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PATH Scanner
Phased Array Transducer Handheld Scanner
The PATH scanner is an encoded manual scanner with magnetic wheels to enable corrosion surveys with the GE Phasor DM and dual element corrosion arrays. It will contact down to a 2-inch nominal pipe for circumferential OD scanning, or down to a 14-inch nominal pipe for circumferential ID scanning. The PATH scanner is also useful in areas of tight access such as the perimeter of storage tank floors. The PATH scanner is designed to function with the GE Phasor DM, corrosion arrays, and WS3 Couplant Delivery System.

• Ergonomic design to reduce fatigue during scanning • Eliminates sensitivity to movement versus hand manipulation of probe • Spring loaded probe holder ensures consistent contact pressure • Optimized integrated couplant flow • Easily configurable: probe may be front or center mounted • Scans 2-inch wide area • Sealed encoder with signal integrity safeguards • Bulkhead cable termination • Maintains normal incidence on circumferential scans of piping • Double ball-bearing axles • High quality environmental connectors • Optional magnetic wheels Center Mounted Transducer

Front Mounted Transducer

Features • Rugged vertical case with control panel. Specifications are subject to change without notice. All Rights Reserved. Other company or product names mentioned in this document may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. 0-100PSI • ON-OFF control • DC battery/AC adapter switch • Battery level meter • Over-discharge protection • Audible low battery warning • Smart 2A 12V battery charger • Power protection fuse • Rugged Mil-style electrical connectors • 40W AC adapter. charger. 12AHr SLA battery for >8 hrs of battery powered use • Motor speed control for flow volume adjustment • Liquid filled Pressure high pressure pump • 920-559A © 2011 General Electric Company. . top handle • High efficiency. 90-250VAC universal voltage input • Integrated storage for power supply.Phasor DM Corrosion and Flaw Detector The Phasor DM Corrosion and Flaw Detector is used in conjunction with the PATH Scanner. GE is a registered trademark of General Electric Company. cords • High quality quick connections for supply and discharge. WS3 Couplant Delivery System The WS3 Couplant Delivery System is used to operate the PATH Scanner. access hatch Component Part Numbers 1414817 1415047 1414816 1312596 PATH Scanner Cable – PATH Scanner to Phasor DM WS3 Couplant Delivery System Phasor XS . which are not affiliated with GE. low volume.CV/DM Instrument 1314599 1314600 1312597 1312598 64 Element Large Corrosion Array 64 Element Mini Corrosion Array Calibration Block (Inches) Calibration Block (Metric) www. It is optimized with software and special dualelement phased array transducers for increased coverage and probability of detection on tank walls and pipes.