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Chapter 1
Miraculous 1
Chapter 2
Bethsda 13
Chapter 3
Power 22

Chapter one

God sent me to you and the sender is behind His word and He will confirm it
amen. I have said time again and again there are really no great ministries, all
ministries called by God are the same. It is the backing of the great God that
distinguishes one ministry from another. And when a ministry is well
positioned in its God ordained mandate then that ministry enjoys the unusual
backing of the highest God. Somebody asked Bishop David Oyedepo, “How do
you get things done so cheaply in your ministry?” Bishop Oyedepo replied
“we do nothing except it is commanded.” and you operate as commanded then
you enjoy the backing of the commander and then that puts you in command
of the miraculous. It is the backing of God that gives value to the anointing. It
is not the anointing.

The anointing alone is helpless without the backing of the Lord. God said
“without me,” He did not say without the anointing. “Without me you can do
nothing.” “And the Apostles went forth and began to minister and God also
working with them confirming the work with signs following.”Acts chapter 10
verse 38 and Mark chapter 16 verse 20. So it is the backing of God that marks
great ministries. Why when God sends He gets the job done through the sent?
The sent is not the one doing the job; it is the sender doing the job through the
sent. 1st Thessalonians 5 and verse 24 “faithful is He that called thee who also
will do it”. So nothing gets done outside what you are called to do, because you
have no capacity to do a thing. “Faithful is He that called thee who also will do

So it is the caller that gets the job done. “By strength shall no man prevail” “it
is not of him that willth nor runnth but of God that shows mercy.” so it is not
the called that gets the job done, it is the caller doing the job through the
called. Those that makes some sense? That’s why I pity people who just carry
their Bible and a Bell in their hand and say they are called. No matter your
fine grammar, it is not a factor for exploits in ministry. No matter the number
of degrees you might have acquired (I have seen professors failed flat in
ministry because it didn’t work.) There is no intellectual capacity that can

work ministry. It is the caller that works it. Am saying this to mean, except a
thing that God cannot do, that’s what will fail through the sent on that king of

So when God sent a man like He sent Bishop David Oyedepo on a Liberation
mission, then He backs the words that He has put on his mouth up for the
liberation of men. So He liberates them. Bishop Oyedepo only declares what
He has sent him to declare and he leaves Him to liberate them. The reason
Bishop Oyedepo shares tears when members of his church share testimonies
are because he is as amazed at God as the congregation.If he was working it,
he won’t be amazed. 29th of June 1992, Bishop Oyedepo had a very clear
mandate from heaven. God said it is time for change. God visited him in the
wake of that early morning, God told him “prepare yourself for the imminent
change of phase in ministry that I have spoken about over the years” God told
him “it is the era of signs and wonders.”

Bishop Oyedepo was already used to some levels of signs and wonders. If you
saw the sign board of his church – the Living Faith Church in 1983 you will
see below the name of the church “HOME OF SIGNS AND WONDERS.” So
Bishop Oyedepo was not a stranger for the signs and wonders ream. So God
knew he wasn’t because He was the one doing it anyway. God said “ it is a new
dimension of a higher order” God said “ boy I know you are used to signs and
wonders but this is a new dimension of signs and wonders of a higher
order.”1992 29th of June, these words came like thunder to Bishop Oyedepo,
in moving the David Oyedepo Ministries to another level of signs and
wonders. God told him, “begin to declare total war against the kingdom of
darkness (I have seen that been done all the time), proclaim liberty (I have
heard that being done), emphasis power, step into the realm of anointing.”

Then God said “usher in this era with me”. So it is a dispensation of new
dimension of signs – signs of a higher order. it is a dispensation, “usher in this
new era with me. It is time to administer the forces of the spirit that will
enable the saints take up their inheritance in Christ”. Administering the

forces of the spirit. And God said to him. “I Am launching you to the Apostolic
phase of your ministry to day for pace setting.” God clearly delivered this
mandate of a new dimension and a higher order. This Apostolic mandate is a
pace setting mandate, that the nations of the world would be plucking to know
what God is doing in the now. I will like you therefore to know that the Living
Faith Church (WINNERS CHAPEL) is not just a church.

It is Gods Divinely Appointed Place. God still has Appointer Places on the
earth today. “I will appoint a place for my people Israel.” 2 Samuel chapter 7
verse 10. “And I will plant them in a place of their own and they shall move no
more neither shall the children of wickedness afflict them any more as before
time.” God still has places on the earth today that serves as a city of refuge for
the weary, a place refuge for the oppressed, a place of refuge for the battered
and tattered and shattered. And I am glad to let you know that the Living
Faith Church (Winners Chapel) IS ONE OF SUCH APPOINTERD PLACES.
“I will appoint…” He said “I Am the Lord I change not”. So He is still
appointing places for the security of destinies. And the Living Faith Church IS
one of such appointed places on the planet earth to day.

God has appointed places for the security of the destinies of His people. In
chapter 12 of Deut verse 13 and 14, God said, “YOU shall not offer your
sacrifices and burnt offerings in every place which you see but in the place
which the Lord thy God shall choose in one of thy tribes there shall you offer
your burnt offerings and do all that I command you”. So there are still chosen
places where your offerings answer in heaven. And the Living Faith Church is
one of such places. So God still has appointed places, God still has chosen
places. And am glad to let you know the living Faith Church is one of those
chosen places today. God delivered the mandate to Bishop Oyedepo on 2ndmay
1981 and then by April 10 1982 they were in there power house meeting and
the voice of the Lord came calling and among other things God said “at the
base of this ministry a tent shall be built that shall sit 50,000 people.”

God called it a house but the Bishop couldn’t take it in his mind so he called it
a tent. There was no architectural innovation on Nigeria then that could cover
a space of 50,000, the Bishop could only bring it done to tents, so that you have
several of them joined together maybe you could have 50,000. There was no
gathering anywhere in Nigeria that numbered 50,000 or holds the potential of
being 50,000, it was not in view. In those days when they were 500 in a
conference, they say it was full – the place was steaming. They had a
conference in the Redemption Camp in 1982 and they were about 230 people –
it was full. It was a national workers congress, Bishop Oyedepo was among
the speakers, they were about 230 and it was full, everybody was celebrating.
”well this huge attendance today, we just thank God”.

And when Bishop Oyedepo came to Cannanaland, God said “this is the
place”. And everyone around him knew, every time he came to the forest he
will return and say “I could feel God here, I can feel God HERE”. HE WILL
GO THERE ALONE in the night and walk through the forest, there was a
sense of security and authority. Cannanland is not an ordinary place, it is an
appointed place. Cannanland is a divinely chosen place where you burnt
offerings and sacrifices will continue to answer at a miracle frequency. God
said to Abraham “take your son, your only son Isaac whom you love and come
and offer him to me at a place that I will show thee” and Abraham walked
three days to get there. It is better than waste his son, he walked how many

Three days to get there, that tells you close it was. There is no way it will take
three days to walk between V.I and Cannanaland, no, even if you are a cripple
you will make it.

Belshazzar’s sensual feast led him to profanity and sacrilege. At the peak of
the feast and fleshly indulgence he saw the hand of the invisible Judge writing
his final condemnation on the wall. The king, his lords and princes, his wives
and concubines with all the sensual and profane sinners were seized with a
fearful consternation. In that hour of frightening crisis a trustworthy

interpreter of the handwriting on the wall was needed. All the wise men of
Babylon could not read or interpret the divine sentence on the wall. Then the
queen remembered Daniel and recommended him to be brought in to read
and interpret the writing. Daniel was the divinely commissioned man for
every hour of crisis in Babylon. There has always been a search for a man in
the hour of crisis and the search for a man is still on today.

“Run ye to and fro through the streets, and see now, and know, and seek in the
broad places thereof, if ye can find a man, if there be any that executeth
judgment, that seeketh the truth; and I will pardon it ” (Jeremiah 5:1). “And I
sought for a man among them, that should make up the edge, and stand in the
gap before Me for the land, that I should not destroy it: but I found none.
Therefore have I poured out mine indignation upon them” (Ezekiel 22:30, 31).
The world is in a universal crisis today – spiritual crisis, moral crisis, religious
crisis, family crisis, economic crisis, political crisis, personal crisis and we are
searching for a man. “If there be a messenger with him, an interpreter, one
among a thousand”(Job 33:23). Belshazzar was in a desperate search and we
are desperately searching for a man today but where shall we find a divinely
commissioned man with divine infallible solutions?

In the hour of Lot’s crisis in Sodom, God found a man, Abraham. In the hour
of Egypt’s looming food crisis, God found a man, Joseph. In the hour of
Israel’s crisis in Egypt and later in the wilderness, God found a man, Moses.
In the hour of national crisis when the might of the Philistines would have
swallowed up Israel, God found a man, David. In the hour of spiritual crisis
during the reign of Ahab, God found a man, Elijah. In the hour of religious
confusion and crisis in God’s chosen nation. God found a man, John the
Baptist. In the hour of deadly, damning, spiritual crisis in the Gentile world,
God found a man, Paul. We need such a man today - a saved man, a selfless
man, a sanctified man, a man of God, not a man of the people, a faithful man,
a Spirit-filled man, “a man sent from God”, called and commissioned by God.

“There is a man in thy kingdom” (Daniel 5:11). And what a man he was! In
Belshazzar’s hour of crisis there was a desperate search for a man who could
read the unreadable and make mysteries meaningful. Such a man who would
reveal God’s mind to the materialistic monarch must be peculiar, pure and
spiritually prepared. What qualified Daniel for such a ministry that no other
man was suitable for?
(1) He was a man “in whom is the Spirit.”
(2) “Light, and understanding and wisdom was found in him.”
(3) “An excellent spirit was found in the same Daniel.”
(4) “Interpreting of dreams was found in him.”
(5) He had the spiritual gift of “shewing (revealing the meaning of) hard
(6) Like no other man in Babylon, he was divinely endowed with the ability of
“dissolving doubts”.

Israel, not only Babylon, needed such a man. The Church, not only the world,
needs such a man today. Men of scientific knowledge and understanding, men
of wealth and materialistic possession, men of worldly wisdom and political
methods cannot resolve the crisis of the world or solve the perplexing dilemma
of the Church today. We need anointed men, who are full of the divine
unction, men who are set aflame and empowered by God’s Holy Spirit.
Everything depends on divine anointing upon divinely appointed men. Where
men of earthly influence and intelligence fail, men like Daniel will have a
ministry. What kind of man was Daniel? A man of uncompromising principle,
a man of unceasing prayer, a man of untarnished purity, a man of
unmistakable perception, a man of unquestionable prudence, a man of
unprecedented prophecy, a man of uncommon perseverance, a man of
unearthly purpose, a man of unalterable persuasion, a man of unusual power,
a man with unfailing protection, a man of unconquerable personality.

What a man Daniel was and what a ministry he had! Angels in heaven
recognized him (Daniel 10:11) and people on earth remembered him in the

hour of crisis (Daniel 5:10-12). “Then was Daniel brought in before the king.”
Daniel seems to have been forgotten by Belshazzar until this time of crisis.
Though he was well known to God and angels in heaven, the mighty monarch
on earth did not give him any recognition. The Almighty God classified him
with Noah and Job who were regarded as righteous in their generation
(Ezekiel 14:14, 20) yet the king was ignorant of him. “The world knoweth us
not, because it knew Him not” (1 John 3:1). “Art thou that Daniel? I have even
heard of thee.” The king referred to Daniel as one “of the children of the
captivity of Judah” but angels referred to him as “Daniel, a man greatly
beloved” (Daniel 10:11; 9:23; 10:19).

He had the Spirit of God much more than anyone else in his generation yet he
was not remembered or recognized by the king. His whole life as well as his
ministry was directed and controlled by God yet he was neither regarded nor
respected by the king. In seasons of security and prosperity God’s servants are
often forgotten. Too often, their counsel and help are not sought again until it
is too late to avert impending judgment and doom. In his extreme necessity,
the king called and sent for Daniel. The wise men of Babylon had disappointed
the king in the hour of crisis, in the day of his calamity. Their demon
intelligence had failed and he needed a true man of God with superior
prophetic gift and power. Having discovered that worldly wise men and
soothsayers are of no profit in the day of wrath he now sought the truth from
the true prophet of God.

He had trusted in lying wonders for too long, now he sought the truth when
the truth could do no good in his doomed life. He trembled at the judgment of
God but his obstinate heart found no place of repentance. He promised Daniel
some position of honor but his kingdom and life were to end abruptly that
night. Suddenly he died, suddenly he perished. His promises and prosperity
were of no value. “Then Daniel answered and said before the king, let thy gifts
be to thyself, and give thy rewards to another” (Daniel 5:17). “And thou shalt
take no gift: for the gift blindeth the wise, and perverteth the words of the
righteous”(Exodus 23:8). “Neither take a gift: for a gift doth blind the eyes of
the wise, and pervert the words of the righteous.

That which is altogether just shalt thou follow, that thou mayest live, and inherit
the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee” (Deuteronomy 16:19, 20). “He
that is greedy of gain troubleth his own house; but he that hateth gifts shall live”
(Proverbs 15:27). “A gift destroyeth the heart” (Ecclesiastes 7:7). “I have not
shunned to declare unto you all the counsel of God. I have coveted no man’s
silver, or gold, or apparel ” (Acts 20:27,33). Daniel, the divinely commissioned
prophet, rejected the gifts of the profane, idolatrous king. His ministry was
not for sale; neither the man nor his conscience could be bought or bribed
with gifts. Belshazzar was a deliberate, hardened sinner against the light
(Daniel 5:22). Daniel would not allow gifts or rewards make him to deny or
distort the truth.

His message to the king was clear and uncompromising. Judgment was to
come swiftly; the king and his kingdom were to be destroyed that night. Even
the promised gifts and rewards would be of no value - worthless and useless.
Moreover, the faithful prophet cared not for gifts from men; his desire was for
the gifts that came from God. Gifts from men do not capture or interest God’s
commissioned ministers because they have rewards from God which endure
till eternity. Blessed by the King of Salem, we refuse the blessing of the king of
Sodom (Genesis 14:18-23).

Three days Abraham was walking to where the sacrifice will be accepted. That
was the point of blessing for him and God said “by myself have I sworn”. So
there is a place where God swears His blessings. It may not be near you house
or where you live. Bishop Oyedepo didn’t feel like being in Cannanland, it was
contrary to all church growth theologies and principles, he reacted but that
was the place where the offering will answer amen. There is no way any man
can come to Cannanland ordinarily. The Spirit of God must take you there
from your distances, to where He has appointed for your blessings. God does
not bless you anywhere. He said to Abraham, get out from where you are, I
want to bless you, that blessing can’t reach you where you are, I have
preserved it for you somewhere else, so wake up and follow me, I will show
you the land where your blessing is.

And God led him to the land where his blessing was. And so Abraham
departed and headed for that land. Abraham ids still alive today by the
generational blessings he encountered in the place. So God still shows people
where there places are reserved. So He appoints places, He chooses places and
He shows places. God SHOWS PEOPLE PLACES, He shows them. You
cannot be oppressed in you appointed place, you cannot be afflicted in your
appointed placed. When you get to your appointed place you are free from
disappointment. God still has appointed palaces on the earth today. When He
shows you one, abide there, and then abide there because that’s where your
destiny is ordained for security, that’s where your blessings are reserved for
you. This is so important. God still has appointed places.

There are still miracle emitting places on the earth today. And thank God
Cannanland ota, Nigeria, is one of them. There are still miracle emitting
places on the earth to day, thank God Cannanland is one of such places. one
old woman slept in Cannanland, (a blind woman) wake up in the morning
seeing. There is something on Cannanland ground. A Man slept in
Cannanland one night in December and his wife at Shiloh (the prophetic
annual gathering of Living Faith Church (winner’s chapel) members
worldwide) and wakes up in the morning with a dead bird under his pillow.
And he went to Cannanland January ending the following year to share the
story of his turn around. The bird could not survive the ground. The bird died
under his pillow and he brought the dead bird to Faith Tabernacle (the 50,000
seat church inside cannanland pastored by Bishop David Oyedepo) because
when God brings victory He makes it an open show.

Every time God defeats the devil He makes it what? An open show. God is
about making the devil an open show in your life. We heard the story of a little
girl that was turned SS to AA. There is something strange in Cannanland
ground. A woman said she took the sand of Cannanaland and made tea with it
and she became pregnant. There is something on Cannaland ground.
Somebody took leaves from canananland ground and was delivered from
oppression. There is something on Cannanland ground. You can’t be at

Cannanland and still be shattered. It is the home base, the heavens base of the
Global Liberation Mandate. You can’t be at the center and still be at a loss.
You are breaking forth today. 1999, to validate that Cannanland is the place,
as they were dedicating Faith Tabernacle, somebody came from Edo State in
Benin Nigeria ( a cripple) some dew of water fell on her body in the faith
tabernacle,(from wherever it fell) she stood up and began to walk.

2004 Bishop Oyedepo met her, she introduced herself to him “I was the lady
that JESUS loosed in 1999”, because whatever the Lord dose, it shall be
forever. Whatever happens to you at Cannanland shall be what? Forever. God
YOU ANYMORE AS AT BEFORE TIMES”, So things are not permitted to
continue the way they have been with you, all the ups and downs in your life,
they come into a final end today amen. God still has appointed places today.
In john chapter 5 verse 1 to 5, we saw the story of the pool of bestidal and at
that pool gathered all important folks waiting for the moving of the water.
Because at certain season the Angel of the Lord came in and stir the water and
whosoever jump in first was made whole of whatsoever disease.

Cannanland is another pool of bethestda. Every affliction of the devil is

converted to supernatural manifestations there.



It was a God appointed place for the noiseless flow of the miraculous. That
was a pool, a miracle emitting pool of the end time. Cannanland is another
miracle emitting pool of the end-time. “Usher in this era with me”. What era?
“Era of signs and wonders” what? “It’s a new dimension of a higher order, a
new dimension of a higher order. “Usher in this era with me” the era of signs
and wonders of a new dimension and a higher order. I cannot list today how
many dead have been raised by the hands of the sons of God in diverse places.
There is the story of this one in Ghana. Because this is what the Lord showed
to Bishop Oyedepo. God showed the vision of a great house that landed from
heaven, 6th of September 1985 and as it landed on the earth, it broke into
splinter houses but the same fire on the Alter of this great house was burning
on all the Alter of the splinter houses.That’s why the David Oyedepo
Ministries IS A network of signs and wonders amen.

The young man in Ghana closed in the evening service and went home and
then was trying to get something and got electrocuted and died and so they
carry him to the mortuary and the mourners were mourning in the house. But
while he was in the mortuary in the cupboard where they kept him, according
to his testimony which he shared on the Alter at Faith Tabernacle, he kept
hearing the message that the pastor was preaching before he died. And when
the Pastor said shout amen, he shouted amen from the mortuary. And came
back to life and walked on the Alter at Faith Tabernacle. That’s a new
dimension of a new order. Some people came to call a female member of Faith
Tabernacle (because she owned a bus) that somebody just died. They needed
her bus to carry the dead to the mortuary. She asked for the dead body and
anointed it with the anointing oil and said ‘come back to life” and the dead
jacked back to life, amen.

We have the story of one of the spiritual sons of Bishop Oyedepo who was on
his way to Abuja (Nigeria’s Federal Capital), then had to park and sleep at the
road side in his car in Lokoja(a city near Abuja) to take his rest, because it

was late. A trailer just came and ran into him and fell on the car and pressed
it flat. His dead body was dragged out of the car and was taken to the
mortuary. There was no space in the mortuary (the devil had killed enough
people that day) so they kept him by the door and according to his testimony,
the tape that he was hearing before he died(one of the tapes of Bishop David
Oyedepo), he kept hearing the tape in the death region.It was in response to
the charges in the tape that life came back to him. When he died the cassette
came out of the car player and the tape inside the cassette came out and went
round his neck. A new dimension of a new order. The Living Faith Church
(winners chapel) is not just a place, its Gods ordained place.

There are still the pools of Besthesda on this earth today. They are Gods
appointed places with His appointed messengers bearing His appointed
message commanding His appointed backing. Thank You JESUS. In john
chapter 9 verse 1 to 8, a blind man came in and JESUS spat on the ground
and made some clay and pasted on his eyes “and said to him, "Go, wash in the
pool of Siloam" (which means Sent). So he went and washed and came back
seeing.This man born blind from his birth had never seen. "Go;
wash in the pool of Siloam". So he went and washed and came
back seeing. Verse 7. He went and washed, came back seeing. He
didn’t go to watch. He went to wash. Many are in Cannanland to
watch, they are amazed at everything, big church, big lights,
50,000 people, shoo, singing and dancing, I have never seen this
kind before, they are watching.

They do not come to wash. To wash means, to bath in the word.

He went and washed and came back seeing. God still has pools of
Siloam on the earth today. The word Siloam means sent. God
still has sent places. Sent places. Places sent for the Liberation of
mankind. And Cannanland is one of them. Cannanland is one of
them. Whatever pursues you to Cannanland has pursed you to
the lion’s den and will not survive it amen And there were many
lepers in Israel in the time of Elisha the prophet; and none of
them was cleansed, but only Naaman the Syrian. —Luke 4:27,

ASV Leprosy is caused by a bacillus similar to the one that causes

tuberculosis. Surprisingly, over 95% of the human race is
immune and can never become infected.

People used to think the flesh of lepers just fell off, but it does
not. The disease kills nerves that send pain signals to the brain;
so lepers don’t know when their bodies are being damaged. Pain
is one of the body’s most important protective systems. Lepers
can break an ankle and continue walking as though nothing
happened because they feel no pain. At one time finger joints in
lepers were mysteriously disappearing for no reason in a
leprosarium in India. Eventually they discovered that rats
occasionally ate the fingers of sleeping lepers. The problem
disappeared when they brought cats into the facility. Although
today leprosy can be cured by a combination of drugs, those
infected often hide their symptoms because of the stigma
associated with it.

It has been said that the social stigma of leprosy is far more
contagious than the disease itself. In ancient Israel (and until
recent times) anyone displaying the obvious signs of leprosy was
banished from the community. But that was not necessarily true
in other nations. “At this time the armies of the king of Syria
were commanded by a certain Naaman; a great captain, high in
his master’s favor; brave, too, and a man of wealth, but a leper.
Naaman’s wife had a servant, a young Israelite maid that had
been captured by Syrian freebooters; and this maid said to her
mistress, If only my lord would betake himself to the prophet in
Samaria! He would have cured him soon enough of his leprosy.

Upon this, Naaman went to his master, and told him what the
Israelite maid had said; and the king of Syria promised to send
him with a letter to the king of Israel. So he set out with thirty

talents of silver and 6,000 gold pieces, and ten suits of clothing.
And the letter he carried to the king of Israel ran thus, Know by
these presents that I am sending my servant Naaman to thee to
be cured of his leprosy.—Kings 5:1-6 If Naaman were an
Israelite, he would not have been commanding armies. He would
have been quarantined and considered unclean. Still he must
have been an excellent leader for his king to show him such favor
in spite of his condition. Naaman showed faith when he believed
a young, foreign maid when she said there was someone in Israel
who could help him; he certainly knew there was no help to be
found in Syria.

Because he was willing to pay a great price to regain his health, he went
directly to the king of Israel. If there was a great prophet in Israel, surely he
would be at the royal court. But the king of Israel, suspecting some kind of
trick, said: “Am I God that he should send a leper to me to be cured?”
Everyone knew either God cured leprosy or it didn’t get cured. The king
thought this was some kind of trick to start a war. Why did the king not send
Naaman to Elisha? The king certainly knew Elisha, because two chapters
earlier he consulted him about a battle he expected to fight. Perhaps he
doubted Elisha had the power to cure leprosy or, if he did have the power, that
he would use it to cure a Syrian general. But Elisha told the king to send
Naaman to him. “So Naaman came with his horses and his chariots and stood
at the door of Elisha’s house. Elisha sent word out to him, Go and bathe seven
times in the Jordan, if thou wouldst have health restored to thy flesh and be

At this, Naaman was for going back home; why, he said angrily, I thought he
would come out to meet me and stand here invoking the name of his God; that
he would touch the sore with his hand and cure me. Has not Damascus its
rivers, such water as is not to be found in Israel? Why may I not bathe and
find healing there? But as he turned indignantly to go away, his servants came
and pleaded with him [to do what the prophet had prescribed].”—2 Kings
5:9-13Naaman was not used to being treated with such indifference. Elisha
didn’t come out to see how great he was and how much he stood to gain by
treating him. Yet it says a lot about Naaman’s character that his servants were
not afraid to tell him to do something he didn’t want to do. This suggests that
Naaman did not become great by surrounding himself with “yes” men. He

listened and at the considerable risk of appearing foolish, went down to the

He dipped himself once. No change. He dipped himself again. Still no change.

A third and a fourth time—this really looked like a big mistake. A fifth and a
sixth time and still no change. Finally after washing the seventh time, Naaman
was healed. In a way, his faith had made him whole. He joyously returned to
Elisha: “Now pray accept a gift from thy servant to prove his gratitude! As the
Lord I serve is a living God, Elisha answered, I will accept nothing from thee”
(2 Kings 5:15, 16). This provides another insight into Naaman’s character. He
could have been happy to be healed and congratulated himself on how cheap
it was. If Elisha didn’t want to see him, that was his choice. But Naaman
returned anyway and tried without success to get Elisha to accept a gift. He
felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the wonderful salvation he had
received from God.During the course of his ministry Jesus returned to

The people were amazed at how different Joseph’s and Mary’s son had
become. They expected him to do miracles as he did in Capernaum, but
because familiarity breeds indifference, if not contempt, Jesus told them that
God’s special people don’t always receive the blessing: “But I tell you of a
truth, many widows were in Israel in the days of Elias, when the heaven was
shut up three years and six months, when great famine was throughout all the
land; but unto none of them was Elias sent, save unto Sarepta, a city of Sidon,
unto a woman that was a widow. And many lepers were in Israel in the time of
Eliseus the prophet; and none of them was cleansed, saving Naaman the
Syrian” (Luke 4:25-27). Many lepers in Israel? Indeed! Two chapters after the
account of Naaman we read about Elisha and four lepers. Why didn’t Elisha
heal those four? It was not because he lacked the power.

The likelihood is that they lacked faith that God through Elisha would heal
them. So they remained lepers. It is not the profession of faith that is
important. It is easy to say, “Lord, Lord,” but it is the exercise of an active,
living faith that brings the blessing. Naaman demonstrated his faith by
repeatedly washing himself seven times in the Jordan. Because seven
represents completeness, we might say a half-hearted, incomplete consecration
will not bring cleansing from a leprous, sinful condition. The widow of
Sarepta and Naaman the Syrian illustrate that God dispenses his benefits
when, where, and to whom he pleases. Those in Nazareth could receive

blessings from Jesus only if they had the right heart attitude, if they had faith.
But they did not: “All they in the synagogue, when they heard these things,
were filled with wrath, and rose up, and thrust him out of the city, and led him
unto the brow of the hill whereon their city was built, that they might cast him
down headlong” (Luke 4:28,29).

Of course they did not succeed. Jesus left that area never to return because
they showed they were unworthy of God’s grace. The nation of Israel similarly
proved unworthy. So three-and-a-half years after Jesus was crucified, the
gospel went to the Gentiles, again illustrating that God’s favors go to those
who appreciate them, who have faith in them. There is another lesson in the
account of Naaman and it concerns Elisha’s servant Gehazi: “But to Gehazi,
the prophet’s servant, the thought came, Here is this Syrian, this Naaman,
with all his gifts, and my master has sent him away no poorer than he came.
As the Lord is a living God, I mean to run after him and bring back some
trifle with me. So after Naaman Gehazi went; and Naaman, when he saw him
running up, dismounted from his chariot and went to meet him; Is all well?

He asked. All is well, said the other, but my master has sent me with a message
to thee: Here are two young prophets but now come to visit me, from the hill-
country of Ephraim; to these thou mayest well give a talent of silver and two
suits of clothing. Better two talents, Naaman said, and would take no denial.
So two of his servants must shoulder a sack that held a talent of silver and a
suit of clothes each of them, and carry these in front of Gehazi. Evening had
fallen when he reached home; he took their load from them to lay it up in the
house, and sent them away on their journey; then he went in to wait on his
master.”—2 Kings 5:20-25 Although Gehazi had had a long association with
Elisha, he apparently had learned nothing. Since Naaman was so eager to pay
and since Elisha would not take anything, Gehazi decided to help himself.

Because he coveted wealth and the things wealth can buy, he:
1. Lied to Naaman by saying his master sent him.
2. Hid the wealth so he wouldn’t have to share it with anyone.
3. Lied to Elisha when asked where he had been.
He got more than he expected when Elisha said to him: “To thee, and to thy
race for ever, Naaman’s leprosy shall cling. And Gehazi went out from his
presence a leper as white as snow” (2 Kings 5:27). Paul says, “We … beseech

you … that ye receive not the grace of God in vain” (2 Corinthians 6:1).
Gehazi surely received the grace of Elisha in vain.He forfeited whatever
cleansing he had and became unclean. Jesus said, “What is a man profited, if
he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?” (Matthew
16:26).According to the Scriptures Gehazi dreamed of money, garments, olive
groves, vineyards, sheep, oxen, menservants, and maidservants.

He thought he had the whole world, but instead lost his own soul. Have we
learned anything from our close association with our Master? Surely our eyes
and ears have been opened. So when we read about Gehazi, Judas, and others
who served God at the beginning but later became unfaithful, we should apply
the lesson to ourselves. We will not attain salvation just because we have been
walking in the narrow way for years. We must continue walking in it until
God calls us home. Although the Bible does not directly say so, leprosy is used
as a symbol of sin:
1. Leprosy has loathsome characteristics; it disfigures those who suffer from
2. Leprosy is progressive in nature. It starts small and eventually infects the
entire body
3. Until the middle of the last century, leprosy was incurable by human means.

Sin has disfigured the human race, marring the beauty of perfection in God’s
original creation. Sin starts small, but it eventually infects whatever it
touches. And sin cannot be eradicated except by God. The experiences of
Elisha and Naaman contain many lessons:
1. God bestows his favor upon whomever he pleases, but generally in
proportion to the faith possessed. Naaman the Syrian was healed; other
lepers in Israel were not.
2. Leprosy pictures sin. When we are cleansed of sin, we should, like
Naaman, be grateful and give the glory to God.
3. We must never permit familiarity to breed indifference. Gehazi
received the grace of being with Elisha in vain. He thought he had
gained the whole world, but lost everything when he became leprous.

May the Lord give us the strength to continue serving him faithfully
until the end. The Bible says a man by Name Naaman was a great
man but he was a leper. But he was a leper. And he went to see a

prophet and the prophet said "Go and wash in the Jordan seven
times, and your flesh shall be restored, and you shall be clean." (2
kings’ chapter 5 and verses 1 to the end) "Go and wash in the Jordan
seven times, and your flesh shall be restored, and you shall be clean."
And he went, on the counsel of a little girl. Today whatever form of
leprosy is wiped off you. Whatever makes people a pity among men is
turned to a point of envy in Cannanland. He dipped himself how
many times? Seven times. First time, second time, nothing seem to be
happening, third time nothing seem to be happening, fourth time, fifth
time, sixth time he said I am tired.

But his servants came near and said to him, "My father, it is a great word the
prophet has spoken to you; will you not do it? Has he actually said to you,
'Wash, and be clean'?" So he went down and dipped himself seven times in
the Jordan, according to the word of the man of God, and his flesh was
restored like the flesh of a little child, and he was clean. Leprosy gave up,
restoration took place, Cannanland is a river of restoration. The glory
reserved for people is fully restored in Cannanland.

Just get connected to His anointed place and His appointed blessings will keep
flowing in your life. That is important. Just hook on to His appointed place
and His appointed blessings will be flowing without sweet. In Genesis 28 and
verse 16 and 17, Jacob had an encounter, he saw in a vision a ladder set up on
the earth, and the top of it reached to heaven: and behold the angels of God
ascending and descending on it. And Jacob awaked out of his sleep, and he
said, surely the LORD is in this place; and I knew it not. And he was afraid,
and said, in verse 17 how dreadful this place is! This is none other but the
house of God, and this is the gate of heaven. He was afraid. “How dreadful

this place is! This is none other but the house of God, and this is the gate of

May I say this to you today that paints the practical picture of the prophetic
ground of Cannanland. “This is none other but the house of God, and this is
the gate of heaven”. A woman came to cannanland from Australia barren with
a close medical verdict and she stayed in cananaland in the camp house for
seven days, nobody had to minister to her, by the seventh day she knew she
had encountered God.”I already got what I came for” that’s what she said.
And she went back and became pregnant the following month. Amen. And
gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and sent to Cannanland to ask for a
Nigerian name for the girl. She is a white Australian with a white husband
and now a miracle child that came from a miracle ground. Your own too can
come out from there.

That’s the plan and purpose for many people’s lives. “How dreadful this place
is! This is none other but the house of God, and this is the gate of heaven”. A
lady member of the Living Faith Church (winner’s chapel) from Kaduna, who
attended Shiloh (the annual gathering of the church worldwide) in 2004or
there about, had cockroaches walking out from inside her body as she crossed
the main gate into Cannaland. They were on a roll and filling away, they
couldn’t stand the force on Cannaland. (She had come with a weight of
affliction on her life). Friend I am glad to tell you that whatever has been
chasing you (can you imagine a wolf chasing after a baby lion to the lion’s
den) there is something on Cannanland for you. Go and take your own there

There is something in Cannanland for you, your deliverance maybe on the

ground, your breakthrough maybe on that ground. Go, go and take it now in
JESUS Precious name. There was the story of a woman with the issue of
blood, and after she got her miracle, every afflicted got the wisdom to connect
with their own miracle. Chapter 9 of Mathew and verses 20 and 21. And,
behold, a woman, which was diseased with an issue of blood twelve years,

came behind him, and touched the hem of his garment: For she said within
herself, if I may but touch his garment, I shall be whole. Chapter 14 of
Mathew and verse s 35 and36. And when the men of that place had knowledge
of him, they sent out into all that country round about, and brought unto him
all that were diseased;

And besought him that they might only touch the hem of his garment: and as
many as touched were made perfectly whole.The test on chapter 9 was their
motivation. People have gotten unbelievable breakthrough on Cannanland
ground. When will your turn be? It is a miracle emitting ground. When are
you getting your own? There is something in that pool for you. When are you
stepping into it? In Cannanland the blind receive their sight without prayers.
When are you getting your miracle? In Cannanland the pursuit of the
children of wickedness led to the death of the children of wickedness. When
will your own happen? On Cannanland ground the cripple have walked
without needing to crying prayers. Connecting to the noiseless dimension of
the miraculous .connecting by being conscious of what is in that place.

The woman with the issue of blood was made perfectly whole and as many as
touched Him were also made perfectly whole. Whatever has happened to
anybody on Cannanland ground shows you that your own is there. You must
get it amen. Something unusual is breaking forth on you. This is the deal. Let
me tell you what the deal is. By the inspiration of the Holy Spirit Bishop
Oyedepo said Cannanland is Gods appointed place for this generation and
this is how to tap into it. Walk in the Isaac order of covenant. It is not enough
to present, u have to be connected. It is not to celebrate activity, now begin to
celebrate connectivity, this is vital. It is one thing to be in church and it’s
another thing to be in touch. (1)And he faced enormous opposition, he dug
the wells and they filled it up, he dugged again, they filled it up.

He was resisted, hell broke loose “what are you doing here” (2) and the
enemy said no way we will dislodge you because we know your destiny is in
this place. We are going to dislodge you here, so they resisted him, they began

resisting him but he tired them out, he said I heard God, this is where I
belong. And he abided in that land. And the bible said he sowed in that year
and received in the same year a 100 fold. (3)In the land of his resistance was
the land of his restoration. The philistines envied him. All hell resisted Bishop
Oyedepo coming to Cannanland. The first day they were bringing him to
Cannanland , he said no! he said are you mad, we are looking for a place for
church not for farm. He said are we not there? They said we are not there and
fortunately there was no mobile phone in Nigeria then so you could only be
shouting to yourself inside the car, you can’t shout to anybody else.

He was fuming. You know your place of appointment is your place of

resistance. All hell resisted his access to Cannanland but God of heaven
backed him up. And then when they got to Cannanland, he said” lets pray, I
am a pastor we have to pray. Let’s pray and thank God for the efforts of these
fellows. Lord thank you “before he said two words, God said “this is the
place” it came like the voice of His Royal Highness, His Royal Majesty. “This
is the place” One of the sons of the Bishop was about committing sucide when
someone prevailed on him “please come to Cannanland “according to his
story, he sold his properties, did everything looking for healing for his mother
and his mother still died. So at the end of the day, he wondered what life
worth is.

So the day he was coming to Cannanland, the vehicle he boarded broke down,
they splash water on his body, and rain was falling. When he came, he said he
sat down like a wounded lion. Even all the ushers knew he was angry so
nobody touched him. All the devils said what are you doing here? He sat
down, if anybody had touched him, he would have slapped the person. He just
sat down like a wounded lion. he was about committing suicide and then
according to his testimony as Bishop O yedepo opened his mouth he stopped
at a point and started talking about him. If he had not come to church with
that individual who invited him, he would have thought the individual had
spoken to the Bishop. So when the Alter call was made, he ran to the front.

That was how God recovered him. That was how God recovered him from
suicide. .your place of destiny is your place of resistance. Don’t be careless.
The place of your doctor is never far when you are sick. Don’t wait for
sickness that will never allow you to move. Bishop Oyedepo was resisting. He
is Gods Apostle yet he was resisting .satan is leaving you alone now. Amen. Let
me tell you this, there is nobody that goes to cannanland by himself. God drew
them to show them the place. God told Abraham “come out and I will take
you to a place I will show thee, and Abraham departed.” There are not too
many appointed places in the world. When God shows you and appointed
place, dive into it and settle there for Gods hand to decorate your destiny.

(4) He sends you to where tour word is waiting for you. Jeremiah chapter18
verses 1 to 5. Cannanland is a place ordained for the security of people’s
destiny. May you see it and embrace it. All rivers are not d same, that’s why
the cleansing of Nehemiah was in Jordan. All pools are not the same;
multitudes of sick folks got their own healing at the pool of BETHESDA . All
pools are not the same; the man born blind got his sight restored at the pool
called shilo . God take people to Cannanland to give them a change of story.
HE BECAME THE ENVEY OF HIS WORLD. God told Bishop Oyedepo “tell
them anyone that will settle with me on this mountain for one solid year,
responding positively to all instructions and obeying all commandments as
delivered by God, I am going to show them my God hand”

That means you don’t need more than one year of concentrated, connection to
that appointed place for your destiny to be recovered. And I mean God will
turn you to an envy of your world. “God is in Cannaland “. I have heard this
several times in testimonies. “God is in Cannanland” why because He
appointed the place. He has to be there. and ‘Faithful is He that calleth thee
who also will do it” so the doings in Cannanland are the doings of God. The
doings in Cananland are what? The doings of God. So only what God cannot
do can survive in Cannanland. That means whatever your issues maybe, if its
within Gods capacity to settle, then it can be settled in Cannaland in the name
of JESUS. A woman gave a testimony in Cannanland years ago and very
simple thing.

Somebody said in her family, I guess the mother, that’s what she said “have
you ever seen a child on the back of a snail? Lets watch how you will carry a
child” But when she came to Cannanland, God did it and it was over. A young
man came to Cannaland, he was afraid to marry because all the other
brothers and sisters who got married none has children. And God broke that
yoke and gave him a set of twins. Somebody shared a testimony in
Cannanland that for 30 years nobody has been married in their home,
whether man or woman. Haba! Oh wick devil. For 30 years everybody was
marriageless. For 30 years! Everybody couldn’t get married, there was a
generational spell. JESUS broke it. Whatever the issue might be it is settled
now forever. A young lady said she finished the National Youth Service Corps
(a one year compulsory national service for Nigerian graduates) in 2004 and
she was only talking of getting a job in August 2009.

SHE SAID SHE STEPPED INTO Cannanland in January 2009 and recovered
her destiny in the appointed place. I don’t care what you might have gone
through; Cannanland might be your final bus stop. God might settle your
own case right there. The Bible said (5) Gal 4 verse 29. Never mind the
resistance of the enemy in filling up your wells. Cannanaland is where God
has ordained for the enlargement of many people. Isaac stayed until he got to
the point of enlargement. It was only within a year circle. How long? One year
circle. Just one year circle of absolute, unreserved connectedness, you don’t
wink your noise at a divine instruction. You don’t feel to big like Nehemiah.
The individual who brought the person that was about to commit suicide told
him “look, you don’t have any problem, whatsoever he tells you in the pulpit
be doing it. He does not need to pray for you”

This young man hears God clearly today as his friend. AS A MAN HEARS
HIS FRIEND. HE HEARS God; he is just one year in Cannanland. His
destiny is fully recovered. Friends your turn is now. Activity is not substitute
for connectivity. No!. Amen. Involvement becomes an extra plus but never a
substitute. The Lord is Good. Hallelujah!


God has appointed places for the security of the destinies of His people. In chapter 12 of
Deut verse 13 and 14, God said, “YOU shall not offer your sacrifices and burnt offerings in
every place which you see but in the place which the Lord thy God shall choose in one of
thy tribes there shall you offer your burnt offerings and do all that I command you”. So
there are still chosen places where your offerings answer in heaven. And the Living Faith
Church is one of such places. So God still has appointed places, God still has chosen places.
And am glad to let you know the living Faith Church is one of those chosen places today.
God delivered the mandate to Bishop Oyedepo on 2ndmay 1981 and then by April 10 1982
they were in there power house meeting and the voice of the Lord came calling and among
other things God said “at the base of this ministry a tent shall be built that shall sit 50,000

God still has pools of Siloam on the earth today. The word Siloam means sent. God still has
sent places. Sent places. Places sent for the Liberation of mankind. And Cannanland is one
of them. Cannanland is one of them. Whatever pursues you to Cannanland has pursed you
to the lion’s den and will not survive it amen.

The woman with the issue of blood was made perfectly whole and as many as touched
JESUS were also made perfectly whole. Whatever has happened to anybody on
Cannanland ground shows you that your own is there. You must get it, amen. Something
unusual is breaking forth on you. This is the deal. Let me tell you what the deal is. By the
inspiration of the Holy Spirit Bishop Oyedepo said Cannanland is Gods appointed place for
this generation and this is how to tap into it. Walk in the Isaac order of covenant. It is not
enough to be present, you have to be connected. It is not to celebrate activity, now begin to
celebrate connectivity, this is vital. It is one thing to be in church and it’s another thing to
be in touch.