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Srimad Bhagavatam

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Canto2 The Cosmic Manifestation Chapter 9
Answering by Citing the Lord's Version

Answering by Citing the Lord's Version

SB 2.9.1
Sri Suka said: "For the relation of the soul of pure consciousness beyond and the material body there can never be any meaning absolute so found without the divine self or His illusory potency ,called , oh King profound the same way a dreamer cannot make any out of his dream though sound

SB 2.9.2.

Wishing to en oy in different ways the multifarious forms offered by the e!ternal energy which constantly performs "t acts on the the notion of #"# and #mine# as it transforms

SB 2.9. .
$he very moment the being, en oys the freedom from illusion, %y transcending the time and the material energy&s confusion he in it fulness will forsake #"# and #mine# the ego'causing twain

SB 2.9.!.
When the (bsolute , to )ord %rahma of firm vows ,appeared goal of all purification of the conditioned mind was narrated

SB 2.9.".
Lord Brahma, the first spiritual master, supreme in the universe, could not trace his lotus seat for its source nor knew the process of creation nor the way out as the directions for his success

SB 2.9.#.
When )ord %rahma brooded ,he heard the voice *ta& and *pa& to mean +$apa& or penance ,by the (lmighty Krishna,for taking to renunciation

SB 2.9.$.
Looking for the source of the voice,none,Brahma found ,so thought it best to do penance right away as guided

SB 2.9.%.
He ,endowed with a spotless vision controlled his life breaths, mind , senses of perception and action, for a thousand years and thus proceeding so, in the past, enlightened all the worlds by being one doing divine penance of the severest practice,

SB 2.9.9
$hus for )ord %rahma, the Supreme )ord , pleased by his penance, manifested His own abode -aikunthha, the place free from limits, beyond which no other world .!ists , which is worshiped as the place where the five miseries of life compounded, ignorance, selfhood, attachment, hatred and death'fear have completely ceased, "t is the place free from illusion and fear ,praised by the liberated or self'reali/ed

SB 2.9.1&
$here, where the )ord is worshiped by both the enlightened and the unenlightened, "n time, or 0ualities such as, passion or regression,-aikuntha, ever 1ntrammeled

SB 2.9.11

(s blue as the sky and glowing with lotus like eyes, embellished with yellow garments, and youthful, inhabitants ,there four 2armed , shone in the luster and effulgence of pearls and ornaments adorned

SB 2.9.12
Some radiated brilliance of coral or diamonds, on heads and earrings and garlands like a blooming celestial lotus

SB 2.9.1
Vaikuntha plane is surrounded by flight machines, belonging to the great souls or devotees of the Lord, the ladies are as beautiful as lightning by their celestial complexions, making it like the sky decorated with both clouds,and flashy angels.

SB 2.9.1!
3oddess )akshmi performs there, enrapturing the )ord together with a herd of minstrels, by the diverse devotional services at the lotus feet of the )ord, amidst the drone of the beetles that ,by the everlasting spring, are attracted

SB 2.9.1"
$here %rahma saw the )ord in communion with all His devotees, the )ord of the goddess, of the 1niverse and the sacrifice, the (lmighty served by Sunanda, 4anda, 5rabala and (rhana, devotees so mighty

SB 2.9.1#
His attendants devour the very sight of the )ord through their eyes 5leased by His smile, shiny eyes, eweled crown, the yellow dress with goddess )akshmi beside, divine mark on the chest n& four hands,

SB 2.9.1$

Seated on His throne , $he Supreme lords His abode , attended by His four original forms as in matter, primal person, intellect and ego, His si!teen energies ,the five basic elements, sensory'motor instruments, and mind ,His fivefold drive in the sense ob ects of beings as in form, taste, sound, smell n& touch, His si! opulences of knowledge, beauty, intelligence, penance, fame and riches , He sometimes also demonstrates the eight mystic perfections,

%rahma,the 6reator of the 1niverse, overwhelmed by the sight of thatdivine audience, with his heart in ecstasy and body full of divine love bowed down with tears in his eyes before the lotus feet of the )ord, an e!ample that is followed by the divine, liberated souls,

SB 2.9.1%

SB 2.9.19
Seeing %rahma before Him, the )ord deemed the worthy, great scholar suitable for creations in line with His own control the lives of all living beings, pleased, He blessingly touched hands of His partner in divine love and addressed the beloved one with his divinely endearing words,

SB 2.9.2&
Lord addressed Lord Brahma O Brahma,Learned in the Vedas, am very much pleased with your long!accumulated penance desirous of creation. "ardly am pleased with the pseudo mystics.

SB 2.9.21
(ll my blessings for you, ust ask 7e, the giver of all benedictions, whatever favor you wish oh %rahma for you to reach the success ultimately of reali/ing 7e as the target of everyone#s penances,

SB 2.9.22
$his enviable perception of 7y abode was granted to you because you listened submissively in seclusion while in the highest penance,

SB 2.9.2
"t was 7e who told you to do penance in that situation because you were perple!ed in your duty, that penance is 7y very heart and the Soul oh sinless one ,the blessed

SB 2.9.2!
" create by that penance, " maintain the cosmos by that penance and " withdraw again by that penance, 7y power is in penance,#

SB 2.9.2"
Brahma said: #8h Supreme )ord of all living beings, seated in the heart, by 9our undisputed, intelligence that is most superior knows about all our endeavors .

SB 2.9.2#
4evertheless " ask 9ou oh )ord, to please fulfill my desire to know how 9ou, being formless, can e!ist in the beyond on the one hand while we see 9ou descend in 9our form on the other, to uplift the world as decided by 9ou

SB 2.9.2$
(nd how do 9ou, from 9ourself by means of 9ourself, by combining and permuting, manage to manifest in the matter of evolving, accepting, maintaining and annihilating:

SB 2.9.2%
8h 7adhava , please enlighten me clearly about many an act 9ou undertake the way a spider invests its energies in its net,

SB 2.9.29
" wish that in learning from 9ou as my teacher ,9our mercy acting as 9our instruments, despite creating the living beings, may never be caught in their web of attachments,

SB 2.9. &
O my Lord, the unborn, #ou have received me in your hands $ust as a friend shall be engaged in the creation of living entities, of types and forms different pray that all this may not raise my pride, as if were the %upreme, magnificent.

SB 2.9. 1
$he Supreme )ord said: $he knowledge about 7e is very discreet and is reali/ed in combination with devotional service by a devotee with the necessary paraphernalia,take it the way " e!plain it to thee,

SB 2.9. 2
7ay from 7y mercy with you let there be this factual reali/ation of 7y eternalities including form , transcendental e!istence, 7y colors, 0ualities and subtle activities,

SB 2.9.
"t is " the 8riginal ,who e!isted before the creation ,in the nothingness of the cause and effect of all of this,and it is 7e, as pure consciousness it is 7e who will remain now, and till the end , as e!istence and bliss

SB 2.9. !
$hat which appears to be of value without 7e, is not what it seems know that such illusory energy to be by 7y maya, or ignorance

SB 2.9. "
$he elements of the universe appear, before they are engaged and also thereafter, in the micro and cosmic scales, and ," am minutely, present in them and at larger scales , gigantically, and " appear, not to be present in the world that is smaller

SB 2.9. #
& seeker of the &bsolute 'ruth, the (ersonality of )odhead, most certainly search for it unto this, in all circumstances, space! time, directly and indirectly.

SB 2.9. $
fall With this knowledge of the Supreme you do not have to fear a , either when you feel temporally lost or ,at end of a life in appall

SB 2.9. %
%ri %uka said 'he %upreme (ersonality of )odhead, "ari, revealed "imself to the leader of the living entities, Brahma, in "is transcendental form and disappeared, as his, mentor

SB 2.9. 9
(fter He had vanished, %rahma, who had stood with folded hands before the )ord who is the ob ect of all the senses of the devotees, resumed the work of creating world of beings with all living entities populating the universe, e!actly as he was instructed,

SB 2.9.!&
(nd thus it once happened that %rahma, the father of all living beings and religious rites, with vow and respect dedicated himself to the matter of the welfare of the living beings, for that was what he desired in the interest of their own good 0ualities and )ord of 1niverse

SB 2.9.!1
4arada, the dearest of his heirs, is very obedient to him in his willingness to be of service with his good behavior, humility and control of the senses

SB 2.9.!2
8h King, the great 4arada and first'class devotee pleased %rahma , his and being&s father very much with his desire to know more about -ishnu, the )ord of all energies,

SB 2.9.!
8h King ;$he same way you are 0uestioning me, 4arada 7uni 0uestioned him thus when he found that it was delighting to the great grandfather of the entire universe,

SB 2.9.!!
$hus , the )ords story, %hagavata 5urana with its ten characteristics was e!plained to His son, sage 4arada by the creator of the universe,

SB 2.9.!"
8h King; $here after ,on the banks of the Sarasvati ,4arada instructed this Supreme Spirituality to the great sage, -yasa who is of immeasurable spiritual potency and kindness to humanity

SB 2.9.!#
(ll that you have been asking me concerning the world of the Form 1niversal of the 8riginal 5erson and other matters, " shall e!plain to you in great detail,"