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Mounting Manual

Please read carefully u unpacking
The OSVP is supplied pre-assembled. For final assembly you will need: - 13 mm spanner - 17 mm spanner - 6 mm Allen key The supplied screw set contains: 4 pcs M8 hex bolts 120mm 12 pcs 10mm plastic sleeve 4 pcs 63mm plastic sleeve 2 pcs cable ties A B C Open the box carefully, do not use sharp subjects. Remove the OSVP carefully. Note that the handlebar is folded and fixed with adhesive tape. Do not hold the OSVP at the handlebar. Place the OSVP for further assembly on a table or a suitable work surface, on a smooth surface.

v mounting the footrests

A B C D E metal frame metal side panel 120mm M8 bolt plastic sleeve 63mm plastic sleeve 10mm

w fixing the handlebar



A B C D E F Place the OSVP on its frontside. Remove the two wing nuts and the corresponding screws. Unfold the handlebars into the position A. Put the screws back in, so that they rise through the handlebar frame. Tighten the wing nuts again with your hand. For mounting the two grips place them on the rubber plug and tighten the M10 bolts with a 17 mm spanner.

Start with the left side: Remove the cable ties from the 120mm M8 Bolt. Add two of the 10mm long black plastic tubes at the end of the each M8 Bolt. Pull on the M8 bolt and tighten it with the footrest. Install the right footrest accordingly.

x fixing the battery

Black cable battery pole inside housing

y using the pedestal

A Hold the OSVP tilted slightly forward. B Press the the angled part of the pedestal with your right foot up. C Tilt the OSVP now slowly until the pedestal touches the ground.

Red cable battery pole outside housing!


Remove the left acrylic cover (4 bolts). Move the main switch to position "0". Remove the plastic caps from the battery terminals. Slide the first battery gently into the frame so far, the battery against the right acrylic cover. Connect the single black cable to the negative terminal of the battery (terminal with black marking). E Connect the positive Terminal (red) of the battery with a plug of the red bridge cable (2 connectors). F Insert the second Battery into the frame and connect the other plug of the bridge cable to the negative terminal (black marking) of the second Battery. G Connect the final single red cable to the positive terminal (red marking) of the second Battery. F Bolt once again the left acrylic cover onto the housing. !! Do not tighten the screws very strongly otherwise the acrylic cover could be damaged!!

!! Set the OSVP only on flat, horizontal ground. The stand folds automatically!!

checking battery status

The OSVP has three LEDs, with which you are always informed about your battery-status. The following charge states are indicated:

z Charging the battery

A B C D Turn off the main switch to position 0". Connect the charger to the 3 pin socket on the left. Connect the charger to the mains. Observe the LEDs on the charger (red=loading, green=ready) !! Use only the original chargers. The use of other chargers may damage OSVP!

green on / red off: green on / red flashes in the interval 1sec: green on / red on:

Battery power appr. 100% Battery power appr 50% Battery power <20% *

Do not go further and charge battery immediately! Charge battery immedately! Contact your local dealer.

green off/ red flashes in1 sec interval: Battery power is low, the OSVP is not ready for use. green off/ red flashes at irregular intervals: Controller error: OSVP is not ready for use.

* if battery voltage falls below 20% the automatic speed limit will start at appr. 6 km / h.