What is electronic media?

“Electronic Media” are those communication mediums which are based on electronic or electromechanical means of production and most often distinguished from print media. The primary electronic media sources familiar to the general public worldwide include radio, sound recordings, television, video recording and streaming internet content”. It denotes, “the main means of communicating with large number of people, especially television, radio, internet and satellite”. The electronic media have four basic functions; to inform, entertain, educate and influence the public opinion. The !th century can be termed as the century of communication. The main mean of mass communication grew in succession as the century unfolded. Motion pictures arrived on scene in the first decade of this century. "egular radio broadcasts started in #$ !s. Television entered the arena in #$%!s, followed by cable television in #$&!s, and satellite television in #$'!s. (astly the personal computer gave access to Internet in #$)!s. It transformed the interconnected computer networ*s through +orld +ide +eb by the #$$!s. Growth of electronic media in Pakistan The electronic media in ,a*istan has made rapid progress. -nly three or four decades ago, radio and state owned T. was considered to be the main sources of information. Today, we have more than '' /atellite T. 0hannels, 1%2 cable operators, ) landing T. 0hannels from abroad li*e 330, 044, /*y, /tar etc. and more than # $ 5M /tations6on air and in some cases licences issued7 including %2 "adio 0hannels. The investment this year is e8pected 9/: #.& billion. Total investment in this sector is 9/: .& billion. The new ;obs li*ely to be created are #&!!!!. The indirect employment is ' million. The advertisement mar*et in !!) was 9/: %1# Million and in !!$ it was estimated as 9/: 2$# million. This growth has made available more *nowledge and up to date information in all spheres of life to the general public. T. started its test transmissions in #$2%. ,a*istan Television 0orporation was incorporated as a ;oint stoc* company in #$2' and in #$)% it was converted into a corporation under the 0ompanies -rdinance. ,T. has been a great source of entertainment. T. has also effectively disseminated information on a variety of sub;ects to its viewers. <owever, the ob;ectives set out for ,T. at the time of its inception were=> ? Instruction and enlightenment. ? Enrichment of *nowledge and information. ? +holesome entertainment. ? ,romotion of national outloo* and integration. ? ,resentation of news in a fair, ob;ective, factual manner free from deception by implication and omission. "ole of electric media in the development in ,a*istan. Electric media of ,a*istan is playing an important role in the development of ,a*istan. Electric media is aware Role of Pakistani Media in Promoting Democratic Traditions

The electronic media and . it happens in many societies. The effect of media on national issues. lac* of governance and lawlessness has made life of an average .a*istani society is in transition. The electronic media can greatly facilitate this e8ercise and help the people and government to discuss the issues concerning society. This willingness was seen on May##. The . traditionalism and bac*wardness.a*istani very difficult. “The media have a measurable effect on public affairs. Aet people in . The media can give direction to social change. !#1. they help to create an informed citiCenry by clarifying the comple8 matters of public affairs which e8ist at the local and national levels. In the matter of local. The social problems of our society revolve around ignorance. to fulfill their desires and achieve their respective ob.. the . for what is happening for .a*istan are resilient and believe that they can change their destiny. Aet the voter turnout was very impressive. . but need to be averted in tolerance. social and ethnic issues have become hard. Despite clear threat from TT. The electronic media can partly address the challenge of societal transformation.a*istani people came out and caste their votes.a*istan is not going to do any good for . /till.ower outages for long hours is common.a*istan . corrupt practices and inefficiencies of the government functionaries and negative fallouts on the society of the acts of the e8tremist elements to adopt an appropriate strategy for their eradication. had declared the general elections to be un>Islamic. people in .a*istani that their vote is important and that they must come out on the Election Day and cast their vote. The . economic and social issues.ective discussion on political and policy issues media can generate support of people for policies of the government.a*istanis people and armed forces. national. Three* e Taliban .a*istan is a young country it came in to e8istence in @ugust #$%'.olicy Dialogue. In . Social pro lems and media. It is an established fact that blaming circumstances.a*istan do not support dictatorships anymore.a*istanBs survival as a dignified an honorable nation.eopleBs . when these people came out to vote to change their fate and destiny of the country. whether disorders or e8ternal factors.ectives. economy is stagnant .arty has left country in many crisis . The last democratic government of . The electronic media may be successful in stimulating the change in the tightly held ideas and rigid attitudes to bring desired change. terrorism is widespread. The electronic media has also been highlighting financial irregularities. Many analysts believe that it was the vibrant media that educated an average . The ob. the people freEuently need to be ta*en into confidence for the initiation of new policies and initiatives.a*istan has been ruled by military dictators for more than %! years..a*istan 6TT.7 a terrorist organiCation which has ta*en responsibility of hundreds of attac*s on . The electronic media direct social change and values. during 22 years of its life. and positively guide the society towards the desired goals.a*istan.

. Internet. These media help rationaliCe. “@dvances in communication and information dissemination. redirect. and entertainment.formation of public opinion towards the civic problems is generated. !lectronic media communication and information Identification of social problems has always been a difficult .eople have access to new sources of news. and 0Ds. have increased the circulation of ideas.” @s such the media give the public a better understanding of these issues with which it must deal and influence those who have to resolve these issues.” . such as television. and images across national and regional borders. videos. facts. symbols. or impede changes that are underway through economic and social development.ob as they fall into a grey area and conseEuently hard to be *nown.

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