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FACTS: The defendant is a Chinese who works as a fireman on the steamship named Shun Chang.

The Shun Chang is a foreign steamer which arrived in the port of Cebu on April 25, 1917. The defendant bought eight cans of opium in Saigon and brought them on board the steamship Shun Chang going to Cebu. The steamer anchored on the port of Cebu on April 25, 1917. When the authorities made a search on the steamship, the eight cans of opium above mentioned was found in the ashes below the boiler of the steamers engine. Th e defendant confessed that he was the owner of the said opium and that he purchased it in Saigon. However, he did not reveal the purpose in buying the opium. ISSUES: Whether the crime of illegal importation of opium into the Philippines has been proven or not. HELD: Yes. In this case, Act No. 2381 section 4 strongly supports the decision held by the court. It states that Any person who shall unlawfully import or bring any prohibited drug into the Philippine Islands. The mere act of going into a port, without breaking bulk is a prima facie evidence of importation. In such case, a person is guilty of illegal importation of opium unless it does not exist or proven otherwise. Based on the given facts presented, the defendant has the intention of bringing such large amount of opium in the Philippines which would be impossible to conceive that it was for his personal use only.