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December, 2013


The road construction in India is a serious issue. On January 2013, C. P. Joshi had said that India was not able to construct 20 kilometers of road in a day because of the lack of builders. He had blamed the economic environment to explain the fund crush. Now, in December 2013, this is the chairman of India’s largest road construction firm IRB Infrastructure Developers Ltd that is urging the government to offer up new highways for bidding. Chairman Virendra Mhaiskar said that he would like to bid for projects worth up to 40 billion rupees. He is not alone to claim for such initiative. Deepender Singh Hooda, MP from Rohtak also urged the government to construct new highways from Meerut (UP) to Narnaul (Haryana). The most recent projects have been designed on a Build Operate Transfer mode, where companies build and own highways for a delimited period before handing them over to the government. But it seems that bankers have become very cautious in lending to such projects. So, how to ease such issue? As a first step, the MoRTH and the NHAI have a plan for some stranded highways project. Such contracts would be cancelled and bid out as smaller stretches. As usual, we will follow the issue closely. We will soon update our infographics that highlights the NHDP road construction pace. With detailed statistics gathered for each stretch, you can monitor several key elements regarding road construction. So stay tuned on ITP for these updates!

Lately, Indian Railways has been focussing on getting private parties to invest and bail out the cash-strapped institution. India’s largest Public Sector Undertaking, the railways, has grown at an amazing rate since the first train rolled out from Mumbai to Thane in 1853. More information on ITP RAILWAYS TO ADDRESS POOR CONNECTIVITY IN BACKWARD AREAS To expand and strengthen its network, the government has created a panel to address the issue of poor connectivity in backward areas, through ‘socially desirable schemes.’ This year’s rail budget has been criticized for ignoring the backward/remote areas in the country. More information on ITP EIGHT COMPANIES EYE MUMBAI ELEVATED RAIL CORRIDOR Among the identified projects is the Mumbai Elevated Rail Corridor project, which has so far been unable to attract the interest of private investors, also exposing a lack of coordination between the Railways and Mumbai Government. More information on ITP RAIL TARIFF AUTHORITY TO BE SET UP THROUGH EXECUTIVE ORDER The Government of India is speeding up the process of setting up a Rail Tariff Authority (RTA) via an executive order. The highly-anticipated regulatory body for the Indian Railways has received an in-principle authorization from the Cabinet on August 2. More information on ITP

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A month in the India Transport Sector (No 31)

December, 2013 LUXURY CARS

EXPORT TO HELP GET OVER THE DISMAL DOMESTIC SCENE To offset poor sales and the effects of the falling rupee, the auto manufacturers have resorted to exporting the small cars that they produce in India to markets abroad. More information on ITP NEGATIVE GROWTH PREDICTED FOR THE INDIAN DOMESTIC CAR SEGMENT IN THE CURRENT FISCAL YEAR The depreciation of the rupee has severely affected the Indian economy, to put it mildly. The automobile industry is no exception. With the rupee falling eerily, the car makers have been forced to raise the prices of their models. More information on ITP

Having tasted success, Porsche is working on expanding its reach and presence in the Indian automobile market. The brand is now sold in India through the Volkswagen group. Volkswagen, the parent company of Porsche is now entrusted with importing and selling its cars in India. More information in ITP JAGUAR TO LAUNCH BMW 3-SERIES RIVAL AS PART OF MASSIVE EXPANSION PLAN Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), has announced that its BMW 3-series competitor will be launched in 2015. JLR unveiled the C-X17 concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show during the second week of September this year. The rival 3-series, is part of Jaguar’s Rs 15,000 crore (approx USD 2.4 billion) outlay in manufacturing and will mark the company’s move into fresh sectors and markets, with new and improved models. More information on ITP BMW 1 SERIES LAUNCHED IN INDIA AT AN INTRODUCTORY PRICE OF 20.9 LAKHS (USD 33,000) German car brand BMW recently joined the fray in the entrylevel segment, with the launch of the BMW 1 series at a competitive price of 20.9 lakhs (USD 33,000) for the basic model. More information in ITP

HYUNDAI CEO REVEALS FUTURE PLANS FOR INDIA Although the Indian Automobile segment is experiencing a long drawn out slump, Hyundai remains positive about its growth potential. Bo Shin Seo, the CEO and Managing director of Hyundai in India revealed, “India is at the core of Hyundai Motor Company’s overall business plan and is an extremely important market for the parent company.” More information on ITP FIAT TO ASSEMBLE ITS MODELS IN INDIA BY 2016 Fiat, the Italian carmaker, has a long association with India. The company recently opted out of its tie up with Indian car manufacturer Tata, and formed an alliance with Chrysler and Abarth to sell its cars in India. One of the key decisions reached is to assemble models locally instead of importing fully built vehicles. More information on ITP FIAT CHRYSLER TO LAUNCH NINE MODELS TO STRENGTHEN ITS POSITION IN INDIA The new products will be offered through the ‘Jeep’ brand. The launches lined up for 2014, include a compact Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) the new Punto hatchback. This is expected to be a version of the Fiat 500X. More information on ITP

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A month in the India Transport Sector (No 31)

December, 2013 EXPERTS TALKS
“INDIA HAS THE POTENTIAL TO BE ONE OF THE WINNERS OF THE GLOBAL TYRE INDUSTRY”: DAVID SHAW – HEAD OF RESEARCH, TIRE INDUSTRY RESEARCH David Shaw has spent the last 25 years or so in the rubber industry. You probably know him best as the editor of European Rubber Journal. He is now head of research at a small company called Tire Industry Research. More information on ITP “RESEARCH INTO NEW TECHNOLOGIES ARE REQUIRED” AL CEPAS – PAVEMENT MANAGEMENT, ENGINEER ROADWAY MAINTENANCE, CITY OF EDMONTON, CANADA Current duties include the administration of the data collection program for the pavement and sidewalk networks, as well as responsibility for the City’s asphalt repair program. More information on ITP “DATA IS AN INCREDIBLY POWERFUL RESOURCE TO SOLVE SOME OF THE BIGGEST PROBLEMS ON ROADS”: PRUKALPA SANKAR, CO-FOUNDER SOCIAL COPS Prukalpa is the cofounder of Social Cops, a technology social enterprise that harnesses citizen voice as a powerful resource and builds synergystic, connected communities. More information on ITP

ASHOK LEYLAND ENTERS NEW ERA OF TECHNOLOGY WITH NEPTUNE ENGINE The engine manufacturers also focused on noise reduction, vibration and Harshness (NVH), to ensure smooth performance. The engine has been developed and built from scratch in the Ashok Leyland labs. This range of engines is available in two versions: the BS-III and BS- IV. More information on ITP VOLVO GROUP TAKES AN IMPORTANT STRATEGIC STEP WITH THE LAUNCH OF QUESTER Through its subsidiary, the UD group, Volvo has recently announced the launch of the Quester. Executive Vice President of Group Trucks Sales & Marketing and JVs in APAC, Joachim Rosenberg said: ““UD Trucks, with a proud and long-standing tradition of developing high quality trucks for the Japanese market, has exported trucks to markets across Asia, Africa, South America and the Middle-East for many decades. More information on ITP PURITECH TO EXPAND GLOBAL BUSINESS VIA PUNE PURItech, the German supplier of emission control systems (diesel) and filtration devices, will set up its first plant outside Germany in Pune, India. The new facility, expected to be setup by mid-2014, is a joint-venture with Rochi Engineers, a vendor for exhaust filters based in Pune. More information on ITP CENTRAL BID TO EXPLORE ELECTRIC AND HYBRID VEHICLES FOR PUBLIC TRANSPORT To begin, minibuses, three wheelers and buses will be tested in Delhi. These trials are a part of the government’s National Electric Mobility Mission. As part of this mission, the government plans to provide subsidies which will promote the manufacturing of electric and hybrid vehicles in India. More information on ITP

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A month in the India Transport Sector (No 31)

December, 2013 ADVERTISE WITH US

CONTINENTAL’S THIRD GENERATION TYRES FOR PASSENGER TRANSPORT Conti CityPlus, Conti Urban and Conti coach, are tyres designed with this end in mind. The Conti Coach HA3 is a leading product in this range. Available in various sizes, it contributes by increasing fuel efficiency. It is cost effective and can be adapted to fit on various kinds of axles. When in use, the tyres ensure good grip on wet roads, greater manoeuvrability and have a long life expectancy. These are features that not only ensure a comfortable drive but which are also potentially lifesaving. For more demanding driving conditions, Continental offers the Conti Urban HA3. Besides having all the qualities of the Conti coach HA3, the Conti Urban HA3 has reinforced sidewalls, enabling a 20% higher mileage as well as greater protection on rough roads. More information on ITP ICT: INDISPENSABLE TO THE AUTO INDUSTRY Information and Communication Technology (ICT), is increasingly becoming an integral part of progression and the process of successfully overcoming current challenges within the competitive automotive industry. From sensors to complex guidance or navigation systems, proprietary technologies have been the USPs of most leading car makers globally. ICT manifests itself in CATIA (Computer Aided Three-dimensional Interactive Application), CAD (Computer Aided Design), ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), manufacturing control, mobility solutions, dealer management, procurement software, testing tools and supply chain management. For better driving performance, safety, comfort, energy efficiency, fewer accidents, improved driving autonomy and after sales tracking, electro mobility solutions go a long way. Vehicle manufacturers also endeavour to enhance the consumer’s driving experience by integrating personal and business technologies by providing superb in-car solutions. More information on ITP

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