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Project Title P.No.

Supervisor(s) Choice 1 Continuous bioreactor for bacterial degradation of petroleum hydrocarbons from wastewater AKG 2 Synthesis and characterization of thin film composite membrane AKG+GP 3 Fabrication, characterization and modeling of polymer membranes with dispersed nanoparticles AK+VK 4 Design of membrane separator for hydrogen removal from water gas AK+RKU 5 Development and characterization of graphene supported Pt catalyst for PEM fuel cell AV CO2 capture and conversion to fuel 6 AV 7 AG+VVG Photo stability of iron-organo complexes formed during fenton oxidation processes 8 Studies on simultaneously chromium and phenol removal using biological technique AG+CD 9 Multiphase Flow in porous media AS 10 Numerical simulation and experimental studies on two phase flow in microchannels AS 11 Crystallization of diblock copolymer AKDM 12 AKDM Nanoparticle dispersion and aggregation in polymer nanocomposites 13 Diffusion reaction based modeling for CO2 absorption into aqueous blends of 2-amino-2-hydroxymethyl-1,3- BPM propanediol and monoethanolamine 14 Gas phase volumetric overall mass transfer coefficient measurement for CO2 absorption into aqueous BPM blends of 2-amino-2-hydroxymethyl-1,3-propanediol and monoethanolamine 15 Fouling and cleaning characteristics of spiral wound membrane modules CD+AG 16 Treatment of aqueous pollutants using spinning basket membrane module CD+KM 17 Mesoscale transport of complex fluids DB 18 Dewetting and external field induced fabrication of functional nanostructures DB 19 Preparation and characterization of low-cost ceramic membranes for wastewater treatment KM 20 Influence of epoxidation and hydroxylation on the properties of methyl ester KM+VVG 21 Selective methanation study of carbon monoxides MD 22 Preparation and characterization of nanocatalysts MD 23 Synthesis of divalent nanoparticles chain MKP 24 Synthesis of ligand coated nanoparticles MKP 25 Transport phenomena of confined tandem spheroid particles in power-law liquids NK 26 NK Transport phenomena of confined tandem elliptical cylinders in power-law liquids 27 Electrical and rheological properties of fluid-fluid interfaces PG 28 Purification of water and wastewater by microbubble-aided ozonation PG 29 Offset elimination in state space based model predictive controller PS 30 PS Model predictive control using kautz filters 31 Artificial intelligence based multi-objective optimization for combinatorial problems PK 32 Dimensionality reduction using principal component analysis PK 33 Development and characterization of poly (methyl methacrylate)(PMMA)/layered double hydroxide (LDH) GP nanocomposites Removal of dyes from its aqueous solution using charged inorganic membranes 34 GP+AKG Study of next generation nuclear reactor (pebble bed reactor) through radiotracer experiments and CFD 35 RKU simulations Scale-up of multiphase flow vessels through non-invasive experiments and CFD simulations 36 RKU 37 RGU+MKP Cross flow microfiltration of juice using ceramic membranes 38 Measurement of adsorption on flexible frameworks SG 39 Desulfurization of liquid fuels using metal organic frameworks SG 40 SKM Process intensification of oil beneficiation by areation 41 SKM+TKM Drag reduction of high viscous two-phase flow in pipeline Co-solvent effects in the aromatic extraction with ionic liquids 42 TB+KM 43 Phase equilibria studies of Ionic liquid mixture using PC-SAFT equation of state TB+AK TKM+AKDM Viscous oil-water flow though undulated pipeline 44 45 TKM Hydrodynamic of liquid-liquid flow in inclined pipeline Simultaneous extraction and transesterification of non-edible oil seeds for biodiesel production 46 VVG Studies on pyrolysis behavior of different biomass derived materials 47 VVG 48 Sonochemical synthesis and characterization of ferrites VSM 49 Sonoenzymatic degradation of wastewater from petroleum refineries and petrochemical industries VSM 50 Synthesis and characterization of degradable thermoset resins VK 51 Fabrication of biopolymer based nano-crystals for high performance applications VK

Department of Chemical Engineering: MTP Topics for July 2011 students

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