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Letter of credit process in Export

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Letter of credit process in Export

...Previous ENTER THE DETAILS: In Partner Data Tab & General Data Customer: 11157 Ship-to party: 11157 Bank Country: LK (Sri Lanka) (Identifies the country in which the bank is located) Bank Key: 12311 (Bank of Sri Lanka) (In this field, you specify the bank key under which bank data from the respective country is stored) Ext. Financial Document number: 12345 (Indicates the number of a financial document which is generally assigned by the bank) Financial doc. Value : 20,375.00 (this is imp) (Value of the financial document) Letter.-of-credit currency: USD
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Allowed overdraft %: 10% (Allowed overdraft percentage)




Terms of Payment: Z001 (Key for defining payment terms composed of cash discount percentages and payment periods) PRESS ENTER Click on Dates / Delivery dates Tab: DATE/DELIVERY TAB
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Enter Request date : 26.07.2010 (Identifies the date on which the financial document has been requested) Date of receipt: 26.07.2010 (Identifies the date on which the financial document has been received) Latest shipping date : 28.07.2010 (Identifies the latest possible shipping date) Validity end date : 21.09.2010 (Identifies the validity end date of a financial document) Opening date : 22.06.2010 (Identifies the date on which the financial document has been opened. Bank) Last date ocean BOL: 06.09.2010 (Identifies the latest possible date of the ocean bill of lading) Presentation date : 15.08.2010 (Identifies the date on which the documents must be presented to the bank) Number of days: 120 Days (If the goods are delivered before the planned deadline, there is a time limit within which the documents have to be presented at the bank. If this time limit is exceeded, the financial document expires although the date specified in the Presentation Date field has not been reached) Incoterms: EXW RAJAHMUNDRY & PRESS ENTER



Letter of credit process in Export


List of documents configured will be displayed. Enter the number of originals & copies sent and mark the status as 'Completed'. Click on BANK Tab BANKS & TEXT TAB

No mandatory information is required The details which you maintained in the GENERAL DATA Tab all the details are automatically come to here. If you want the other bank details like Negation bank or conformation bank or notifying banks, then click on it and the click on BANK DATA button and maintain all required fields data. If you want to maintain any text times then you can writ it in the TEXT Tab Then click on STATUS Tab This Status Place a Vital role during Sale Order creation as well as Letter Of credit creation 1. Maintain the Date and time of creation and if you want you can maintain the description 2. To use the Financial document in Sales order Click on D Switch

Document is available and can be used.



Letter of credit process in Export


Then maintain date and time in the D field

Then Click on

to check the document.

You have to get the STATUS as GREEN color

Then Save

the Document.

Then Press Enter

And Click on You will be getting the Financial Document number at the bottom

Then maintain this financial document number in the Sales order >> Header Data >> Billing document Tab >> financial doc Number: 41 And maintain the % of Depreciation:

Then click on

the Document.

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