Bhava Chandrika



Jiaya Jisharaaa
Jyotisha Kalaaniahi
Prof NN Krishna Rau, MAFA

Bhava Chandrika

zst House


x Lord of Ascendant or Jupiter or venus in quadrant indicates that the children of the
native will be long lived and that the native will enjoy wealth and be in good books of


x The native will have enjoyments in various directions, follow his religion and attain full
span of life if a benefic is in quadrantftrine whilst Lord of Ascendant occupies a quadrant
of Jupiter.


x A native having
R Lord of Ascendant in quadrant from AsdtfNoon and in the visible half of horizon
(between Ascendant 8 7th via 10th house)
R Lord of 9th is in 10th in company of Lord of Ascendant
will lead a very happy life throughout.

High academic achievements

x Ìn company of lord of 9th, if lord of Asdt is in quadrant aspected by lord of 5th, the native
will attain high academic qualifications and be lucky and prosperous throughout.

Reputation & Prosperity

x Ìf lord of Ascendant is in exaltation aspected by a benefic whilst a benefic is occupying
the Asdt or is conjunct with Moon, the native will enjoy life & prosperity in various

Bhava Chandrika

Lean body - Iight weight

x Ìf lord of Asdt is weak and is posited in a fiery sign - Aries/Leo/Sagittarius -aspected by a
malefic, the native will possess a lean body & be weak.

In good books of King

x A benefic in Asdt and another benefic in quadrant whilst the lords of 9th and 10th are
united in a sign, indicates that the native will become a favourite of the King or high


x Twins are indicated if Rahu is in Ascendant aspected by Mars and Saturn whilst lord of
Asdt is conjunct with Gulika.


x Ìf Sun and Moon are occupying the same sign and same navamsa, the native will be
brought up by 3 ladies (including mother) who act as equivalent to mother and by his
znd House


x II Jupiter with lordship over Ascendant is standing in the 2nd with Mars, the
native will become wealthy.

x Exchange oI signs between lords oI 2nd and 11th OR both the lords oI 2 and 11
occupy quadrants, the native will be wealth and possess cattle-wealth.

Heavy Gains

Bhava Chandrika


x Lord oI 2 in quadrant and lord oI 11th in trines thereto whilst the latter is aspected
or conjunct with both Venus and Jupiter indicates heavy gains. If lora of 11th is
confunct with Jupiter ana aspectea by Jenus or vice-versa, will also ao.

Gains from Enemies

x Lord oI 2 standing in 6th in company oI lord oI 11 will give rise to heavy
Iinancial gains through enemy.

Life long Poverty

x II both lords oI 2 and 11 occupy their debilitation signs conjunct with maleIic, the
native will suIIer Irom poverty throughout liIe and will earn his Iood through


x Lords oI and 2 & 11 in 6, 8 or 12, whilst Mars is in 11 and Rahu is in 2nd,
indicates that even a poor man will acquire wealth gradually.

x Jupiter in 11th, Venus in 2nd whilst a beneIic is in 12th indicates that the native
will earn well and will give away, most oI his wealth, in charity.

Fluency in Talk

x II lord oI 2nd is a beneIic and is in exaltation, moolatrikona or own house, the
native will protect his Iamily, earn well, be prosperous and be Iluent in talk.

Limited Wealth

x II lord oI 2nd is in extreme exaltation aspected by Jupiter, the native will earn a
thousand Nishkas - gola coins in use in Ancient Inaia, and be valorous.

Bhava Chandrika


Unlimited Wealth

x II lord oI 2nd is in Parvatamsa whilst standing in own house or Iriendly house in
company oI Venus/Mercury, whilst Jupiter is conjunct or aspected by lord oI 11th
or beneIic, without maleIic aspects, the native will possess a thousand lakhs oI

x Jupiter in 2nd whilst Venus/Mercury aspect lord oI 2nd (who is otherwise strong)
indicates that the native will possess good wealth. MaleIic aspects thereto cancels
the Yoga.

Eye sight

x Strong lord oI 2nd indicates beautiIul eyes. Lord oI 2 in 6, 8 or 12 denotes loss oI
eye or Iailure oI eye-sight.


x MaleIic in 2nd whilst lord oI 2nd is conjunct with maleIic indicates that the native
will be uttering lies, suIIer wind disorders, be stingy and oI poor health.
jrd House


x Birth and growth oI brothers/sisters is assured iI lord oI 3 is in quadrant/trine
coupled with exaltation/own house or the lord oI 3 is on larger Iriendly vargas
(classiIications) whilst Mars is conjunct with a beneIic.


Bhava Chandrika

x II Venus is in 3rd, dispositor thereoI in conjunction with Moon whilst the
signiIicator Ior 3rd, Mars, is conjunct with Saturn, the native will have one sister,
then a brother and the third one born thereaIter will die.

Number of Brothers

x Mars in conjunction with Rahu whilst lord oI 3 is debilitated indicates that three
brothers/sisters to be born aIter the native will die.

x A native having lord oI 3 in a quadrant and a trine thereto is occupied by Mars in
company oI exalted Jupiter, will have 12 brothers. OI these :-
R 3 will die beIore birth or abortions
R 1st, 2nd, 7th, 9th and 12th will die aIter birth
R 4 will enjoy long liIe The 6th will be one oI the twins.

7 Brothers

x Ìn company of lord 12, if Mars is conjunct with Jupiter whilst Moon is occupying the 3rd
house, the native will have 7 brothers. If Venus is also involved in this Yoga, 2 of the 7
will be lost.

Number of Brothers

x The number of dwadasamsa (a classification or varga whereby a sign is divided into 12
equals parts of 2.5 degrees each) covered by the strongest amongst
R lord of 3
R Mars
R Planet posited in 3rd
will indicate the totaI number of brothers/sisters a native will have.

x Divide the particular dwadasamsa occupied by the planet named above into as many
sub-divisions as the number of brothers indicated and determine how many such sub-
divisions the planet has actually covered and how many remaining to be covered. The
sub-divisions already covered denote the elder brothers/sisters and those yet to be
covered by the planet, younger ones.

Bhava Chandrika

ExampIe : Assuming Mars as the indicator for brothers in a certain horoscope and that
Mars is at 26 deg. 16 mins. Capricorn. Since Mars
has covered 10 dwadasamsa, 10 brothers are indicated. Ìn the 11th dwadsamsa
(wherein Mars is standing), 4/10th has already
been covered indicating 4 elder brothers and 6/10th yet to be covered, indicating
6 younger brothers.

As the procedure outlined above is something unusual and there may be orthodox
students of astrology who may want to verify the authority, we quote below the relevant
sloka, so that, in the event of a different interpretation being justifiable, those better equipped in
the field of astrology will be able to guide the public and researchers :-

Brathru nadha tad yukta kaarakaanaam baIituyaha
Tad bukta dwadasamsena brathru sankhya vinirdiseth
jyeshta buktamsaka gneya bogyamsasthu kanishtakaha

The longevity and prosperity of siblings will be dependent on the nature of dwadasamsas
covered; sex is also determined from the same dwadasamsa.
qth House

Happiness & Conveyances

x II lord oI 4th is in vargothamamsa or exaltation whilst a beneIic is posited in 4th,
happiness & conveyances are assured.


x II lord oI 4th is in 10th with pushkaramsa whilst lords oI 9 and 10 are posited in
4th along with lord oI Ascendant and the planets concerned are all powerIul, the
native will have conveyances; great reputation; musical accompaniments;
paraphernalia; lordship or administrative authority; prosperity and enjoyments in
various directions.

Respect By Relatives

x II a beneIic assumes lordship over 4th as is aspected by a beneIic, whilst Moon is
strong in the horoscope, the native will be respected by his relatives.

Longevity - Mother

Bhava Chandrika

x Full span oI liIe Ior mother is assured iI lord oI 4th is in exaltation while a beneIic
occupies the 4th and the signiIicator Ior 4th is strong.


x II lord oI 4th is in Iixed signs and on beneIic shad-vargas, the native will spend
his liIe time in the place oI birth with a house and landed property and in
agricultural pursuits.
R In addition, iI lord oI 10th is in exaltation, the native will enjoy kingly

Longevity &c

x Jupiter and Venus in the 4th oI either the Ascendant or the Moon sign, whilst
Mercury is exalted or in own house, the native will enjoy a Iull span oI liIe.
Higher education is also assured.

Religious Austerities

x Sun in 4th, Moon in 9th while Mars is in 11th, indicates that the native will be
perIorming religious austerities.


x II a maleIic is posited in 6, 8 or 12, whilst a debilitated planet is standing in 4th or
the 4th lord is himselI debilitated or associated with a debilitated planet, the native
will become a drunkard.


x II both lord oI 4th and Mars are in 6, 8 or 12, and are involved in an eclipse or are
stationary at birth, the native will become dumb.


Bhava Chandrika


x BeneIic connections in the above Yoga would result in the native stammering.


x II both lords oI 4 and 8 are in movable signs/amsas whilst lord oI 12th is
aspecting these or the latter is himselI in debilitation, the native will be travelling

x II the 4th house happens to be a movable sign, lord thereoI posited in a movable
sign, whilst lord oI Asdt is posited in a Saturnian sign, the native will become a
constant traveller.


x II lord oI 6th is posited in 4th while lord oI 4th is posited in a Iixed sign aspected
by lord oI 10th, the native will be enjoying liIe on borrowed money.


x Even iI the lord oI 4th is very weak or posited in 8th or is past deep exaltation and
is heading towards debilitation, iI the native has taken birth on a constellation
owned by lord oI 11th i.e. Moon standing on a star owned by lord oI 11th, the
native will build/erect a house Ior residence.

Note : Moon is the significator for 4th house which governs mother, house, happiness etc.
Therefore, such Moon standing on a star owned
by the lord of 11th should confer house/property on the native.


x Ìf lord of 10th is posited in a watery-sign, the native's happiness etc.will be through water.
Ìf lord of 4th is in own house/navamsa/vargas, the native will do good to his community.

Bhava Chandrika

x Ìf lord of Asdt is in 4th, happiness from relatives is assured - depending on the strength of
lord of 4th, happiness and help from community to the native, have to be assessed.
gth House

Adopted Son

x II the 5th house happens to be a Mercurian or Saturnian sign with conjunction or
aspect oI Saturn/Gulika, the native will adopt a child oIIered to him as a Iree giIt.

x The native will have an adopted child iI lord oI 5 is in 6th, lord oI 6th in 12th,
whilst lord oI 12th occupies Ascendant.

Many children

x Many children are indicated iI a strong beneIic stays in 5th whilst the lord oI 5th
is equally strong.


x Children & happiness through them is assured iI Libra or Taurus happens to be
the 5th with Iairly strong Venus in there, irrespective oI maleIic aspect(s) on it.

x II Venus in the above Yoga has maleIic connections and there is also a maleIic in
the 5th oI Jupiter, whilst there will be loss oI some children, happiness otherwise
is indicated.


x Venus in 12th oI Moon whilst Jupiter is in Iriendly house, a daughter will be born.

Loss of children

Bhava Chandrika

x Saturn in 5th, dispositor thereoI in 12th whilst Moon is in conjunction oI Rahu
indicates loss oI children.

Birth of son outside wedlock

x Birth oI a son outside wedlock is indicated iI lord oI 5th is associated with Rahu
and both oI them stand in 5th whilst Jupiter is NOT aspecting Moon.

x Moon in 12th Irom Asdt whilst Jupiter is in 8th conjunct or aspected by maleIic
indicates birth oI a child outside wedlock.

Loss of children

x Whilst lord oI 5 is exalted, maleIics occupy 3rd and 4th houses, whilst the native
will have a large number oI children, in the end only one oI them will be living.


x Jupiter in 5th, Venus in quadrant thereoI, whilst the dispositor oI Venus is in Asdt
indicates that the native will beget a child in 30th year.

x The 5th house, lord thereoI, planets standing in and planets aspecting the 5th.
Such oI these, as are strong, will be capable oI conIerring children on the native.
In their major & sub periods, birth will occur. Such oI the above 4, as are
maleIic(s), will cause death oI children, in their periods.

x According to the Sages, sons have to be ascertained Irom the 5th, planet standing
in the 5th and Jupiter, the signiIicator.

Number of children

Bhava Chandrika

x Divide by12, the number oI degrees Irom the lord oI Asdt to the 5th house; the
remainder indicates the number oI children a native will have.


x Lord oI 5th in quadrants in company oI signiIicator Ior children, Jupiter, indicates
birth oI a child in the 26th year.

x Jupiter and venus in mutual trines or in trines Irom lord oI Asdt, indicates birth oI
a child in the 24th year.

Loss of children

x Rahu exalted, whilst a maleIic assumes lordship over 5th and Jupiter debilitated
indicates loss oI child in 32nd year.

x Mars in 5th oI Asdt/Jupiter/Moon indicates death oI a child in 26th year.

x II Gulika is in Lagna (Asdt) whilst lord oI 5 is debilitated, indicates death oI a
child in 50th year.

x A maleIic in 4th and 6th simultaneously whilst the 5th lord is in 8th indicates
death oI a child in 37th year.

10 children

x II lord oI 5th is in deep exaltation in company oI lord oI Asdt whilst the
signiIicator Ior children is conjunct with a beneIic, the native will beget 10

9 children

Bhava Chandrika


x II Jupiter is exalted whilst lord oI 9 is in 9th and Rahu is in 2nd, the native will
beget 9 children.

8 children

x Jupiter in Asdt whilst lord oI 5th is posited in 10th indicates 8 children.


x Gulika in 9th, dispositor thereoI in 5th, indicates that whilst there may be as many
as 5 conceptions, most oI these would result in abortions and death on delivery. II
one oI the survives, that child will enjoy longevity.

3 daughters

x Lord oI 2 in 5th, dispositor thereoI in Asdt whilst Mars is in 12th, the native will
have 3 good daughters.

1 son

x Jupiter in 5th, Saturn in 9th and Rahu in Asdt, the Yoga Iormed thus, indicates
only 1 son.


x Rahu in 5th whilst Venus is in 11th indicates that there will be birth oI a child
literally (immediately) aIter marriage.

Note : This Yoga seems to hint at cases where engagement takes place earlier in some
communities and marriage is rushed through
because of the expected birth of a child.

Bhava Chandrika

x Malefic in 5th, Saturn in 5th of Jupiter indicates that there will be birth of a son after death
of first wife and that the native will have two additional girl friends.

x Lord of Asdt in 4th whilst Mars is staying in 5th indicates birth of a number of children but
that all of them will be short-lived.
oth House

Continuous Suffering

x II a maleIic is posited in 6th whilst lord oI 6th is united with a maleIic and Saturn
& Rahu are together in the horoscope, the native will be continuously suIIering
Irom diseases.


x Mars in 6th whilst dispositor thereoI is in 8th indicates that the native will suIIer
Irom severe in his 6th/12th years.

Stomach disorder

x Stomach disorders in the 22nd year are indicated iI Moon and Jupiter are united in
the 6th.


x T.B. is indicated iI Rahu is in 6th, Gulika in quadrants, lord oI Asdt in 8th whilst
Jupiter is NOT in quadrants.

Stomach Disorders

x Exchange oI signs between lords oI 6 & 12 indicates generally suIIerings Irom
rheumatic disorders whilst in his 3rd year, stomach disorders are indicated.
Stupidity on the part oI native is also hinted.

Bhava Chandrika



x Moon with Saturn and Gulika in 6th indicates leprosy in the 55th year.


x Rheumatic diseases in 61st year are indicated if lord of Asdt is in 8th whilst Saturn is
united with his enemy.


x Lord of 8th in 6th, lord of Asdt in 12th whilst Moon occupies a malefic shashtiamsa, the
native will die due to troubles from spirits/ghosts and OR quadrupeds.


x Rahu in 6th/8th, Saturn in 8th therefrom, whilst Moon is in 8th from Asdt indicates T.B.


x Sun in 8th from lord of 6th whilst Moon is in 12th of lord of 6th, indicates accidents in
water in 5th/9th year.

Poisonous diseases

x Malefic in 8th whilst Mars is in 12th from lord of 8th, indicates diseases due to poison in
35th year.


x Lord of 8th in conjunction of Rahu, dispositor thereof in 6th whilst lord of Asdt is very
weak, indicates that the native will be suffering from various diseases.

Bhava Chandrika

x Exchange of signs between lords of 6th & 11th, whilst a malefic occupies the Asdt,
indicates that the native will be suffering from various diseases.


x Ìf both lords of 6th & 9th are conjunct malefic and are standing in 10th and 6th respective
OR lord of 6 in 10 and lord of 9 in 6th, both with malefics, the native wiII be sinfuI.


x Lords of 1 and 9 (in conjunction or aspect of lord of 10th) in 6th whilst a benefic owns the
11th house, indicates that the native will meet with a peaceful death.


x Lords of 1 and 6 in 6th in Leo navamsa, indicates fear from jungle beasts in the 21st
;th House

Family Happiness

x II the lord oI 7th is conjunct or aspected by a beneIic, Iull Iamily happiness,
depending upon the strength oI planets involved is assured.

R II the lord oI 7th is exalted/retrograde, the native will enjoy liIe as a Iull
householder, in addition to having some girl Iriends.

x Venus in extreme exaltation or in Saturnian sign aspected by a beneIic/Venus in
9th indicates that the native will be having a number oI girl Iriends and
enjoyments, besides being highly intellectual.


Bhava Chandrika

x Planets in the 7th house indicate contacts with various types oI women noted
below :-

R Sun - Defeated by women, or inability to match himself adequately. This
author seems to throw a hint that the fir sex will have the upper hand.
R Moon Dreaming, illusions/imagining.
R Mars Contacts with women in menses
R Mercury Barren women
R Jupiter Brahmin women
R Venus Women of questionable character
R Saturn Women in menses & low class girls
R GuIika ............. do .................
R Rahu
R Ketu

Barren wife

x A malefic in 12th whilst weak Moon is in 5th with conjunction of lord of 7th indicates that
the native will marry a barren woman.

Character of wife

x Satunr and Mars in 7th whilst their dispositor is in a Saturnian sign indicates that the
native's wife will possess a questionable character and the cause of the native's death
will be due to his wife.

SexuaI perversion

x Venus in Martian sign/navamsa or conjunct/aspected by Mars indicates sexual
perversion on the part of the native.

Character of wife

x Venus in Saturnian sign/navamsa or conjunct/aspected by Saturn indicates that the
native's wife will be cruel and of questionable character.

One good wife

Bhava Chandrika

x One good wife is indicated if 7th lord happens to be a benefic whilst a benefic occupies
the 7th house and Venus is in quadrants.

x Venus in movable signs whilst Jupiter is in 7th and the lord of Asdt is strong indicates one
good wife.

Loss of wife

x Whilst Venus is in debilitation, if weak lord of 10th is stationed in 6, 8 or 12, loss of wife
will occur.

x Mars in Asdt, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th generally denotes loss of wife.

Loss of Husband

x Loss of husband should be considered from Moon & Venus i.e. if Mars is situated in
situated in 1/2/4/7/8/12 from either Moon or Venus, loss of husband is indicated.

Angaraka Dosha

x Ìf Venus, Significator for 7th) is unaffected by malefics (whilst there may be connections
with benefics), lord of 7th is strong and there is also a benefic in 7th, Angaraka Dosha
(the evil contributed by Mars by his stay in 1/2/4/7/8/12) wiII NOT affect the native.
Ìn the face of a well-placed Venus (powerful) in the horoscope, Angaraka Dosha will pale
into insignificance. So also, if the 7th and its lord
are strong, Angaraka Dosha may not do any harm. Here the 7th/7th lord from Venus is

Jupiter in 7th indicates long married life.

x The quantum of Angaraka Dosha in masculine and feminine horoscopes should be
assessed with reference to the strength of Mars in respective horoscopes.

CanceIIation of Angaraka Dosha

Bhava Chandrika

x Ìf both the husband and wife possess Angaraka Dosha, no evil effects will arise, and
there will be no widowhood.
Failing availability of a horoscope with Angaraka Dosha for the boy or girl with this evil for
matrimonial alliance, appropriate shanti according
to Shastra for Kuja Dosha may be performed to ward off this evil.

Mars posited in Taurus/Libra will not cause Kuja Dosha, irrespective of the bhava occupied.
This needs checking up. Will researchers
help ???

x Ìf the 7th or the lord of 7th from Asdt, Moon or Venus is hemmed in between malefics, the
malefic effects flowing from there will have to be suffered by the native. Note : It appears
from the context and tone of this sIoka, that the indicated maIefic effects cannot be
escaped by the native even by performing shanties.

Gain of girI-friend

x Gain of girl-friend in addition to company of wife will arise in the Prana Dasa (minutest
sub-division of a major period - see Brihat Parashara Hora) of lord of 7th in debilitation, or
the lord of 7th if a malefic or posited in a sign owned by malefic or aspected by malefic or
a malefic standing in 7th.

Three wives

x Ìf Moon and Mars are in 7th whilst lord of Asdt is in 8th, three wives are indicated.

EarIy Marriage

x A strong lord of 7th standing in a sign owned by a benefic denotes early marriage.

x Ìf Venus is standing in quadratn/trine, marriage is likely in the 16th year of the native.
Note : The year of marriage indicated here, from the context, appears to denote early

x Venus in 2nd whilst the lord of 11 is in 11th indicates marriage in the 10th year. Note :
Double or treble this figure as necessary according to times and community to which the
native blongs.

Bhava Chandrika


x Ìf Venus is unafflicted by malefic and is in a friendly sign which happens to be the 7th of
Moon, marriage is likely in the 12th year. Double or Treble as necessary.

x Venus in quadrant of Asdt whilst Saturn is in the 7th of Venus indicates marriage in the
22nd year.

Year of Marriage

x The slokas in transliteration read as follows :
Jamitraat Lagna Nadhasya, Lagnaat Jamitrapa_syacha
Paraspara_antara Amsanam Vargam Sukramsa Bhajitam
Labdam Sesha Vinignamcha Trimsata Vibhajeth Tataha
Sesha Sankhya Samaabdetu Vivaham Prapunyath Naraha

Note : The procedure outlined in these slokas for ascertaining the year of marriage of a
native, is under research.

Late Marriage

x Late marriage or marriage after the native is well past his youth will take place if Asdt,
7th, their lords and Venus are standing in fixed signs whilst Moon is posited in a movable
R Ìf the planets involved in the above Yoga are weak, marriage may take place
after 30 years of age.
R Ìf Saturn is involved in the above Yoga, marriage is likely after 50 years of age.
R Ìf Gulika is involved in this Yoga, marriage is likely after 60 years of age.

Loss of wife

x Lord of 7th in debilitation whilst Venus is in 8th indicates early loss of wife in the major
period of malefic and in sub-period of a malefic therein.

Death of native

x Death of native will occur in the year f his marriage if Rahu is standing in 2nd, Mars in 7th
whilst Venus is in dusthana (6, 8 or 12).

Bhava Chandrika

DissoIution of Marriage

x Ìf Venus in company of Moon and malefic(s) is standing in the 7th, marriage of the native
is likely to be dissolved secretly/quickly.


x When making predictions or giving effects of Yogas, particular attention should be paid to
the strength of the planets involved.

x The effects/Yogas/predictions concerning the 7th should be decided with reference to the
Asdt, 7th and their lords, and planets posited both in Asdt and 7th; their strength should
be considered with reference to the signs occupied. The Moon sign and its 7th, as also
Venus and its 7th, should also be considered.
Sth House

Short life

x Short liIe is indicated Ior one having weak lord oI 8th in 8th or quadrants oI Asdt,
whilst lord oI Asdt is also weak.

x The Yoga caused by lord oI 8th being debilitated, whilst Saturn is weak and a
maleIic occupies the Asdt, also indicates short liIe.

Madhya Ayush

x In spite oI indications oI short liIe, iI lord oI Asdt or Moon is powerIul, medium
longevity or Madhya Ayush would result, depending upon the strength oI lord oI

Short life

Bhava Chandrika

x Even iI a beneIic occupies the 8th and the dispositor thereoI is strong, iI lord oI
Asdt is weak, short liIe only should be predicted.


x II the lord oI 8th Irom Asdt, Moon or Saturn is strong, whilst the 3 planets,
Saturn, Moon and the lord oI Ascendant are in :-

R movable signs - Iull span oI liIe.
R common signs - Madhya Ayush of 60 years
R fixed signs - short life would result

x A benefic in 3rd in exaltation or friendly sign contributes to long life.
pth House


x II lord oI 4th is in 9th whilst Venus and Jupiter are in signs owned by beneIics
and lord oI 9th is in trines/4th or 8th, the native will possess gold and precious

x The native will enjoy Iull prosperity iI Venus, Moon and Mercury are in
Jupitarian signs/quadrants.

Ancestral Property

x Ancestral property and patrimony are assured iI lord oI 9th is strong, Moon is in
9th oI Asdt and Jupiter is in 9th oI Moon.

Father penniless

Bhava Chandrika

x Moon and Mars together in 2nd/9th whilst lord oI 9th is debilitated indicates that
the native's Iather was penniless.

Prosperity & Longevity

x Good prosperity & Iull span oI liIe are assured Ior a native with Venus in 4th
whilst lord oI 9th is in extreme exaltation and 9th is occupied by Jupiter.

Father's Prosperity

x Father's prosperity is assured iI lord oI 9th is in quadrant aspected by both Sun &

Reputed Father

x Lord oI 9th in 10th, dispositor thereoI in 2nd indicates that the native's Iather is

Influential Father

x Sun in extreme exaltation either in company oI lords oI Asdt & 10th OR lords oI
Asdt & 10th are standing in 11th, the native's Iather will be a Iavourite oI the

Respect to Father

x Sun in quadrants/trines, with a beneIic in 9th thereIrom whilst Jupiter is in Asdt,
the native will adore his Iather.


x Exchange oI signs between lords oI 9 & 11 indicates that the native will be
enjoying prosperity throughout liIe.

Bhava Chandrika

Exchange of signs between lords of 6 & 9 indicates that all the paternal property would be
lost and thereafter, the native will be inimical
towards his father.

Death of Father - when ?

x Lord of 9th debilitated, dispositor thereof in 9th, whilst a malefic is standing in the 7th of
lord of 9th indicates death of father in major period of the malefic in 7th of lord of 9th.


x Lord of 2 in 11, dispositor thereof in 9th and lord of 9th in Asdt indicates that the native
will become very wealthy.


x Prosperity of a native would be dependent on the strength of lord of 9th from
Asdt/Moon/Sun, whichever is strong.

x Future prosperity and luck which contribute to taking the native to Heaven are dependent
on the strength of lord 9th, lord of Asdt & Moon. Ìf the said 3 planets are powerful and
stand in 9th, it can be taken for granted that a berth in Heaven has been reserved for the
native, whilst his prosperity on this plane will be much more than average.
zoth House

Bath in Ganges

x Rahu/Sun in 10th indicates not only charitable inclinations on the part oI the
native, it also indicates that he will enjoy bath in Ganges at least once in hiss liIe


x Saturn in 10th in Pisces, indicates that the native would take up the order oI
Sanyasa or renounce the world.

Bhava Chandrika


Note : A similar sloka exists in Brihat Parashara Hora wherein the Maharshi says that the
native would suffer financial poverty. Two
horoscopes wherein Saturn in 10th in Pisces is posited, have gone through our
hands and the effects mentioned by Sage
Parashara came out correct in one, and in the other, the effects given in this sloka
are discernible as quoted below :-

Saturn Moon







Bhava Chandrika


Ketu Jupiter

In Horoscope #1, Saturn has no aspect whilst he suIIers Irom Gulika-
bhavanadipathya in addition to his enemy Mars, lord oI 6th posited in his sign. In
Horoscope #2, Jupiter - lord oI 10th, aspects his own house. The reason why #1 is
suIIering poverty whilst #2 is enjoying prosperity cum reputation with ideas oI
renunciation could be clearly guessed.

Knowledge & Respect

x The native will possess Gyana Knowleage, respect and wealth iI Jupiter is in 10th
in company oI Venus whilst lord oI Asdt is powerIul and Saturn exalted.

Professional Success

x Lord oI 10th in 11th in company oI lord oI Asdt aspected by Mars indicates that
the native will enjoy a large measure oI success proIessionally.


x The native will be Iollowing the tradition oI his Iamily and will increase the
reputation oI his Iamily iI lord oI 10th is in quadrant/trine, with Jupiter in trine
thereto, whilst dispositor oI Jupiter is in Asdt.
x The native will be charitably inclined and Iollow his Iamily traditions iI both lords
oI 10 & Asdt stand in Asdt with Moon in quadrant/trine.

Ill-gotten wealth

Bhava Chandrika

x Exchange oI signs between lords oI 8 & 10 indicates that the native will be living
on ill-gotten wealth.

Professional reverses

x Weak lord oI 10th in 10th with a maleIic denotes proIessional Iailures/reverses.

Interest in profession

x A native will be seriously interested in his proIession and be engaged in more
than one, iI lord oI 11th is in 10th whilst lord oI 10th is Iairly strong,
conjunct/aspected by lord oI Ascendant.


x From the planet posited in the 10th, ascertain the virtuous or sinIul deeds oI the
native. Planet in 11th indicates the virtuous/sinIul deeds perIormed in his Iamily.
Planet in 12th indicates the inclination to commit son, troubling/satisIying others.
Note : Consider all planets in various houses, treating 10th as Asdt for this purpose.

x A strong beneIic in the 10th oI Asdt/Moon/Sun indicates that the native will be
engaged in decent proIession; a maleIic instead denotes cruel/indecent proIessions
considered below dignity.

x In the absence oI planets in the 10th house, look to the 10th lord, the type oI sign
he is in, and where his navamsa has Iallen, and the lord oI such navamsa; the
strongest among these will indicate the proIession oI the native and the channels
oI his income/earnings.


x A native will suIIer bondage/imprisonment in his liIe time iI Rahu is in 10th,
dispositor thereoI in 12th whilst lord oI Asdt is in Nigalamsa.

Bhava Chandrika


Sensual pleasures

x A native having lord oI 10th in 7th in company oI Saturn and Mars whilst lord oI
7th is conjunct with a maleIic, will be more aIter eating and seeking sensual


x A native having strong Ascendant, 10th house and powerIul Moon will always be
keeping his prestige at a good level.


x Lords oI 9 and 10 conjointly standing in 12th along with a maleIic indicates poor

Learning & Fame

x II lords oI 9 and 10 are standing together, in the major period oI one and in the
sub-period oI the other OR vice-versa, there will be reputation and learning; iI
there is a maleIic aspect or conjunction, loss oI reputation & impediments in
learning will occur.

Dutiful Son

x II the 10th house is strong, conjunct or aspected by lord oI Asdt, the native will be
doing good to his Iather.

Raja Yoga

x II lords oI 9 and 10 are not subject to maleIic connections and are strong whilst
lord oI Asdt is strong and is posited in Asdt or standing with Moon, Raja Yoga

Bhava Chandrika


x Whilst the lords oI 9 and 10 are strong, iI a number oI planets are exalted and
stand in quadrants oI Ascendant, Raja Yoga arises.

Punishment By King

x Sun in 10th in company oI Mars and Rahu aspected by Saturn indicates that the
native will be punished by King/Govt.

x A native having weak Saturn in Asdt, 8th lord in conjunction oI a maleIic in 10th
whilst dispositor oI 8th lord is conjunct with another maleIic will suIIer the
maximum punishment at the hands oI the King resulting in his execution.
zzth House


x II lords oI 2 and 11 are in own house or there is exchange oI signs between them,
the native will be having gains in various directions and will be literally handling
much cash always.

Heavy Gains

x Jupiter in 11th denotes heavy gains.

x II lord oI 11th is Iast-moving planet (at the time oI birth) and is posited in a Iixed-
sign, the native will be earning secretly sometimes and possess satisIactory bank-
balance, native's Iinancial status will be stable throughout.


Bhava Chandrika

x II the Asdt, 2nd and 11th, their lords, are strong (or such oI them as are strong)
according to the nature planets standing in these signs or the nature oI the signs
wherein their lords are standing, income oI the native will be accruing.

x Moon in 2nd, Venus in 9th, whilst Jupiter is in 11th indicates good wealth.

x The wealth and Iinancial standing oI a native will be Iluctuating iI 11th is a
movable sign whilst lord oI 2 is Iixed planet and Moon is in 2nd.

x BeneIics in company oI Moon & Mercury standing in the 11th oI lord oI 11th
indicates gains in various directions and aample enjoyments.

x The strongest Irom amongst :- the planet in 11th oI Asdt/Moon/Sun and Jupiter,
lord oI 11th or the planet posited in the 11th cause gains in the direction and by
the methods indicated by the planet.

x The channels through which income arises through planets posited in 11th are as
Iollows :-

R Sun - Grass, gold, drugs/medicine etc.
R Moon - Agricultural pursuits, professions involving water and through ladies
R Mars - Professions involving fire, daring professions, war and connected
R Mercury - Writing, mathematics, poetry, work done by hands
R Jupiter - Religious pursuits, teaching, charities, educational/academic pursuits.
R Venus - Professions involving use of silver, pearls, cows, cattle, women
R Saturn - Service, gratitude, professions considered below dignity - involving
manual labour/work done by hands
R Rahu - Snake charmer, begging, work connected with low castes/classes of
R Ketu - Begging as a mendicant does
R GuIika - Killing animals/living beings and tades in dead animals/beasts etc.

Bhava Chandrika

x A planet in 11th in Choramsa will confer gains through robbery, stealing etc. Likewise a
planet in 11th occupying Akaramsa confers gains through buried treasures being
discovered and lump sum gains of the sort.

Methods of Earning

x There are FIVE methods oI earning by which a native pulls himselI through his
liIe span

R Business
R Agricultural pursuits
R ProIessions connected with King/Govt
R art work etc. done by hands
R by servitude like clerks, labourers etc. as indicated by the planets.

x II the planet governing gains is involved in eclipse, the native will make a living
through begging.


x Lord oI 7th standing in 11th indicates that the native will start earning
proIessionally aIter marriage.

x Earnings oI a native should be particularly determined with reIerence to the 11th
house, lord oI 11th and Jupiter. Gains are oI a thousand kinds, these have to be
determined in accordance with the country in which the native is living, time and
community to which the native belongs.

x The quantum oI gain will be directly proportionate to the strength oI lords oI
Ascendant and 10th.

Bhava Chandrika

x Malefic in 11th, lord thereof conjunct/aspected by a malefic whilst a malefic is standing in
the Ascendant indicates only minor gains; failing that, obstacles to gains; even if gains
occur, they will be lost too soon.
zzth House


x II Rahu/Mars/Saturn/Sun is posited in the 12th, whilst their dispositor is
debilitated, the native will go to Hell aIter death.


x Jupiter in 12 th aspected by a beneIic whilst Ketu is exalted, the native attains
salvation or goes to Heaven aIter death.

Quit Country

x The native would quit his mother country ignominiously iI lord oI 12th is
conjunct with a maleIic, whilst 12th is occupied by a maleIic aspected by another


x II the lord oI 12th is in a sign owned by a beneIic, aspected by a beneIic, the
native will go about in his country happily.

x Saturn in 12th aspected by Mars indicates that the native will spend a large slice
oI wealth sinIully and extravagantly.

x Exchange oI signs between lords oI Asdt and 12th indicates that the native's
expenses will be in charitable & right directions.

Bhava Chandrika

x The planet posited in the 12th indicates the manner and directions in which
expenses occur; the sign in which lord oI 12th is standing also gives similar

x 12th Irom Ascendant/Moon (whichever is stronger) its lord and the planet posited
therein, iI beneIic - beneIic results ensue; and iI maleIic - maleIic results Iollow.
--- 000 ---

About the Author and Source
As usual, Kerala the state Irom Sage Parasara hailed has contributed one more great soul
in KKN. The translator aIter B Suryanaraha Rao, has been a great exponent and devotee
oI Swami Sivananda. He donated the books to Sivananda ashram. Mr NN Krishna Rao,
though Irom Kerala, studied in Warangal and added the suIIix Rao along with. VB
Choudry had translated a Iew oI his works. His Brihat Parasara Hora was the 1st work
done in English in 1959. R Santhanam did meet his son U K Iyer in 1984 and started his
works which are now the benchmark in some oI the titles.

U K Iyer had published some oI the books Irom time to time like his sister late Uma but
as the only surviving member oI the Iamily and a good soItware programmer as well, has
been generous enough to publish these works on the net Ior the beneIit oI all Jyotish
lovers. The language used in these texts is very modern and apt Ior the time and has made
the "desha, kala, paristhiti" rule well a lot better than later work oI sri R Santhanam. A
cursory reading will surely keep you using it Ior Iuture readings. This online resource is
available at:
(From a mail postea in AIA Yahoo group by the Astrologer GB Prashant Kumar)

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