lso. It can elicit the imagination of children Estudents<. 3any musical talents and eminent musicians have been trained in western is usually / or 1 hours each week used for teaching music. I am sure you will soon be refreshed from a day's hard work and rela*. EIn addition.stude!ts/ study a! i!strume!t% 3usic can do good to children Estudents< very much. I feel happy. "/ 1t-s ofte! more easy for childre! to lear! music tha! adults. 7) What are the differences in music between China and western countries? $h. the material of leisure clothes is more environmentally friendly. listening to the music. !" Clothes# u like what clothes= !lothes aren't only used to keep us warm.1/ Ca! you tell me the wester! music@s impact o! the world music% $h. %e will have a good mood when we wear beautiful clothes. it is a big questionD in general. It has become a important part of modern civili7ation. such as 'eethoven. I like singing. I like leisure clothes very much. 2/ Do you thi!3 it@s !ecessary to ope! a music course i! high school% :es. color and comfort by wearing clothes. I often sing for my friends. I will be fined. it teaches them how to distinguish beauty from nature. #/ Do u li3e music or !ot% 'hy% I like music. It usually has a slow rhythm and a pleasant melody. Ca! you tell me why% $h. that9s because it9s important to have soft fingers and palm to learn a music mechanism. such as at least C or more. especially in front of many people. /<%hat's the prescript on clothes when you are working= and -ust the . !hildren have more fle*ible fingers and they are more likely to find the correct feeling. "nd different styles clothes represent different cultures. . "lso. I think there should be more. such as guitar. (ifferent nations have different styles clothes. 3o7art and so on.

ECH/FF F &C0< . government must control the population. "lso. we will be fined. government has is sued one. $therwise.o sum up..he older people think a lot of style and material. it is the best way that we can find to control population. we can wear clothes with different colors and styles . pointed nose and dense black hair.child policy to limit the si7e of the family.child policy. %e must wear work clothes E a school uniform < when we are working Ein school<. So.. 5e believe that knowledge can change fate. I am luck enough because I have a good father. a brother.E. 'ut the youger people would like to follow the fashion. So. &ersonality is the first consideration when younger people choose clothes.housands of people look the same . /< %hat do you think are the differences between families in and past and are grandparents. . !ouples will be punished financially if they have more than one child.. 'ut now.prescript on clothes in school. . It means that government supports the students in poor families to continue their schooling and improving their education conditions. there were several children in a family. So. the colors and styles of clothes were very monotonic. . there is only one child in a family. 3y father is very kind and easy going.his is one . my family is harmony and our life is very happy.'ut now. 3y father has been specially thirsty for knowledge as he had only a few years of schooling himself. and what have caused these changes= In the past. 5is love is the most selfless love.child policy = I agree with one. my wife and I in my family. Think of a person in $our famil$ that is the most similar to $ou" %ho is this person= 5ow is heHshe similar to you= %hat kind of family is yours= Is it of a typical family structure in !hina= 3y family is a typical family in !hina. In the past. 'ecause it is difficult to provide enough food and education for a large number of people. C<compare the differences between the clothes in ur city with them in 12 years ago. our government establishs beadhouse to provide services for old people who have more difficulties or no families to take care of them. .. C<%hat has your government done to support families= Such as &ro-ect 5ope .. parents. child policy .I look -ust like my father. 1<%hat is your opinion of one. 1<the different between the older and younger people on clothes. 3edium build .H/FFF &/2< In addition. my father offer more opportunity for me to study Eno matter how poor my family was< .

government provide F years compulsory education. "lso. many children can't go to school. 'ut the course of university is practical and special. In addition. my #nglish teacher spoke to me about the study of foreign languages . 3y #nglish teacher loved his -ob and he was knowledgeable in his field. I believe you are a good student. keep on trying.@. schoolyards are beautiful than before. I love and respect him. I studied hard and made greater progress. I love to watch the game on . /< compare the differences between education in ur city with them in 12 years ago= In the past. C<compare the differences between students now and past .so I did't like to study it . So. even though I am not very good at playing table ten nis myself. 6ever mind. 5e said : :ou must do a lotof reading . such as computer and business courses. ( Sports ) *obb$ (escribe an interest or hobby that you particularly en-oy: /<%hat this interest or hobby is= 1<5ow long have you been doing it= C<%hat effect has it brought to your life= %hat do you think about the balance between the work and the leisure = I am a big table tennis fan.indulgence in physical e*ercise can do . "t present . I think my first #nglish teacher has greatly influenced me in my education. &laying table tennis not only refreshes my body and makes me mentally alert . over. I have played table tennis whenever I get a chance since I studied in the middle school.% &escribe a teacher who has 'reatl$ influenced $ou in $our education" :ou should say: where you met them what sub-ect they taught what was special about them and e*plain why this person influenced you so much. In the years that followed . 5owever. I had some trouble in studying #nglish when I studied in middle school.$ne day. 'ut now. listening and speaking .and ready and eager to engage in the work of the day. their pressure is he avier than before. #ach child who is I years old must go to school. I felt #nglish was very difficult. and educational conditions were very poor. 1< compare the differences between university and middle school= %e study basic knowledge in the middle school. "nd government provide much better facilities and staff. it is difficult for student to find -ob. a reasonable amount of e*ercise prepares the bo dy for a good night's sleep.

of course. such as %orkers (aily. over. I read newspapers everyday. .indulgence in watching games can affect our rest. I also like to read the !hina . 8< %hat is the advantages and disadvantages between watching games and playing gamesHsports H %atching games can enrich our leisure life. /HIs it dangerous for people to spend too much time on hobby= :es. It can elicit the imagination of us .more harm than good. it is very e*citing to watch a close game. . and it is a good . 0<%hat is advantages and disadvantages for watching games= %atching games can enrich our leisure life.< (o you think which sports demand enough courage = $h. over. I think it is bo*ing . "lso. swimming etc. it's too e*pensive for most !hinese. In addition. "lso. %atching games can enrich our leisure life.indulgence in watching games or in physical e*ercise can affect our rest. table tennis.I make many friends during playing table tennis. I think that hobby is beneficial the social life. it is very e*citing to watch a close game. 'ut .indulgence in physical e*ercise can do more harm than good. C<%hy do people like to watch games= $h. It is very dangerous and it can do harm to health of athlete. and you have to belong to the club in order to use the facilities. 'ecause it will make you too tired to stay awake during the work. reading can do good to us very much.ake part in sports can build our bodies and keep us healthy. I have noticed that some of my friends spend too much time on sports make themselves too tired to stay awake during the work. So. It is so interesting to see how other people live and it is really an ama7ing way to learn about different cultures. 'oth of these maga7ines are in #nglish . 1<(o you think hobby is beneficial to social life= :es. it is very e*citing to watch a close game. it is a interesting question. 'ut. I< %hat are the sporting facilities like in your hometown= "nyang !ity has a lot of modern indoor facilities offering bowling. 'ut over.E &/00 < +" Readin' (o you often read newspapers= %hat's is your reading everyday=E how frequent do you read= what do you like to read the best . I en-oy reading. 5enan (aily. "lso.oday and !hina (aily.

shadow play etc. the beef is red and the vegetables are green. but it is a blessing for busy people . "nd then . rice wine and ginger etc. Secondly . lanterns and kites . . %hen finished cooking . the work was completed .he paper was adorned with paintings.)ried Shredded 'eef is one of the restau rant's best dishes. I read books or newspapers for / hour before I go to bed..he dish is very delicious."*andcraft (ecribe a handcraft which is made by yourself Bite flying is popular in !hina. usually for breakfast andHor lunch. It was a beautiful swallow. .he kite flew lightly in the sky as if the swallow was greeting the coming of the spring season. e*tension of the card topic /< %hat is the general ideas about fast food among !hinese people= "lthough fast food has little nutritional value . $nce. . 1< why do you like it= Sichuan dish features pungent . Sichuan Jestaurant is the largest restaurant in "nyang !ity. "nd I like to eat fast food. spicy and salty flavors and tend to go well with rice. It's made of fresh tenderloin and celery . E1222H. < %hat handcraft are there in !hina= = )olk papercuts . the other two linked with its they can help to balance their diet by eating a sensible evening meal. C< where do you like to read = In the library. 'ecause it is easy to understand the difficulty of books.he restauran t is a beautiful . I like kites very much and I can make kites myself. I made a kite . 3y wife and I often have dinner in the restaurant on the weekend. 1< what do you think about science in food processingEproduction<= . one linked to its neck . . .. I collected C sticks and paper. !ondiments include vinegar.. I used C sticks to control the paper .way for me to improve my #nglish. Stir. )irstly . because there are all kinds of books which I can read. clean and it's price is cheap. .)ew people eat fast food all the time. I do . /< (o you like to discuss with others when you read books = :es. Bites are often played with around the 4ingming )estival in "pril. 1< 5ow long do you read = >sually." Restaurant on the test card /< talk about your favorite restaurant.

3ost of this waste is harmful. So. 'ecause it can keep us healthy. when we breathe the air . /<%hat's the most important skill nowadays= I think it is computer. we should limit population of world. 'ecause computers play an important role in our life and are of great use in every field. more and more waste is produced. harm will be done to our health. $n the other hand. C< what is your opinion on food production and the world's population. all new pro-ects are to have lower discharge levels D E1< Second. it's difficult to provide enough food for world's population. on the one hand. If things go well . EC< . #specially the air is often made very dirty by factories. I think the whole society will be computeri7ed soon. "lso. I am very interested in it. /<%hat has your government done to prevent pollution .Scientific processingEproduction< is important. all sources of pollution must be identified and monitored. "t present. we should manage to provide enuogh food. pollution is serious. I 'd like to further my study in computer science and I want to work on my 3aster's degree in !anada.ironment protect Is there any pollution in your city= E In "nyang !ity .hird. <%ith the development of modern agriculture and industry. I need more knowledge in this field to meet the great demands of the application of computers. the soil and the air. 7" En. In places around big factories . "lso. trees and vegetables are often killed by the bad air. computers play an important role in our life and are of great use in every field. all enterprises should assure a clean and safe work place . . /" Learn %hat do you plan to learn in the future= %hy do you want to learn it= %here and how will you learn it= I plan to learn computer science in the future. .he measures are: E/<) are too many things that I don't know about computers. It goes into the water . )ortunately. +overnment is taking measures to prevent pollution. people are beginning to reali7e -ust how serious the whole situation is.

educational conditions were very poor.academic courses= :es.I met him in +uangdong Sanyo company in /FFI. .aboutF2 u.Eten thousand yen. 8<(o schools teach non. 0<Is there any difference between your parents' study and nowadays children= In the past.222 yen.academic courses= :es.he color is light purple and it has a very clear voice. %ho send it= ii. when our parents studied in school. such as sewing and weave cloth. he visited me in golden week. 'ut now. 'ut now.iews .people send gifts on special holidays.It means that we .$r we give our children red bags with some money.clothes. few people can do it. of course. 5e gave me the %alkman which is made in Sony in Gapan. C<(o you think it necessary to learn these skills= 6o.such as music. (etail information about the present. physical education.5e told me that the price of walkman was /2.$&I! /: 4: (escribe the best presentHgift you have received Jequirement: i. 5is name is 6aoki %atanabe.s dollars< It helps me a lot for improving my #nglish. intellectual and physical development in a comprehensive way.fine<. when will people send the present= ":In !hina. %e worked together there for C months.etc. Last year.1<"re there any traditional skill in your country= what are they= :es. children are lucky enough because government provides much better facilities and staff. and painting etc. I<teacher describe a teacher you like or dislike A<useful machine for e*ample: you can talk about computer F<national dish Real inter. of course . 'ecause we can buy all kinds of clothes in shop.<Should school responsible for teaching these non.I use it for listening to #nglish.firstly.I usually take it with me to listen to #nglish after work . we give our parents money. I remembered that my grandmother used to sew clothes herself.It is small and delicateEe*quisite .such as in Spring is -ust as same as casette tapes. I -ust don't like to spend much time on sewing. 'ecause school should stress student's moral . %hen did you receive it= iii. ": I have a Gapanese friend.. 4:In !hina.

4: %hat do you think are the differences between families in and past and today. If I have enough time. I came to be fond of cooking.but now they are small.flower. So it is strong.Sheng. %ho is this person= . especially flowers can be used in all aspects both good thing and bad thing.also.he main reason for this is that we have the family planning a friend or relative's wedding. such as playing !hinese chess. . they will give some souvenir gifts each other for happy memories of their clothes and life necessities. It is not strong.$&I! 1: 4: .$n the other hand . and is the highest building in my city. house is made of steel and concrete. flower.hink of a person in your family that is the most similar to you. It is located in the center of my city It has .the wedding gife includes money.but nowadays they are pretty fine by appearance. what's the difference between them= ": .It also has shopping mall from the first floor to the Ath floor. . I can cook for my family. and so on.In countryside.5e is my colleague.the birthday gift includes birthday card. 4: !ompare the gift which people have received /2 years ago to the present that people now are receiving.especially in big cities. about 12 years ago families were large.again.which is permitted to have one child. stationery .secondly when close friends will part. In my city. about /22 square meters. such as Gapanese foods. . In addition . his house is small.%hen I came to )oshan for the first time. It is about C2 square meters and mine is large.why= ":I like cooking.hai foods.8 storeies. 5e encouraged and supported me. the gifts people received were simpler and cheaper .his policy has been e*ecuted for about 12 years.%e have a lot common in hobby. It ha s a food street where you can eat various kinds of foods. 4: %hat has your government done to support families= ": $ur government provide the policy to encourage us to receive aids of money if we are too poor 4: %hat is the interesting building in you countryHcity= %hat is it located= %hat is used for= #*plain why you think it is the most interesting= ":I am from )oshan. sports goods. K'LL E'each family had at least 0 or 8 members.craftwork. clothes.on someone's birthday.I like to visit there on weekends.$&I! 0: 4: what is your best friend= "nd how you met ": 3y best friend is 3r. new clothes . )rench foods. there is an interesting building whose name is 'aihua pla7a.they have one child. 4:do you en-oy cooking . and what have caused these changes= ":In !hina. ": 3y grandpa's house is made of wood and soil. such as foods. more beautiful packaging I think people will send flowers as gifts. higher quality.. K'LL E'generally K'LL E'.It is used for offices on /2th floor and over.he most interesting floor is on the Fth floor.give them a ne*t year's good luck. 4: %hat do you think are the differences between your grandpa's house and your building. I had difficulty in looking for my -ob.we usually give bride or groom a gift.hey are beautiful and cool. cosmetics. badminton .en years ago.they have no more than two children. I met him in /FFC.I can cook what I like.%e can buy everything.we give him or her a gift.

$&I! CD 4:%hat is the interesting building in you countryHcity= %here is it located= what is used for= #*plain why you think it is the most interesting= 4:what do your think the difference between adult and children making friend= ": !hildren make friends -ust for playing.shoppingD1. I believe in the ma*im prosperity makes friends. %e make delicious food for the gatherings.< ": In !hina.he main reason for this change is that we have the family planning policy. sometimes with Internet.the friendship has some profits for them. with whom= . and reading.: 4: describe your latest travel in detail. 4: %hat kind of family is yours= Is it of a typical family structure in !hina= ": 3y family is large. 3om.four brothers. sisters and I has already got married. (uring the spring festival. .his policy has been e*ecuted for about 12 years.Eall eatingHdrinking<D the rest of the days:/. but if he did not do the same for me when I need. we are very alike. It is -ust like a !hristmas in the western countries. for e*ample introducing my friends to other ones. I am very proud of my family. especially in big cities.anyone who has common in some aspeects each other. #veryone has one or two children.including play.white and na= ve. I will not consider him my friend . adversity tries them I can give my friend help if he needs. .of holidays. %e usually go back to our parents' home and get together.friends visiting. %e usually visit our friends and relatives on !hinese :ear's #ve. %e are one point seven meters and have the same many hobbies. #ach family had at least 0 or 8 children.In addition to these. . two sisters .5ow is heHshe similar to you= ": 3y brother is the most similar to me. we have seven. It is the only time that all of the stores are closed. 5e is 8 years older than I. %e usually help with each other.$&I! 8: festival 4: describe the festival in your country: E!hinese 6ew #ve:/.but adult make friends in many aspects.sightseeing. Some of my colleagues get confused who I am . "bout 12 years ago they were large in !hina. %e watch !!. 4:tell me the way you make friends with others. . and what have caused these changes= ":.@ to welcome the !6:D !hinese 6ew :ears (ay:/. but nowadays they are small. the spring festival is the most important festival.special programme on !!. which allows us to have one child.visiting relativesD1. $ur relations are very strong.and the friendship between children is more lily. for instance we like to go swimming . %e have a sense of humor and like to make friends. if a child can play with another one. I think my family is a typical one. In countrysides they have no more than two children. playing !hinese chess. 4: %hat do you think are the differences between families in and past and today.$&I! .@ special program for the spring partner. I have (ad .dinnerEfamily gathering<D1. and you think what people should be your friends= ":I make friends in many ways.they will become good friends. 3y brothers.colleague. %e are the same height.

.It is very fast.hen it has changed into bikes trains. there are thousands of terracotta warriors and horses.he terrocotta warriors is the tomb of 4inshihuang emperor about 1222 years ago . %e should develop the public transportations and restrict private motorcycles and cars.who is the first emperor in !hina history.his is the first time she visited. we can be encouraged by listening to music. .edged now. .some intersting things happened during ur tavel= can u describe it for me= ur reason to travel is what= ": . I personally like motorcycles. . ": Last month I went on a trip to ?i'an with my wife and my daughter.also there are lots of ancient weapons such as swords.$&I! A: 4:describe the role music play in our life. environmental pollution is a very serious problem here. cows. we visited one of the Ath wonders of the are no planes. In his tomb. 3y wife and I have visited several times before. car. %e miss my family very much. 4:describe the natrual scene.he transportations in the future will be much more useful . bus.hese terracotta warriors are lifelikeE==<.such as between plane. .people used horse. we want to listen to music for pleasure. It is said that the swords are very sharp. you should take trains. . If you have a long distance trip more than A22 kilometers .on water and on air 4:-ust compare the transportation in the past and now.It took about 12 hours from +uang7hou to ?i'an. If your destination is located near the train station and within C22 kilometers. motorcycle. it take u how long to get to the destination. 3ore and more people have private cars. long long time ago .we should take planes .car. . but the flight tickets are very e*pensive in !hina. 4: compare the different transportation. It helps us to forget the sad things.train. you will find how magnificent it is. . 3otorcycles are very popular and convenient. . 'y doing so. I have long wanted to show my daughter the wonder of the world. 6ow we can travel by plane. %hen we are happy. planes are the safest traffic transportation. %hen we are blue. ":I think music plays the important role of our life.rains are much cheaper than planes. u like what transportation and why. because they are very convenient. ": 3y city is )oshan.She is only /1 years old. I admit that ?i'an is my hometown. >nfortunately she did not like them.&eople own motorcycles and bikes for transportations . %e went there by train .If you visit the museum. spears and so on. train. . It makes our life the most convenient tool is car. I have not gone back to see my parents for 0 years. 'ecause of the preverances of those. ": +enerally speaking. safer and E==<3aybe it runs on land. "fter arriving ?i'an. E==< of course. 4:can u -ust image the transportation in the future and describe it for me= ": . It makes us feel comfortable.and the destination. ":In !hina. I thought she was too young to en-oy them. the environment can be proctected a must catch plane or train by plane or train timetable. on foot.hat is terracotta take a plane or a can travel anytime and anywhere you like.$&I! I: 4:give me some opinion on the transportation in ur city.hey are more comfortable than planes. 5ere the public transportation are mainly buses and trains.

'ut some children hate to learn music instruments. . . black suits. mathematics.$&I! //: . ": . and black shoes.%hen I was young.industry control and enterprise management and so on. !hinese. violin. . they can become musicians . .opic /1 4: name ": 3y full name is ***.he scenery there was very beautiful.he ocean was blue. "nd the sand beach was were no pollution there.hey includes is a picture or name of the schools.all the male colleagues wears are a lot of seagulls flying over the sea. " large number of people go en-oy swimming.. but female colleagues wears black skirts.. .he main reason for this is to establish a gooa enterprise image. . I especially like sweat shirts. I liked reading books listening to music after work.shirts and -eans 4:the prescript on clothes when u r working= ": 'ecause I work for new high technology company . 4:the different between the older and younger people on clothes. white shirts. young people like to wear fashionable clothes. ": +enerally speaking. ": Last year I went to the seaside for a trip with my wife and daughter. 4:describe the music u like most and tell me why= ":I like some !hinese classic music. but older people like to wear traditional ones. playing with clothes. dulcimer.$&I! /2: describe a meaningful thing made by yourself. It is the most natural scenery I have ever seen.$&I! F: 4: u like what clothes= ":I like the clothes which are comfortable for me to wear. ": In !hina school clothes are blue trousers. 4:u like music or not=why=u think music play what role in ur life= ": I like music so so.. electronic organ and so on.he most beautiful natural scenery you have ever seen . If they are forced to learn by parents. .. and western symphony such as Spanish corrida music.4:what effects will take place u think to let children study an instrument= "DI think some children like music and they are interested in learning instruments such as piano. I did not learn any musical instruments. they will not be able to learn music and other sub-ects such as #nglish. . white shirts. . 4:and -ust the prescript on clothes in school. 3y -ob is to analy7e computer system and to develop soft wares such as $" system Eoffice automati7ation<. I like rhythmical and strong music. where did you see it= who did you go with. sun bathing. 3y family name is * and my given name is **. 3ost of my friends call me old li EI have heard that old means useless person in western countries===< 4: work ":I am a computer engineer. If they have music talents.

here will not enough food for people to eat.sometimes E==< they send our children toys as presents. 4: what is your opinion on food production and the world's population. So we should save the food and should not waste any food. because they are interesting and they are very important for my improvement of my -ob skills. of course my computer books.he foods are very cheap and clean. why do you like it= ": . for e*ample publishing some articles. E==< the environment is very clean and beautiful. . 4: what do you like to read the best= ":I like to read computer books the best. sometimes in our city library where there are a lot of new books. lt means li engineer. especially the noodles in my is a food street near my home. but fast food is convenient and it can save our time and money.sometimes.4: work plan in the future ": 3y work plan is to finish my task assigned to my boss and to improve my knowledge constantly. coloring matter and at the same time. ":I am not an e*pert for nutrition. it is conducive to protect our dirty === 4: what do you think about science in food processingHproduction.opic /C Section /: 4:%hat's you full name= ":3y first name is *. ":!hinese fast food. !omputer technology is developing so fast. finishing some complicated pro-ects. fast food is not healthy so it is not suitable for us to eat so frequently. 4: general ideas about fast food among !hinese. Italian and domestic foods from other regeional ones for e*ample sichuan spicy food. . because I find it very interesting. 4:(o you like your current -ob= ":I like my -ob. Some foreign fast foods such as 3cdonald's and B)! are very attractive for children because they have the different taste from !hinese ones. I think the science in food process would not destroy the nutrition factor and not add any harmful ingredients such as additive. It has various kinds of foods such as Gapanese. newspaper. . 4: where do you like to read= ":Sometimes I en-oy reading at given name is **. I have achieved my goals many times in my -ob. shan*i food. but most of people call me li gong. $n the food street. not only can we taste foreign foods and other regional foods but also eat my hometown foods. 4: talk about your favorite restaurant. ": .he population is over . 4: how frequent do you read= ": In my spare time I like reading including history. 4:(o you work or still a student= ":I am a engineer in a high technology company. So I like them very much e*tension of the card topic 4: your opinions on fast food ": In my opinion. . billion all over the world.

": . It is used for offices from over the /2th floor.he most interesting floor is on Fth floor. Section C: 4:"re there some old buildings in your hometown= ": 3y hometown is ?i'an . . . such as temples . and then to find another better -ob.second they are of research value.4:5ow much languages can you speak= ": I can speak 3andarin .here are many old buildings there. 4:%hat people's attitudes to old building today= ":I think the old buildings have a lot of attractions to us.ell me something about the accommodation you live in. .8 stories. E==<first they can bring tour income for our country. %e can buy everything we need .his building is located in the center of my city. It is the highest building in my info and globali7ation. towers. It maybe tell their life period. It is also used as a shopping mall from the first floor to the Ath floor. clothes cosmetics. I hope to get a wonderful achievement in the field of my study. . In my city there is a interesting building which is called the 'aihua pla7a.hey are supplements each otherE==<. E==<.opic /0 %hat's your full name= (o you work or study now= .!antonese. (o you plan to change your -ob= %hat's your future plan= 4:.he old buildings symboli7e the ancient culture and civili7ation but modren buildings e*press modern cultures and civili7ation. ": .he bell tower was built in about 822 years ago. . .ancient city walls. 4:Should we protect them= %hy= ": %e should protect them.. "nd at the same time there are some research values for ancient architectural technology.he price of the dishes are very low and there are no problems as for hygiene so I like them very much. such as foods. especially in the age of hi. It is a food street where we can taste not only foreign foods and other province foods but also we can eat my hometown foods . either here or in your hometown .ell me something about your -ob. 4:)uture's plan= ": 3y plan is to improve my #nglish first.finally they are the culture inheritance from our ancestorsE==< 4:%hat role do you think the old and modern buildings play in the society. it is easy to communicate with foreigners. It has . Section 1: 4:'uilding: whereHwhat use forHwhy interesting= ":I am from )oshan. stationery. 4:%hat do you think )oreign language to people= ":I think foreign languages are important to us.It is an ancient city. #nglish and a few Gapanese.especially the noodle of my hometown. 4:%here and (escribe is a great bell in the tower. I like to visit the food street on weekends. sports goods . Its height is about 12 meters. If we can understand foreign languages.

/. In addition swimming is an individual sport. "C:I like to play badminton. and a good ventilation system.@. it is e*tremely cold in winter. It is wonderful and all the players have comprehensive skills. I can swim anytime if the public swimming pool is open.hey usually get sleepy before the game finish. %e have two bedrooms. I also played it at university. 6ormally there are some storm snow but in summer it is fairly hot. %e know each player is professional and has special skill.he si7e of my apartment is about /22square meters. 5ow often do you play or watch it= 0. I like autumn the best because the weather is crispy and we can eat delicious fruits such as watermelons. %hen I was in high school.": I live in an apartment. So I can swim very well.he more e*citing atmosphere comes from the players and the audience. %hy you like it= C.@ does not cost a lot of money.he advantage is that my accommodation has sufficient sunlight from the windows. Sometimes in the last one second maybe a team defeats the another team and win the game instead of losing. 5ow do you begin to like it= 1. I began to watch 6'". If there is a 6'" game on . It is usually blood. It can especially e*tend our vital capacities. I usually played it with my classmates after school. I like swimming very much. %e can e*ercises every parts of our body by swimming. I began to learn how to swim in the pond.@. 3any people are very busy. "nd e*plain why you prefer this sport to other sports= "/: I like to go swimming the best.I must organi7e several people. . In my high school days I got a swimming champion. 4:%hat's the advantage and the disadvantage of your accommodation= ": . one kitchen and of course one restroom . .he temperature is about CC degrees. I can surely catch the game.@ and in the stadium= ": %atching them in the stadium is more e*citing than doing on . %e do not need to buy any entrance ..@= ":I think watching sports on .his is the main reason why I like swimming rather than other sports. I play it with my daughter and my wife on weekends. In spring and autumn. 4:%hy people like to watch sports on . part1: (escribe one sport that you like to play or watch most. it is very nice. "1: I like to watch 6'" game.thunder. I usually swim with my daughter in our city public swimming pool on every weekend. if I want to play those . In my hometown there is a large pond. #specially the audience always get very e*cited by a wonderful goal but watching games on .and. one living room. it is very difficult for me to organi7e them. 6o matter how late it is 6'" players win the game by skills and cooperate privacy. oranges.he temperature is about minus /8 degrees. %hen I was a child. 'ut as for other sports such as football. "nd the disadvantage is that there are some noise because it is near the centre of the city. In those days I was in high school. .his is why some of my friends like to watch the football games at midnight. basketball are team sports. . 4:%hat's the weather like in your hometown= %hich season do you like most= ": In my hometown.. apples. I had much confidence of swimming by getting this pri7e. I am sure you agree watching such games is really en-oyable. I began to play it about 12 years ago. partC: 4:%hat's the difference between watching sports on .@ at home is less e*citing. .

we should find some time to entertain ourselves.a lot of people have stress even after work. we will be happy but playing sport too much makes us tired. &eople in south like to drink beer. I think these eating habits may be different because of the differences of weather. . how do you push him or her= ": I can tell them the importance of sports . $n the other hand people in south !hina they like rice.@ is safer than doing at the stadium because after the football games sometimes there are some riots among the fans on the street. 4:%hat do you think about the balance between the work and the leisure. too. I can teach them its skills. so in !hina most people like city lives. In some provinces like Sichuan. Shen7hen is a modern city.E==< 4:disadvantage and advantage of watching and playing sports K'LM E'< ": &laying sports can e*ercise our body.why do you like it = ":I like to play chinese chess with my friends.and watching sports cannot e*ercise our are more modern entertainment and educational facilities and rich and colorful night lives in big cities .ell what shall you do in the future . In addition. &art II 4:Introduce your hobby. 4:(o you think playing too many sports is harmful= %hy= ":I think so. E==< "t the spot some games hold in another place. ":I think when we are working we must do our best.such as in foreign countries. 5unan .E==< %atching sports on .tech information .they like spicy foods. so playing sports can rela* us physically and mentally. although what I win is more than what I lose. 4:If someone don't like sport. noodle. but I like it very much because !hinese chess is a mind game and playing this game can improve our intelligence. 6o matter how busy we are . why did you decide to live in shen7hen= ":3y hometown is in countryside. 4:%hat do you think the importance of playing sports= ": I think it is very important for us to play sports .we will feel uncomfortable. I think they will gradually be interested.E==< %atching sports is comfortable but they have little happiness when game winE==<.in the age of hi. then I ask them to take part in the sports our bodies will be harmful. .E==3any sports will break the limit. . #verything has the limit including our bodies. people in north like to drink wine. 4:.leisure &art III 4: Introduce the eaten habit of the !hinese people ":I think in the north !hina people like to eat the food made of wheat. Sometimes it is impossible for us to watch the game. %e should en-oy our leisure time after work. such as mantou.opic /8 &art I K'L%N LML@ E' what's your name K'L%NKLML@ E' %here are you come from= K'L%NOLML@ E' !an you describe your home town= K'L%NELML@ E' !ompare ShenPhen with your hometown .he countryside is a quiet If we win the game.

"ll of us like to travel. 4:(o you think it necessary to learn these skills= "::es.academic course.hen I am to travel around the world with my wife and my daughter.opic /. 4:(o schools teach are more qualified teachers. and its advantages and disadvantages. their schools are not responsible for their students. I think the most important skill is I. children hardly had opportunities to learn at school. It is famous for its sites . %e have travelled many sightseeing spots around my country. chef Ewho know how to cook food<. If someone has a great skill in I. I will learn it at my work time or my spare time at my office. I make a living for computer technology.which is in the northwestern of !hina. . . I can learn the latest technology. Section C: 4:%hat's the most important skill nowadays= ":In the age of hi.sewer Ewho know how to make clothes<. or at home. Schools teach the students a lot of practical courses. Sometime there were C to 0 children in the classroom.carpenter or architect Ewho know how to build house< and so on. I also plan to write a book about my travel memories. . 'ut nowadays in !hina almost all the children have chances to go to school. . %e need all kind of skills for our life. at library. Section 0: 4:Is there any difference between your parents' study and nowadays children= ": In the age of my father childhood.. nowadays I think it is very easy for him to find a -ob with a high salary.these skills are important parts of traditional culture. Section /: %hat's ur full name= (o you work now= or still a student= (o you like your current -ob= )uture plan. (o you like cooking= %hy= Section 1: %hat do you plan to learn in the future= %hy do you want to learn it= %here and how will you learn it= ":I will continue to learn the computer technology. $f course the number of the teachers were very small. academic courses for the purpose that their students could find a good -ob after graduation. topic /I 4:tell me something about you hometown ":3y hometown is ?i'an.academic courses= "::es.especially . schools are responsible for teaching these non. such as how to operate computers. (escribe your accommodation. 4:Should school responsible for teaching these non.hey learned !hinese and mathematics in a small classroom. If they cannot get a good -ob due to their lack of are C2 to 02 students in each classroom. 5is specialty is computer science. do business and communicate with others."D I plan to make much money by my ability and wisdom. I like it at the same time. . 4:"re there any traditional skill in your country= what are they= ":the traditional skills include sculptor Ewho know how to sculpture<. academic courses= ":I think so.

4:.I went to a beach . In addition we should notice the consciousness of environment.he disadvantage is that the weather is e*tremely cold in winter and fairly hot in summer. which is the one of the eight wonders of the clothes wearing in the work days and weekend ": %e wear western style clothes on duty. . card tell me a family memeber who is similare to you /. . 4:how should we protect these natural scenery K'L%NQ E' ": %e should legislate laws to protect these scenery. . .shirts. %e like to wear .he temperature is about 02 degrees. I work for a is only one child. we have the family planning policy. I had a business trip to Shandong province.which are white shirt and blue pants. and give some education for environment protection 4:what effect do you think have they done= ": "fter government taking some measures . at the same time. 4:the adventages and disadvantages living in your hometown ":I think the adventage living in my hometown are as followsD )irstly the prices of all food and vegetables are much lower. 4:what measures has the government taken to protect these natural scenery K'L%NQ E' ":I think the government have legislated a lot of laws to protect the natural scenery. spring and autumn are comfortable. such as dad .he ocean is very blue. 6amely they had a large family. . -eans.hese clothes are more comfortable to wear. sweaters. and on weekends. . Secondly people are very in country sides each family has no more than 1 were a lot of members of company. .E son or daughter< in !hinese cities . and in summer the weather is fairly hot. environment.what does she or he looks like C.who is them 1. .why do you think you are similar ne*t 4:can you tell me the old structure about your grandparents time ": . .opic /F 4Dwhat do you do= ":I am a computer engineer.for the terra cotta warriors.he sand on the beach is pretty clean. 4:can you tell the structure of chinese family changed for yourgrandparents' time ": 6ow we have a small family.there is a pattern of the school badge on the clothes. $f course.he temperature is about minus 12 degrees. . pollution .. topic /A 4:.where I think is the most beautiful natural scenery. about C sisters.he most beautiful natural scenery you have ever seen K'L%NQ E' ":Last year. . they had a lot of uncles and is no pollution.he increase of the population has caused a lot of problems.he weather is e*tremely cold in winter.. 4:can you tell me something about the clothes which students wear ": Students at school usually wear school uniform.8 brothers..our environment will have a great improvement. such as education problems.

.why= ":yes I do. such as at least three or more. do you like music= a: :es.we can read books without buying them.. and if you go on street wearing a white shirt. topic 1/ 4: name 4: work 4: work plan in the future 4: how frequent do you read= ": Sometimes.. you can find your collar dark 4:let's talk about the western music. 4D It's often much easier for children to learn music than are usually one or two hours each week used for teaching music.ok.=== 4:what's your hobby= !ard %hat's your favorite sport. disavantage is air pollution. when they praise me . especiallly in front of many people. i feel happy.hey are actually a great merit to human merit. !hildren have more fle*ible fingers and are more likely to find correct feelings.. 4: what do you like to read the best= ":I like to read caricature the best.why. on the test card . . 4:what's advantage and disavantages of your home town= ": advantage is that it's that its economy is OOOO. !an you tell me the western music's impact on the world music= ":.when did you begin=what merit does it have= %hat do you think the balanceboth work and leisure= topic 12 4: where is your home town= ":: 3y home town is OOO. . $ften the symphony is long while most of china's music is in small pieces.he western music is definitely great. It can teach them how to distinct beauty from nature. I think there should be more.. I often sing for my friends. 3ost of the bookstores are open.hat's because it's important to have soft fingers and palms to learn music mechanisms. %estern music and !hinese ones are totally different. It is very funny 4: where do you like to read= ": Sometime I read at the library or at the -ob have bring me a lot of fun.. such as guitar.4:do you like your -ob.when you reach the destination. 4: ok. 4: do you think it's necessary to open a music course in high school= ": $f course. 4: why= ": 'ecause music can do good for students . I like singing. 4: why they are a great merit= ": because they are ===. !an you tell why= ": . It can elicit the imagination of the children.

but about 12 years ago. 4:what do you do at the weekend K'L%NQ E' ": If I have money. If I have not enough money I like to look at the show windows.opic 10: S. If trip is long.Ithink this is the most important things. camel in desert. 4:and imagine the transport in the future. ": 6ormally. if a car is important or necessary to his work or to his hobby and he has enough money to buy and maintain a car. the park 4:what do you like to play K'L%NQ E' ":sometime I like to play card with my friends. 4:6ow many people buy car. what will you do K'L%NQ E' ":I will become a doctor . . I like to use my motorcycle."+# / K'L%NC E' 4:%hat do you do= ":I am a computer engineer.opic11 4: your favorite transport and the tool of travel ": If the trip is not long.but /22 years ago they used animals or travel. I like to go shopping.. Ilike to take company. 4:what are the defferences the chinese tour between now and /22 years ":I think the most big difference is transportation tools.I will feel happy. 4:work duty= ":I am in charge of developing softwares.such as horse on land. sometimes I like to play with my wife and my daughter."+# C: 4:do chinese like to travel=why= ":I think everyone likes to travel in !hina. !hinese people have little money to travel .buses and motocycles for travel . ": . trains. 4:if your are asked to change your -ob.with the open policy more and more !hinese people like to travel. 4:general ideas about fast food among !hinese. 4: what is your opinion on food production and the world's population.I work for a hi. 4: what do you think about science in food processingHproduction. "nd more environmentally . %henHwhereHwhatHwhy S.ransportation in the future is much safer and faster. who buy and the benefit of using a car. I do.opic :interesting trip ."+# 1 K'L%NC E' .coaches . 6ow there are planes. If I finish a software. coach trains or planes.I think he will buy a car. . because they have more time and money for travel. 4:do you like your -ob K'L%NQ E' ": :es.4: talk about your favorite restaurant.and I hope to research new medicine for patients and save the patients who are suffering from cancer and "I(S. 4: why do you like it= e*tension of the card topic 4:your opinions on fast food.

the the more successfully the sports games hold.4:what holiday do chinese like to tour.chinese people like to travel in the national days the spring festival.and galleries.because the sport oragniser will get more money from advertisements and then do their best .we can see a lot of advertisements in sports stadium.and international labour day.we have a long holidays about I days.and to en-oy their life topic 18D 4Dwhat does the advertisement effect on sports= ":well.museums.I think. 4:what is aim of gengral tour ":to know outside world.the more advertisements in the sports.and where= ":generally speaking.because in these holidays.most people make use of these holiday to travel sceneries such as famous mountains. .