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Using Stones in Acupuncture

Information derived from Li S i!" en#s $en %ao &eing 'u

Stones are permanent(y ea(ing )ecause t ey are strong* + e veins t at you often times see in stones can )e e,uated to meridians- and as suc can conduct meridians in t e )ody* If t ere are no (ines in t e stone- t ese stones can .or/ direct(y on acupuncture points* It is prefera)(e to use stones t at contain (ines as t ey do .or/ on t e entire meridian system* + ey are (iving entities t at are constant(y evo(ving* Some stones are o(d stones suc as Jasper and some are emerging stones suc as %at#s eye* Stones do not contain S en per say on(y a Sou( 01un2* 3ater 04ain2 t at fa((s on t e 5art from 1eaven- and is seeped into t e 5art #s surface6 a(ong .it .ater t at is intrinsica((y in t e 5art - create t e appearance of du((ness in t e stones* 7ire t at emerges from t e t ermodynamics of t e mo(ten 5art com)ined .it sun(ig t creates s iny/(ustrous stones* +oget er- .ater and fire )egin to po(is stones* + is mi8ing of environmenta( forces and progression creates gems and crysta(s* &emstones are very ard and can produce e8treme(y strong affects t at may )e difficu(t to undo* + e more .ater t e stone a)sor)s t e c(earer it is and contains more Yin energy* + e more fire a stone a)sor)s .i(( )e s o.n t roug )u))(es and c(ouds in t e stone and contain more Yang energy* 7(at stones e,ua((y a)sor) energy from .it in t e )ody and disperse it* Stones .it a pointed and f(at side: 9ointed side is good for )rining energy from &od 0ce(estia(2 and conducting it into t e person 0i*e* to )rea/ up p (egm or stagnation26 7(at side is good for )ringing energy out of t e )ody and dispersing it 0i*e* eat2* 9ointed side is ana(ogues to :i )eing directed into t e )ody* + e f(at side is :i )eing a)sor)ed from t e )ody* 3 en you o(d t e stone you .ant to o(d it from t e midd(e (i/e a 'o8a stic/ )ecause if you p(ace your and too c(ose(y on eit er end you cou(d conduct negative energy or use your o.n energy* You .ant to (eave )ot ends open to conduct :i easi(y and uno)structed* $eginners s ou(d consider using a stone t at is pointed on )ot sides as it contains a more even distri)ution of :i* %(ear :uart; is a(so good for )eginners )ecause t ey conduct intentiona(ity* -1-

Lecture: Jeffrey Yuen 3/5/06

<ynamics of 5 'inera(s 0'eta(s2

1. &o(d 0Jin2:

=side note> A(( stones are Sa(ty

Indestructi)(e- cannot )e contaminated- a((o.s you to interact .it stone as it .i(( capture your essence


Strengt en marro.- )ones- Jing- e(ps to a)sor) eat- c(ams S en- pacifies 1un- infanti(e sei;ure- pa(pitations


Spicy ? neutra(

Incompati)(e: +in- .i(( a(so neutra(i;e 'ercury A(c emy: %an soften go(d )y soa/ing it in Sea Sa(t

9(atinum is good for endurance and strengt ens t e affect of stones 2. Si(ver 0@in2: $est si(ver found ne8t to dar/ stones Interna(: t at stagnation- e(ps 9roperty: 1eat- pa(pitations- ca(m S en- very dispersing- used on Ai! %(eft pts for acute conditions- c(ears a.ay inf(ammation causes confusion- .or/s .e(( at )(ood (eve( for cu(tivate /no.(edge

%o(d ? s(ig t(y to8ic . en ta/en interna((y

Incompati)(e: &an %ao- t ist(e- arsenic- 'agnetite- and is a ig (y reactive meta( A(c emy: Ingestion: Lotus (eaf can soften it 5n anced .it &ui $an ? S eng Jiang* You can prepare .it % ang $ai to prevent miscarriage



You can ru) it on t e face for acne unti( face gets very ot6 .i(( first irritate t e s/in )ut t en .i(( ea(*

3. %opper 0+ong2: Interna(: )rea/s some 9roperty: A(c emy: interna((y Ingestion: 5n anced .it Auan % u 58pe( .ind- epi(epsy- sei;ures- e8ogenous pat o(ogica( factorsacute conBunctivitis- mends somet ing t at is )ro/ena.ay rigidity- good for someone going t roug a (oss of sort or a difficu(t time in t eir (ife $itter ? s(ig t(y to8ic Soa/ copper f(a/es in .ine for C day- fry in 5art .are- . en copper spar/(es ? )ecomes a po.der you can ta/e it

Dt er forms of %opper
"i 4en +ong 0@atura( %opper2: Interna(: conBunctivitis 9yrite: "i 4en +ong t at as )een su)Bected to e8treme .ater and fire and as )ecome copper crysta(s Interna(: 9o.der )rea/s up ALL accumu(ation ? mends )ro/en )ones 'ends )ro/en )ones- sta)i(i;es (oose teet - grade ginger .it copper coin and save Buice- app(y to eye for acute

9reparation: Soa/ in &an %ao decoction for EF rs- sun dry for G dayammer- ta/e po.der ? soa/ in vinegar over nig t- p(ace


in in

ceramic container- put in oven- )a/e for HE rs- and soa/ vinegar for H days

$ron;e reduces Yang :i and mi(der compared to copper 4. +in 0Ai2: Interna(: at 9roperty: Ingestion: Interna( .ind- endogenous pat ogen- sei;ure- convu(sionepi(epsy- c(ears fire to8in- syp i(is- cancer- contamination Jing (eve( S.eet- co(d- ? s(ig t(y to8ic %an stay (ong in t e )ody .it S eng <i- S u <i- or 3u Ling "i 5. Iron 0+ie2: Interna(: 9roperty: 4e(a8es ? soot es musc(es Spicy- neutra(- ? to8ic

Incompati)(e: Leec y nuts Ingestion: A(c emy: %inna)ar ? mercury en ance affect %i S i 0'agnetite2 transforms into iron E00 years

9reparation: S eng +ie in cast iron used for )(ood stagnation ? recta( pro(apse- po.dered it ca(ms S en ? treats insect )ites* 'i8ed .it vinegar can specifica((y treat centipede )ites* 7urt er refined )ecome stee( . ic can regu(ate :i* 'agnetite: 'eteorite: 1ypertension %a(ms s en


=side note> D(d saying I 'agnetite transforms into iron E00 years- Iron transforms into
copper E50 years- %opper transforms into p(atinum E50 years- 9(atinum transforms into &o(d E50 years* +urning iron into go(d 0A(c emy2

Stones 0S i2
%onstitution 'inera( composition ! $ased on 'o r#s sca(e C!C0 0C )eing very soft- C0 )eing very ard2 Stones are usua((y a H %o(or I 'ust ave natura( co(or @o <ye %(arity I 'ore .ater .i(( )e more trans(ucent- 'ore fire .i(( )e more c(oudy and spec/(ed S ine/Luster I Indicates t e degree of conductivity* + e s inier t e more conductivity S ape I S ou(d ave H sides or in a c(uster of J- rounded- pointed- eit er or- or )ot It is recommended to use more crysta(s t at )e(ong to t e :uart; fami(y suc as: Agate%itrine- $(oodstone- Smo/ey :uarts- % ame(eon- 4ose :uart;- 9etrified 3ood- %(ear :uart;- Dny8- and +iger#s 5ye* +rinity: 3ei :i 1eaven 0Yang :i2 &emstones s ou(d )e encased in some type of meta( 0i*e* &o(d2* +emp(e of 1eaven is t e nec/* 3indo. of t e S/y points in connection .it Jing 3e(( pts* Ying :i 1umanity 0Ying :i2 1e(ps us understand ourse(ves in re(ation to 1eaven ? 5art 0i*e* +ourma(ine2 Yuan :i 5art 0Yuan :i2 A)sor)s nutrients- fire- (i,uid- e(ps maintain armony .it 5art %(eansing stone: Soa/ in a(ternating ot ? co(d .ater 05 min* eac 2 ? repeat C0 times Soa/ in Sea Sa(t over nig t (eave in sun t e ne8t day to dry $ury t e stone outside in t e 5art . ere it .i(( )e indirect(y e8posed to direct sun(ig t -5-

Important I Soa/ in minera( .ater initia((y . en you purc ase t e stone or . en it is given to you- t en do one of t e a)ove steps* + e affect of t e )u))(y .ater .i(( radica((y e8pe( any un.anted residua( energy


Stone energy .ater: it <rin/ C cup of .ater per day for 3 days un(ess ot er.ise instructed Let . atever stone you are intending to use soa/ in .ater for G day t en drin/

3ater 9roperties: <isti((ed I %(earing Spring I 'oistening- especia((y for 58ogenous 9at ogenic 7actors 'inera( I 9u((s out negative energy from stone 3e(( I @ouris St Yin Artesian 04ain 3ater2 I 9 (egm <amp 'ountain I @ouris Yin + ermo 0 eated2 I +onify :i 3aterfa(( I 'oves )(ood for )(ood stagnation 'orning <e. I S en distur)ance

Dt er Stone 7acts: A (ine directed to.ard t e tip is very good to use on acupuncture pts direct(y %(ouds in t em are good for Yang 8u as t ey are .arming %(ear stones are good for nouris ing Yin Stones t at are c(ear at t e top and )u))(e at t e )ottom can )e e,uated to .ater a)ove fire )e(o. and can treat app(ica)(e pat o(ogies 3ands t at are .rapped in copper coi( are good for treating 3ei :i 3ands t at ave a straig t rod are good for conducting )(ood- yin- or :i Stones t at contain .ater deposits 0guardians2 in t em s ou(d )e used for persona( meditation 0i*e* Dpa( as guardians in it* 5ncased in go(d it is good for teac ers2 Some stones are intended to serve as messengers from eaven 1o. Yang is connecting .it Yin: 4 D Y & $ I K Yang 7ire <ividing (ine conductivity )egins to dec(ine -7 Yin 3ater

+ypes of Stones Jade: S.eet- neutra( :i- mysterious

Interna(: %(ears St fire- ast ma- very descending- rest(essness- ,uenc es t irstunger- a(so goes to Lu <ecoction: Soften Jade )y coo/ing it .it E toads and rice* Li,uid t at is derived from t is is ca((ed Jade Spring and is good for treating <ia)etes* Use t e .ater you co((ect from t e morning de. 0p(ace pan under p(ants and scrape de. off (eaves2 Lavender Jade: $enevo(ence 04en2 )enefits umanity- fami(y ? ouse o(d Lig t 9a(e &reen: 4ig teousness 0Yi2 mora(ity- a)so(ute 0S ao Yang conditions2deto8ifies LK . en .or/ing .it patients .it severe S en distur)ances Ye((o.: @ep rite: <ecoction: Lno.(edge- .isdom 0" i2 teac er- someone . o as a mission Loya(ty- onor 0" ong2 %oo/ .it <i Yu 0C5g*2 .i(( (ead to immorta(ity- good for gyneco(ogica( pro)(ems- )(ood stagnation- and improving vision 3 ite: %(arity- sc o(ar- tonify :i- inferti(ity- sensory orifices- tonify Lu :ipromotes yout fu(ness- tonify Jing 58tras: consumption of Ancestry- eternity- transformation- Kery receptive to .ater- %u(tivates )enevo(ence 04en2- %onnects Yin ? Yang- Long term Jade (ig tens t e )ody


%ora( 0S an 1u <oor.ay to t e mountains2: 4ed %ora(: Interna(: S.eet- neutra( $rea/s up )(ood stagnation- ca(ms S en- sei;ure- epi(epsyconvu(sions- g(aucoma- in po.dered form stops )(eeding Agate 0$(ood of <emons- $rain of 1orse2: Spicy ? co(d Interna(: t e Acupuncture: $est ones ave images %a(ms 1un

%(eans )(ood stagnation- deto8ifies )(ood- stimu(ates 3ei :i- .or/s on t e Lungs and Liver- &ood for e8terior conditions used on Sine. 'eridians 1eat up ? and move stone in a .ave!(i/e formation direct(y on Jing 3e(( pts* to c(ear 97- especia((y t ose moving into t e )(ood (eve( suc as infection disease- App(y on L< C to e(p drain di;;iness ? vertigo )y .a(/ing on it for E0 minutes 0stone s ou(d contain c(oud (i/e formation .it in2- 9(ace on <u E0 to e(p accentuate one#s vision or used in astra( proBection

&uardian Agates:

Used on 3indo. of t e S/y pts*

%a(citum/%a(cite 01an S ui S i2: Spicy- s.eet- very co(d- c(ear ? trans(ucent Interna(: )ring %a <ecoction: 58tras: 3ind eat- interna( eat- ca(ms S en- St fire- improves eyesig tstrong(y regu(ates :i- inf(amed Boints- mu(tip(e sc(erosis- e(ps to )ones- coo(s )(ood eat Soa/ in .ater- drin/- c(ears fever and can )e used for topica( )urns Ice(and Spar not good to use- neutra(i;es to8ins from croton )eansantagoni;es Se(enite- Su(fur en ances


$(ue %a(cite:

4educe )(ood pressure- use on Lv E ? Lv CF for an8iety

&reen %a(cite: 3ind eat due to a )acteria( infection- coo/ed .it disti((ed .ater can )e used for 1ot $i syndrome 58tras: 7astest .or/ing stone as it conducts .ater energy t e ,uic/est

Se(enite 0Auan Ying S i2: Spicy- s.eet- .arming Interna(: 3ind co(d- .ind damp- $i!syndrome- goes to )(ood (eve(- ingested used for co(d in t e ( Biao- amenorr ea- scanty menses- .arms ? invigorates <u 'ai- induces enuresis- encourages gro.t in c i(dren if mom .ears it . i(e s e is pregnant and )reast feeding <esert 4ose: %(ears co(d M t e )(ood (eve( - sei;ures- convu(sions- for distur)ed 1un use on U) FH :uart; N Lungs 1) 3 ite 0$ai Ying S i2 Interna(: .ind! %ontra: 2) 4egu(ate :i- dyspenia- opens diap ragm- re(ieves tig tness ? constriction in diap ragm- ta/en interna((y tonifies Lu :idamp summer eat- dia)etes . en mi8ed .it ot er er)s 3it sea.eed

:uart; %rysta( 0S ui Jing2: Spicy ? co(d Interna(: point2 Kery po.erfu( on U) s ut points 0message or tap on t e point)urn mo8a over t e crysta( . i(e t e crysta( is on t e

- 10 -

Instructions: &et (oose mo8a- create a )ed of it- p(ace crysta( on t e )ed of (oose mo8a- and put it out in t e sun* 32 4ose :uart; Interna(: .or/s .e(( eadac e C0 .it tip F2 Ye((o. :uart; Interna(: point to 52 Undigested food- U) s ut pts*- )(oating- f(atu(ence- fatigue(et argy- moves )o.e(s- nouris es post nata( :i* &ood use on Sp 3 .it tip pointing to.ard it 'ove )(ood )y moving :i- 1t )(ood stagnation- anginapa(pitations- emoptysis 0reverse direction of ,uart; U) s u pts*- menses- co(d (im)s 0circu(ation2due to )(ood stasis* &ood point to use on Sp pointed to.ard it

Smo/ey :uart; Interna(: Ast ma- spermitorr ea- incontinence- Ld :i 8u-* &ood point to use on U) E3 ? Ld 3 58tras: + e more Yang you .ant t e stone t e more c(ouds t ere s ou(d )e in it- rounded stone moves :i in and out

S u!Stream 9oints Ks* Yuan Source 9oints

+o activate S u Stream points using acupuncture you s ou(d need(e .it t e meridian or against it* +o activate Yuan Source points using acupuncture you s ou(d need(e perpendicu(ar or at a s(ig t ang(e* @eed(e <ept Insertion
S u Stream

Yuan Source

- 11 -

S u stream e8amp(e: Lv 3LvC- need(e tec ni,ue (ifting ? t rusting* 'otion emp asi;ed on (ifting so t e need(e remains on t e surface (eve(- t en give it a spin to.ard t e (atera( side of t e )ody to disperse interior .ind* 58terior 3ind use Li F insert perpendicu(ar at superficia( (eve( t en spin (atera((y to )ring out pat ogenic factor*

Stones t at a((eviate t e 5 Accumu(ations

+ e five accumu(ations: :i- $(ood- 7ood- 9 (egm- and %o(d!1ot manifest t roug front 'u points* Jasper is a very good stone to use . en t ere are any of t e 5 accumu(ations* 1. Jasper 01u "i S i2: re(ative(y more round and .arming Interna(: &at ers ce(estia( :i and goes into point to )rea/ up accumu(ation E* 4ed Jasper Interna(: <irections: %(ams s en- c(eanses aura- )rea/s up )(ood stagnation 9(ace H!J peaces in a tu) of .ater .it sea sa(t t is e(ps )rea/ up )(ood stagnation 3* $ro.n Jasper Interna(: %(ears uric acid )ui(d up in Ld- c(ears p (egm- improves nig t time vision- promotes (ucid dreaming 58tras: &ood for past (ife regression- sou( retrieva(- ? astra( proBection

- 12 -

F* &reen Jasper Interna(: 9 ysica( i((ness- s/in conditions- muscu(os/e(eta( pro)(ems- Boints3ei :i (eve(- nerves- )ones- spasms 58tras: 5* Ye((o. Jasper Interna(: 6* 4ain 7orest Jasper Interna(: &ood for A(( 5 Accumu(ations- )rea/s up p (egm stagnation and c(ears t e t roat +o dra. out a pat ogen need(e superficia(- deep- superficia( 58tras: Jasper )rea/s up stagnation in ouse $one )i syndrome- p (egm ? damp accumu(ation &ood on 1e Sea points and <ivergent c anne(s

Stones t at .or/ .it Lou 9oints

1. A;urite 0Long :ing2: S.eet- s(ig t(y co(d Interna(: pain. en 58tras: during t e 3rd induce <o @ot +a/e Dra((y

9(um pit- eye pain - nouris s en- arteriosc(erosis- po.dered good for )one fractures and Boint )i syndrome- genita( eadac e- (o. )ac/ pain- en ance semen production p(aced on Ld C In a (iniment .it a(co o( .i(( c(eanse Lou connecting vesse(- if you .a(/ on t e stone 0Ld C2 for E rs once a .ee/ trimester .i(( e(p encourage inte((igent c i(d* +o e(p (a)or ru) on t e so(es of t e feet

- 13 -

2. 'a(ac ite: S(ig t(y .arm- s(ig t(y to8ic ? sour Interna(: )ecome a for a((ergiesnasa( passageeasy c i(d)irt during 58tras:

<o @ot +a/e Dra((y

Dpens Yin +ang- re(eases pent up emotion ? e(ps c ange t e .ay you vie. t e .or(d- regu(ates Lv :i- e(ps you (itt(e more sensitive- reduces )(ood pressure- good ast ma- ru) against sinus cavity for draining t e on Lou pts* c(ears stagnation- promotes de(ivery

If round- stone dra.s energy in and pu((s energy out- re(ative(y Yang 0ne.2 stone

%(eanse: and 3. Soda(ite Interna(: grounding)(ood* Acupuncture: S en F* Lapis Interna(: <irections:

<o not use direct .ater to c(eanse t is stone* &at a (arge g(ass )o.(- set anot er g(ass )o.( .it t e ma(ac ite inside itsteam c(eanse for E0!30 minutes* <o @ot +a/e Dra((y %a(ming affect on t e 1un- eadac es- reduces ig )(ood pressure- forgetfu(ness- distur)ed dreams- good for muscu(ar tension- used .it Lapis to nouris t e

9(ace )et.een Lv E ? Lv 3 to ca(m* 1o(d Soda(ite in t e (eft and and Lapis in t e rig t and to ca(m

@ouris )(ood- armoni;e )(ood &uas a .it A;urite t en pound on point .it Lapis

- 14 -

5. 1ematite 0<ai % i S i2 Interna(: Ast ma- descends :i- regu(ate Lv- dissipates ? )rea/s up )(ood stagnation- especia((y good for ( Biao )(ood stagnation- amenorr ea- e(ps t e )ody a)sor) Iron 6. La)radorite: 0Ld/Lv/1t2 Interna(: 'oves energy do.n t em moves :i )ac/ up- $ao 'ai communication for gyneco(ogica( pro)(ems- (o.ers )(ood pressure- uric acid accumu(ation causing goutdementia- )enefits emptiness in t e Ld58tras: ( Biao* uterus* 3or/s via ? <u C2 7. % a(cedony 0Yi Aue S i2: Spicy- )itter- s.eet- .arm 01t/Lv/Sp2 Interna(: open +onify :i- tonify )(ood- increase (actation M St C- moves ? c(eanses )(ood- used .it a(co o( (iniment e(ps to ea( sores t e )rain- ormona( )a(ancing- Ld Yin :imenopause Stimu(ate Ld C )y .a(/ing on La)radorite for E0 minutes .i(( reduce ot f(as es* % ec/ for a f(oating pu(se in t e 3i(( e(p stimu(ate pituitary- adrena( g(ands- ? Ld .ater Lv .ood 1t fire 04en C5

&ray ? )(ue: 9romote Jing- ea(s )ruising- (o. )ac/ pain- erniated disc 3 ite: 'oves :i ? )(ood

8. % rysoco((a 0Lian $ao S i2: %oo( Interna(: +endonitis- (igament tears- connective tissue pro)(ems- e8pe(s .ind- (o.ers ig )(ood pressure- premenstrua( syndrome- 15 -

eadac e- mood s.ings- fi)rocystic )reast- severe )urnssine.s ? )ones- opens c est ? tonifies Lu :i

Stones t at .or/ .it <ivergent 'eridians

1. 7(uorite 0" i Ying S i2: S.eet- sa(ty- co(d Interna(: Yinsett(ing &reen: 9urp(e: Ye((o.: Interior 3ind %o(d 9 (egm vira( condition %oo(s )(ood %(ears fire to8ins manifesting in t e s/in- r eumatoid art ritisneuropat y- 'S $(ue: 7or s ing(es scrape U) S u 9oints 9esti(ent :i- epidemics- opens sinus- e8pe(s p (egm- massage a(ong t e Ba. to strengt en gums ? )ones- regenerate moisten s/in- )rea/ up ce((u(ites- prevents infection from

2. Amet yst: S.eet ? co(d 0Sp/St/1t/Si/Lu2 Interna(: Sp/St divergent meridian- deto8ifies ormones- insomnia- e(ps to protect during crisis 0menopause- ormona( pro)(emspu)erty- career c anges- deat - divorce2- coo(ing on s/in for 58tras: acne t at is inf(amed Interna(i;ation

<ar/ Amet yst: @ouris L< yin 3. Am)er 01u 9o/$ai2: S.eet- spicy- co(d

- 16 -


@atura( anti)iotic- e8pe(s petu(ant :i factors- sta)i(i;es .i((ca(ms S en- e8pe(s parasite- %andida- opens interna( sp incters- ot p (egm accumu(ation


Use on Lv 5- Li H- &) 36- or Si 6 for fire to8ins* You can a(so tape t e am)er on points

58tra: insects

58pe(s interna( g osts/demons 0e8orcism2 t e stone s ou(d )e fi((ed .it various mar/ings inside 0can appear to (oo/ (i/e trapped inside2

%oncoction: J*C5 g*- )oi( do.n to E cups- )oi( do.n to C cup 4. Ama;onite 0<i :ing S i- %(earing 5art Stone2: 0Lv/Ld2 Interna(: ? 8u .it redirects Kery good for treating )one disorders 0osteoporosis- toot (oss- toot decay2- ca(ms S en- )rings )(ood into sine.s )ones- 9ar/inson#s <isease- migraine eadac e- Ld Yin Lv )(ood 8u- redirects a)sorption of Ld Yin and )(ood to t e Lv- c(ears environmenta( to8ins

5. A,uamarine 0Long 1ai :ing2: S.eet- co(d 0Lu/Ld2 Interna(: ypert yroidismstimu(ates 3ei :iCF2- re(eases 58tras: 9 (egm- sore t roat- s.o((en g(ands- ypersensitivityanti istamine- regu(ates t yroid g(and for tonifies Lu :i as a decoction- protects s/in.or/s .e(( on <ivergent meridians ? <u 'ai 0<u +'J 9rotects aura- is good for peop(e . o (ac/ courage ? .i((

6. Aventurine 0Aie S i2: Lu p (egm/Lv )(ood Interna(: p (egm 'a(ignant cancer 0stimu(ate 4en CH2- )oosts )ody#s immune system- stimu(ates t ymus g(and- tonify Lu :i- c(ears stagnation- as an affinity for t e Lv as it regu(ates ? - 17 -

removes arteriosc(erosis- ig descending- com)ine .it accumu(ation 58tras: &reen: 4ed: %ontra:

)(ood stagnation- reduces )(ood pressurec o(estero(- c(ears intestines as it is Jasper or +a(cum to prevent Dpens pent up emotions 9 ysica( ea(ing especia((y veins Sadness- frustration- anger- resentment %onstipation

7. +ourma(ine: S.eet 0Ld/Lu2 Interna(: <ra.s to8ins a.ay from Ld- e8posure to radiation- )rings Yang :i out of Ld to pus pat ogenic factor out- tonify Ld Yang 9in/: &reen: Ld/1t- An8ious- depressed- 1t ? Ld not communicating Ld/Lv- %onva(escence- moves Ld Yang to support Lv )(ooddec(ines (i)ido Ye((o.: $(ac/: 58tras: Ld/Sp- <igestion Ld/Lu- @europat y- viti(igo- co(d ands It is t e &inseng of Stone 'edicine- 9o.erfu( . en used on 4en O .it 'o8a for O!C0 minutes <ecoction: Use Spring .ater- (et soa/ G day- drin/ a .ee/ to prevent radiation 0good if you are .or/ing on computers a(( day or on ce(( p one2

- 18 -

Acupuncture: C0

7or Sp ? Ld :i deficiency a(ternate Lv C3 ? 4en O using 'o8a- s.itc )et.een t e E points every O! minutes

4ed ? 9in/ +ourma(ine can .or/ very .e(( for 1t ? Ld not communicating )y taping t em on 4en O during t e nig t once a .ee/ 8. $(oodstone: 3or/s on Lou points Interna(: 5mptiness of t e Lou- very good for c(earing out )(ood- c(ears eat from )(ood- good for )rea/ing up p (egm- promotes (ymp atic drainage- promotes a(/a(inity ? reduces acidityen ances t e <ecoction: <ia)etes- e8ce((ent for Leu/emia ? Lymp oma+ ymus &(and E cups )oi( do.n to C cup

9. &arnet: Use 4ed c(ear stone 01t/Sp2 Interna(: 1e(ps .it t e production of )(ood- good for (o. p(ate(et countnouris ? armoni;e )(ood- e(ps )ody to sync roni;e )(ood ? regu(ate menses- great to use after )(ood transfusion Acupuncture: Sp C0 armoni;es )(ood- St 30 ? St J regu(ates :i ? )(ood

%at#s eye: innocence &ood for 3ei :i - respiratory issues as it affects t e Lu- gets rid of rigidity and moves a person )ac/ to a state of

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Aventurine- Lig t &reen Jade- Ama;onite- (ig t Agate deto8ifies LK . en .or/ing .it patients .it severe S en distur)ances

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