Since we all are aware of the famous cricketer M.

S Dhoni, we know that today he is one of the best players in the Indian team. Every cricket lover knows him well. He is the captain of the Indian cricket team. Every player has a dream to be serveas a captain of the team. But only some players get such status and Dhoni was one of those lucky players who got such sort of status. We know him as M.S Dhoni but his fellows call him MAAHI. Dhoni was born in (Almora) uttarkand on 7th July 1981. His parents Pan Singh and Devaki Dev were from a middle class family. before Dhoni’s birth his father had no work to do and after the birth the symtoms were the same. They had to find some way to survive. his father with the family came to Ranchi in 1964. he was doing farming in Almora. But was hoping to get a service job. Actually from Almora he went to Lucknow and from there to Bokaro. The steel plant was being built in Bokaro and there was a promise of jobs. But he was late in reaching there. he did not have much education so he was simply looking for some kind of job. Hoping to get something. His father was working in Mecon as junior management position. The financial positon of the family was really bad. So Dhoni could not get the necessary education easily. Due

to such family crisis Dhoni worked as a ticket collector in Indian Railways. Dhoni has a sister, named as Jayanthi and brother Narendra. His father had a bicycle on which he used to go to work and used to roam around with the family on the same bicycle for a hangout. When Dhoni was young he used to have hilarious dreams. He had never even thought of reaching such a high level in sports where he now stands. When he was a kid he had a great interest in badminton and football and he was a good player indeed. He used to be a goal keeper . the school in which he studied, the sports teacher of that school recommended him as a wicket keeper and he performed well. His favourite player was adam gilchrist and he had a dream to play with sachin tendulkar.his favourite filmstar was john Abraham. He also had a hair style like one once had by john Abraham. In his schooling days, Dhoni took lightly and played just a normal game for his cricket club. But, after his Tenth standard he took it very seriously and continued to play cricket very seriously. He was picked for the 97/98 season vinoo mankad Trophy under -16 championship and made a good performance in that championship. Since that period he continued for playing cricket only. Dhoni made his Ranji Trophy debut for Bihar in

the 1999-2000 season at the age of 18. His performance was not up to the mark so that he could impress the selectors but, in 2002/03 season in Ranji Trophy he did 3 half centuries and that season made him a hard hitter.Dhoni was a stand by wicket keeper when karthick was injured but his remarkable performance against Pakistan when he scored 148runs by smashing 15fours and 4sixes in vishakapatnam made to remember in everyone’s mind including selectors. At the same time karthick performance was not impressive and Indian team was missing a wicket keeper who would play the role of all rounder.Dhoni also has set a world record by scoring 183runs not out against Sri Lanka by smashing 15fours and 10sixes in 142balls.It was record set by Dhoni beating the previous best Adam Gilchrist’s 172 knock by any wicket keeper in the history of cricket.Dhoni’s performance was consistent through out 2005/06 season. After loosing to Bangladesh in 2007 world cup in the League itself, the house that Dhoni was constructing in his home town Ranchi was damaged by political activists of JMM because of his poor performance in world cup, they were out of world cup just after playing only 5 to 6 league matches, they did not even qualify for super8.After disappointing performance in the world cup

Dravid’s performance was not so consistent through out that season in one day cricket so, selectors named the new captain and that was Dhoni. He also performed well in the IPL. He led Chennai super kings in the IPL. Due to his captaincy this team reached up to the semi’s of the league tournament but unfortunately the team could not come up to the finals. Chennai super kings were defeated by the royal challengers Bangalore in the semi final. Due to his sincere service towards the team they tried their best to defeat the opposition team but the lost the match still they didn’t lose it badly. There was a minor margin among the scores of both the teams. The role of a captain is really difficult but Dhoni overcame those difficulties and gave his best and proved himself as a great captain. He is a ideal player for the present youth.

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