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1 SHEVAT, 5774 • JAN 2, 2014

Question: Why shouldn't I go to college?

- A Mesivta Bochur

Answer: Who says you shouldn't? The question is, should you? and the answer is no you shouldn't. If you have a plan you wanna go to college.... Should you go? No you shouldn't go. College is not a good thing. It's really not a good thing. if you have a definite plan. ! You want to to be a lawyer, you have to go to law school. If you Davke want to be a doctor, you have to go to medical school but most of the things that you're going to learn getting there are Bubbe Maises, its a waste of time. It has nothing to do with being a doctor has nothing to with being a lawyer. Its Stam. Its!Narish.! The system is all messed up. And that's why everybody, ! Goyim, who go to college, are frustrated. Its a bad system. ! If there's a want to be a doctor you go directly to medical school. That would make sense. But you have to go through four years of Narishkeit before you can into a medical school? Its a really ridiculous system. So basically what the Rebbe said not to go college, the Rebbe meant two things:! Number one, people worshiped college. "You have to go to college!" The Rebbe wanted to destroy that Avoda Zara. Stop it. You don't HAVE to go college. That was the first thing.!

The second thing is, if you're not solid in your Yiras Shamayim and ! in ! your Emunah, college can kill you, because its poison. It poisons everything. Basically, college says, nothing is true. That's college. It didn't start o! that way, but now that's what it is. The whole Chochma of college is, 'nothing is true. You can decide for yourself what's real and what's not.' Its a sickness. Its ridiculous. And people are complaining. Goyim are complaining. Colleges are a ridiculous... I just heard, there was this guy, a professor, a Lubavitcher, who worked for the Pentagon. He worked for the government and most of what he did was highly classified secret. and they trusted him enough that he was involved in all the top secret projects. Missiles and spies and all sorts of things. Before he took the job in Washington, he asked the Rebbe and the Rebbe said you can go on the condition that you learn an hour of Chassidus every morning. So he did. For almost 30 years he worked!in Washington!for the government and every morning he learned an hour of Chassidus. ! The man was a genius. Transcribed excerpt from “ULY Mesivta - Shiur Gimmel Class 1” an open forum discussion with Rabbi Manis Friedman and ULY Mesivta, full audio available on

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