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GRE PREPARATION PLAN-2013 We Content ek 1 Understand GRE exam.

format Sources Priceton Cracking the GRE/ Barrons 19 edition/ ETS Kaplan (if you are begginer) Manhattan 1-6 Manhattan 7-8 Priceton Cracking Barrons Math workbook Chapter 3, Dr. Rajus P-Cracking Manhattan 7, P-1014 Arco, ETS Princeton 1014 Reading & Reading GRE context Know GRE Magazine, website, real test (Readers Digest, a monthy magazie might help) Vocabulary Vocab: Any letter as you like Vocab: E, P, S,

2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

Basic Math Start Improving your READING habit Introduction to Verbal Section Quant (Number Property) Start practicing SC, SE RC Basic theories from NOVA BIBLE Start AWA after registering for GRE exam. SC, SE Full Test Complete ETS book Full Test (Manhattan MST) Complete ETS2, ETS paper based, Princeton Cracking,1014 Full test (Princeton MST)

How math problems work What is SC, SE, RC Quantitative comparison Start practice before full grab of vocab.

Vocab: A, I, R Vocab: Rest 19 letters Vocab: C

Stop vocabulary learning

Barrons 333



Content: Starting GRE preparation is the most difficul task during GRE preparation, dont be delayed. Week 1: Download Priceton Cracking the GRE/ Barrons 19 edition/ ETS. Understand basic content for GRE Exam (Vocabulary, Reading, Mathematics, Writing). Start learning vocabulary by Mnemonics, Root words. And other sources (Never memorize from single source, because it cannot help you. You need to apply vocabulary in Revised GRE, hence you should learn from eclectic sources) Week 2: Make a clear idea on Quant section, look you cannot start verbal section untill you finish at least 1000 words. So, learn vocabulary & grab Math concepts. ETS math review ETS paze number: 207-302 Week 3: Each GRE verbal section has 20 Questions (10 relating vocabulary (still you need good reading habit), 10 RC) Although you learn a meager amount of vocabulary, apply your skill in verbal section. Practice from Princeton-1014 Drill 1-2 Week 4: Quant (Number Property) Remember you will get question number 1-8 in each quant section by quantitative comparison including number properties. So, only knowing formulas is not enough. You need to practice a lots of number problems. Week 5: You already start forgetting vocabulary. Try another sources. Start practicing SC, SE No matter how much vocabulry you learn, just start practice. Revised GRE is a exam. Of Reading (not exam of Vocab, or Math. In soe cases, math problems also need to judgement on reading) Week 6: Remember, Reading is everything in Revised GRE, so work on it. Learn different rules how to attack long, short passage & CR. Find how you can save time as well as collect whole idea of the passage. Week 7: For quant section, strengthen yourself by finishing Nova Bible, ETS math review, and try to complete Barrons Math workbook as well. Practice from different website also help you.

Week 8: AWA is crucial for evaluating your profile by USA university, then never neglect AWA. Take a basic idea from ETS pool (you will find it in ETS website) Week 9: Save your time during answering SC, SE. Signalling, pivot words, making long sentence to single clause will save your time. Do a favor to you, practice lot of SC, SE from books. Only vocabulary cannot ensure a good score in verbal section. Week 10: Take at least 4 Full test (Creating real exam. Environment, non-stop 4.30hours.) before real one. It is surely a crime not to complete ETS, Manhattan 1-8 before entering real GRE exam. ! So, complete at least this two book Week 11 & 12: Taking full test at room creating exam. Environment enable you to act correctly in REAL GRE Emphasize on vocabulary at first 45 days, and then on Reading comprehension. This file guides you to complete your GRE preparation more prudently, and make sure that you are self motivated to take GRE. Have a peace on yourself (something like INNER PEACE in KUMFU-PANDA) before going to examination room. Best of luck for your GRE exam. Once again, Revised GRE is not a exam of Vocabulary, but Reading comprehension. Complete at least Manhattan 1-8, ETS before going real exam. Vocabulary: 1. Mnemonics - GRAB THE WORD 2. Picture - Flashbook (BUET GRE Community) 3. Drawing 4. Positive - Neutral Negative 5. Gesture 6. Prefix- Suffix 7. Etymology 8. Bangla Meaning 9. Newspaper 10. Flashcard 11. Facebook 12. Close words 13. Dictionary 14. Myths 15. Articles 16. Pronunciation.. Reading 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Readers Digest Main subject, Main verb Phrase by Phrase, not words by words Writing Skeletal Sketch

Books: 1. Vocabulary: a. GRE Vocabulary with Bangla Meaning b. Flash-book- BUET GRE Community** c. 2. Reading Comprehension: a. Manhattan GRE (7-8) b. Barrons New GRE Verbal workbook** c. Official GMAT

3. Quantitative: a. Manhattan GRE (1-6) b. Princeton 1014 c. Nova GRE Math Bible d. Barrons New GRE Math Workbook 4. Practice: a. ETS Official Guide** b. Barrons New GRE 19th edition c. Princeton New GRE** d. Kaplans New GRE Premier