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Annexure 1: Questionnaire

Role Stress: A Comparative Study of Public and Private Sector Banks
Dear Respondent, This survey is being carried out to know about the role stress of employees in banks. The information provided by the respondent in the questionnaire shall be used strictly for academic purposes and shall be kept confidential


Name…………………………Age (in yrs.) <=20





Native Place………….. Organization………………………………………………. Type: Public Private

Total work experience :……( in yrs) Gender: Male Female Marital Status: Married Unmarried Spouse working: Yes No Type of Family: Nuclear Joint Education: High School Graduate Post Graduate Other Gross Monthly Salary (in Rs.) <=10,000 11,000-20,000 21,000-30,000 31,000-40,000 >40,000 Number of promotions received: Nil Number of increments received: …… Number of additional work in-charges: Nil One Two More than two One Two More than two

1. Read each statement and Select the alternative which you personally believe to be more true. Indicate your response by putting a tick mark (√): I MORE STRONGLY BELIEVE THAT 1. a) Many of the unhappy things in people’s lives are partly due to bad luck b) People’s misfortunes result from the mistakes they make 2. a) No matter how hard you try some people just don’t like you. b) People who cannot get others to like them do not understand how to get along with others. 3. a) I have often found that what is going to happen will happen. b) Trusting to fate has never been better as making a decision to take a definite course of action.


ignorance. 11. a) In the long run the bad things that happen to us are balanced by the good ones. b) Most misfortunes are the results of lack of ability. 8. Number of rewards you received for your job performance 250 . I am almost certain that I can make them work. 12. a) A good leader expects people to decide for themselves what they should do. b) It is not always wise to plan too far ahead because many things turn out to be a matter of good or bad fortune any how. a) Who gets to be the boss often depends on who was lucky enough to be in the right place. 9. luck has little or nothing to do with it. b) Getting a good job depends mainly on being in the right place at the right time. a) What happens to me is my own doing. b) It is usually best to cover up one’s mistakes. or all three. b) Many times we might just as well decide what to do by flipping a coin. luck has little or nothing to do with it. 5. b) Getting people to do the right thing depends upon ability. 7. 10. b) It is impossible for me to believe that chance or luck plays an important role in my life. a) When I make plans. 6. a) One should always be willing to admit his mistakes. a) Many times I feel that I have little influence over the things happen to me. a) In my case getting what I want has little or nothing to do with luck. b) Sometimes I feel that I don’t have enough control over the direction my life is taking. 2. laziness. b) A good leader makes it clear to everybody what their jobs are.4. a) Becoming a success is a matter of hard work.

Assume that you have received a new challenging assignment to be completed within a given time frame. I will become eligible for reward (promotion. The statements are designed to know the level of role stress faced by an employee in an organization. Do not leave any item unanswered. Tick ‘sometimes’ if you sometimes feel this way. Tick ‘always’ if you always feel this way. I am able to satisfy the never occasionally sometimes frequently always 2 3 251 . 1 Statement I am not able to give time to my family because of work I am afraid I am not learning enough in my present role for taking up higher responsibility. Rate ‘1’ is to be given if you feel that the statement highly applies to your organization. Rate ‘4’ if it applies occasionally & ‘5’ which indicates that the statement does not apply to your organization. Tick ‘occasionally’ if you occasionally feel this way.) as achieving goals is the main concern here The help of experts will be sought in completing the assignment and preventing the mistakes It will be very difficult to complete the assignment as excessive rules & administrative details are followed here Organization emphasizes that the completion of assignment should take care of the needs of employees as well as society Getting information will not be a problem as the main concern of people here is to help each other 4. Rate ‘3’ if it applies sometimes.Nil One Two More than two 3. If I complete it. appreciation. Tick ‘frequently’ if you frequently feel this way. Keeping into consideration what prevails in your organization rate each of the following statements on a scale of 1 to 5. Rate ‘2’ if it applies most of the times. Answer the items in the following order: Tick ‘never’ if you never feel this way. increment etc. Read each statement and indicate how often you have the feeling expressed in the statement in relation to your role in the organization.

I am able to use my training and expertise in my role. I get the information needed to carry out responsibilities assigned to me. I feel that the amount of work I have to do is more than it should be.) which remain neglected because I do not get time to attend to these. 252 . I have so much work that I do not have time to think about maintaining quality I should have given more attention to the development of skills which I need. I have adequate knowledge to handle the responsibilities in my role. etc.4 conflicting demands of various people above me. religious. I have various other interests (social. I am not clear on the scope and responsibilities of my role (job). 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 I have enough time and opportunities to prepare myself for the future challenges of my role. I receive help from others at work whenever needed. I know what the people I work with expect of me. Many functions that should be a part of my role have been assigned to some other role.

253 .16 I am not able to satisfy the demands of clients and others. 29 My values match with what I have to do at work. 17 I have been given too much responsibility 18 I feel isolated at work. 27 Other employees do not give time and attention to my role requirements. 19 I have to work under vague and unclear directions. 21 I can not do much more than what I have been assigned. 26 I want more challenging tasks to do. 24 My family and friends complain that I do not spend time with them due to the heavy demands of my work role. 20 I see many growth opportunities for myself. since these are conflicting with one another. 23 I do not lack the necessary facilities needed to carry out different varieties of tasks in my role. 28 I need more training and preparation to do my work properly. I would be doing some things differently from the way I do them now. 25 I often do things that are acceptable to one person but not acceptable to another. 22 If I had full freedom to define my role.

I can work under predictable situations only 11. I feel interrupted 10. 4. Conflicting situations are difficult to handle 6. 7. When my boss closely supervises my work. I am comfortable in completing the tasks when there are no deadlines Close supervision by my boss makes me comfortable on work Setting time limit puts me under pressure to complete the task I remain relax and calm under a lot of work I feel comfortable when there is less work to be done Frequently changing situations are irritating Difficult tasks disturb my peace of mind I feel contented when I get simple. Angry Relaxed Irritable Exhausted Satisfied Depressed Worthless 254 . 5. in a day: Statement Never Sometime in a day Always 1. 5. 7. 6. 6. 2. 5. 4. Read each statement and indicate how often you have the feeling expressed in the statement. 8. 3.30 I am assigned tasks without much resource to complete it. Check the number of times you exhibit the behavior stated. 9. easy to do tasks 2. 3. Indicate your response by putting a tick mark (√): Always Sometimes Never Statement 1.

2. 9. Try to look at things differently 11. Seek professional help Manage time Set goals daily and prioritize the work Prepare an action plan for the work Delegate responsibility instead of carrying it alone Planned break from work Write stress diary Complain Quit the Job 10. 11. Indulge in meditation or yoga 255 . 3. Indicate your response by putting a tick mark (√): Coping Strategy Highly used Mostly used Sometimes used Occasionally Never used used 1. ‘Mostly used’ if it applies most of the times and so on till ‘Never used’ which indicates that the strategy is not being used by you. 12 13. 5. Engage in Physical exercises 12. you are requested to rate the statements with respect to your use. 15. In each section. 6.8. 8. 7. 14. Listed below are four sections describing the coping strategies to cope with role stress. 9. 4. 10. Charged with energy Argumentative Focused Impatient Challenged Worried Calm Bored 7. Check ‘Highly used’ if you feel that the statement highly applies to your use.

Statement 1 My colleagues’ family complains that they bring work tensions at home and thus are not able to give them attention. Tick ‘never’ if you never feel this way. Indicate your response by putting a tick mark (√): Never thrice Once Twice Thrice More than 9. Read each statement and indicate how often your colleagues at work have the feeling expressed in the statement. Smoke/ Drink alcohol 19. Leave the Tension at work 8. Use entertainment sources like T. client requests that by the time he clears them another pile has already been created 3 My colleagues tell that the training and development sessions arranged by the never Occasionally sometimes frequently always 256 . Music 14. Talk with Friends/Family 16. Tea etc 20. Indicate your response by putting a tick mark (√).13.V. Tick ‘always’ if you always feel this way. Sleep more 17.. Engage in a hobby like reading. Mention the number of times you have been appreciated by your senior for your good. Answer the items in the order given below. reminders for targets. Tick ‘sometimes’ if you sometimes feel this way. Coffee. etc. Tick ‘occasionally’ if you occasionally feel this way. 2 My colleague’s table is full of files. 15. Day dream 18. Tick ‘frequently’ if you frequently feel this way. painting.

4 My colleagues say that they want to join something of their interests because the work here is boring. 5 My colleagues do not know how to understand the unclear aspects of their jobs.organization are of great help in satisfying the job needs. 257 .