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West Lynchburg Baptist Church

December 29, 2013 Volume 3, Issue 52

The church with heart in the heart of the city.

Just Around The Corner...

Lessons from the Angels To frightened shepherds on the first Christmas Eve, a host of angels sang, Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men (Luke 2:14, KJV). Nineteenth-century minister Charles Kingsley explained how these key words tell the meaning of Jesus birth and give meaning to our lives. Glory. That little babe, lying in the manger among the cattle, was showing the very highest glory of the great God who had made heaven and earth. To stoop, to condescend, to have mercy, to forgive that is the highest glory of God. Peace. God is not selfish. He sacrificed himself for us. Sacrifice yourselves then for each other! Give up your own pride, your own selfishness, your own interest for each other, and you will be all at peace. Good will. God loves you, and he wills to raise you out of this selfish, quarrelsome life of sin, into a loving, brotherly, peaceful life of righteousness. That babe in the manger at Bethlehem is a sign to you and me that God will freely give us that spirit of love if we ask for it. The Newsletter Newsletter
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Just Around The Corner The Week at a Glance Memory Verse, Members & Missions Deacon of the Week + Extended Care Schedule Staff Info

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Staff Member on Call Dec. 2729 Randy Kent 434.665.6880

Gifts for a King Bring him thy precious things And lay them at his feet; The gold of love, the hope that springs The unknown ways to meet. Bring him thy lovely things; The joy that conquers care, The faith that trusts and sings, The frankincense of prayer. Bring him thy bitter things; The myrrh of grief and fears, The aching heart that stings With pain of unshed tears. These for thy gifts to him; And for his gifts to thee, The comfort of his steadfast love, His tender sympathy. Annie Johnson Flint

Wednesday Menu

Dinners will resume January 8.

The Week at a Glance

How many observe Christs birthday! How few, his precepts! O! tis easier to keep holidays than commandments. Benjamin Franklin

Opportunities for the Week Sunday, December 29 9:00 AM Instrumental Ensemble 9:15 AM Library Open 9:45 AM Sunday School for all ages 11:00 AM KIDS in Worship 11:00 AM Morning Worship 6:20 PM NO TeamKIDS.Gr. 1-6 6:30 PM NO EDGE Student Worship 6:30 PM NO Evening Worship Tuesday, December 31 10:30 AM NO Moms in Prayer 11:30 PM NO S.W.A.T. 1:30 PM NO Amazing Grace Fellowship 6:45 PM NO Sewing Class Wednesday, January 1 OFFICE CLOSEDHAPPY NEW YEAR! 5:15 PM NO Family Night Supper 6:00 PM NO Preschl Music Time 4yr-Kin. NO Childrens Music Gr. 16 6:30 PM NO EDGE Gr. 712 6:30 PM NO Lifes Healing Choices 6:30 PM NO Bible Study/Prayer Meeting 6:45 PM NO Mission Friends..Ages 4 & 5 NO Royal Ambassadors..Gr. 1-6 NO Girls in Action...Gr. 1-6 6:50 PM NO Highest Praise 7:30 PM NO Sanctuary Choir 8:50 PM NO Praise Team Rehearsal Saturday, January 4 8:30 AM The Closet 7:00 PM NO iMPACT
Begins Jan. 5

New in January
As we approach the new year please be praying about your involvement in our new discipleship lessons that will feature the teaching of Henry and Richard Blackaby in the Experiencing God material. The study will begin with large group time on Sunday Night, Jan 5, at 6:30pm. Small group will be open for men and women part of the session and part of the session will be gender specific. This study will yield greatest results when you are involved in both large and small group time. You have the choice of meeting with small groups on Thursday at 10am or 6:30pm. Please sign up with insert or on bulletin board, so that books can be ordered. Cost of the book is $15.00.

THE CLOSET is open to the community Saturday, JAN. 4, 8:30am11:00am.

Memory Verse, Members and Missions

We are close to meeting our Goal of $25,000!

Please extend prayer &

Luke 2:17 (NIV) When they had seen him, they spread the word concerning what had been told them about this child,

sympathy to: Barbara Harman & family in the passing of her brother.

We can meet it & beat it...Lottie Moon Christmas Offering goes through January!
Pray for International Missions: see prayer request below. Help to send the gospel around the world!

Hospitalized as of Thurs. Dec. 19 Lynchburg General: None VA Baptist: None

1 John 3:8 Little children, let us not love in word or talk but in deed and truth.

Dont Miss Your Chance to Bless and Be Blessed...The Needs are Many
Warming Up Lynchburg

WLBC is handing out adult size Winter coats, hats, gloves, scarves & socks in Miller Park to the homeless. January 11 from 11am2pm Please look through your closet and drop off any unneeded adult size warm coats, etc. to the church. Thank you for your help!
Ask Patsy Leftwich how you can help at the park that day, as they will need help with setting up and

benefitting The Network House

Fundraiser Lunch

January 12 @ Noon Sign-up with insert so we know how many to expect. *Love Offering Needed.

delivering 221 Christmas Cards to members at church. Thank you for your support!

YAY! The Christmas Card Exchange Fundraiser raised $100 by

WLBC Praying for...LINXIA, GANSU Han believers of Linxia, Gansu, have seen no results from sharing Jesus with their lost Muslim neighbors and fear that reaching them is nearly impossible. Pray for the God of the impossible to visit salvation on this unreached people.

Serving, Laughing, Playing & PrayingBecause WLBC Members Live Life With Hope

Deacon of the Week: Winston Mead 434.239.9971

Winstons Deacon Families Lewis & Martha Ayers Doris Chapin Jean Crickenberger Jerry & Barbara Gallagher Joanne Garnett John Harrison Frances Hudson Doris Meeks Steve, Jackie & Keeley Sarver Beth Schmucker David Williams Joyce Williams

India Missions Update Our team returned safely from Nagaland, India last weekend. Please pray for the pastors and teachers in Nagaland that received training. Pray also for the team that will be going to the state of Uttarakhand, India in March, 2014. Pray that we will discern Gods leading for our church.
Pray for the unreached people of India.


Sunday 1st


Name Miho Camarata Brittany Lees Hannah Ott

Sunday 1st

3 & 4 years

Name Doug Renalds Debra Renalds

2 & 3 years

Tom Yarber Jessica Overholt

Especially Fun

Volunteer Needed



Donna Kendrick Carolyn Fox


3 & 4 years

Andy Dahlby Megan Smith

2 & 3 years

Tom Yarber Joseph Jennings John King

Especially Fun

Sarah Read



Melissa Bacon Niclole Bacon


3 & 4 years

Mary Shepherd Brooke

2 & 3 years 4th Babies/Walkers

Andy Ott Anika Hoglen Denise Page 4th

Especially Fun 3 & 4 years

Melody Wright Susan Neiss Robert Neiss

2 & 3 years

Pat Wright Maria Wright

Especially Fun

King Family



Andy Dahlby Kindal Dahlby


3 & 4 years

AJ Richards

2 & 3 years

Joyce Campbell

Especially Fun

Vicky Putt

On mission to glorify Jesus Christ and reach people for the family of God.


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Dr. Robert Putt, Pastor Cell Phone: 434.841.6886 845.4600 EXT 15

Rev. Randy Kent, Minister of Music & Senior Adults Cell Phone: 434.665.6880 845.4600 EXT 13

Vance Matthews, Minister of students Cell Phone: 910.814.7200 845.4600 EXT 14

Pam Anderson (Financial) Nancy Johnson (Administrative) Phyllis Lane (Organist) Jeanne Kent (Pianist)

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