Code No: R21025


SET - 2


a) Explain about different excitation methods of DC Generators.


b) An 8 pole wave connected DC generator has 900 armature conductors and flux/pole of 0.04 Wb. At what speed it must be driven to generate 500V.


a) Explain with help of neat sketches the phenomenon of commutation in DC machines. State and discuss the methods adopted for minimizing the sparking at the brushes. (7M+8M)


a) Give the materials and functions of the following parts of a DC machine: i) Field poles ii) Yoke iii) Commutator iv) Commutating poles v) Armature


a) Explain about demagnetizing AT/pole and cross magnetizing AT/pole in DC generators. b) A lap wound, 4 pole DC generator with 480 armature conductors supplies 72 A. The brushes are given an actual lead of 120 (mechanical). Calculate the cross magnetizing AT/ pole. (9M+6M) a) What are the factors which will affect the voltage build up in self excited DC generators? (7M+8M)


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a) Mention the differences between lap and wave windings. What is the current per path of the armature if the armature winding is simplex wave wound or simplex lap wound? The machine has 12 poles. Determine the EMF generated.com Code No: R21025 R10 SET . wave wound.www. Armature reaction may be ignored. b) A 4-pole.4Ω and 200Ω respectively. (7M+8M) 3. shunt field and armature resistances are 0. shunt generator has armature and field resistances of 0.jntuworld. 750rpm.03 Ω. b) A dynamo has a rated armature current at 250 A. Contact drop per brush is 1V. a) What are the essential conditions for voltage build up of a self excited DC generator? b) A long shunt generator supplies a load current of 180A at a terminal voltage of 400V. The series field. The armature has 720 conductors and the flux per pole is 29×10-3 Wb. (7M+8M) 4.04 Ω respectively.3 (7M+8M) (7M+8M) 2. (7M+8M) 1 of 2 . a) Explain the process of commutation in DC generator? Mention its types. If the load resistance is 10Ω. determine the terminal voltage of the machine. 200 Ω and 0.

generator and derive EMF equation for the same. a) What is the purpose of compensating winding? How the number of turns per pole for compensating winding determined? 4. The flux per pole is 50 m Wb. Calculate EMF generated.com Code No: R21025 R10 SET .C.jntuworld. (9M+6M) 3. a) What is critical speed? How do you calculate the critical speed in laboratory? (9M+6M) 1 of 2 .www.4 2. a) Explain the principle of operation of D. b) A 6-pole lap wound DC generator has an armature with 90 slots and 6 conductors per slot and rotates at 1200 rpm.

jntuworld.4 .com Code No: R21025 R10 SET .www.

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