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Workshop on Recent Trends in HR
A workshop on ‘Recent trends in HR’, was organized in Suresh Gyan Vihar University on 24th Oct 2013, by HR students of its management department. Mr. Ankit Pareek (HR executive) from Cyber Futuristics, Sitapura, was the Chief Guest of the event , he was accompanied by Ms. Akshita(HR Executive). Then the Chief Guest and the resource person Mr. Ankit Pareek (Hr Executive) from Cyber Futuristic took over and made the students aware about the recent trends in HR in the industry. He talked about training, recruitment, Exit interviews, Stay, retention and other HR practices to the students. In the students interaction round he answered the quires of the students. All the students were very happy to receive apt answers to their questions. Mr. Pareek was also very kind enough to answer all the questions asked. It was a very fruitful workshop and the students learned a lot from the workshop.

(The Dean of ISBM Dr. T.K. Jain has taken an interview of Mr. Ankit Pareek on HR issues and this interview is available as a case study from the Case Study Development Centre of The Suresh Gyan Vihar University Jaipur – free for academic purpose).

The HR Dictionary Inaugurated
This will be help to all those people who are interested in HR. It was prepared by the students of MBA & BBA under the guidance of Dr. Ruchi Goyal. This effort was appreciated by one and all present in the

programme.It is now on the Gyanvihar website for mass reading. (You can procure HR dictionary from the Case Study Development Centre of The Suresh Gyan Vihar University Jaipur – free for academic purpose).

Mba hr(2012-2014)

1. Mona verma
2. shipra agrawal 3. aayushi shringi 4. priyanka kumari 5. namita 6. ronak Sharma 7. Alisha singh 8. jyoti 9. lakhan Bba hr(2o11-2014) 1.Ahish 2.Anju 3.Hari mohan 4.Meena 5.Mohit 6.Pratik 7.vikas

HR Visit :Some Motivational Words From Dignitaries:the HR students during their
visit got an opportunity to meet with the following: Mr. Ajay Sharma Head Of Training & Development ( Aditya Birla Group) He guided us with some motivational words about how to develop our performing team and how to improve the productivity of employees.
MRS.Garima Bhatia Head Of Training & Development

(MTS Mobile CO.) She guided us about how to calculate return on investment. According to ma’am ROI is a most important process for each and every organization. It is used for analyzing the investment upon training and the profit generated by the company in a following year.

Forthcoming event: International Symposium of Management and Engineering
 International Conference

HR Summit

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