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£/hi T & C - Consumer Durable if IT Products - registeied1w11kSuk egisirac-of-!ssuieances" #$eI%-1-&drI ' gi'st(ntion-)u-*+,-I./i 1 Dated-.nd 0a1" .211' !nne3ure !

4The Terms and Conditions to be anne3ed hereto5 T# 0S !)D C,)DITI,)S-C,)S/0# D/ !6%#S & IT P ,D/CTS The 6orrower has/shall ha$e re7resented to 6a8a8 (inance %imited 9:6(%:9 that the 6orrower is in need of finance for 7urchasing from an authori;ed dealer of 6(%" a 7roduct" and has/shalt ha$e re<uested 6(% to grant to the 6orrower a loan more 7articularl1 described in a77lication term =!77lication:9 being the cost utthe Product which 6(% lends and ad$ances to the 6orrower $n the terms" conditions and/or sti7ulations more 7articularl1 hereinafter a77earing' =>ereinafter referred tone Sanctioned %ean9' t' D#(I)ITI,)S !)D !66 #?!TI,)S@ The following terms/abbre$iations when used in these term & conditions shall ha$e the following meanings' a9 :Product: shall mean the 7roduct as 7erthe details gi$en b1 the 6orrower=s9 in !77lication and shall include all addition and accessions thereto and all re7lacement and renewals thereof whethermade before omafterthedate of the !77lication' b9 #0I A#<uated 0onthl1 Installment=s9 #<uated Installments means the installment ef thee<ual amount com7rising otthe 7rinci7le amount and finance charges/interest calculated on flat rate basis thereon 7a1able monthl1 towards re7a1ment of the tee amount throughout the tenure of the loan and is arri$ed at b1 di$iding the total loan amount together with the interest calculatedthereon b1the entire lean term' The working of the e<uated installments is more 7articularl1 demonstrated in the %oan Details Sli7/%oan Details Sheet in case of #3isting 0embershi7 Identification Card and/or %ose Term Sheet" II' T# 0S ,( T># %,!)@ 21' 6orrower has/shall ha$e understood the 7rocedure of disbursement of loan' 6urrower understands & cuofirms/shall ha$e understood and confirmed that disbursement is considered as :effected: as and when an amount of loan is transferred from 6(%Bs accoanttu Dealers account details otfhesaid dealer are furnished b1the 6orrower in !77lication (orm ur the dealer is recogni;ed through swi7ing of the #3isting 0embershi7 Identification Card" 2.' The 6urrower can 7a1 onetime nonrefundable u7front interest/additional u7front interest /ser$ice charges/ additional ser$ice charges/ 7rocessing tee as a77licable under the scheme" which u7front interest/ additional u7front interest/ ser$ice charges/ additional ser$ice charges/ 7rocessing fee shall be deducted b12(%at the time nf disbursal at loan amount tothe Dealer' 2C' The 6orrower=s9 undertakes &cunfirms/ahall ha$e undertaken and confirmed that@ =i9 the Sanctioned %ass would be disbursed b1 6(%tuthe dealer in one lam7 sum or in such installments an ma1be decided b1 6(%' =/9 The Sanctioned %oan shall be re7aid b1 the 6orrower during the 7eriod of months from the date elfirst due date mentioned io !77lication/ %oan Term Sheet/%oan Details Sli7/%oan Details Sheet' =>ereinafter referred to as the :%oan Term:9' =hi9 6(I% is hereb1 authori;ed to make 7a1ment ofthe Sanctioned %oan directl1 to the dealer on 6orrowerBs behalf" which along with the finance char<eofinferestun flat rate basis asmentioned in!77licatien/ %ean Term Sheet / %oan Details Sli7/%oan Details Sheet hereunder shall boa debt due b1the 6orrowerle 6(%" to be re7aid as 7er the terms

e the Sanctioned %oan onl1 forthe 7urchase atthe 7roduct and forthe 7a1ment of e37enses incidental thereto and for no other 7ur7ose' 2D' The 6urrower=s9 shall re7a1/7a1 the Sanctioned %oan and finance charges/interest =on flat rate basis9 in #0I in the manner and within the %ean Term as s7ecified in!77lication/%oan DetailsSli7/%ean Details Sheet' The 6urrower=s9 confirms/shall ha$e confirmed of ha$ing 7erused" understood 6(%Bo method of calculating interest on flat rate basis and #0I as s7ecified is!77lrcation/%oan Details Sli7/%oan Details Sheet' 2E' That the #0I shall automaticall1 stand increased be reason of increase in an1 rates" ta3es" charges" im7osts" le$ies and moeieswhatooeeerthatare or ma1be le$ied on the #0Is er the transaction contem7lated hereunder or are or ma1 became 7a1able b1 6(%b1 $irtue of these termo&conditions' Such increase in rates" ta3es" charges" im7osts" le$ies and monies as stated abo$e shall automaticall1 form 7an ot the Sanctioned %ean' 6(%ahall bn entitled tereeisnthe rate af interest at an1time and from time lu tir4ie as 7er' a9 Its 7alic1and/ora77ticable laws and regulations" if an1" daring the %oarclerm" at its discretion and such re$ised interest shall doomed tofoem 7art of the Sanctioned %oan and the 6urrowers shall also be liable to 7a1 such increased amount of interest in such manner and within such 7eriod as ma1be determined b1 6(% in its sole discretion' b9 The due date for the 7a1ment of #0I shall be as indicated in !77lication/ %ean Term Sheet/%222 Details Sli7/%ean DetailoSheetand it is andersteodthattime shall be the essence olthoTerms & Conditions' 2+' P!F0#)T .( #0I D/#S@The 6orrower=s9 has/shall ha$e assured that@ I9 6orrower has gi$en 7ostdates che<ues in fa$or of 6(% co$ering all the amounts due te 6(%theselerms and conditions including the #0I towards the Sanctioned %ass as sti7ulated herein and each such 7ostdated che<ue carries the date an which the #0Is is due' The 6orrower=s9 shall ha$e/ hereb1 unconditionall1 and9rre1ocobl1" co$enant =hat irres7ecti$e of the fact that the 7ostdated che<ues are gi$en atom before the e$ocation of these terms & cenditions" the 7ostdated che<ues gi$en b1 the 6orrower=s9 will be solid as from the res7ecti$e date of such che<ues and that at an1 7oint of time the 6orrower=s9 shall not claim that the1 are in$alid due to an1 reason whatsoe$er' The 6orrower=s9 farther confirms/shall ha$e confirmed that he/she shall ensure a$ailabilit1 of funds in the account on which such 37st dated che<ues ha$e been drawn and the 6orrower=s9 will not atan1time close his account and/or issue an1 notice instructing 6(% not to 7resent an1 of such che<ues for encashment orrastractthese bankle sto7 7a1ment en an1 etooch che<ues' The 6onrowor=e9Btodhercnnbrms/shall ha$e confirmed that the loan facilit1 sndertheseterms &conditmoas has been/shall bemadea$ailable b16(%onthe basis at 7ast dated che<ues issued b1 the 6orrower in fa$or of 6(% towards re7a1ment of 40l 7a1abfels1 the 6orrower to 6(% under these terms and conditions details of the 7ostdated che<ues are more tall1 described in !77licotiso/%oan Term Sheet/%ean Details Sli7/%oan Details Sheet' Th$6erruwer9s9 shall he entitled to re7lace the che<aes/issue fresh che<ues onl1 on 7a1mentot swa77ing charges of PD22/ to 6(% /9 6srrswerhbs/ehall ha$e gi$en #lectronic Clearing 0andate #'C'Sian1ether electronic er other clearing mandate in taoorsf 6(% co$ering all the amounts duets 6(IG endortheseterms and conditions including the #0I towards the Sanctioned %oan as sti7ulated herein' The 6orrower=s9 shall ha$e unconditionall1 and irre$ocabl1co$enanted/hereb1 unconditionall1 and irre$ocabl1" co$enants that irres7ecti$e of thefact thatthe #'C'S' mandate/!n1 other electronic or other clearing mandate and that al an1 7oint of time the 6orrower=s9 shall not .offheseterms & conditions' 2*' The 6$rrewer9s9shail utili.

utstanding:9 shall be 7a1able b1 the 6orrower Is 6(% on demand' 6(% ma1 at an1time in its sole discretion and without assigning an1 reason call u7on the 6orrower to 7a1the 6enrower=s9 .ation of amounts due' 12' 6(% shall be entitled toad5ust the !d$ance 40l and/or securit1 de7osit/ initial 7a1ment made b1 the 6orrower and as more s7ecilicall1described in !77lication/%oan Term Sheet/%oan Details Sli7/%san Details Sheet hereunder towards an1 outstanding amount in such manner and otsuch time as 6(%ma1detemmine in its solndiscrotion' 11' In res7ect of an1 dela1ed 7a1ments" without 7re8adicetsall other rights at 6(% under these terms and conditions' a9 6(% shall be entitled te reco$er Penal Charges from the 6orrower described in Clause .' The 6orruwer9s9uhall ha$e no right te terminate the terms & conditions sa$e and e37ect b1 7a1ment" in full" of all mone1s 7a1able under the lerms & conditions to 6(%' 1C' )otwithstanding an1thing stated elsewhere in these tnrms & conditions" the 40I" the outstanding amount of the Sanctioned %oan" interest" additional interest" tees" e37enses" and all other sums whatsoe$er 7a1able b1 the 6orrower=s9 to 6(% hereunder and or is connection with the said Sanctioned %oan =hereinafter referred to as the :6orrower=s9 .1 =a9 here below' I9 J In the case of an arrangement for financing under an1 scheme of direct deduction of the 40Is from the salar1 of the 6orrower=s9" these dela1ed 7a1ment interest shall a77l1 in case of dola1/defoalt in remittance to 6(%" e$en if the 40t has been deducted from the salar1 of the 6orrower=s9 b1 the em7lo1er' c9 !n1 sums recei$ed b16(% from the 6orrower=s9 shall be a77ro7riated first against the dela1ed 7enal changes am an1 other claim of 6(%onlhe 6ummawer9s9 under these terms and conditions and thereafter against the o$erdue 40l 7a1ment' 1.utstanding and thereu7on the 6orrower shall within 1D da1s of being so called u7on 7a1 the whole of the 6orrower=s9 outstanding to 6(% without an1 dela1 or demur 1*' The 6orrower=s9 shall be e3clusi$el1 res7onsible for deli$er1 of the Product from the dealem/mnanutaclarer/sellem"asthe case ma1be and 6(% shall not be liable for an1 dela1 in deli$er1 urnen-dnli$er1ef the 7roduct and or with res7ect to the <ualit1" condition" fitness" suitabilit1 sr otherwise whatsoe$er ol the said Product' 1D' The 6orrower=s9 e37ressl1 understands/shall ha$e understood those terms & conditions is entered into in res7ect of a financing transaction gi$ing rise to a relationshi7 of debtor and creditor as between him and 6(%" and not in res7ect of an1 ser$ice rendered/to be rendered .claim that the1 are in$alid duets an1 reason whatsoe$er' The 6urrower=s9 further confirms that he shall ensure a$ailabilit1 of funds in the account on which each 4'2'D' 0andate/ !n1 ether electronic or other clearing mandate ha$e been drawn and that the 6orrower=s9 will net at an1time close hisacceontand/ar issue an1 notice instructing 6(% nulls 7resent an1 of such #'C'S' 0andate/!n1 other electrsnic oretherclnasing mandate issued b1 the 6orrower in fa$or st 6(% towards re7a1ment of #0I 7a1able b1 the 6orrower to 6(% underthese lemma and conditions" details of the #'C'S' 0andate/ an1 other electronic or ether clearing 0andate are more full1 described in !77lication/%oan Term Shoot/%ean Details Sli7/%oan Details Sheet' The 6orrower=s9 shall be entitled to re7lace the #'C'S' 0andates/ !n1 other electronic or other clearing mandate onl1 on 7a1ment of swa77ing charges sIP D22/-to 6(%' 2H' !n1 dis7ute or difference of an1 nature whatsoe$er shall not entitle the 6errswor9s9towithhold or dela1 7a1ment of an1 40Is or other sum and 6(%shall be entitled to 7resent the 7ostdated che<ues/ #'C'S' 0andates/ !n1 other electronic or other clearing mandate to the bank on the res7ecti$e due dates' 2-' !ll sums 7a1able b1 the 6orrower9s9to 6(%shall be 7aidwitheaf an1 deductions whatsoe$er' Credit/ diocharge for 7a1ment will be gi$en onl1 on reali.

and ensure that the che<ues/ #lectronic Clearing 0andate/ !n1 other electronic or other clearing mandate issued towards 7a1ment otthe 40l are honoured on 7resentation' It is the dut1 of the 6orrower=s9 to ensure that his bank account has been debited towards the #0I and in cane of his account not been an debited the" 6orrower=s9shall benbligedtn minim 6(% in those regard within C da1s from the due date of such #0I' ci )ot use the 7roduct for unlawful or antisocial 7ur7oses' dl )ot remo$e the 7roduct from the State without the written consent of 6(%' el )ot do or suffer an1 act or thing whereb1 the 7roduct ma1 be detained or taker in the e3ecution under legal 7rocessor b1 an1 7ublic authorit1 an go$ernment de7artment' II )ot use or 7ermit the use of the 7roduct for an1 7ur7ose not 7ermitted b1 the terms of the insurance 7slic1"22t do an 7ermit to be done an1 act or thing which might render the insurance in$alid' gI Pa1 and bear all taaeseated"duties"charged and other im7osts and obligatiornenisting an well as in tatare"in res7ect of the 7roduct and the transaction hereunder' hI Permit 6P% and its re7resentati$e at all reasonable times to tnn7ecteiew and e3amine the state and condition at the 7roduct and the documents relating thereto andL or to 7roduce the name for Ins7ection to )(% or its re7resentati$e at the 7lace designated b1 eP%' il Is do all such things and e3ecute all such writings as 6(% ma1 re<uire from time to time for dul1 on more 7erfectl1 securing the re7a1ment of the Sanctioned %oan' ii )ot 7ledge attem7t to 7ledge or sell or attem7t to sell" encambertranutar on 7ant with 7ossession of the 7rodact"2Dn in an1 manner deal with the 7rsdact"nr do or omit to do an1thing the act of omission of which would im7air 6P%n securit1 o$er the 7roduct' Cl )ot to default or dela1 in the 7a1ment 21 the installment or his duet be1ond the due dates' 1H' Insurance at The 6orrower shall be solel1 res7onsible for insurance of the 7roduct including renewal of insurance and shall insane and kee7 it intoned com7rehensi$el1 against at5 risks and such e$entualities during currenc1 of the loan' ardor no circumstances 6(% shall he res7onsible for insurance of 7roduct or for an1 third 7ast1 claim that ma1 arise due to accident of the 7roduct' hi If the 7roduct suffers an1 damageor is lost stolen or dentrn1edwhelher due to an1 risk co$ered b1 insurance or otherwise and whether due to an1 negligence or wrongful act of the 6orrower or stherwine"the 6orrower=s9 shall notif1' )(% and the insurance Com7an1 of such damage"lnss"theft or destruction within *H hours of its occurrence' The 6erruwerint .bser$e and 7erform all his obligations undertheterms and conditions' b9 #nsure timel1 7a1ment of the #0I to 6(I.b16(%' !ccordingl1 the 7ro$isions of the Consumer Protection !ct" 1-HE shall nsta77l1to the transaction forming sub8ect of thesetermo & conditions' 1E' The 6orrower shall net be entitled to an1 increase is the 7rinci7al amount at the Sanctioned %oan either b1 reason of an1 increase is the 7urchase 7rice of the 7roduct' >owe$er in the e$ent of an1 decrease in the 7urchase 7rice" 6(% ma1 in its discretion reduce the 7rinci7al amount af the Sanctioned %oan' 1+' The 6oriower=s9shafl" during the 7eriod oK these terrns & conditions' a9 .

shall also immediatel1 lodge a re7ort/(I6 in res7ect of such damage lsss"thett or destruction with the 7olice and .ther com7etent authorities as 7er law' ci It the 7roduct is lost"stslen"damaged or destro1ed 6(% shall ha$e the right to a77ro7riate an1 insurance reco$er1 towards 7a1ments 21 the entire balance of the Sanctioned %oan and other dnes"inciading the 7ortion that would otherwise ha$e been re7a1able in future If utter such a77no7eiation"there is an1 sur7lus leftnner"if shall be 7aid to the 6orrower and it there in an1 deflect"then the 6orrower shall be liable to 7a1 the entire deficit turf hwith' 6( )(%BS interest or securit1M or Dl The 6orrower=s9 commits an1 default under an1 other terms & conditions with )(%' /7on the occurrence of an #$ent of defuutt"the 6orrowerlol outstanding shall forthwith become 7a1able to 6P%"without an1 notice to the 6ortowerisi tail to 7a1 the 6orrnwenlsl outstanding or an1 7art thereof the 6onnowerlo9 undertakes to forthwith surrender to the 6(% or its re7resentati$es the 7roduct"finorced b1 the )(% Inn an1 other 7roduct of such $alue as a77ro$ed b1 6(% which would satisf1 the dues 21 6(%I and )(%"22 behalf of 6orrower"shall be entit ed to dis7ose the came and ad8ust the 7roceeds against the 6orrowerlsi outstanding' It there is an1 deficit the same shall be made good to 6(% b1 the 6orrower' Nithout 7re8udice to the forgoing and in addition lhereto"6(% shot also remain entitled to air the 7ost dated .ma1 howe$er"in its sole discretion" 7ermit the 6orrower to 7a1 the deficit amount in re-ad8usted #0ID undetermined b1 6(%.utstanding 7a1able b1 the 6orrower=s9 In 6(% hereunder shall be secured b1 the Product or which 6(% shall ha$e first and e3clusi$e chargen .2' #$ents of Default@ ! default shall be deemed to ha$e been committed it the 6urruwenls8 does not com7l1 with its obligations contained in these terms & conditiuns"and also it@ al It is band that the 6orrower=s9 hunt ha$e made an1 misre7resentations to 6(%' hi The 7roduct is cuotiscated"aoached"taken into custod1 b1 an1 off iciul"authunil1 or other 7erson made sub8ect to an1 7roceedings us is discluimed"endungered"stulen or damaged or bodil1 in8ur1 is caused to an1 third 7art1 b1 accident or ct The 6orrower dies'becomeo insol$ent/ com7ounds with his creditors or 7ermits an1 attachment or se<uestrations on other 7rocess against an1 of his assets or 7ro7erties' dl It the 6orrower=s9 is a 7artnershi7 firm"another 7artners become i2D2luent"un com7ounds with his creditonson 7ermits an1 attachment or se<uestrations or other 7rocess against an1 of his assets or 7ro7edies"ircludisg his share in the firm' el The 6orrower=s9 being a limited com7an1 Shall 7uss resolution for $oluntar1 winding u7 on shall ha$e a 7etition for winding u7 7resented against it or 7ro7ound an1 scheme for com7ounding with its creditors or if a recei$er shall be a77ointed of its undertaking or an1 of its assets or 7ro7erties or an1 assets or 7ro7erl1 be attached on se<uestered or an1 ether 7rocess lea$e against the name on the )orrowenlsl shall became liable to re7ort negati$e net worth under The Sick Industrial Com7anies =S7ecial Pro$isions9 !ct"1 -HD or an1 7enal and re-enactment thereof if There e3ist an1 Circumstances which in the o7inion of 6(% 8eo7ardi. as determined b1 )(%' )(% shall remain entitled Is encash tho7ost dated che<ues referred to hereinabo$e until the deficit amount is full1 7aid' dl It the 7roduct is damaged"ard it )(% considers that the damage is full1 ne7airable"it ma1 release the insurance amounts reco$ered for the 7ur7ose of re7air of the 7roduct and continue the Sanctioned %oan on the original terms' 1-' Securit1 The Sanctioned %oan" interest"udddisnal 7enal charges"teeo"ea7eooen"und all other sums whatsoe$er including but not limited In 6orrowers .

che<ues/ #lectronic Clearing 0andateL !n1 other electronic or other clearing mandate ro.*' /7on the 6orrowenin8 7a1ing to )(% all the #0fs on the due dates uns7ecified in the !77lication/%oan Term Sheet/%oan Details Sli7/%oan Details Sheet and also u7on 7a1ing to 6(% all other oams'sa1able b1 the 6urrowerls8 to )(% under these Terms & conditions" the Sanctioned %oan shalt come to an end' .E' )(% states and declares that as 7er the re<uirement 21 eser$e 6ook 21 India the Conidian1 has teamed a lair 7ractices code'The same in dis7la1ed at the Com7an1Bs office and can be ins7ected b1 the 6orrower/ customer at an1 time' It has also been 7ut on the Com7an1Bs Neboite $i.1' emedies is case of default The following are without 7re8udice to the other as also to other rights and remedies under low or in e<uit1@ al In case of dela1 in 7a1ment of installment dues or default b1 reason of the che<ues/#CS 0andate/!n1 other #lectronic on other clearing mandate being dishunsored"6I% shall charge 7enal as )(% ma1 decide fromtime to time for 7er month/7er default' hI In case of default b1 reason of the che<uen/#CS 0andateL !n1 other #lectronic or other clearing mandate being dishonoured' 6(% shalt initiate legal 7roceedings under Section 1CH at )egotiable Instruments !ct' ci )(% shall also be entitled to take recourse to other legal remedies under a77ro7riate 7ro$isions of the Ci$il Procedure Code"Cniminal Procedure Code"lndian Penal Code"and on under an1 other law which ma1be enacted on in lance to 7rotect the interest of tenders' .'"3ame'bu8a8tinserslendine'cnm at the re<uest 21 the 6onrowerts8"6(% ma1 foreclose the loan' The 6orrower" it seeks foreclosure si3 months after disbursement of the toss )(% ma1 not charge foreclosure charges' >owe$en"6(% ma1 charge foreclosure chargesOEP 21 7rinci7al outstanding as on that di the loan is sought o be foreclosed b1 the 6orrowers before si3 months from the date of disbursement' 6(%"howo$er"will use reducing balancing rate/method for the umlaut of 7rinci7al outstanding on foreclosure date' .med to herein abo$e until all mone1 due under the terms & conditions are full1 7aid o7' .D' !n1 statement of account furnished b1 )(% regarding the balance amount due and 7a1able b1 the 6ornowerlst under these terms & conditions shall be acce7ted b1 and be binding 2D2 the 6ornowertsl and shall be conclusi$e 7roof of the correctness of the amount mentioned therein' Nithout 7re8udice to what instated abo$e it the 6orrower=s9 desire to <uestion an1 statement or an1 7art thereof the 6ernowun=s9 strati tarnish 6(% toll details of the nurse within 1D da1s at the recei7t 21 the statement b1 the 6orrower=s9 and )(% ma1 consider the same and the 6orrower=s9 shalt not entitle to ob8ect to the name thereafter on an1 ground what soe$er It is howe$er clarified that the 6orrower shall not be entitled to default or dela1 the 7a1ment 21 the instalments on the ground 21 the Statement of !ccount furnished b1 )(% being inaccurate or an1 other ground' .' The Pa1ment of #0I shall be made b1 6orrowerlol to )(% at the address from time to time nominated b1 )(% and foiling such nomiration"at the registered office of )(%' ..C' !n1 notice to be gi$en to the 6orrower=s9 in res7ect of these terms & conditions shall be deemed to ha$e been $alidl1 gi$en it ser$ed on the 6ornower<sl or sent b1 registered 7ost to or left at the address 21 the 6orrowers9 e3isting or loot known business or 7ri$ate address' !n1 such notice sent b1 registered 7ost shall be deemed to ha$e been recei$ed b1 the 6orrower=s9 within *H hours more the time of Hs 7osting' .

r arising out of these terms & conditisns"shall be referred to the arbitrator a77ointed b1 )(% The Parties hereto mutuall1 agree and confirm that the arbitration 7roceedings shall be conducted in accordance with the !rbitration and Conciliation !ct"1--E as amended from time for time and the 7roceedings Shall beheld at Pane or State Ca7ital CIt1 of the 7lace/town from where 6orrower belongs' Pending the gi$ing of the !ward including Interim !ward"the 6orrower shall be liable to 7erform its obligation under these terms & conditions including 7a1ment 21 the instalments and other outstanding to )(% in kee7ing with the 7ro$isions of these terms & conditions' C.H' )(% shall gi$e notice to the 6orrower=s9 21 an1 change in the terms and conditions including disbursement Schedule" interest rutes"sersice charges"7te7a1nnent charges etc' 6(% shall ensure that changes in interest rates and charges are effected onl1 7ros7ecti$el1' The 6orrower=s9 shalt be bound b1 the aforesaid change and shall not dis7ute the same' ..' )(% ohull"as it ma1 deem a77ro7riate and necessun1"be entitled to disclose all on an1@ II Information and data relating to the 6orrower' in9 Information or data relating In the loan tacitit1"%oun Terms and/or the !snet9s9"it an1"turnished b1 the 6orrower in faeour of )(% i$9 .ation of the securit1 and irsuring"tukieg 7ossession on mairtain"storage and selling 21 the 7roducts shall be borne and 7aid b1 the 6orrowers9 alone' ci In the e$ent 21 demand made b1 an1 banks or (inancial Institution=s9 from whom )(% has obtained financial asoiotance"fhu 6orrower Shall 7a1 the #0I directl1 to such 6ankers/(inancial Institutions' The 6orrower=s9 undertaken that he shall not do or cause to be done an1thing which will im7ede the nights 21 such ankersL (inancial Institutions in their reco$er1 21 an1 dues"ircluding the rights o$er the 7noduct"if an1' dl 6(% shalt be entitled to gruntdnarstnr/as$ign an1 or all 21 its st/hIs beohtits" obligations "duties and liabilities under these terms and conditions including the nights to recei$e installments and lean balance b1 wa1 21 sale"trannten"securiti.bligations assumed/ to be assumed b1 the 6orrower in relation to loan facilit1 under .-' !ssignment 21 nights at The 6orrower shall not be entitled to assign its rights and obligations order these teems & conditions sa$e and acce7t with the consent of )(%' The 6orrower shalt not transfer or alienate or otherwise deal with the 7roduct in an1 macone whatsoe$er e3ce7t for his use' b8 !ll costs Including !d$ocate cost9 charges" e37enses" ta3es" duties including stam7 duties9 in connection with these terms & conditions an1 documents e3ecuted 7ursuant hereto"the creation" enforcement" reali.r State Ca7ital Cit1 21 the 7laceolows from where the 6orrower betongs"which courts alone shalt ha$e e3clusi$e 8urisdiction' C1' !ll cluims"dio7utes"diitererces or <uestions of an1 nature arising between the 7adies to these terms & corditions"whether during or alter the termination 21 these Terms & corditi22D"in relation to the coontraction"meaning or Inter7retation of an1 term used or clause of these terms & conditions or an to the rights" duties" tiabilities of the 7ueie.7er che<ue towards outstation collection/administrati$e charges for the che<ues for the che<ues gi$en b1 him' .ment b1 6(%"the 6orrower shall 7erform his obligations under these terms & conditions to such assignee' C2' The )onrowen=s9 e37ressl1 understands that an1 legal 7roceedings against him arising out of these terms & conditions shalt be instituted In the courts at Pose .+' In case the 6orrower=s9 is from a 7lace whore )(% is not ha$ing its 6ranch .ffice/7lace of business and the 6orrower glees 7ost dated che<ues the 6ernowerlsl"in addition to #0I undertakes to 7a1 ED/.ation"change urea a securit1 or otherwise to an1 7erson on entit1 and in e$ent at such asi6.

ed in these behalf b1 the )et' CI)I% and/usur1 other agenc1 so authori.the %oan Terms or !sset9s8"it $n1"turnrshed b1 the 6orrower for an1 other credit facilit1 granted/ to be granted b1 )(%M 21 Delault"iI an1"22mmitted b1 the 6orrower in discharge of the aforesaid obligations"to the Credit Information in 6ureau =India9 %imited =CI)I%9 and an1 other agenc1 authori.ed ma1 use and/ on 7rocess the aforesaid intonnnutinr and data disclosed b1 )(% in an1 manner as deemed lit b1 them' CI)I% and/ on an1 other agenc1 so authori.ed ma1 furnish for consideration the 7rocessed information and data or 7roducts thereof 7re7ared b1 thermto )(%L financial institutions and other credit grantors or registered usern"as ma1 be s7ecified b1 6I in those behalf' !ll information and data furnished b1 the 6orrower to 6(% from time to time shall be true and correct' CC' The 6orrowerts9 undertakes/ shall ha$e undertook that each 21 his obligations under these terms & conditions is inde7endent and se$erable from the nest' It an1 obligation is found not enforceable b1 a court of law"ton an1 reason" the 6orrower shall continue to remain bound b1 the other obligations sti7ulated herein' C*' The 6urrower acknowledges/shall ha$e acknowledged that the rate of irtenest"7enul changes"see$ice changes and other changes 7a1able and on agreed to be 7aid b1 the 6orrower under these Terms & conditions are reasonable and acce7table to him CD' !lthnugh")nrnuwer/s bust ha$e gi$en Promissor1 )ote for %oan am222t"ie case 21 delault"6orrower/s will be liable to re7a1 to )(% the loan amount along with interest rate mentioned in %oan Teems Sheet/%oan Details Sli7/%oan Details Sheet from the date 21 default till actual 7a1ment' CE' In case of death of 6urrower"the Promissor1 )ote gi$en b1 the 6orrower will be in$oked against his/ her/ its legal heir/s successor/s' C+' The 6ornowerlst acknowledges/shall ha$e acknowledged that the contents 21 the teems and conditions ha$e been full1 e37lained to and understood b1 him at the time 21 a$ailing the loan' CH' ! co71 of these Terms & conditions is being deli$ered to the 6orrowerlol and the 6orrower=s9 affirm the recei7t of the name' !dditional Terms and Conditions for the holders of )(% (oisting 0embershi7 Identifications Curd I )(% #0I Card or Card on #0I Card I@ C-' The following terms and conditions are/shall ha$e been acce7ted b1 the holders at 6(% #0I Card who shall ha$e taken a lo$e b1 geeing themsel$es identified through the 6(% #0I Card and/on who should ha$e a77lied for the 6(% #0I Card' *2' The Curd shall be issued to the 6orrowers onl1 u7on ser$icing 21 at least G #0IBs 60IBs b1 the 6orrowers to )(% *1' The Card shall be issued to the 6orrowers at the sole discretion 21 )(% as 7ri$ilege and )(% ma1 oelnne to issue the Card to the 6orrowers without assigning an1 reason whatsoe$er' *.' The Card ma1 be re$oked or cancelled at an1 7oint of time at the sole discretion 21 )(% without assigning an1 reason whatsoe$er' *C' The demand 7romissor1 note I DP) I gi$er/to be gi$en b1 the )onrowerlsl shall o7erate as continuing securit1 to )(% to be enforceable for the re7a1ment 21 the ultimate balance and/or all sums remaining un7aid under the %oans now on hereafter" met odiog all interest to become 7a1able in res7ect of/under the %oan on which ma7le future be ad$anced' * The 6onruwertn9 will remain liable on the DP) notwithstanding 7a1ment made into the account of the %oans from time to time or the %oans being reduced or e3tInguished from time to time or e$en lithe balance in the account of the %oans ma1 be in credit' Co71 ecei$ed Date @ ldd/mm/1ml .

ffice" .ff Puse-!hmednagar oad" !kurdi" Pure *1121*' 0aharashtra" I)DI!' egistered .ffice @ 0umbai-Pune oad" !kundi" Pane .Signature of !t 6a8a9 (inu/ce %imited Cor7orate .*112CD' 0aharashtra" I)DI!' Customer Ser$ice 0ail ID @ wecareidiha8$8binnere'ie Nebnite onrea'ba8a8tisneru lending' in .ffice @ *th (loor" 6a8u8 (insuro Cor7orate .