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FM GOLD (DELHI) FIXED POINT CHART (w.e.f. 12. 11.2012)
TIMING (IST) 0000 0005 0010 News (English ) News (Hindi) NATIONAL PROGRAMME OF TALK/FEATURE/DRAMA (TUESDAY & FRIDAY) Followed by Narrating stories of greatest masterpieces of Repeat Broadcast Programme Scope/Content




6 Stations y

forgotten relations. CATION AIR DT ER Min 27 26 27 27 Max 35 32 33 33 Songs and poetry expressing loneliness & longing with sprinkling of listener’s messages received through e-mails/snail mail. 0400 0405 NEWS (HINDI) BHOR KINARE (Sunday TO Saturday) Morning Ragas (One Instrumental Music. individuals.RAAT KE HUMSAFAR (Tuesday & Friday) FEATURE FOLLOWED BY GEET CHANDNI(Wednesday) EK MULAQAT (Sunday) FOLLOWED BY GEET CHANDNI DRAMA FOLLOWED BY DOOR KOI GAYE (Monday & Thursday) RADIO DRAMA FOLLOWED BY GEET CHANDNI (Saturday) 0100 0105 NEWS (ENGLISH) NEWS (HINDI) FOLLOWED BY RAAT KE HUMSAFAR (Monday & Thursday) DRAMA (Tuesday & Friday) 0200 0205 NEWS (HINDI) RAAT AKELI HAI (Monday. Wednesday & Friday) Fiction/Drama/Film/Built Wonders/Natural Wonders etc. 0300 0305 NEWS (ENGLISH) RAINA BEETI JAYE (Sunday TO Saturday) Soothing and soulful Filmi & non Filmi Ghazals. with one line compering & Channel Identification. Great poetry of an individual Poet in combination with great numbers. Thumri. positive thoughts and tips on good living. JHOOM JHOOM DHALTI RAAT (Saturday & Sunday) Festive & feisty. One vocal music). AAWAZ DE KAHAN HAI (Tuesday & Thursday) Messages and songs recollecting old memories. night musical numbers suitable for weekend Celebration. With suitable songs. Along with musical feature/interview of musical maestros. . lost friends. Interviews with Writer/Artists/Social workers/ Important Personalities from different walk of live. 0500 0505 NEWS (ENGLISH) SEHAR SUHANI (Sunday TO Saturday) Non Devotional. Nazms/Geet etc. places & things from the past. Rare old vintage songs presented live. soothing songs with positive reinforcement. Light Classical music.

BARISH SAVALON KI (Thursday only) SHANIVAR CHHUTTI KE BAHAANEY (Saturday) Ask me anything show: Replies given by Sh. season’s trivia & discussion on recent happening about cultural.. information about health & weather. Journalist) /Swapna Liddle Information show for a fulfilling weekend. . On-line live interviews with experts on current issues. RAVIVAR SUBAH KI CHAAI(Sunday) Special entertainment programme for a happy Sunday. traditional events. having inputs from current issue.0600 0605 0610 NEWS (HINDI) NEWS (ENGLISH) ARPAN (Bhakti Sangeet) (Multi-Religious.. Also current events. arts etc. Live interviews with experts regarding topical issues. public utilities etc. RAVIVAR CHHUTTI KE BAHAANEY (Sunday) Holiday Show with inspirational input on tourist spots. poetry. 0900 GAATEY GUNGUNATEY CONTINUED. 0730 0800 0815 0830 AAJ SAVERE SAMACHAR PRABHAT MORNING NEWS GAATEY GUNGUNATEY (Morning information programme) Daily morning information programme with latest fads. Pramod Joshi (Sr. literary events. 1000 NEWS (Hindi) 1005 TASVEER (Monday to Wednesday & Friday) Features biographical sketches of Writers/Poets/Musicians/Painters/Dancers/Historians etc. comprising interesting facts/information from different fields of art/culture/theatre/literature & mass media. culture. Entertainment show for a relax and happy weekend SHANIVAAR SUBAH KI CHAAI(Saturday) having inputs from the fields of literature. Devotional Songs with positive Inspirational thoughts and 20 Min Dedicated to the Festival of that Day ) 0700 FM SUBHA 7 BAJE(Monday to Friday) Morning information programme with emphasis on health & good living. researches.

song etc. One Archival Recording of Eminent Artist/Writer/Personality (Male) will be featured. lifestyle. fashion and inspirational success stories. 1400 1415 1430 MID-DAY NEWS (ENGLISH) MID-DAY NEWS (HINDI) GAATA JAYE BANJARA/GAA MERE MAN GAA’ Media Personalities of Delhi from various walks-of life will be the Show Host and play the songs of their choice. (WOMEN’S HOUR) (Monday to Friday) Infotainment show for today’s Women with tips on health. Highlighting 100th year of Indian Cinema RADIO ANTAKSHRI (Sunday) 1300 1305 NEWS (HINDI) DOPEHAR F. dialogues. Fursat Ke Raat Din (Repeat) 1200 1205 1210 NEWS (HINDI) NEWS (ENGLISH) RADIO RHYTHM (Monday to Friday) Multi-faceted show reflecting different rhythms of cultural life in the country.M. One Archival Recording of Eminent Artist/Writer/Personality (Female) will be featured. 1345 SANGEET SARITA (Sunday) Repackaged Vividh Bharati Programme Music game show based on film dialogue/songs. cuisine. 1500 NEWS (ENGLISH) . RUPAHLE PARDE KE SUNEHARE SAU SAAL (Saturday) Featuring memorable movie with the soundtracks.1100 1105 1120 NEWS (HINDI) SANGEET SARITA RADIO REEL (Monday to Friday) CHHUTTI KE BAHANE (SATURDAY) CHHUTTI KE BAHANE (SUNDAY) Radio biographies of Hindi Film Personalities. /Celebrities of Delhi from various walks-of life will be the Show Host and play the songs of their choice.

GEET. Sunday) Evening information Programme with Traffic information. With the expert answering the queries of the listeners on a particular topic related to current affairs. health. Radio Matinee (Sunday) Ctd… 1800 1805 1810 NEWS (ENGLISH) NEWS (HINDI) GEET JO MAN BHAYE Best songs of the day with the evening’s engagements. career. Radio Matinee (Sunday) Ctd… 1630 1700 1705 NEWS (PARIKRAMA) NEWS (HINDI) ANDAAZ-E-BAYAAN(GHAZAL. hobbies. places of tourist & artistic interest. environment. Golden interviews of celebrities.1505 HELLO FM GOLD (PHONE-IN) Monday to Friday Dial-in/out Request Show. NAZM) SAANJH DHALE (Saturday ) Poetic presentation of soulful non filmi Ghazals/Nazms/Geet etc. GALI GALI GOLD (Saturday) The localities of Delhi. Sitaron Ki Mehphil(Repeat) (Saturday) Featuring memorable movies with the soundtracks. wildlife. 1600 CHHOO MANTAR (PROGRAMME FOR CHILDREN) (Monday to Friday) SOUNDHI MAATI (Lokgeet Pardhan) (Saturday) Children’s Show with interesting facts about science. flora & fauna.songs etc. 1830 1900 1905 1910 MARKET MANTRA NEWS (HINDI) SPORTS NEWS (HINDI) YEH SHAAM MASTANI (Monday to Friday.Authenticated by Archaeologist/Historian 2000 Co-ordinated FM Gold Chunk Co-ordinated FM Gold Chunk . Folk songs and folk-inspired songs from different regions of India. social issues. lifestyle and good living etc. history. Request Show of old forgotten songs and the sweet memories associated with them. RADIO MATINEE (Sunday) dialogues . inventions and natural phenomenon etc. sports. cultural events. having interesting names will be covered in the Show .

2300 2305 NEWS (ENGLISH) ‘DIL NE PHIR YAAD KIYA’ (Monday To Friday) Repackaged Vividh Bharati Programme – Interviews of film personalities interspersed with film songs of their choice.2030 2045 2100 2130 2200 2205 NSD NSD NSD NSD NEWS (HINDI) SADABAHAR GAANEY (Monday to Friday) Best songs of the chosen genre. ‘FURSAT KE RAAT DIN’ / ‘SITARON KI MEHPHIL’ (Saturday) Celebrity Ke Saath Chhutti Ka Ek Din (Our Presenter Will Spend A Day With The Celebrity And Record Their Likes/ Dislikes/ Life-Style/ Memories/ FuturePlans And Much More…)/ Golden interviews of celebrities related with the Indian Cinema Golden Interviews of Celebrities from various walks of life. RAVIVAR RAAT GOLD (FM Gold Mehmaan) Mission | CEO’s Desk | Prasar Bharti Board | Prasar Bharti Act | Secretariat | Right to Information | Contact Us | Disclaimer | .

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