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NURS 1556 Clinical Medication Worksheet Karen Nielsen

Generic Trade Classification Dose Route Time/frequency

Name Name Antiulcer agent
proton - pump 20 mg Po QD
Omeprazole Prilosec inhibitor
Peak Onset Duration For IV meds, compatibility with IV drips and /or solutions
Within 2 hr Within 1 hr 72-96 hr
Mechanism of action and indications: Nursing Implications (what to focus on):
(Why med ordered) Contraindications/warnings/interactions
Watch for metabolic alkalosis. Rx can increase risk for
Reduces gastric acid secretion by irreversibly pneumonia due to decreased gastric pH, which promotes
inhibiting the enzyme that produces gastric acid. bacteria colonization of stomach and respiratory tract.
May interact with phenytoin,
For GERD. Common side effects:
CNS-dizziness, drowsiness, fatigue, H/A, weakness.
CV-chest pain
GI- abdominal pain, acid regurgitation, constipation,
diarrhea, flatulence, N/V.
Derm- itching, rash

Interactions with other patient drugs, OTC or Lab value alterations caused by medicine:
herbal medicines: (ask patient specifically) May increase AST, ALT, alkaline phosphatase, bilirubin.
Monitor CBC with diff periodically during tx.
On Dilantin (phenytoin) for Tic disorder. Serum gastrin levels may rise during first 1-2 weeks.
Be sure to teach the patient the following about this
Omeprazole may increase the effects of phenytoin. medication:
Should take once daily before eating.
Avoid alcohol, NSAIDs, and foods that may increase GI
Capsules should be swallowed whole. May be opened and
sprinkled on cool applesauce, entire mixture ingested
immediately and followed with a drink of water
Nursing Process- Assessment Assessment Evaluation
(Pre-administration assessment) Why would you hold or not give Check after giving
this med?
Assess for epigastric or abdominal pain If pt reports or exhibits signs of Decrease in symptoms of
and frank or occult blood in the stool, or severe abdominal or epigastric pain, GERD.
emesis. has frank or occult blood in stool or