American Tech Companies Respond to NSA Hacking Claims Reported by Der Spiegel

The Desk reached out to nine American companies named in classified NSA documents published over the weekend by Der Spiegel in tandem with a conference address by security e!pert "acob Appelbaum# which you can watch here$% &n each email# The Desk provided a copy of the document s$ concerning each company and asked four 'uestions( Did the company know about security vulnerabilities being e!ploited by NSA agents) &f they did# when did they learn about the e!ploits# and were they fi!ed) Did the company leave open vulnerabilities so they could be e!ploited) And finally# has the company ever colluded with any government for purposes of domestic or foreign surveillance) Here*s the responses that came back(

A++,.Apple has never worked with the NSA to create a backdoor in any of our products# including i+hone% Additionally# we have been unaware of this alleged NSA program targeting our products% /e care deeply about our customers* privacy and security% 0ur team is continuously working to make our products even more secure# and we make it easy for customers to keep their software up to date with the latest advancements% ./henever we hear about attempts to undermine Apple*s industry1leading security# we thoroughly investigate and take appropriate steps to protect our customers% /e will continue to use our resources to stay ahead of malicious hackers and defend our customers from security attacks# regardless of who*s behind them%2

.3icrosoft would have significant concerns if the allegations about 5overnment actions are true% Regardless# we continue to review our encryption technologies and practices and have commented on the multiple investments we continue to make# on our 3icrosoft on the &ssues blog% .3icrosoft does not provide any 5overnment with direct or unfettered access to our customers* data% ./e are not familiar with AR6STR-A3% Regardless# as noted previously# 3icrosoft does not provide any 5overnment with direct or unfettered access to our customers* data%2 /hen asked if 3icrosoft knowingly leaves security vulnerabilities e!ploited by the 7%S% government unpatched$ .No%2

.Dell has a long1standing commitment to design# build and ship secure products and 'uickly address instances when issues are discovered% 0ur highest priority is the protection of customer data and information# which is reflected in our robust and comprehensive privacy and information security program and policies% /e take very seriously any issues that may impact the integrity of our products or customer security and privacy% Should we become aware of a possible vulnerability in any of Dell*s products we will communicate with our customers in a transparent manner as we have done in the past% .Dell does not work with any government 8 7nited States or otherwise 8 to compromise our products to make them potentially vulnerable for e!ploit% This includes 9software implants* or so1called 9backdoors* for any purpose whatsoever%2

.H+ was not aware of any of the information presented in the Der Spiegel article# and we have no reason to believe that the H+ +ro,iant 5: server mentioned was ever compromised as suggested in the article% .H+*s privacy and security policies are 'uite clear; we do not knowingly develop products to include security vulnerabilities% /e are also active in testing and updating our products regularly to eliminate threats and make

our products more secure% H+ takes the privacy and security of our customer information with great seriousness% /e will continue to put in place measures to keep our customers* information confidential and secure%2

</e are deeply concerned with anything that may impact the integrity of our products or our customers* networks and continue to seek additional information% ./e are committed to avoiding security issues in our products# and handling issues professionally when they arise% 0ur Trustworthy Systems initiatives# Cisco Secure Development ,ifecycle# Cisco Common Crypto models# and +roduct Security &ncident Response Team +S&RT$ and =ulnerability Disclosure policies are all industry1 leading e!amples of our commitment to our customers% This is central to how we earn and maintain trust% .At this time# we do not know of any new product vulnerabilities# and will continue to pursue all avenues to determine if we need to address any new issues% &f we learn of a security weakness in any of our products# we will immediately address it# As we have stated prior# and communicated to Der Spiegel# we do not work with any government to weaken our products for e!ploitation# nor to implement any so1called security 9back doors* in our products%2

."uniper Networks recently became aware of# and is currently investigating# alleged security compromises of technology products dated from >??@ and made by a number of companies# including "uniper% /e take allegations of this nature very seriously and are working actively to address any possible e!ploit paths% As a company that consistently operates with the highest of ethical standards# we are committed to maintaining the integrity and security of our products% /e are also committed to the responsible disclosure of security vulnerabilities# and if necessary# will work closely with customers to implement any mitigation steps%2 ."uniper Networks is not aware of any so1called .A&0S implants2 in our products and has not assisted any organiBation or individual in the creation of such implants% "uniper maintains a Secure Development ,ifecycle# and it is against "uniper policy to intentionally include <backdoors< that would potentially compromise our products or put our customers at risk%2

/-ST-RN D&5&TA,
./estern Digital has no knowledge of# nor has it participated in the development of technology by government entities that create 9implants* on /estern Digital hard drives# as Der Spiegel described%2

0RAC,- Solaris 0S$
<Regarding the subCect of your in'uiryDwe decline comment%2

“We are aware of the report, but do not have any information about the claims. Therefore, we cannot comment further.”

Note: Apple did not return an inquiry from The Desk, but distributed a statement to other media outlets. Apple’s statement courtesy TechCrunch. Cisco’s public statement as posted on a company eblo!. Read the full article on The Desk here 8 http(FFthedesk%matthewkeys%netF>?GHF?GF?GFamerican1companies1respond1to1new1nsa1hacking1 claimsF The Desk is independent Cournalism powered by your donations% Iou can make a contribution here% Donate Aitcoin at this address 1 GJm/By6K-+mALMM3HSvrSy'eAmHg7sfbtL Click for MR code$