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Fellows 2K4 J. Werden Critical Biopolitical Geopolitical Representations ANC 1-10 Links India 11-12 Africa 13-16 Representations 17-19 State 20-21 Peacekeeping 22 ‘Nation Building 23 ‘Threats 24-26 Us/Them 27-28 Enemy 29 Spheres 30 Order 31 People Categories 32 Save Other 33 Defend Boundaries 34-36 Hegemony 37 Regional Conflict 38 ‘State Weapons 39 War Strategy 40 Nuclear War 44 Security Discourse 42-43 “Implications State Violence 44-46 Internal Violence 47 Violence Against Other 48 War 49-52 ‘Militarism/Biopolitics 53-54 Culture 55 Ontology Key 56-57 Alternatives Rejection 58-59 Think Outside 60-62 Paradigm Shift 68 Uncover Discourse 64-65 Question Representation 66-67 Historical Analysis 68-69 Other Stuff AT: Links to Ttself 70 AT: Borders Inevitable 71 AT: Realism Inevitable 72 AT: Rationality Good 73 AT: Krauthammer 74 AT: Levinas 75-77 Cuomo 78 (Cheatina) Skte > Ore Na JI.“ eelen ve The creshny 0 pyr dives grops CE Ah bake ‘sttapt — by 74 4 beget rbot -— wd dople enter — o-tsiite oursyle ae Shapiro, 97. (Michael J., Violent Cartographies) FReverthiless: the (OPC OE agAeatation persist; andithose that ate Uces“of selfhood and sng othiée\things, *peb particulary threatehing toteeplesencat nationhood 'as cohefent and nid ripheral sesialities” (hens the veten pin the military/a confit at thelevelf odls of thai) and Various oil uta! nisms (iene the Bent struggle erat enenf Adding a dimen sion to Herinait Melville’ insights-ab Gls of history, Slavoj Zitek has argued, Withjira Laeanian Grive for colicient identity’at either i i the form ofa Sea inode peered {daiigerols Chatict ‘types did outlaw nations. “AS Zigekonotes, itis not an external eheniy hide prevents one from ‘athievitig an‘identity with’ oneself; that coherences always already im- pdsible, Bu the nonacteprance of that impossibility produces fantasy in the formoFani snatio the function of which ito pro- vide support filling out the subjec’s constitutive void” When this ind Sarto antagonism Ibis ci Sire efythatss p isordered condition of stragglé behind. Y L Vv ee Of rypc. Wn -4- Ze Felle-y XE bocfar We This nythotogiring of origi hich constructs the society 25a natu rally bounded and consensual community, isa paltcal story hat those