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• Sign up and be a member of KABATAAN Partylist. Establish a chapter in your school, workplace or community. • Lead and support campaigns for youth and people’s welfare. • Hold regular discussions on KABATAAN Party-list’s programs and platform and pressing issues that affect the youth and the nation.

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KABATAAN Party-list believes that the youth should devote its intellect, energy and courage to building a new society devoid of corruption, inequality and social injustice. It supports youth and student-led organizations working for social, political, economic, cultural and environmental justice in the Philippines, and enjoins youth from all walks of life to foster active participation in nation-building, good governance and social change.

• Make KABATAAN Party-list known to all through mobile technology and the internet. • Hold fund raising activities to support the projects and activities of KABATAAN Party-list. •Show your support for KABATAAN Party-list by joining our regular visits to different schools and communities. Invite friends, classmates, coemployees and colleagues to all activities and events sponsored by KABATAAN Party-list. This coming elections, we stand for principled leadership, for honest officials and for change. Now more than ever is the time for the youth to be involved. Our future IS our choice. Kabataan, pag-asa ng bayan. Tayo ang Pagbabago! KABATAAN, Tayo ang Pagbabago! http://www.kabataanpartylist.com kabataanpartylist@gmail.com cong.mongpalatino@gmail.com


KABATAAN Party-list is working to galvanize the Filipino youth’s unity for social change. It encourages the youth to work collectively with other sectors to build a bright future. It upholds, promotes and defends the interest of the youth to be able to harness its fullest potential as a sector.

and the protection and conservation of national patrimony. Assert the youth’s right to decent living. MONG PALATINO 29-year-old Mong Palatino is considered as one of the most brilliant youth leaders in the country. adequate jobs for new graduates. Kabataan Party-list reaffirms the youth’s vanguard role and leadership in social transformation and nation building. good governance and social change. PROGRAM OF ACTION 1. Empower the youth to encourage them to take on active participation in nation-building. He is also the first blogger to be elected Congressman. leadership and skills training and other activities that cater to the needs and interests of young Filipinos. 4. respect for national patrimony. FIRST YOUTH REPRESENTATIVE CONG. equal opportunities and humane living conditions.: E-mail: Paaralan/Kurso(kung nag-aaral): Iskedyul: Saan Nakarehistro: Precinct no. Anakbayan and Kabataang Artisa para sa Tunay na Kalayaan – Kabataan Party-list vigorously campaigns for youth and students’ interests and demands concerning education and employment.) 3. 2. Assert and safeguard national independence. environment. Drawing inspiration from great youth leaders and the first youth party in the Philippines. sports. Uphold the youth’s fundamental rights and democratic interests (education.the National Union of Students. Kabataan party-list remains at the forefront of youth and students’ campaigns against unabated tuition and miscellaneous fee increases. health. College Editors Guild. Guarantee the participation and representation of the youth in all affairs of governance and decision-making bodies of government. It continues to give primacy to the promotion of holistic development and genuine youth empowerment through volunteer work. In 2004. etc. Mong was recognized by the Quezon City government for exemplary youth leadership and was awarded by the United Nations Association of the Philippines as an Outstanding Youth Leader for Advocacy on National Concerns. Young Philippines. as well as young individuals that reflect the diversity of their communities and social status. the defense and recognition of human rights and civil liberties which include consumer rights and the right to health. Kabataan Partylist is a large network of energized and pro-active young people who are leaders in various organizations and formations. love and loyalty to the country. Student Christian Movement of the Philippines. for higher state subsidy for education. He was chairperson of the University Student Council of the University of the Philippines (UP) Diliman in 2000 and president of the National Union of Students of the Philippines (NUSP).: . 5. the largest alliance of tertiary student councils nationwide from 2001 to 2003. He is also one of the leading youth veterans of EDSA Dos. Pangalan: Tirahan: Edad: Cell No.SOLE YOUTH PARTY-LIST KABATAAN Partylist is the first and only youth representative in Philippine Congress today. the League of Filipino Students. Together with some of its founding organizations . employment.

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