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07738385315 ABOUT ME Media and design has always been one of my passions and my creativity really helps me fuel my ideas. I feel I have a great knowledge of media and technologies that can be put to use in a variety of areas and I am always willing to learn and improve my current skills in order to move on in media as a career. I am also a very fun and friendly person who works well as part of a team and just as well when I am assigned solo project and tasks. Social Media is a big passion of mine and is something Id like to develop my skill in I believe social Media is going to be a crucial part of media and communication in the near future. I am also currently saving so I can attend the IDM to get a diploma in Digital Marketing

Shanklin House, 13 Twiss Road, Hythe, Kent, CT21 5NY! Zorzilla
June 2013


Helped local band and friends with ideas, designs and planning for promotion and release of the EP album and the event Spent 1 week with Barnes Film Academy where we shot a short film with student from Harrodian school. I was in charge of running the instagram feed, recording, photography, and general tasks and looking after of students. 2 weeks work experience at Bombus filling and making orders to customers standard and deadlines, Also helping with PR idea and campaigns Writing for local online music website about local band, gig, and venues. On topics like band interviews, reviews in the gig, music and venues.

Barnes Film Academy

October 2013

August 2013

Gigs in Kent


Software Technologies

Adobe Suite Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Illustator, InDesign, Premier, Final Cut, After Effects. Microsoft Office Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Publisher. Good working knowledge of many online sites such as Twitter, Wordpress, Facebook, Google+, Instagram, Vine, SEO, Facebook Ads, Pay-Per-Click ads, Youtube, Pintrest, Flickr, Tumblr, Spotify. FourSquare etc.


2003 to 2010

ST. EDMUNDS DOVER & SIXTH FORM Achieved GCSE in English, Maths, All Sciences, Food Tech and Media at Gcse and A-Levels in Film and Media Studies. Also received an award for media whilst in Alevel Canterbury Christchurch University Graduate Ba Hons, Digital Media & Media and Cultural Studies Key Modules taken, Web Design, Advertising, Youth Studies, Popular Music, Thesis on Music Piracy and Hacker Groups, Digital Imaging, Sci-Fi, Horror, Research methods. Graduated with an overall 2:2 but 3 marks off a 2:1. Was always applauded by lecturer for my ideas a creativity and got a 1 in website in second year.

2010 to 2013


September 2009 to Present Waitrose 2006 to 2007 Hythe Handbook

Sales Assistant, with a great customer service ethics and given various responsibilities, including training new employees and trusted with heavy machinery use, and training new employees. Distribution and given responsibilities for presenting the brand and time management for the task and goals set.

Other Skills

Personal Skills

I am a very hard working individual with a keen eye for detail and getting a job done to the best standard possible. I work well as part of a team but I am just as adapt to working alone. I can work under pressure and to tight deadlines when required and I am happy to put in the extra work and effort for the long term gain and for the good of others and the company. Customer Service is an area in which I thrive, and I am happy dealing with any customer no matter if they want to complain or make an enquiry. I find it easy to deal with them in a calm and collected way to ensure they are happy with our service. I have dealt with a lot of customer in my time working at Waitrose where we were always prided on out customer service skills and used them on a daily bases.

Customer Service