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Standard API 14E : Recommended Practice for design & Installation of Offshore Production Platform System API Spec 5L: Spec for Line Pipe ASME B16.3 Process Piping ASME B31.8 Gas Transmission and Distribution Piping System ASME B31.4 Pipeline Trasportation System for Liquid HC & Other Liquid MSS SP 44: Steel Pipeline Flange MSS-SP-58 Pipe Hangers and Supports - Material, Design & Manufacture MSS-SP-69: Pipe Hangers and Support - Selection and application



P-1500 A/B/C


1. Line size: 1-1/4, 2-1/2, 3-1/2, 5, 22 not be used except with specifially. If d<1/2 is not used 2. Corrosion: based on Project material selection study report 3. Branch connection shall normally be at a 90o intersection to be run pipe 4. Evalation : where possible, a minimum of 600mm or more between changes in elevation of pipe runs in pipeways/piperack 5. Distance between Piping & Fitting: With out Flange: minimum distance is 50 to 75mm for all piping system With Flange: minimum distance is 30 mm for all piping system Minimum distance from underside of pipe or insulation to high point of deck level or platform shall be 200 mm Minimum distance from outside pipe or insulation to face of steelwork is 75 mm Minimum distance from flange edge or insulation to face of steelwork is 75 mm 6. Distance piping & other equipment: Minimum clear access width between adjacent vessel(insulation thickness to be added) Minimum clear access width between operation & service areas around diesel driven equipment turbine, compressor Minimum clear width between pumps, exchanger, small vessel and piping manifold Minimum clear headroom over platform and walkways Minimum clear headroom over stairways Minimum clear headroom in operation areas Minimum clear headroom in main escape routes 7. Vent & Drain Process vent & drain shall be minimum 3/4" NPS 8. Hydrostatic Test No less than 1,5 time the design pressure (ASME B31.3) 9. According material CS material is connection with SS regulary, Duplex is accordingly with duplex material If t < 60oC can chose the SS replaced Duplex material (same class) 9. Leak Test not less than 1.5 times the design Pressure Testing Fluid is water For design temperature above testing temperature is minimum pressure as above equation:

10. Pneumatic leak Test Test fluid is gas (non-toxic) if is not air Test Pressure is 110% design pressure Tets procedure is more award of ASME B31.3/2004, page of 78 11. Using Spectacle Blind or Removable Spool ?

12. Best practice :

Liquid Velocity = 1 to 3.5 m/s, 1 m/s to prevent the suspended solid settling and maximum is 3.5 to av Gas Velocity = 20 m/s is best practice and maximum is 0.2 Mach for more normal, more frequent relie 13. Spectacle and Spacers

of pipe runs in pipeways/piperacks

el or platform shall be 200 mm

riven equipment

1000 mm 1500 mm 900 2300 2300 2300 2300 mm mm mm mm mm

ve equation:

settling and maximum is 3.5 to avoid the erosion and abrasion (applied for CS material) more normal, more frequent relief's = 0.5 Match

1. Vessel with manhole when D > 24", Man-hole diameter minimum = 500 (20 in) mm (always take on 600 mm) 2. Choice the Horizontal & Vertical Vessel: Vertical Vapour is great & Small of liquid(light & heavy liquid total) < 10 - 20% by weight) 3. Choice Boot & Weir: (JGC standard) Boot : is used when volume oF heavy liquid not substantial( <15 - 20 %) Weir : is used when volume oF heavy liquid not substantial( >15 - 20 %) 4. If weir or baffle to prevent sand, wax(not 3-phase separator), can take the hieght = LALL 5.Pressure drop in test separator, FWS (Full wellhead stream header), test header = 50 to 100 kPa. 6. Test multiphase Flow Meter(MPFM) 70 kPa, Gaslift choke valve 200 kPa, Gaslift Header 50 kPa

ys take on 600 mm)

1.The depressurising calculations will be performed in HYSYS and is based on the AP1521 criterion which is to depressure to 5 2. Maximum the gas velocity in blowdown line = 60 m/s and Mach < 0.7 ( Mach = V/Vs) Vs = 91.2*(k.T/M)^0.5 k : Cp/Cv T : GasTemperature (oK) Vs: SonicVelocity M: Molecular Weight 3. Minimum pipe diameter is 2" in inlet & outlet blowdown pipe

terion which is to depressure to 50% of the design pressure or 6.9 barg whichever is lower in 15 minutes


1. Shell Nozzle height atmosphere tank

1. Voting to accuracy control request type of 2002 voting: when both of signal is likely that SDS will working type of 2003 voting: When tow in tree voting is likely the signal that SDS will working