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Seasonal Menu

Lazy Susan nibbles. Think English tapas. Please see reverse. Soup, fresh and seasonal served with granary bread (vvg*d*)4.20 Fishcakes, with parsley mascarpone, parmesan & leaf salad 5.80 Tartlet, feta, slow roast tomato & Kalamata olives, leaf & red pepper tapenade (v) 6.20 Pigeon, seared pigeon breast with beetroot & balsamic puree, & rocket salad (gd) 6.50 Figs, filled with Somerset brie & wrapped in Warwick bacon, leaf & plum sauce (g) 6.90 Mushrooms, baby closed cup, pan fried in fresh garlic & butter on granary toast 5.50(vd*g*) Popcorn Crayfish, in paprika batter and served with lemon and garlic aioli 5.50 Pate, free range chicken liver & Courvoisier brandy, with onion marmalade & granary toast. 5.90 (g*) Squid, deep fried in a salt & pepper polenta crust with sweet chilli jam & lime oil (gd*) 5.90 Bangers, Warwick pork & leak with bubble & squeak mash & caramelised onion gravy 10.50 Vegetarian Bangers with creamy mash & vegetarian caramelised onion gravy (v) 10.50 Risotto, roasted pumpkin, served with grilled goats cheese & crispy sage leaves (vv*) 13.50 Game Shepherds Pie, slow braised locally caught venison, rabbit & pheasant in a rich red wine
stew, topped with baked mash, with roasted carrots & parsnips 16.50

Lamb, braised shoulder with bubble and squeak mash & rosemary gravy 17.50 Red Mullet, grilled fillets on a sweet potato mash, with a crayfish & saffron cream sauce 17.90 Rarebit, un-dyed, smoked haddock fillet baked in a mustard mature Cheddar sauce, on crushed new
potatoes & leeks, with bloody Mary dressing (g*) 15.50

Tagine, pot baked butter bean, chick pea & butternut squash, lightly spiced & served
with herb crumble (vv*d) 12.50

The Steak Flow Chart (all 28 Day Dry Aged)







Roasted veg couscous & slow roast tomatoes Bloody Mary butter

Hand cut chips & salad (g*)

New potatoes & seasonal green vegetables (g) Rosemary & thyme butter

Garlic & coriander butter

Cracked black pepper butter

We think its 450 variations. You?

Side Dishes

Chips . Creamy Mash . Minted pea, broad & soya Beans . Tomato & red onion Salad . Broccoli with toasted sesame seeds 2.20 each (vg) Honey roasted Carrots & Parsnips . Buttered new Potatoes . Rocket, parmesan & balsamic Salad . Roasted vegetable Cous Cous . Crispy Polenta chips 2.50 each(v)

Please ask a Merchant which of our dishes are suitable to be reduced to a small persons size. We would much rather offer children the same standard as we offer our big guests

Lazy Susan nibbles board. Think English tapas...

Fresh breads(v) . Tortillas(v) . Potato crisps(vv) . Pretzels(v) . Chilli puffs(v) . Toasted Pitta(v) . Gluten free toast(vg) . Seaweed Peanuts (vvn) . Marinated olives(vvg) . Pickled red cabbage(vvg) . Marinated artichokes(vvg) Roasted peppers(vvg) . Thyme roasted tomatoes(vvg) . Silverskins in balsamic(vvg) . Slow roasted garlic(vvg) Humous(vvg) . Sour cream(vg) . Salsa(vvg) . Garlic aioli(vg) Smoked salmon(g) . Anchovies(g) Black Forest ham(g) . Warwick ham(g) . Spicy sausage(g) . Salami(g) . Chorizo(g) Somerset brie(vg) . Cropwell Bishop stilton(vg) . Gloucester extra mature cheddar(vg)
All 2.20 each or fill a board with 7 for 13.50
To save writing the same words on every line, all our meats come from local farms, all chicken & eggs are free range. Unless stated otherwise, all our fish comes from sustainable sources from UK shores. Growing aside, every item on our menu is chopped, smoked, braised, tickled, charred, marinated, chutneyed, wilted, (you get the idea) here in the Merchants kitchens. We hope you enjoy our efforts.

Sticky Toffee pudding, with local clotted cream ice cream (v) Crme Brule, vanilla burnt cream with plum relish & a Viennese biscuit (vg*) Trifle, blackberry & pear. Exactly as it should be. Naughty as can be. (v) Key Lime Pie, with Ringwood lemon meringue ice cream(v) Bread & Butter Pudding, simply served with proper custard (v) Banana & White Victoria sponge, with Devon clotted cream (v)
All 5.20 Cant Decide?

Baby Sweet Tooth Try 3 mini puds from the selection above 8.50 Cheese Board - Regional British cheese selection, with the usual accompaniments 6.90 (vg*) Ice cream & sorbets by Henley Ice cream
Blackcurrant sorbet (vvg) Vanilla clotted cream (vg) Double chocolate Pralines & cream (vgn) Mango sorbet (vvg) Raspberry ripple (vg) Pistachio (vgn) Butterscotch(vg) Lemon sorbet (vvg)

1.50 a scoop

We have an extensive selection of dessert wines, ports & digestifs, just ask for our drinks book. All the desserts have been lovingly whipped, plumped & prepped in our kitchens. The cleverness of our chefs sweet manipulations is directly proportionate to the smile on your face when you take a bite.

(v) Im a vegetarian (vv) Im a vegan (g) Im gluten free (g*) Im gluten free if you ask (n) I have nuts (d) Im dairy free A little more blurb
Please do not hesitate to contact us with your dietary requirements. Whilst never expected, all tips are appreciated & divided equally amongst all our staff who have contributed to your experience. If youre interested, we are now zero landfill. All our waste is recycled or used to create energy.

T.01926 403833