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FreezerBurn is a regional art and music festival inspired by Burning Man FreezerBurn Texas is an experiment in creating a temporary alternative reality zone based on core principles. Our 2014 City Name is: FIRE FROST Our 2014 theme is: SCORCHED SNOWFLAKES The 10 principles Radical Self Reliance ImmediAcy Participation Radical Inclusion Communal Effort Civic Responsibility Gifting Decommodification Radical Self Expression New Land We have found new land for FreezerBurn! Our new home will be Spirit Haven Woods in Flatonia. The land is owned and operated by The Council of Magikal Arts (CMA). The land is lush with many trees and alcoves of nature. We have over 100 new acres to explore. • Work Weekends have been scheduled to prepare the land and store firewood for camps • Art is allowed in sacred alcoves, no camping • Be alert to potential flood conditions • Beware of steep cliffs, wear safety lighting • Visit City Center for a view of the map • Fairies are known to roam the woods and cause mischief, good luck This event is on Private Property with ticketed permitted access only. No one will be allowed into the event without a Will-Call ticket, signing an event waiver, and showing valid ID. Leave No Trace GATE HOURS DURING THE EVENT WILL BE: Tickets Tickets are onsale until Jan.12 @ midnight! Pre-sale (Will-Call) Tickets ONLY, NO GATE SALES If you show up with no ticket you will be turned away. Prepare to attend and buy a ticket. • • • • • Thursday (Jan. 16): Early Entry & Volunteers Friday (Jan. 17): 9AM – 9PM Saturday (Jan. 18): 9AM – 9PM Sunday (Jan. 19): 9AM – 6PM Monday (Jan.20): All participants must be off property by 5PM Showing up before gate officially opens means you will wait in OverFlow Parking, outside the gate, until it’s unlocked. In & Outs at the gate are discouraged. If you leave and want to get back in, you’ll need: • Some form of identification • To return only during gate hours • Possibly some bacon Personal Boundaries Earth Guardians Do not leave behind anything that does not occur naturally in the Texas Hill Country (including cigarette butts, peanut shells, glitter, costumes, props, litter, etc.) Do not forget to bring extra Trash bags! Self Expression and Cooperation require a social contract to make our event a safe place to play. 1. Respect the personal boundaries of others. • Respect the moment. Comfort levels vary at different times and with different people. • Before you assume someone wants your physical attentions, ASK. Being direct is not a buzz-kill obligation; it is expected protocol. • NO means NO. • After someone has said NO, cajoling, pleading, or any form of emotional blackmail is UNACCEPTABLE. 2. Take responsibility for your own boundaries. • You must be able to say NO. Be sober enough to be in control or make arrangements with a friend to have a ‘designated driver.’ • How you feel is not magically telegraphed to others. YOU are in charge of your boundaries. • You are responsible for yourself but you can ask for help. Talk to those around you (or a Ranger) if someone is making you uncomfortable. MOOP - Matter Out Of Place. This is the common term for trash on the ground that doesn’t belong there. We don’t have any garbage cans! Pick it up! Not later...Immediacy Now • If you bring it in, you are responsible for bringing it out. There are no trashcans at FreezerBurn. Participants are responsible for disposing of their own trash and recycling materials. • Have separate containers for recycling. Bring drinks in aluminum cans instead of glass. • Think ahead about how you will deal with wet and dry trash. • If you are in a theme camp, make a camp cleanup plan and make sure that everyone knows it. • Bring extra trash bags, more than you will need for your camp’s trash and recycling. • Never let trash hit the ground. Be an Earth Guardian for your camp and make sure things are kept tidy. Always lookout for MOOP! • Plan to spend some time before leaving combing through communal areas for litter. New Weapons Policy All Weapons, firearms, fireworks, rockets and all other explosives prohibited!!! Any reported use of weapons or camping blades in a belligerent manner will result in ejection from the Event. Intoxicated use of weapons or weapon analogs will not be tolerated. FreezerBurn LLC and LandOwner reserve the right to eject a particpant at any time. Participants may receive a single warning and in some cases no warning. Any intentional removal, destruction, or alteration of the safety lighting, event signs, or caution tape is grounds for removal from the event. Photography & Video Parking Vehicles may not be left on property after the event is over. No exceptions. Cars that are not part of camps need to be re-parked in Parking. Park Right! Bring an extra set of car keys and keep them with a friend. If you leave the event ALWAYS leave keys to your vehicle with someone at the event! FreezerBurn is a private event. Redistribution or public display of images, including internet-based media requires the explicit consent of all parties. • ASK FIRST before you shoot! Many people are sensitive to photos taken of them at the event. • Images and/or video may only be taken for personal use and may not be used professionally or commercially. Sound FreezerBurn has more theme camps and sound systems this year. You can always ask nicely for someone to turn it down. But really, it’s one weekend and earplugs are super cheap. Get extra for your friends. • The Official MAX is 80dB recorded from 50ft from the sound system. In order to ensure there are no problems we will have a Sound Marshall presence. Our Sound Marshals will be responsible that all sound systems and camps comply with the levels. • You can NOT gain admittance by performing or volunteering. Children Law Enforcement FireFrost City has its own rules to live by. This city co-exists within an area of real laws. Try to make that coexistence a peaceful one, abide by all relevant local, state and federal laws. If you see law enforcement officers, be nice to them. They share an interest in having a smooth event without any major incidents. Local police may patrol the area to ensure that our event is not disruptive to the neighborhood (excessive sound, trespassing, etc.). The event organizers will cooperate fully with the landowner, and the authorities. For the protection of minor children and in accordance with Texas law, any minor child attending this event must be accompanied by someone with legal authority to make decisions for the child. If you are bringing a minor to the event: • Minor children under 10yrs. old will not have to buy a ticket. • Sign an event waiver of liability for the minor child: • Be responsibile for the care, supervision, and well-being of the child AT ALL TIMES. There may be activities not suitable for children or behavior that you may not wish your children to see. This is a clothing-optional event. Do not expect anyone to censor their behavior because children are present. • Bring everything your children will need to have a safe and enjoyable event. • Do not expect anyone in the community to watch your kids unless a specific agreement is made prior to the event. Ice Ice will be sold at FreezerBurn. Check with the Greeters or a Ranger to find out where and when ice is being sold. Details will be announced during the event. Showers The new land does not have a public shower available. It is a project in the works but not ready yet. Radical self reliance! There are many stalls available around the land that can be used for camp showers. Pro-Tip: Bring extra shower water and someone with a shower setup may let you use it. Pets Pets are not allowed at FreezerBurn. Service animals specifically required to assist with eyesight and hearing. Comfort animals do not count as service animals. Participants that sneak animals into the event will be asked to leave immediately. No exceptions. Trespassing Don’t cross fences, boundary tape and other posted boundaries. DO NOT CROSS THE BOUNDARIES OF THE EVENT. If you see a sign, respect it. Trespassing on private property is illegal and can be dangerous. Disregarding boundary signs will get you evicted. Fires If there is a burn ban, no fires will be allowed at all, not even those in burn pits. If there is not a burn ban, be respectful of the land when using fire: • Use burn barrels or pre-made fire pits. Do not damage the land. • DO NOT LEAVE A FIRE UNATTENDED. • If using ANY fire or flammable materials, bring a fire extinguisher and know how to use. If you are a fire performer: • Have a “safety” at all times. • If you are planning a group fire performance then contact the Fire Lead to give heads up. • If there is a burn ban, all fire performances must be in designated areas, check with Greeters or Rangers when you arrive. Volunteer on the Pyro crew if you want to be involved with fireworks. Greeters The Greeter Station is the place to step out of default reality and enter the one we create together. The Greeter Station may set up outposts during peak times. How to be Greeted: 1. Arrive at a Greeter station ready for some love!! The Greeters will be super excited to see you! By the way, Greeters love gifts, especially water, booze, and snacks! If you are a 1st timer then let us know. 2. You’ll get out of your car and join small groups. Greeters will go over the highlights of the Survival Guide with you to confirm that you’re prepared and you have all the necessities for a safe week (water, trash bags, food, tents, etc.). 3. Check out the City Map and find your camp. 4. Go Find your Camp and Setup! Burnable Art Burning art is part of our culture. It is a symbolic celebration of the cycle of life and death. We don’t dwell on what we’ve done, so much as we celebrate what we can do. • IF YOU PLAN ON BRINGING ART THAT YOU WANT TO BURN: you MUST contact a Ranger/Fire Lead before any burning takes place. • The FEFT Lead coordinates with safety teams that need to attend any burn at the event. • There is no guarantee that your art will burn. Plan other creative ways to destroy your art that are less reliant on the weather. • Don’t ever throw toxic or dangerous things into any fire! Rangers Effigy We reserve the right to burn an effigy at any time or not at all depending on weather conditions. The exact time of the Burn will be announced and posted at Fire Frost City Center. During Burn preparation we will establish a Burn perimeter that we need to keep clear for safety. Radical self-reliance and respect means you are responsible for your own actions. Make sure your actions don’t interfere with the enjoyment of the event for others. This includes being respectful of your neighbors, controlling the volume of your camp, and working out disagreements respectfully. Rangers patrol the event and you can reach out to them if you need urgent help or assistance in resolving a conflict. They are not police; they are not The Man. Rangers are volunteers who have received training to ensure that our event is as safe and smooth as can be. You must be authorized to drive any vehicle. Unauthorized or unsafe use of a vehicle can result in eviction from the event, liability for property damage, and even criminal charges. Safety Third Section: Hydration Dehydration is a very serious risk at FreezerBurn. DRINK WATER, lots of it. Water is not available at the event (except in the form of ice), so bring all the water you will need (~ 2 gallons/person/ day). Signs of dehydration: • Feeling uncharacteristically cranky • Rapid or sudden weight loss • Increasing thirst • Dry mouth • Weakness or light headedness (particularly if worsening on standing) • Darkening of the urine or a decrease in urination (drink enough water to ‘piss clear’) • Lack of sex drive Ticks • Ticks can carry diseases you do not want. • When setting up, wear long pants and a longsleeved shirt. • Improper tick removal can cause infection. If you don’t know how to remove a tick, ask a Ranger for assistance. For immediate removal see Fire Lead. Cow Poop Watch your step and never go barefoot. At night a headlamp will help you avoid disaster. Poison Ivy Poison Ivy and Poison Oak have unique characteristics: 1. There are always an odd numbers of leaves per stem. 3 is most common, but can be 5, 7, etc. 2. While leaves are usually a lush green, the stems are red or mahogany. Fauna There are plenty of nasty critters all over Texas. This 3. Leaves are not uniform in shape. They may be apis not a definitive guide. Keep an eye out and try to proximately alike, but always at least subtly asymmetric. avoid these creatures even in the cold. If you think you have been exposed to Poison Ivy: • Cleanse exposed areas with rubbing alcohol Ants Pound for pound, the fire ant is the meanest animal • Wash the exposed areas with water only (no soap yet, since soap can move the urushiol, the to ever walk the face of this great planet. Carpenter oil from the poison ivy that triggers the rash, ants, on the other hand, are pretty tame and endanaround your body and actually make the reacgered. Just to confuse you, both types are red. To tion worse) be safe either way, put signage around ant beds so • Now wash the area with soap and warm water people know to avoid them. Ants don’t like cinnamon, so pack some to put around your tent to keep • Put gloves on and wipe everything you had with you, including shoes, tools, and your these pests out of your tent. clothes, with rubbing alcohol and water. • Keep a supply of products specifically for treatScorpions ing Poison Ivy Scorpion stings can be painful, but they can be ASK BEFORE YOU CUT TREES! avoided. The trees at Spirit Haven Woods are considered to • Kick a rock before picking it up. be living beings just like humans. The trees have • Shake shoes before putting them on. names. They are also sacred and fragile connec• If you are stung by a scorpion, wash the area with tions to Mother Earth. soap and water. Use ice to dull the pain. • A sting can be dangerous or deadly to someone Do not paint, mark, cut, trim, drill or spike a tree for with a sensitivity. If you experience unusual sympany reason. Doing so will be considered vandalism toms, contact a Ranger or the Medical Lead. of private property. Art may be allowed to hang from trees, but advance planning may be required. Snakes • While many snakes are not harmful, go with the Thorns plan of mutual avoidance for safety. Thorny mesquite trees are all over. Watch out! • If you hear a rattle, stop and move slowly away Beware of cactus and the stickers/burrs are extra from the sound. thorny. Flora Camping Supplies [What to bring!] FreezerBurn is an exercise in radical self-reliance. You must bring food, water and shelter. Gifts are a wonderful expression of community, but you must take responsibility for your own survival and wellbeing. Do not show up expecting the community to take care of you! Participants arriving with inadequate supplies will not be allowed to enter the event. NECESSITIES: • Two gallons of water per person per day (for drinking, dish and body washing, food preparation, etc.). Keep a bottle of water with you at all times • Enough food and beverages for your entire party. Pro-Tip: Bring extra good food. • First aid kit • Bedding and shelter of some type (a good camp tent is recommended along w/sleeping bags) • Toilet paper • Garbage bags (more than enough for all of your garbage--it’s good to bring extra for MOOP that accumulates during the event) • Portable ashtrays if you are a smoker • All required prescriptions, contact lens supplies • Flashlights (headlamps are very useful) • Extra batteries for everything • Sturdy footwear • A cup for beverages (several camps may have drinks to share, but you are expected to supply the container) • Common sense, an open mind, and a positive attitude, 2 if you have extra. RECOMMENDATIONS: • Silent generators • Propane bottle heaters of any kind • Extra thick socks, super warm clothing • Rugged Boots, extra shoes, plan for mud • Ice chest(s) to store your perishable foods and beverages • A cooking stove • Cash for ice sales • Towels, soap etc. for showers • Earplugs (not everyone will sleep when you do) • Insect bite treatment/medication • Watertight protective bags (e.g. heavy Ziplocs) for cameras, electronic gear, etc. • Blinky LED lights, crazy toys, mucho sexy disco equipment; anything you think would make things more fun for you & your camp • Handi-wipes • Rope, string, bungee hooks, El-wire • Fuel for stoves, generators, mutant vehicles, etc. • Abundant amounts of whatever makes you happy: drinks, bacon, chocolate, coffee, powdered donuts, hot coco, pancakes, younameit • Extra Tent for unlucky friend • Extra tent poles/stakes/tarps • Firewood • Tarps and more tarps • Third eye • Duct tape • ZIP TIES! • Trash Bags • Bacon & Whipped Cream Spirit Haven Woods 9706 Anchor Ranch Loop Flatonia, TX 78941 Directions Take Hwy 71 east from Austin. In Smithville take exit for hwy 95. Take a right to follow 95 south. Go about 16 miles. In Cistern, take a left on 2237. You will see a sign for the V&V Sausage factory. Go about 1.4 miles and take a right onto Anchor Ranch Loop. You will make a left turn, then a right turn, and at the next turn the gate to the land will be on the right. The gate should be chained shut (but not locked). Make sure to close it behind you. MAPS Print the NEW FZB14 Map thanks to Relativity and FZB City Planning! (Next Page) Theme Camp maps will be at Center Camp! Mobile phones work on all nearby roads. Use your mobile mapping skills. If you have tickets & can’t make it: Official Ticket Transfer info