For Immediate Release October 25, 2013

Has a Secret Deal Been Reached? Republican Candidates Claim Samuel Everitt and Oliver Heckman Elementary Schools “Saved from Closure”
Middletown Township, PA – In the race for Middletown Supervisor, campaign mailers distributed throughout the township today claim Bill Oettinger “saved Oliver Heckman and Samuel Everitt Elementary Schools from closure.” This directly contradicts the public statements made by the Neshaminy School Board regarding school consolidation on September 10, 2013 when board President Ritchie Webb said “We may close some buildings if that is unavoidable.” If the Oettinger - Leonhauser campaign is claiming that the two schools have been saved from closure, does that mean a secret deal been reached, or is this an attempt at deliberate deception of the voters? Oettinger’s claim that he “stopped Kitzmiller’s plan to close our schools” not only directly contradicts his earlier statements, Oettinger, not Kitzmiller, is the chairman of the school board Ad Hoc committee charged with overseeing school consolidation. Any plan to close the schools is his. Missy Kitzmiller, Democratic candidate for supervisor says, “They have accused me of voting to close schools when I am not an elected official, nor in any position to vote on anything. Any claim that the schools have been “saved” is an attempt to deceive Middletown voters.” Kitzmiller’s running mate Rich Nuttall comments, “It is shameful that our Republican opponents have resorted to hiding behind lies and innuendo, rather than talk about the real issues facing Middletown.” To learn the truth, we encourage Middletown residents to contact their school board representatives and demand an answer.       Ritchie Webb, School Board President: Mark Shubin: Mike Morris: Irene Boyle: Bill Oettinger: Anthony Sposato:, (215) 945-9322

Contacts: Julie Smith, Campaign Manager Missy Kitzmiller, Candidate Rich Nuttall, Candidate

267.334.9990, 267.228.5467, 215.828.2734,


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