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Making Methamphetamine at home


List of chemicals and materials: Diluted HCl - also called Muriatic acid - can be obtained from hardware stores, in the pool section

NaOH - also called l e

!th l !ther - aka Dieth l !ther - !t-"-!t - can be obtained from engine starting fluid, usuall from a large supermarket# Look for one that sa s $high eth l ether content$, such as %restone

!phedrine &he cottons in toda s 'icks nasle inhalers dont contain efed or pfed (ephedrin or psuedoephedrin) but there are still lots of eas wa s to get good ephed or pfed, pure ephedrin can be e*tracted out of it+s plant matter, from a plant that can be bought at most garden stores# Or ou can get pfed from decongesti'e pills like sudafed# Most people perfer to work with pfed from pills rather then ephed from the plant# &he important thing is that ou must ha'e pure pfed,ephed as an contaminants will fuck up the molar ratio lea'ing ou with o'er-reduced shit or under-reduced shit# Or contaminats will -ell durring baseif ing and gak up our product which will then be 'er hard to clean# .o ou want to find a pill that is nearl pure pfed hcl, or as close to pure as ou can get# /lso check the lable on our pills and see what inacti'e ingredients the contain# 0nacti'e ingredients are things like binders and fla'ors# &hese ou dont want and will remo'e when cleaning our pills# but certain inacti'e ingredients are harder to remo'e then others# 1ou dont want pills with a red coating, ou dont want pills with alot of cellose in them and ou dont want pills with much wa*# ou also dont want pills that contain po'idone# /s a rule, if ou ha'e a two pills that contain the same amount of pfed hcl then take the smaller si2ed pill because it ob'iousl has less binders and inacti'e ingredients, time released pills are usual harder to work with because the ha'e more binders and tend to gel up durring the a,b stage# /lso onl bu pills that ha'e pfed hcl as the onl acti'e ingredient# 1ou first ha'e to make ephedrine (which is sometimes sold as meth b itself):0f ou are selling it###0 would -ust make ephedrine and sa it+s meth#

harp scissors Clean rubber glo'es Coffee filters / measuring cup Measuring spoons . so ou ha'e no reason to use the nast stuff from the tap# Do things right# List of e3uipment : / glass e edropper &hree small glass bottles with lids (appro*# 4 o2#.Distilled water .it+s reall cheap. use tape on the outside to mark it ( ou might want to label it as ether)# One should be clear (and it can+t be the marked one)# / % re* dish (the meatloaf one is suggested) / glass 3uart -ar . but not important)one should be marked at 5#6o2.

. and tap the side to tr and separate the clear upper la er# &hen. draw off the top (ether) la er with the e edropper.or steam# H< gas is e*plosi'e and lighter than air. a'oid an flames as usual# 8epeat this step until the mi*ture remains cloud # &his step neutrali2es the HCl in the salt.%reparing our Lab: %reparing !th l !ther: 7/8N0N9: !th l !ther is 'er flammable and is hea'ier than air# Do not use eth l ether near flame or non-sparkless motors# 0t is also an anaesthetic and can cause respirator collapse if ou inhale too much# &ake the unmarked small bottle and spra starter fluid in it until it looks halffull# &hen fill the rest of the wa with water. minutes# 0t is 'er important to e*pose e'er molecule of the free-base to the ether for as long as possible# &his will cause . and put it in the free2er if ou can# 8inse the other bottle and let it stand# !th l ether is 'er pungent# !'en a small e'aporated amount is 3uite noticeable# !phedrine : or %-!phedrine: %lease discuss this on the neon-oint forum 6# %our 5. and gi'e off h drogen gas and. this should take onl 4 repetitions or so# ?# >ill the bottle from step 6 up the rest of the wa with eth l ether# Cap the bottle.o that we can get rid of an water-soluble impurities# >or 4 o2# bottles. and agitate for about . teaspoon of the l e cr stals into the bottle of ephedrine and agitate# Do this carefull . and throw awa the lower (water) and cloud la er# %lace the ether in the marked container# 8epeat this until ou ha'e about 5#6 o2# of ether# %ut the cap on it. lea'ing the insoluble free base (ldeso* ephedrine) again# 7h do we do this= . cap the bottle and shake for 6 minutes# Let it sit for a minute or two. as the mi*ture will become hot.

# 8emo'e the top (ether) la er with the e edropper. but 0 ha'e found that if ou lea'e it on top of a hot-water heater (like the one that supplies hot water to our house) for about <-4 da s. the remaining cr stals will be ephedrine HCl# 0f ou microwa'e it. 0 suggest no more than 6-5"s at one time# 0f it starts $popping$.soluble in ether)# @# Let the mi*ture settle# &here will be a middle la er that is 'er thick# &ap the side of the bottle to get this la er as thin as possible# &his is wh this bottle should be clear# . that means ou ha'e too little li3uid left to microwa'e# 1ou can put it under a bright (5""7) lamp instead# Microwa'ing can result in une'en heating. repeat the procedure with it# 55# !'aporate the solution in the % re* dish on low heat# 1ou can do this on the sto'e or nuke it in the microwa'e (be careful of splashing).hake the bottle for < minutes# 7hen it settles. forming a water soluble salt# &his time. we+re getting rid of ethersoluble impurities# Make sure to get rid of all the ether before going to step 55B 5"# 0f there is an thing left from step 4. an wa # >irst Catch: 5<"mg ephedrine HCl!stimated: 4""mg (5""D of theoretical. remo'e the top la er and throw it awa # &he free base has now been bonded to the HCl again.the free base to dissol'e into the ether (it -is. being careful not to get an of the middle la er in it# %lace the remo'ed ether la er into a third bottle# A# /dd to the third bottle enough water to fill it half-wa and about 6 drops of muriatic acid# Cap it# . disregarding HCl) .

Now. Making Methamphetamine out of ephedrine b reducing it with H droiodic /cid and 8ed %hosphorus# 0tems needed: /lot of matchbooks (the kind with the striking pad) Coffee filters (or filter paper) .omething that measures ml and grams / flask (a small pot with a lid can be used) iodine H droiodic /cid (0 will tell ou how to make this) 8ed %hosphorus (0 will tell ou how to make this) L e EOptional (toluene and HC0 gas) Making 8ed %hosphorus: &he striking pad on books of matches is about 6"D red phosphorus# &he determined e*perimenter could obtain a pile of red phosphorus b scraping off the striking pads of matchbooks with a sharp knife# / t pical composition .

it is filtered again# &he filtered-out phosphorus can be sa'ed for use in the ne*t batch# 0f filtering does not remo'e the red color. Making Methamphetamine: &o do the reaction. the acid is prepared first. but real filter paper is better# &he filtered solution should look a golden color# / red color ma indicate that all the red phosphorus is not et out# 0f so. along with about 4"D antimon sulfide. it is a tedious process to get large amounts of red phosphorus b scraping the striking pads off matchbooks. a condenser is attached to the flask. and make the acid mi*ture in fresh pure water# . it is wise to chill the mi*ture in ice. and the mi*ture is boiled for one da # &his length of time is needed for best ields and highest octane numbers on the product# 7hile it is cooking. iron o*ide. and slowl add the iodine cr stals to the red phosphorus-water mi*ture# Now.ince the production of H0 from iodine and red phosphorus gi'es off a good deal of heat. the red phosphorus is filtered out# / series of doubled up coffee filters will work to get out all the red phosphorus.of the striking pad is about 6"D red phosphorus. a 5""" ml round bottom flask is filled with 56" grams of ephedrine# /lso added to the flask are F" grams of red phosphorus and 4F" ml of F@D h droiodic acid# &his same acid and red phosphorus mi*ture can be prepared from adding 56" grams of iodine cr stals to 56" grams of red phosphorus in 4"" ml of water# &his should produce the strong h droiodic acid solution needed# !*actl how strong the acid needs to be. and lesser amounts of glue. the flask is allowed to cool. then it is diluted with an e3ual 'olume of water# Ne*t. MnO<. the mi*ture is 3uite red and mess looking from the red phosphorus floating around in it#7hen one da of boiling under reflu* is up. and allowed to come to complete reaction for <" minutes before adding the ephedrine to it# &he wa around the roadblock here is to -ust boil off some more of the water from the ephedrine e*tract. 0 can+t sa # 7ith the ingredients mi*ed together in the flask. but who cares= Making H droiodic /cid: &his is made b mi*ing iodine and red phosphorus# 7hen making h droiodic acid from iodine and red phosphorus. there ma be iodine floating around the solution# 0t can be remo'ed b adding a few dashes of sodium bisulfate or sodium thiosulfate#&he ne*t step in processing the batch is to neutrali2e the acid# / strong l e solution is mi*ed up and added to the batch while shaking until the batch is strongl basic# &his brings the meth out as li3uid free base floating . and glass powder# 0 don+t think these contaminants will seriousl interfere with the reaction# Naturall .

the product is sufficientl pure to make nice white cr stals -ust b bubbling dr HCl gas through the toluene e*tract# 0f the toluene e*tract is darker colored.on top of the water# &he strongl basic solution is shaken 'igorousl to ensure that all the meth has been con'erted to the free base# 1ou now can sell or use the free base for in-ection use or with free base meth now obtained. the color of the toluene e*tract will be clear to pale ellow# 0f this is the case. a few hundred mls of toluene is added to the batch. and the meth free base e*tracted out as usual# 0f the chemist+s cooking has been careful. the ne*t step ou can do is to form the cr stalline h drochloride salt of meth# &o do this. a distillation is called for to get pure meth free base# &he ield of pure methamphetamine h drochloride should be from 5"" to 55" grams# .