After invoking blessings of MA Sarswati a deity of wisdom and in the benign presence of my great teachers I may be permitted to utter the call of my conscience that coming events cast their shadows before or let me say simply that some are born great, some have achieved greatness and greatness have been thrust upon someone. Among the classes every baby is presumed to be a successful man in future, if proper care and grooming of baby is done at right time and every possible opportunity is given wisely by parents to grow a child in right direction. Like a banyan tree a child may grow with all possibilities to brighten his or her life on its own efforts. It is known to all that a healthy seed of a plant grows in fertile land only ; A bullet hits an ob ect at the target!s distance when it is fired with good gun and by an e"pert. #his implies that a physically $ mentally healthy child should be given every possible opportunities to brighten his or her future since very beginning else there is no use to lock the stable door when the steed is already stolen and it should be always remembered by both parents and children at an early stage to strike the iron while it is hot.

%very potter praises his or her pot .&ut fortune favours the brave who makes effort timely. &ut it should not be forgotten that coming events cast their shadows before. 'owever a child, who would sow well in his or her childhood, must reap well in the long run of his or her life and no doubt his or her future would be bright. (lease keep remembering that he is destined to suffer a lot who will only en oy in his or her childhood as childhood is the first ray to bright future. It is wise suggestion to follow the path full of brightness in childhood. It is also correct to say beyond any doubt that bright future of a child depends upon his or her healthy body, sharp mind and timely effort made for it since childhood. it is an old saying that A healthy mind in a healthy body or )a sound mind in a healthy body* is an ideal to strive for. #hose babies are +uite lucky who are born healthy and sharp minded. &ut it does not mean that they are deprived of bright future who are not born with silver spoon in his or her mouth and are not born healthy and sharp minded.

and using those interests to foster curiosity lays down the wiring that ultimately stimulates your baby!s brain to grow and develop. daily physical $ mental e"ercise. but that comes from thinking. %"perts also say that simply loving and nurturing your baby will also do wonders for turning up the wattage on the child!s brain power. today. healthy food stuff and congenial life is also very necessary for every child without any fail. It is very necessary to add here that parents who belong to mentally gutter class can never produce a noble baby as it is known to all and well accepted old saying that who gathers seed of thistles must not e"pect pickles in coming future. paying attention to what interests your baby. /hat occurs during the first five years of life can have an enormous impact on not only how well the baby!s brain develops at the moment. %"perts are doing a lot on this burning need now and e"perts have suggested age activity guide for . but how well that baby learns and grows throughout their lifetime. %"perts say among the best ways is to read with them. &y doing these things regularly brain of a baby develops properly what is must for a baby to brighten his or her future. it!s a new form of . Little manifestations of energy through the muscles are called work. Indeed. Swami 0ivekananda i has said that doing is very good. what we do know is ust how great a role natural parenting instincts can play in putting your baby on the fast track to talk. playing with your baby. but now days it seems very necessary that how to make sharp minded baby. &ut where there is .Seeing the great importance of developed brain at an early stage.. 'owever e"perts say baby brain development is still largely a mystery. months baby to onward. Although (arents have always wanted the best for their babies. that how to raise a smart baby is a key focus of conversation and concern. e"perts suggests that talking to your baby. -rom maternity wards to toddler play groups to mommy chat rooms. -or healthy body and sharp mind of a child.

-ill the brain. place them day and night before you. with high thoughts. highest thought. and out of that will come great work. It is the duty of parents to make their babies healthy and mentally sharp by making every possible effort what they can do and on other hand it is the moral duty of their children to come out successful as their parents e"pect from them provided children are provided every facility and environment according to their need. therefore. there will be no work. #hese teachings fully apply to both parents and children. May Almighty help us in following right path full of brightness1 .

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