Game Design Course 2013

Concept Template Mine monster Maxim Zavadskiy
Platform: Mobile / Console Target Group: male 12 - 30 Genre: Maze crawling, action Monetization: reemi!m Reference Games: "acMan Pitch Control an aggresive #acman-monster and clear yo!r mines $rom aliens% O !ecti"e Com#lete t&e level by destoying all alien's barracks, score #oints% (ill aliens soldiers, avoiding t&eir missiles and robots% )ct agressively% "ick!# #ower-!#s to &ave s#ecial abilities $or some time% Mechanics *&e $ield in t&e level &as a #acman style% +o! are #laying as a #ackman-like monster w&ic& lives in mines% *&e monster &as a certain amo!nt o$ &ealt&% *&e g&osts are wea#oned aliens trying to kill yo!% *&ey are coming o!t constantly o!t o$ barracks b!t does not exceed certain amo!nt at $ield% *&ere are two ty#es o$ enemies, • soldier, &as a missle wea#on, slower t&at yo! and try to kee# distance% *&ey don't kill yo! at one s&ot% • robot, melee attack% same s#eed as yo!% (ills t&e monster at one &it !s!ally% Cannot be eated by attacking in $ront b!t can be killed wit& yo!r acid t&at yo! vomit% -!dden attack $rom be&ind or t&o!g& t&e wall kills it b!t monster loses some &ealt& beca!se robot doesn't give !# easy% .y eating eno!g& soldiers yo! gain a one acid attack t&at yo! can !se on robots by ta##ing on t&e monster% /estroying a cam# takes some time% "ower!#s and ot&e #ickable times, • acid trace% +o! will leave an acide trace a$ter yo!tsel$ t&at is deadly $or soldiers and decreases &ealt& o$ robots • s#eed increase • med-kit +o! r!n away $rom robots !ntil yo! gained acid attack and at t&e same time yo! need to avoid soldiers missles b!t eat t&em going $rom back or $rom corner% +o! can also destroy segments o$ walls 0w&at se#arates #at&s in a mine1 b!t yo!r &ealt& decreases, and attacking !ndex#ectedly b!t !se it wisely, as yo! decrease s#ace w&ere yo! can &ide $rom missles%

+o! want to score #oints to &ave award $or t&e level% Make combos by killing many in row to score m!lti#le and gain acid $aster% #ni$ue %elling Points • a game $!ll o$ action and beati$!l modern gra#&ics and nice so!nd e$$ects wit& best $eat!res taken $rom "acman • yo! don't need to r!n away always b!t rat&er be&ave aggresively and score more #oints2 • now yo! can cras& t&e walls2 • )cid trace #ower-!#2 • *ry $irst level $or $ree wit& $!ll $eat!res2 3orst com#etititors% badly st!died, 1% "acman 2% *o#down 3rd #erson s&ooters 3% )ngry birds ,/ &eatures • $ast #ased, aggressive be&avio!r • !ltimate acid vomit attack • acid trace #ower-!# • combo #oint system • breaking t&o!g& walls • • • • 2 n#cs 3 #ower!#s 30 levels wit& di$$erent terrain s!rvival mode 4 yo!r &ealt& regenerates slowly, yo! cannot reac& barracks

%'nopsis *o #rotect yo!r &ome, yo! get rid o$ aliens t&at try to kill yo! to do t&eir b!siness t&ere% *&ey annoy yo! very m!c& b!t yo! realize t&at t&ey are act!allly tasty2 (oo) * &eel vis!al style is $!nny and little bit cartoony, $!nny so!nd e$$ects 4 vomit, screams, roar o$ t&e monster etc% to#down, 3rd #erson b!t everyt&ing is 3/ Optional: Pro+uction -mall-sized #ro5ect, co!ld be done wit& 3-6 #eo#le% *ime estimate 4 less t&at one year%

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