Urge the Legislature to Put a Marriage Amendment on the Ballot
The Indiana legislature passed a Marriage Protection Amendment in 2011. According to state law, the matter must pass a second vote in the legislature in order to be put on the ballot. Help us send the message to the legislature that they should pass this measure now and let the people of the state vote on the amendment in November 2014!
It is critical that these members of the Indiana legislature hear from their constituents today that Hoosiers deserve the right to vote on marriage. Please contact as many of them as you can today.

Print out this call sheet to keep track of your efforts.

Here’s what to say:
Indiana voters have the right to vote to protect marriage. This right was upheld by the Supreme Court last summer in the two cases involving marriage. Marriage concerns everyone and therefore this matter cannot be left to the courts and the legislature. Please vote YES on the Marriage Protection Amendment and put this crucial bill before the voters in 2014!

Here’s who to call:
Rep. Daniel Leonard (R) District 50 Rep. Todd Huston (R) District 37 Rep. Rebecca Kubacki (R) District 22 Rep. Ron Bacon (R) District 75 Rep. Cindy Kirchhofer (R) District 89 Rep. Kathleen Heuer (R) District 83

W: 317-232-9793 EMAIL: H50@in.gov W: 317-234-9380 W: 317-232-9619 EMAIL: H22@in.gov W: 317-232-9674 EMAIL: H75@in.gov W: 317-232-9793 EMAIL: H89@in.gov W: 317-232-9647 EMAIL: H83@in.gov
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H: 260-356-5122 H: 317-263-4432 H: 574-457-4458 H: 812-867-3227 H: 317-786-2712 H: 260-691-8080

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EMAIL: tohuston@gmail.com

Call Sheet for Indiana Marriage Amendment
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Rep. Kevin Mahan (R) District 31 Rep. Sharon Negele (R) District 13 Rep. Cindy Ziemke (R) District 55 Rep. Steven James Braun (R) District 24 Rep. Benjamin Smaltz (R) District 52 Rep. Randy Truitt (R) District 26 Rep. Patrick Bauer (D) District 6 Rep. Jim Lucas (R) District 69 Rep. Thomas E. Saunders (R) District 54 Rep. Kathy Richardson (R) District 29 Rep. Wendy McNamara (R) District 76 Sen. Randy Head (R) District 18 Sen. C. Susan Glick (R) District 13 Sen. Thomas Wyss (R) District 15 Sen. Phil Boots (R) District 23

W: 317-232-9509 EMAIL: H31@in.gov W: 317-232-9816 EMAIL: H13@in.gov W: 317-232-9850 EMAIL: H55@in.gov W: 317-232-9863 EMAIL: H24@in.gov W: 317-232-9648 EMAIL: H52@in.gov W: 317-232-9643 | EMAIL: H26@in.gov W: 317-232-9991 EMAIL: H6@in.gov W: 317-232-9674 EMAIL: H69@in.gov W: 317-232-9850 EMAIL: H54@in.gov W: 317-232-9647 EMAIL: H29@in.gov W: 317-232-9671 EMAIL: H76@in.gov W: 317-232-9488 EMAIL: S18@in.gov W: 317-232-9493 W: 317-232-9807 EMAIL: S15@in.gov W: 317-234-9054 EMAIL: S23@in.gov | | H: 260-463-7414 H: 260-637-9977 EMAIL: S13@in.goiv | H: 765-987-7572 | H: 812-523-3985 | H: 574-234-4318 H: 765-463-1737 | H: 260-925-3450 | O: 317-733-0202 | O: 317-232-9626 | H: 765-348-8936


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