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233 Modding PNHT method has evolved very much in a short period of time.

Now there are CFWs for 5800,5530,5230,5233,5235 & other s60 touch phones (Each country's variants) Here on this blog we're gonna learn how to unleash the full potential of our 523 3s For using a CFW, u need to flash your phone with that CFW Please note that Flashing will erase all your previous data so do the following things before flashing your phone -Backup your Contacts (If you need to) and you can backup other things as well i f you want -Delete the folders Private, Sys, Resource, System from your memory card So there are some tools you need for flashing Download JAF Here Download PKEY Here Download JAF_NOK4Models Here Now that you've downloaded the tools, You need to download the Nokia firmware fi les Download Nokia 5233 ^PALIKON^ CFW files (version 51 - Latest one) here Now first extract & install JAF 1.98.62 provided above. (Install it in the defau lt directory only i.e. C:\Program Files\ODEON\JAF\ No need to change this direct ory) Now extract the downloaded PKEY Emulator to C:\Program Files\ODEON\JAF\ & create a shortcut on the desktop. (You can delete all the other shortcuts created by J AF on your desktop) Now extract the downloaded JAF_NOK4Models file. You'll get an ini file. Place that file in C:\Program Files\ODEON\JAF\ & replace the older one. (This is done as our 5233 is not in the list of JAF's default device list) Now extract the downloaded Nokia 5233 original firmware files. You'll see 8 file s. Copy those files in C:\Program Files\Nokia\Phoenix\Products\RM-625\ Make this directory if you don't see it in Program Files & then copy all the fil es to the folder RM-625 (As 5233 is a RM-625 phone) Now you need to download the Custom Firmware files. There are usually 3 files gi ven by CFW creators (ROFS2, ROFS3 & a UDA file) Usually the UDA provided is a blank file. A blank file is used to ensure that yo u get the maximum possible space on C:\ drive (Phone memory) There are many CFWs available for 5233 at the moment Now place these files in the folder C:\Program Files\Nokia\Phoenix\Products\RM-6 25\ (Replace the older ones when asked to)

Now Run PKEY Emulator from the shortcut you've created on the desktop Windows Vista/Seven users need to right click on the shortcut & go to properties Click on Compatibility Tab Tick the option saying run this program in compatibility mode for: Now select Windows XP (Service Pack 2) (See the screenshot) Now after running PKEY Emulator you'll see a new window like this one Click on GO Now a new window like this will pop-up saying BOX DRIVER NOT INSTALLED Click on OK Now you'll see a new window like this one. Click on BB5 TAB Now Firstly Untick CRT 308 Now tick Manual Flash, Then Dead USB, Then Use INI. (Look the screenshot below) After clicking Use INI, a new menu will come up in about 10 seconds like this on e. Scroll down & find RM-625 Nokia 5232/5233 CABLE Now click on OK Now you'll see something like this Now switch off your phone. Connect it to your computer with your USB cable Now click on Flash. You'll see a warning like this one Click on Yes Now the Flashing process is about to begin In the status & results box (See the screenshot below to see which is status & r esults box), You'll see PRESS POWER ON NOW, Searching for phone Now as soon as you click yes on the last warning saying "you have selected to fl ash" you have to press the power button on the phone (Only for 1 second) As soon as you press the power button, The flashing process will start Now wait for it to finish (It usually takes about 2-3 minutes to finish) After the flashing has finished, You'll see something like this & your phone wil l automatically reboot Now disconnect your phone from the computer And Ta-Da you've flashed your phone with the CFW :)