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New Product List (Supplier: Safetyware)

Facilities Safety Electrical Protection SALISBURY Voltage Detector (SW-FS-SVD) SALISBURY Switchboard Matting (SW-FS-SSM) Rubber Insulating Blankets (SW-FS-RIB) Insulated Rescue Hooks (SW-FS-IRH)

First Aid & Emergency Eye/Body Bench Mounted Hand Shower (SW-FS-BMHS) Floor Mounted Emergency Shower & Eyewash Combination-with Foot Pedal (SW-FS-FMES-ES/FP) Floor Mounted Emergency Shower & Eyewash Combination ( SW-FS-FMESES) Floor Mounted Emergency Shower (SW-FS-FMES) Wall Mounted Emergency Shower (SW-FS-WMES) Floor Mounted Emergency Eyewash (SW-FS-FMEE) Wall Mounted Emergency Eyewash (SW-FS-WMEE) Floor Mounted Emergency Eyewash-With Foot Pedal (SW-FS-FMEE/FP) Premium Wheel Chair (SW-FS-PWC) HONEYWELL Porta Stream 1 6 Minute Flush Time (SW-FS-HPS/1) SPERIAN Porta Stream 2 15 Minute Flush Time (SW-FS-HPS/2) Pocket Mask (SW-FS-PM) First Aid Kits (SW-FS-FAK) CARE 3-In-1 Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer - Ear / Forehead / Ambient (LCT-300) Emergency Burn Care (SW-FS-EBC) Stretcher (SW-FS-SC) N4 Care Infrared Forehead Thermometer (IN4) First Aid Box - Without Medicine (SW-FS-FAB) CITIZEN Digital Ear Thermometer (CT830)

Fire Protection

Portable Dry Powder Fire Extinguishers (SW-FS-PDPFE) Fire Extinguisher Cabinets (SW-FEC) Fire Blanket (SW-FS-FB) Portable Carbon Dioxide Fire Extinguishers (SW-FS-PCDFE) Fire-X Portable Fire Extinguisher (SW-FS-FXPFE) Heavy Duty Fireman's Axe (SW-FS-HDFA) Powder & Foam Fire Extinguisher on Trolley (SW-FS-PFFE/T) Layflat Fire Hose (SW-FS-LFH)

Ergonomics Equipment DECADE Seamless Slip-On Ankle Brace (SW-FS-DSSAB) DECADE Single Tension Wrist Support (SW-FS-DSTWS) ALLEGRO MaxKnee Pad Code Number (SW-FS-AMP) ALLEGRO SoftKnee Pad (SW-FS-ASP) DECADE Elbow Support (SW-FS-ES) DECADE Cadet Back Support Belt (SW-FS-CBS) Basic Back Support Belt (SW-FS-BBSB) Valeo Heavy-Duty Back Support Belt (SW-FS-V-BSB)

Floor Safety Safety-Walk Anti -Slip Mat (SW-FS-SWASM) Anti-Slip Floor Mat (SW-FS-ASFM) Anti-Slip Floor Tape - Green (SW-FS-ASFT/G) Anti-Slip & Anti-Fatigue Mat (SW-FS-ASAFM) Cleanroom Sticky Mat (SW-FS-CSM) Adhesive Floor Tape (SW-FS-AFT) Anti-Slip Floor Tape (SW-FS-ASFT)

Gas Detection Equipments o Portable Instruments MSA Sirius Portable Multigas+PID Detector (SW-FS-SPMPD) MSA Fivestar Portable Multigas Detector (SW-FS-FPMD) HONEYWELL Biosystems ToxiPro Portable Single Gas Detector HONEYWELL Biosystems PHD6 Multi-Sensor Gas Detector HONEYWELL Biosystems MultiPro Portable Multigas Detectors (HON54-48) o Fixed Systems BS03 Fixed Gas Detector (BS03) CP01 Fixed Gas Detector (CP01) WD6200 Fixed Gas Monitor (WD6200) TC100N Fixed Gas Detector (TC100N) BIOSYSTEMS ZoneGuard Fixed Point Gas detection Systems (54-16) o Sampling Systems MSA Detector Tubes MSA Gas Tester Manual Pump MSA Toximeter II Electronic Detector Tube Pump o Single Point Gas Detector BS11 Single Point gas Monitor (BS11) o Gas Controller KB6000III Gas Controller (KB6000III) KB6100 Gas Controller (KB6100) o Accessories RS100 Annunciator (RS100)

Lockout & Tagout MASTER LOCK Miniature Circuit Breaker Lockouts MASTER LOCK Safety Series Lockout Stations NORTH E-SAFE Plug Lockout (LP550) MASTER LOCK Steel Lockout Hasps with Tab (ALO80) MASTER LOCK Grip Tight Circuit Breaker Lockouts NORTH B-Safe Ball Valve Lockouts (BS01) SURE-LOC Brass Padlocks with Protective Jacket (BPC-20) MASTER LOCK Adjustable Cable Lockout /w 6ft Cable (8611) NORTH V-Safe Valve Lockouts (VS02)

Portable Instruments TEXTECH Personal Noise Dosimeter (T407E355) SEDOZ-G Lux Meter (TLS-30) SEDOZ-G Sound Level Meter (TS-4001E) GARRETT Super Scanner (1165180) GAMMA-SCOUT Radiation Detector (GAMMA-SCOUT)

Signs & Labels

Warning Signs (SW-FS-WS) Fire Signs and Photoluminescent Fire Signs (SW-FS-PFS2) Safe Procedure and First Aid Signs (SW-FS-SPFAS) Hazardous Substances Labels (SW-FS-HSL) Mandatory Signs (SW-FS-MS) Photoluminescent Emergency Escape Signs (SW-FS-PEES) Prohibition Signs (SW-FS-PS) Fire Signs and Photoluminescent Fire Signs (SW-FS-PFS) Multi-message Signs (SW-FS-MMS)

Safety Storage & Containment o Spill Pallets & Salvage Drum JUSTRITE Gator Outdoor Spill Containment Caddy - Indoor Use (28663) Justrite 4-Drum In-Line Spill Pallet (28631) Justrite 4-Drum Square Spill Pallet (28635) Salvage Drum (28201) o Safety Containers Justrite type I Safety Cans Justrite type II Safety Cans Nonmetallic Safety Containers o Safety Cabinets Compac / Countertop Safety Storage Cabinets Justrite Red Safety Cabinet for Combustibles

Drum Storage Cabinets Justrite Yellow Safety Cabinet for Flammables Justrite Blue Safety Cabinet for Corrosives Waste Disposal Containers Justrite Red Polyethylene Safety Disposable Can Justrite Red Oily Waste Can

Safety Flashlights BRIGHT STAR WorkSAFE Waterproof Flashlights and Lanterns PELICAN Super SabreLite Flashlight (2000C) PELICAN MityLite Flashlight (2420C) PELICAN StealthLite Flashlight (2400C) PELICAN MityLite Magnum Flashlight (2300C) PELICAN LaserPro 4D Spotlight (6000MS) PELICAN MityLite Laser Spot Flashlight (1900C) PELICAN VersaBrite II Big Beam Flashlights (VersaBrite II)

Spill Control Products o Oil-Only Sorbents White Oil-Only Sorbent Pads (SW-FS-WOOSP) White Oil-Only Sorbent Folded (SW-FS-WOOSF) White Oil-Only Sorbent Booms (SW-FS-WOOSB) White Heavy-Weight Bonded ColdForm Oil-Only Sorbent Rolls (SW-FSWOOSR) White Oil-Only Sorbent Pillows (SW-FS-WOOSPL) White Oil-Only Sorbent Socks (SW-FS-WOOSS) Spilfyter Premium Double-Weight Oil-Only Roll - (M-90) SPILFYTER Oil-Only Socks / Booms (M-30 ; M-37 ; M-50) Spilfyter Oil-Only All-In-One Sorbent - 16" x 150' Spilfyter Premium Double-Weight Oil-Only Pads o Universal Sorbents Spilfyter Premium Double-Weight Universal Roll - 16" x 150' Grey Heavy-Weight Bonded ColdForm Chemical Sorbent Pads Spilfyter Universal All-In-One Sorbent - 16" x 150' Grey Heavy-Weight Bonded ColdForm Chemical Sorbent Rolls (SWGHWBCCSR) Spilfyter Green Universal Socks - 3" x 4' Spilfyter Premium Double-Weight Universal Pads - 16" x 18" o Hazmat Sorbents Yellow Chemical Sorbent Rolls (SW-FS-YCSR) Yellow Chemical Sorbent Folded (SW-FS-YCSF) Yellow Chemical Sorbent Socks (SW-FS-YCSS) SPILFYTER Hazmat Pads (S2-71 ; S2-75) Yellow Chemical Sorbent Pillows (SW-FS-YCSP) Yellow Chemical Sorbent Pads (SW-FS-YCSPD)

3M Chemical Sorbent Pads (C-PD914DD) Yellow Chemical Sorbent Booms (SW-FS-YCSB) Spilfyter Yellow Hazmat Socks (S2-30 ; S2-37) 3M Chemical Folded Sorbents (C-FL550DD) Spilfyter Premium Double-Weight Hazmat Roll - 32" x 150 Spill Kits M6 Acid Absorbent (M6-Absorbent-20) ABSORBENT W Oil-Only Particulate (5001) Spilfyter Grab & Go Portable Spill Kit (305304 ; 455304 ; 205304) SPILFYTER Complete Mercury Spill Kit (520250) Spilfyter 95 Gallon Poly Drum Oil-Only Spill Kit (350095) Spilfyter 95 Gallon Poly Drum Universal Spill Kit (450095) Spilfyter 95 Gallon Poly Drum Hazmat Spill Kit (250095) Spilfyter Oil-Only Truk-Kit Spill Kit (311002) Spilfyter Universal Truk-Kit Spill Kit (411002) Spilfyter Hazmat Truk-Kit Spill Kit (211002) Oil-Only & Chemical Spill Kit Spilfyter 30 Gallon Spill Kit Spilfyter 170 Gallon Oil-Only Spill (350170) Spilfyter 170 Gallon Universal Spill Cart (450170) Spilfyter 170 Gallon Hazmat Spill Cart (250170) QUEBEE Emergency Spill Control Kit Spill Containment UltraTech Ultra-Spill Berm Plus

Traffic Safety Traffic Baton (SW-TS-TB) Adhesive Floor Tape (SW-FS-AFT) Rubber Corner Guard (SW-TS-RCG) Hazard Warning Light (SW-FS-HWL) Flexibar Traffic Cylinder (SW-TS-FTC) Anti-Slip Floor Tape (SW-FS-ASFT) 24" Triangle Traffic Cone (SW-TS-TTC/24) Cone Hazard Warning Light (SW-TS-CHWL) T-Top Delineator Post (SW-FS-TTDP) Traffic Cone (SW-FS-TC) Traffic Cone (SW-TS-TC2)