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to design site-specific public art installations that have the ability to harness energy cleanly from nature and convert it to electricity for the utility grid. In partnership with New York Citys Department of Parks & Recreation, the 2012 LAGI competition was held for a site within Freshkills Park. At 2,200 acres, Freshkills Park will be almost three times the size of Central Park and the largest park developed in New York City in over 100 years. The transformation of what was formerly the worlds largest landfill into a productive and beautiful cultural destination will make the park a symbol of renewal and an expression of how our society can restore balance to its landscape. The expansiveness of the design site at Freshkills Park presents the opportunity to power the equivalent of thousands of homes with the artwork.

lagi competition

The 2012 Land Art Generator Initiative (LAGI) competition is

Visitors are invited to partake in a 600-metre journey along the Eastern Mound of Freshkills Park, in essence marking the flightpath of migratory birds journeying over the manmade landform. The meandering installation, encompassing the dynamic movement of a birds wing in 50 variations. Ample sunlight penetration through the transparent tensile structure will allow for the ongoing cultivation of plant growth below. In Flightaic, the form of a birds wing has been restructured and re-interpreted to create a series of overlapping wings, welded together in a steel tensile structure. The wings shall resist lateral movement by way of attaching to a galvanized steel mesh. As these wings touch down to the ground, the fabric and subsequently this form of alternative energy becomes readily tangible and visually accessible to visitors. Flightaic shall make use of renewable and natural, organic materials for its fabric membrane. The fabric will be composed of amorphous silicon, which is characterized by a random molecular structure that allows for the greater absorption of photons from extreme angles and therefore greater productivity. In this installation, each set of bird wings span approximately 60 metres and on average rise two storeys in height at its peak. Flightaic encompasses approximately 6.2 acres, just 3% of East Park alone. Flightaic strives to create dialogue on a number of integral themes landscape, wildlife, and a tangible form of alternative energy.

lagi competition

lagi competition

The Freshkills Park Visual Interpretive Centre creates an interactive learning experience through exhibitions and personal explorations. The centre encompasses: Five unique viewing galleries, each theme represents an element of the Freshkills Park A collection of viewfinders at different scales (in the form of viewfinding windows and lookouts) A system of elevated paths/ walkways culminating between strategically placed look out points A large interior courtyard for picnics, and outdoor games Functional recreation storage (bicycles, fishing gear, sporting equipment etc.) for public use
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interpretive centre

The town of Lunenburg, a UNESCO world heritage site, was the vehicle for the study of the house in the city. The house is a formal expression of intentions toward its program, interior environment, and ecological content. The house is situated on a hill with a public staircase running along side it to draw the community into the site.


The 2012 Dalhousie Architecture Freelab focused on a small building called the Sheiling Hut along the Eastern Shore of Halifax. The Sheiling Hut will act as a gathering and cooking space for campers and travelling cyclists. Locally harvested round wood timber was used to create the self supporting reciprocal roof. Each of the walls of the sheiling hut incorporates a different method of earth construction such as straw bale, wattle and daub and cord wood.

free lab 2012


Through the use of sculpture, drawing, and photography this collection of images exhibits different techniques used to abstractly represent movement, perspective and colour exploration.


gain an understanding of an architectural work by an inspiring architect. The complex site of the Brion Cemetery by Carlos Scarpa was studied in depth through representational drawings and detailed models.

case study

The purpose of this assignment was to

to design a room with a purpose for an open, flat site. The elevated room is intended to work as a viewfinder to frame the exterior view for an artist. The exterior hearth initiates further exploration into the interior space.


The intention of this assignment was

The school is a new shared facility to bring together the Faculties of Engineering and Architecture & Design at Dalhousie University. The emphasis of communal gathering spaces and developed green-space will allow students from different disciplines to interact. By sharing workspaces a cross-pollination of ideas will occur naturally and lead to a richer education experience.


The intention of this free lab was to design a summer kitchen using natural building systems and permaculture principals at a community centre on Nova Scotias Eastern Shore. A variety of natural building techniques such as straw bale construction, cob, earth plasters and milk paints were explored.

free lab 2011






the guidelines of the 2011 RIBA pylon design competition. The design was based on a system of isolated triangles connected with pin joints and a central tension member to support two point loads on either end.

structure week

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