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Civil Engineering & Construction

for Microsoft Dynamics AX
To-Increase Solutions for Construction Businesses based on Microsoft Dynamics AX

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Civil Engineering and Construction: Tight Margins, Lean Projects

Businesses within the civil engineering and construction industry face challenges that stem from one core concept: maintaining an acceptable profit margin in a lean, projectdriven environment. These companies need solutions that keep pace with requirements for margin-driven project management. But with fierce competition and the pressure to reduce margins, your IT solutions must deliver much more than functional capabilities. You also need the ability to respond quickly to new developments and maintain your competitive edge, without being limited by system constraints. Improve operations by empowering employees to run business processes efficiently. Take advantage of global opportunities with support for multiple languages and multi-country legal requirements. Improve business partnerships with shared visibility into project information and intuitive collaboration tools. Set and manage profit margins and expectations from quote to completion.

Deliver tangible results

To-Increase Civil Engineering & Construction for Microsoft Dynamics AX

Building on powerful Microsoft Dynamics AX capabilities, To-Increase offers a set of lean business processes that focus on profit margin control and effective project management for your specialized industry. To-Increase Civil Engineering & Construction offers proven capabilities to help meet highly specific needs, including increased customer demand for fast response and improved service, streamlined processes, and internal procedures that create a lean environment. The result? Efficient operations, robust financial management, and profitable results.

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Civil Engineering & Construction

Optimize Business Processes

Designed for businesses that focus on roadworks, waterworks, and building civil infrastructures, Civil Engineering & Construction for Microsoft Dynamics AX helps you master business processes that include: Project Lifecycle Management Quotes and Bids Subcontracting Progress Billing Cost Rate Management Procurement Web-Based Data Collection Document Management Retention Asset and Plant Management Global Support Integration with Familiar Microsoft Products


Key Business Challenges

Your business management solution serves as the foundation for planning and executing strategies and tactics, including margins, compliance, and results. To direct and control your business effectively, you need an end-to-end IT solution created by industry experts.

Improve business processes and profitability

To manage customer expectations for projectsincluding time, materials, and laborconstruction companies need to optimize operational processes. Our solutions capabilities equip you to design and execute jobs that carry an acceptable profit margin and adhere to compliance regulations, from the initial bid to the final bill.

begin the project, with a clear baseline for measuring project margins, results, and profitability.

successful projects, especially large projects that involve a wide range of dependencies. Construction businesses in particular rely on robust processes, supported by specialized technology, to define scope and manage projects from initial bid to project completion. That said, your most valuable asset is your people. Across the business, individuals and teams need fast, easy ways to share information and collaborate in a multidisciplinary environment. Think about it. Engineering teams need to provide a clear overall architecture. Project management needs to control cost, billing, and planning. Teams in the field need to provide feedback about the actual status of the project and consumption of resources. Civil Engineering & Construction enables you to streamline processes; give all project stakeholders deep visibility into centralized, real-time information; and fuel collaboration that leads to winning results.

Control compliance
To meet environmental, governmental, and industrial compliance regulations, construction businesses must implement rules and best practices for myriad day-to-day processes. Your business needs to adhere to environmental specifications for materials, manage construction and job-site waste, and determine costs. Civil Engineering & Construction delivers compliance controlsincluding workflows, guidelines, and checkliststo help you factor compliance costs into your bids, enforce processes, and meet projections. Document management capabilities are embedded in the operational process to help ensure you meet compliance expectations and manage processes efficiently.

Manage profit margins

Controlling profit margins throughout a construction project depends on a structured and flexible solution. Civil Engineering & Construction helps you calculate and understand the dynamics of a bid, and capture the richness and complexity of the data used to build it. By enabling you to create nearly flawless bids, the solution ensures that you can receive internal signoff quickly, and provide your customer with a fast turnaround that reflects accurate design and planning. And when you roll the bid into a contract, youre prepared to

Equip teams to work together to achieve results

Business growth depends on your ability to create and execute

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Civil Engineering & Construction


Strengthen Team Insight and Action

The construction business is all about teamwork. Civil Engineering & Constructions delivers a framework that supports cross-departmental processes and encourages collaboration.

For example, when a foreman reports slower progress then planned, the system triggers an alert and notifies the project manager by e-mail. As soon as the project manager receives the notification, discussions start about how to correct and control the situation. This can lead into variation orders or replanning of activities to safeguard the project result and margin. The project manager can then make an informed decision based on expert collaboration.

Youll have direct insight into critical processes, including bids, project development and execution, equipment management, and financial status. The intuitive interface empowers employees to quickly access and work with the information and tools that are relevant to their role. Built-in business intelligence and personalized dashboards make it easy to view high-level overviews and quickly drill down into detailsall within the same window. Across the enterprise, stakeholders are equipped with the business insight and intelligence they need to effectively manage the rhythm of your business.

top-down, data-driven insight into business status and every aspect of each project. In addition to workflows, eventtriggered alerts and e-mail notifications, and key performance indicators (KPIs), the reporting framework included in Microsoft Dynamics AX enables you to quickly consolidate, analyze, and share information to help fuel your growth.

Drive control with robust information management

Information needs to be centralized, real-time, and easily accessible and updatable from the desk or the field. With information at your fingertips, you can quickly determine the health of the overall organization. Civil Engineering & Construction offers data management capabilities that you can use to understand and control each project and your overall business.

Ensure organization wide access to accurate data and intelligence

A successful construction company is built on access to facts that can drive educated decisions, corrections, and overall project and business insight. Because cash flow is critical, and profit is the goal, Civil Engineering & Construction provides

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Civil Engineering & Construction

Put Knowledge to Work: Connect People, Processes, and Systems

Everybody understands that to remain competitive, you need an IT solution that integrates your data. But what exactly are the benefits? To-Increase Civil Engineering & Construction centralizes data to support integrated systems, partners, and processesgiving you a unified ecosystem for planning, development, and execution.

For example, imagine that you can read your vehicle information and plan preventative maintenance plans based on that data. Or integrate processes and data flow with your subcontractors to align activities that meet your customers expectations. Think about sharing data from field-based teams to maximize collaboration with engineers. These are just a few examples showing how integrating data strengthens work in process and helps you meet longer-term goals for connecting your business.

can manage and synchronize critical details such as cost rates, materials, equipment, health and safety standards, and resource allocation. For example, your sales teams can create bids by using the latest cost price data. Your planning department can plan the best people for each job, determine their availability, and reassign team members if necessary. The planning department can also allocate the equipment needed for each job. Integrated material planning helps prevent or plan for delays in the management of construction materials or avoid inappropriate scheduling of materials.

Centralize data management

Integrated data maximizes control and empowers your project teams to make confident decisions. Civil Engineering & Construction offers centralized information that can be accessed by all stakeholders, so that the right people

Create accurate, competitive quotes

The first stage in the planning process is the quote. Advanced formulas and margin-based calculations help you create solid, accurate quotes. But to win projects, quotes must be


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Civil Engineering & Construction

both accurate and competitive. With Civil Engineering & Construction, you can efficiently estimate projects and build competitive quotes that can drive new business, using data from business templates or project actuals.

Configure to meet construction-specific needs

Get the precise data you need to determine the specific costs and requirements for products and services. For example, Civil Engineering & Construction includes a configuration process for determining material specifications, such as pipes or foundations. Equally important, this data can provide specifications for products and services that can be reused for quality inspection processes.

business, To-Increase has added this dimension to the transaction data included in the Project Series in Microsoft Dynamics AX. Estimating, planning, and execution processes include equipment management as an industry -specific capability. Equipment management functionality enables you to: Create outbound equipment rental contracts for intercompany or other construction companies. Manage equipment maintenance, repair, and overhaul processes. Control enterprise-wide assets with integrated equipment and fixed asset management.

Incorporate subcontractors into project contracts

Subcontracting is an organic process for nearly all construction companies. Civil Engineering & Construction supports total control on subcontracts. Building on the purchase process, subcontracting capabilities incorporate subcontracts into your overall project.

Include equipment management in your process

Because equipment management is key to the construction



Manage cost and revenue transactions for projects. Plan and dispatch equipment on construction activities.

development that increases your total cost of ownership. Our motto? Keep it simple.

Data collected from the field includes: Health and safety (HSE) status Equipment usage data Labor costs Materials consumed Expenses

Align data exchange across subsystems

Efficiency depends on connecting construction processes to ensure agile data exchange across subsystems and with partners. Civil Engineering & Construction offers business templates and a straightforward integration toolkit that streamline data exchange processes. In addition to the toolkit, the Solution Center enables you to easily configure and control product-based interaction. You can even create an application that focuses on a lean and intuitive process for end users, without the need for expensive

Efficiently collect field data

Action takes place in the field. Informed decision-making for projects happens onsite. To ensure onsite stakeholders make the right decisions, field teams need the ability to report data. Civil Engineering & Construction includes a data collection solution that adapts to conditions in the field. Foremen and project managers working onsite can also submit data that is immediately incorporated into existing project information.

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Civil Engineering & Construction


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Simplify and enhance your production processes. Boost efficiency and optimize business management to stand out in a competitive marketplace. To-Increase Civil Engineering & Construction for Microsoft Dynamics AX delivers an end-to-end system tailored to your unique construction needs. The To-Increase team brings together deep experience developing business software with industry vertical expertise. We sell our solutions indirectly, through a global partner network thats built on trust, respect, and knowledge sharing. Along with comprehensive certification and training programs, we provide our partners with robust structure and support that ensure customer satisfaction for sales, implementation, and ongoing services. solutions, and a wide range of add-on products. We also develop eCon, a leading sales and product configurator designed to work seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM solutions.

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