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Import PO process | SCN

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6 Replies Latest reply: Sep 9, 2010 6:34 PM by Shuvankar Mondal


Shuvankar Mondal

Aug 27, 2010 12:52 PM

Import PO process
This question is Assumed Answered. Dear All, What are all the pre-requisite to do Import PO and Receiving. Thanks & Regards

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vijay kumar gadhe Aug 27, 2010 12:59 PM (in response to Shuvankar Mondal) Re: Import PO process Hi, As material behave differently with respect to purchase of material from domestic and import market, you need have different document type for domestic and import. For Import, follow the steps: 1) Create Vendor and give Order Currency (USD, XEU Etc) in XK01. 2) Create Material Master and give appropriate Description Because Users should Identify Correct Material Or Activate Split valuation. 3) Create Import Purchase order for Import Vendor with separate Document type and purchasing group. 4) Mention Duty rates (CVD, Customs, Cess on CVD, cess on Customs, HSC on CVD,HSC on Customs and ADC) and Don't forget to mention Custom Vendor In Duty rates condition type. 5)MIRO Customs Invoice, you can Invoice in Vendor Currency as well as Indian Currency. 6) Receive the Material through MIGO, If you Correctly maintaining Customizing of Excise Duties at the Time of MIGO u can take credit for CVD, Cess on CVD, HSC on CVD and ADC and rest of all add to your material cost. 7) In MIGO you can Capture the Excise invoice and in J1IEX post the Excise invoice. 8) After Receiving the goods and Payment to the Customs raise a Invoice for Main Vendor The Accounting Entries are as follows During Customs Duty Clearing invoice Custom Clearing Dr. Custom Payable Cr During Excise Invoice Credit Cenvat Account Dr. Custom Clearing Cr. During Invoice Verification GR/IR Clearing Dr. Vendor Payable Cr. regards vijju

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vijay kumar gadhe Aug 27, 2010 1:03 PM (in response to vijay kumar gadhe) Re: Import PO process



Import PO process | SCN

Indian Import cycle is bit more complicated and SAP is not geared to handle in a straight manner through single MIGO as the cycle consists of multiple vendors. This requires special Schema to be developed and needs Both FICO and MM consultants to work together. Imports will have two categories. Category 1: Bonding and De-bonding cycle ( Freight and Insurance during Bonding and other duties during De-bonding ) Category 2 : Home consumption ( all charges to be accounted at one stage ) Further Import cycle also has two types : Type 1 for Manufacturing plant ( CENvat credit for certain duties to be availed ) Type 2 for trading plant ( no credit of duties ) In altogether there are 4 procedures to be adopted for the above. The schema should be such that, at PO stage. We should be able to assign multiple vendors : Import supplier for Items ( foreign currency ) , India customs for Duties ( Indian currency ) , Freight and Insurance separately ( Indian or foreign currency as the case may be ). During schema, duties have to be defiend as VATable and non VATable. Accordingly, accounting posting keys to be defined. Most important aspect is the FI transactions and mapping it to import cycle. In case of Import cycle, MIRO is done first and then MIGO is carried out later steps. Payment of Advance to Supplier : Vendor advance and corresponding enctry in GL account, credit Bank a/c , debit Vendor A/c MIRO is done in Three or four instances ( may be five also if cenvat credit for duties to be taken ). Step 1: MIRO -1, Freight vendor : Inventorised : Credit Freight Vendor, debit freight & Insurance clearing account, when money is paid : Debit Vendor, Credit Bank MIRO -2, Insurance Vendor : Inventorised : Credit Insurance vendor, Debit Freight & Insurance clearing account, when money is paid : Debit Vendor, Credit Bank MIRO- 3, India customs ( All five duties together ) : Inventorised credit Vendor, Debit Duties clearing account, when money is paid : Debit Vendor, Credit Bank OR MIRO - 3, Basic Duties : non vatable : to be inventoriesed, Credit Vendor, Debit Duties clearing account and MIRO - 4, ED, Edu cess : vatable :, Credit Vendor, Debit vat clearing account, Vat credit through ji1h and non inventorised, hence will not be part of costing, Credit Vat clearing account, Debit VAT account when money is paid : Debit Vendor, Credit Bank Step 2: MIGO : to Stores where accenting documents gets generated to the extent of inventorising .All the inventorised values in corresponding GL accounts produces the Product Cost. Debit Inventory Credit GRIR a/c Credit Freight & Insurance A/c ( for both freight & Insurance ) Credit Duty clearing a/c ( 3 or % as the case, may be ) Step 3: MIRO - 4, on Supplier ( Foreign exchange ), Entry to be cancelled against advance paid. While carrying out, the difference in exchange rate also to be passed on to separate GL account. : to be inventgorised. Credit Vendor a/c, Debit GRIR clearing a/c regards vijju

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vijay kumar gadhe Aug 27, 2010 1:04 PM (in response to vijay kumar gadhe) Re: Import PO process hi check below link regards vijay

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Import PO process | SCN

Bijay Kumar Barik Aug 27, 2010 1:05 PM (in response to Shuvankar Mondal) Re: Import PO process Hi, Check the links: Import Process without excise Import PO Regards, Biju K

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Jeyakanthan A Aug 27, 2010 1:10 PM (in response to Shuvankar Mondal) Re: Import PO process Check all this links, Re: Process of import PO Import Purchase Process Re: Import PO Processing Import Business Process and Pricing Re: Domain process-Import???

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Shuvankar Mondal Sep 9, 2010 6:34 PM (in response to Shuvankar Mondal) Re: Import PO process thanks

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