MINUTES OF MEETING @ BURGO’S SHED Monday 31st August 2009 PRESENT: John Burgess, Peter Auty, Annie Robertson

, Judy Baker, Ric Stubbings, Julie Bateman APOLOGIES: Nil JOHN BURGESS REPORT: 1. John’s week: Tuesday: Community House Grant for $1.67m has been granted for Flowerdale Community House. This was a Jobs Fund Grant done with the FCH in conjunction with Gerry Gentle. We now have another one of the top three of our 14 Community Objectives (Priorities) with a green light. Time now to focus on the next of our 14 objectives. 2. Communications: Update from VBRRA is they have started looking at the Recovery Plans and expect to come back to CRCs and will be looking @ Community priorities and for donor matches. Need clarity on mobile, high speed broadband etc communications so scoping reviews can be completed, and any gaps which may occur to be identified and look at how we are able to achieve. 3. Water & Sewerage: John and Ricto meet with Frank Maas to look at options for water and sewerage in Flowerdale as advised by VBBRA. 4. John did ABC documentary which is to be launched in September via ABC TV website. 5. IPO: www.builditback.org is able to be viewed. Power and communications problems @ Hub are being dealt with. Darley’s final contributions to the IPO are imminent. VBRRA input into the Flowerdale IPO is now much greater. Opening of IPO with VBRRA and media is still to be negotiated. 6. Mara Bunn, Green Cross will be here on Wednesday. They are lobbying Prime Minister Rudd, John Brumby, Bill Shorten, Christine Nixon, Ben Hardman, Wong, Peter Garrett re: a $3m government funding for a Build it Back Green (BIBG)project. Habitat for Humanity Australia and BIBG project havelinked themselves with the FRC. 7. Mt Evelyn Retirement Village have $2000 to target for a project for Flowerdale. Work engine will work on this. 8. FRC sponsors need to follow up on their work engines, to ensure they are working effectively. Action: Julie to follow up. 9. The Section 86 Terms of Reference (TOR)have been tabled. Section 86 Committees are now being called “advisory committees”. Our TOR is firstly to determine a priority plan for Flowerdale. Action: Julie is to provide a copy of the Advisory Committee’s TOR to each member of the FRC. FRC to read carefully and make comments for next Monday nights meeting to discuss. Also attending next Monday’s meeting will be Betsy Harrington, Kim Fawcus, Leanne Pleash, Liam McCarthy & one responsible decision maker from MSC to explain to us why we need to sign the TOR. FRC – Fawcus – PCG – Section 86 (an advisory group to the Council but has no enforceable power).

10. Grants: Email dated 31stAug. Dept of Family Services & Indigenous Affairs for specific items or for reimbursement to volunteers for fuel, costs etc. Identify people for grants so we can distribute application forms. 11. Laptops: We have 50 laptop computers arriving Tues from BHP Billiton. These are to be allocated. GENERAL BUSINESS: 12. Julie: Work engine is ready to do work for the hall. They are hoping to have a verandah added. Action: Julie to identify those people on the work engine. Do they need a Permit? To follow up with Liam McCarthy. Material Aid surveys have gone out to community to see what people still need. Surveys will be collected 4th September to be analysed and reported at FRC meeting for discussion. 13. Friday Night: need posters @ Store, Rec, Hub, need to promote this Friday. Theme for night is Pasta Night and FRC’s theme is “Celebration and Community Connectedness”. Action: UGFM to be contacted by Annie. Julie to prepare poster & give to Ric for enlarging to be distributed. 14. Pete Auty: Meeting was held with Sustainability Victoria on Saturday and Peter Williams. We were given a tour and now they are very interested in Flowerdale. Moores Roadproject is on task. Altona Lions have been contacted. Media in Altona is interested. 15. Judy Baker: Report on Services Meeting @ Hall. Anglican Church wants to bring a person in to work with kids. David & Debbie Nelson will be connecting people to this service. School kids especially school attendance rates etc need support. Kimberley from Pathways spoke about Community Development, Outreach & Material Aid. Hoping to get a Community Development Outreach Worker for Flowerdale. Action: John to send email to follow up on this specific outreach worker. Jim spoke passionately about teenagers. Alan from Lions arewilling to fill gaps where others cannot. FRC needs to identify these gaps. Lions also want to be involved in memorial. Also they are concerned about psychological First Aid. Claire from Youth Services @ Kildonan also asked at this meeting: Can service workers such as Centrelink@ Hub attend Friday Night? (Our answer: Yes). Bushfire Case Management Service will end in June 2010. 16. Also asked at the meeting: who is sourcing grants for the Work Engines? Need to appoint someone from within the Work Engine to source Grants. 17. September 24thHall Backyard Blitz. 18. Judy Baker: Do HOHA want to put an advertisement into the Cricket club newsletter. Answer Yes. FCC starting their pre-season training soon, before the end of Sept. Would like to use Flowerdale Nets. John happy to provide netting, but must be erected correctly, maintained (including ground maintenance). This is a Recreation Club issue. 19. Julie Bateman: Minutes of meetings to be published in Flowerdale Community Newsletter. MEETING ENDED 10.25PM