Abortive I have been frustrated of trying to be what you want These sentiments will never meet you expectations

Trapped in these walls and being exposed Trapped in this glass wall you’ve put me in I’ve been frustrated of trying to be everything That you ever wanted me to be These sentiments will never be realized by you And all mistakes that you failed to understand Will grant this time to feel again My sight yearns for you our presence have never been felt for a long time And it helps to see you fall on your knees ou still don’t own me and you never will !o what will it take to break the cycle" When there isn’t a single defence Defile the Unbeliever !pare yourself from the bad break That transpired and ride onto others’ backs #ust to get away as fast The very instance you left made us wonder If you ever loved or $ust made use of it ou’ll always take the opportunity ou’ve pushed everyone down And settled for your own pleasure %naware that it caused The demise of the best of us ou’ll always be the same As I found you& nothing more I won’t ever give into what you want& what you need And will the call of your ever'changing dream Make you give in more" They’re $ust another flock of bait kept in flight Will no longer get shot And it seems so right because ou are like them in every way ou thought you’ve treated us fair& but no our purpose will never be !uited for our own interests I’m sure you will repeat once more The way you cover up these means (id you think that it is worth it" )ut you’ll at last succumb to it

ou will clearly repeat once more The same ways you’ve made up (on’t mean you will not *old out to it ou settle for your own $oy !elfish& could’ve been worse A whore for one’s fake dream A fool& the one'time’s waste I never breathed the same waste ou will be the same as I found you Achilles Heal ou wear the colour of a perfect type And not anybody can execute it ou’ve earned it from hiding In the shadow of creatures Who dwell in pretension" It’s everything you’ve envisioned It will get worse overtime +ike a leech creeping in to devour Then soak into every disgust (idn’t you all believe the same" ou force yourselves Into things you cannot deal with All for $ust one reward Which& you’ll lose anyway ou force yourselves until They succumb to this torture .reedy traitor Modern Slaves /ower is a gift !ure it’s a delight When you can abuse it .othing’s left ou’ve earned it from hiding in their shadows And you’ll still count on What’s always lacking (raining life from somebody’s own This greed keeps you all -rom staying behind A passing trend pointing out dissolution I will make sure ou will die the worst .

ow lay your false love down on me It $ust worsens the frail condition .rief enfolds over bleak spaces And takes apart the good -rom each shelter And by no means in favour Where no one’s a witness& misery ou lead me nowhere (reaming there’s something left for us inside We slip further away /retending there’s something left for us inside We fall further away Why do we all submit to change" And leave all our mistakes in others’ hands" .ou would not let go Isn’t it a bare'faced concern" That will please all desires" 0nowing you breed a crowd ou’ll let down after awhile The dead is walking by'' failure In a world broken down )y each of our demise We catch a glimpse 1f a spoiled reflection -rom a mirror held against 1ur own free will What value it brings now -or every drop of blood That pleads the name Integrity -alling& into the ground I can feel my life disappear And I try to save what is left of my conscience /unished repeatedly 2by your hatred3 +et me speak of my horrid $udgment !hameful& offensive perception In a world broken down by treachery All small hopes are deemed to be useless& unimportant And time doesn’t matter It is not on our side We’re now only armed with a brilliant memory /ower is a delight ou would not let it go Bilateral All wounds are drawn from only one cause .

ot the coward *ungry and selfish our child is a bastard son The Drone Sequence (on’t be sure 1f your poor actions I want you to give it up ou have lain to waste What I’ve always strived for With $ust one weak lie /ass it off ou are $ust an illusion .ever'ending se4uence 5voke the coward Within the worst of you And all you know now Take the part of a filthy& bastard son And what would be left of me" To risk a lifetime -or what is less on the line It will never be worth it To 4uestion a familiar comfort That you have always lusted for It’s cheap and unsurprising I know it too well now It will never be worth it To 4uestion a familiar'' fact& It’s only a fantasy Wake up and eat the prize 1f your rotten victory 6’mon and cover up what outrage ou have brought to the table It’s cheap and very unsurprising .ow pass onto us all your imperfections Nine to Five Comfort !weet like food in The eyes of hungry child !elfish for the whole thing .ou won’t keep me alive I bear your mistakes as if they were mine Why must I carry the burden for you" Wounds are drawn from only one cause .

o& you’re not worth it )reak these ties and claim your prize It will return to you All of this torment will put you away Turn down your lies ou aim to change )ut it will make no difference It’s an expected manner -rom anyone like you ou have made this place your grave 7est assured you’ll die alone It will make no difference ou’re all alone .And not anything better Than what you think There isn’t anything new Why won’t you operate" And so you feel you’ve changed ou feel there’s no one Who bleeds the same" 5xposed& you’ve seen disgrace ou feel there’s no one (ie& pretender our life has slipped away ou are not what you think Hy ocrite Auction Tied to a loathsome life 5xisting in cruelty Impairing every privilege 1ur efforts are for your profit ou’re useless 5pitome of disgrace Working with you Is $ust a waste of time !peak your lies of perfect sights It is not my concern And we’ll not follow the customs 6arry out fictional ideas That will discolour every worth 1f passive and gullible minds ou are useless and a waste of time /reacher& you have spoken lies 1f perfect sights .

ot a single mark is missing )ut there is no other choice )ecause no one’s even well enough !uddenly I learned you are The same who’ll destroy it all I asked for pleasure -or infinite perfection ou fed this make'believe And drew us to deception 7an off to a brighter one )ut instead of finding better I stumbled upon these *orrible replicas I have come to realize That you are the consolation Worth disposing away .Breed !lastic ou’ve built the most pale design 1ur very source of amusement I watched you shape us all .ow I finally understand That I have known little 1f my awful restraint We were left with no choice (oesn’t mean that We cannot detach from it I watched you shape us all And not a single mark is missing )ecause no one can do the same )ut suddenly I learned you are Also the same one Who’ll tear down everything !ooner than we even ask for pleasure (on’t even think you’re better for me& /rize'maker "e #no$ "here %ou &ive 6oming up to tear your ethics our refuge can’t help you All your pride& give it to me I’ll make sure ou’ll get what you’ve earned I am the perpetrator /roduced by your stupid ire My intention’s resolved .

ive it up& I won’t let go .ive it up8 6ome on& give it up fully 6overing it up& avoiding the fall our techni4ues won’t work anymore It’s always been predictable What caused your delight Will bring your collapse ou have lost all your pride All plans that you have in mind .I $ust won’t let go torturing To finish you off ou’ve done nothing 5nough is enough All of these odds& you have wasted .ive it up& ou are always up to something ou never learned 6overing it up& avoiding the fall our techni4ues won’t work anymore It’s always been predictable I’ll make sure you’ll get what you’ve earned What gave you pleasure Will also be the one To put you down ou have lost all your pride I’ll make sure you’ll get what you have earned our reasons baffle me .othing is enough for you It can’t save you All of your pride I’ll make sure you’ll get what you’ve earned 6ome on& give it up fully .