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Fundamentals about water structure

Physical properties of the structurized water (IE)
( IE - ice formed under electric field )


V [ cm3]



Krzysztof Michalak
temp. [C]

Biophysics Department University of Medical Sciences of Poznań (Poland)






The atypical relation Volume (Temp) The ice clusters must exist in the ordinary water, water, but what is the size and stability of these clusters? clusters?

What is the size of the cluster? cluster?
Student’s textbook:„Harper Biochemistry”, Biochemistry”, 2001:
Let’s analyze the simple cube of 27 molecules Let’s remove every 3rd bond of the model. Every H20 possesses 4 instead of 6 bonds. bonds. n=3 - is the number of molecules in 1 dimension. dimension. Total number of molecules is n3 =27 The number of bonds B= 2n2(n(n-1) =36 The number of ends of bonds 2B = 4n2(n(n-1) =72 The mean number of bonds per molecule for n=3 = 72 / 27 = 2.67
Let solve the equation: equation: We get n=8 …

The mean number of hydrogen bonds in the ordinary water is

(for the ice it is 4) Only 12.5 % of the bonds is decaying during the melting process !!!

4n2(n(n-1) / n3 =


Thus, Thus, the mean size of the cluster is 83 =



68125 kHz Electromagnetic coupling Synchronuous (coherent) rotation From: From: W. Ludwig „Wasser und Homeopathie” Homeopathie” Thus. the strength of the hydrogen bond should increase x k k = N = 500 ≅ 22 k – amplification factor. Thus.ckh. Thus. www. www. stable. Ludwig „Wasser und Homeopathie” Homeopathie” The products of different firms differ only in the amplitude but not in the frequency From: From: W. structure. Verlag. The examples of emission spectra in the HzHz-kHz range of homepathic drugs and absorption spectra in UV range are presented in his book: book: „Wasser und Homeopathie” Homeopathie” Like . Wolfgang Ludwig The pioneer of water structure examination the shapes of the clusters can be various. Thus. It does not fit to any one optimal cristalline structure.What is the structure of the ice? ice? The angle between hydrogens in the water molecule is about 105º 105º. (Water and homeopathy) homeopathy) (CKH If the rotational energies synchronize.every snowflake is unique.ckh. Dr. Dr. N – size of the cluster Emission spectrum of Echinacea D5 The maximum is at: at: f=2. the structure of clusters can be stable. 2 . synchronize.

Their excited states are: are: ~7. d Giudice „Quantum Field Theory applied to the water structure” structure” Sommer School 2007” 3 ..m.If the water is affected by unfavourable factors it becomes more transparent for UV radiation. Coherence domain (CD): oscillate between the two levels in tune with the nonvanishing e.m. CD. kHz The lifetime of these excited levels is quite long since the motion of quasiquasi-free electrons in the CD is frictionless The diameter of the coherence domain in the liquid water is d = 100nm ~107 molecules From: From: E. „Atoms 13% of electrons in the CD are quasiquasi-free and can be put in ratation within the CD. radiation. e. field so that the field is trapped within the region whose size is λ (coherence domain)” domain)”. 49. Ludwig „Wasser und Homeopathie” Homeopathie” In the Quantum Physics the particles and fields are fluctuating.. Emilio del Giudice Sommer School 2007 From: From: W. d Giudice „Quantum Field Theory applied to the water structure” structure” Sommer School 2007” From: From: E. 35. Absorbance Reference water Water standing on the container with the anthracene Water standing on the geopathic zone Quantum Field Theory applied to the water structure Water standing on the radioactive source Water standing before the color monitor 240nm 280nm 320nm prof. 21.

substances.10-7 mole/L and the concentration of IE structures can be up to about 3. microscope. From: From: Shui Yin Lo „Physical. so that CDs become thin tubes whose length is ~100 nm and diameter is ~1 nm” „The minimum energy is required that the monomers would enter the common oscillation with water CDs” From: From: E. AFM is a high resolution technique for studying surface.8%. The 3-D conformation and packing of IN Crystals were studied on mica surface with NanoScope@ Multimode AFM in TappingModeTM. Chemical and Biological Properties of Stable Water (IE™ ) Clusters” The IE clusters can then regenerate themselves in further dilutions.htm The photos of the IE structures in the electron microscope. (IE – ice formed under electric field) Preparing the IE solutions by Prof. Chemical and Biological Properties of Stable Water (IE™ ) Clusters” Free download on: http://www. d Giudice „Quantum Field Theory applied to the water structure” structure” Sommer School 2007” Prof. Shui Yin Lo The size is of about 1010-100 nm (~ the size of the coherence domain) domain) but can be up to 5µm !! (~1010 molecules) molecules) The IE solutions were obtained by the diluting and shaking of different dissolved substances. The water molecules can align with the chain”.Water surrounding the biomolecule „Take a chain of monomers having the electric dipole D. The IE structures occured at the concentration 10-6 .org/images/book_wcluster/index. the electron oscillation becomes onedimensional.qluni. 4 . „Following the alignment. Shui Yin Lo „Physical.

any ion moving close to them will be attracted to them. In the case of IE water it is not true. the mobility of ion becomes the mobility of ion plus the IE structure. however.transmittance IE structures strongly absorb UV radiation Physical properties of IE water described by 1% 10% Shui Yin Lo : 100% Absorbance for 190nm is very high compared with the ordinary water From: From: Shui Yin Lo „Physical. which is larger. structure. The first 2-3 minutes point the irregular reading. When ions are attached to a much larger size IE structures. structures. Resistivity * The abrupt large change of resistivity at 100Hz and 1V was observed in the first minute after the voltage was being applied. then a maximum of 38 mV approaches and then drops slowly over next hour. Chemical and Biological Properties of Stable Water (IE™ ) Clusters” Electromotive force It is well known that no electromotive force is generated between same electrodes in a solution. • 5 . • If the IE structures are electric dipoles.

From: From: Shui Yin Lo „Physical. 1T. Dielectric constant ε There are significant differences in the dielectric constant ε spectrum between IE water and ordinary water From: From: Shui Yin Lo „Physical. Chemical and Biological Properties of Stable Water (IE™ ) Clusters” Dissipation factor D = Im ε / Re ε There are significant differences in the Material: Material: My experiment Dissipation factor D spectrum between IE water and ordinary water the doubly distilled but not degassed and not deionised water Methods: Methods: Repeated measurement of the absorbance at 190nm after repeated shaking procedure performed under different constant magnetic fields (0. 276 or fluorescence spectra was observed. observed.1mT. 100mT. which can be excited by UV light to a new state.there is a district fluorescence peak at 298nm using various excitation UV light at 200. 10mT. clusters. Chemical and Biological Properties of Stable Water (IE™ ) Clusters” 6 . The interpretation is proposed that electrons may be shared among different molecules in the same IE clusters. shaking. 1mT. 230. 2T) perpendicular to the direction of shaking. For IE water .Fluorescence spectra For pure water .

Shaking procedure repeated up to 25 x Sample is hit 50x the cotton cloth lying on the table in the Magnetic Field (25 sec) Wait 50 sec for stabilization Cycle duration 2 minutes Wait 15 sec Observe the fluctuations of absorbance (30sec) Set the sample into the UV-meter Conclusions 1. 4. We need the shaking and the small amount of molecules . creation. clusters. The subsequent dilution of the solution is not necessery to get the big IE clusters. 7 . Questions (Hypotheses) Hypotheses) Are the big IE clusters the coherent domains as well ? Can the big IE clusters occur in the deionized and degassed water as well ? Can the analysis of emission in HzHz-kHzkHz-MHz range distinguish between the clusters that were created on different seed molecules? molecules? 3. clusters. 2.7as the seeds for I creation. 2. water. Constant magnetic field slows down the IE creation.610 . Measurement of UV at 190 nm is the easy tool to measure the concentration of the big IE clusters. 3. 1. 10 E creation. 5. The big IE clusters can occur and exist in the water.