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I. Khi chung ta mun tinh hung khac i (khng nh thc t) thi ta dung WISH CLAUSE & IF ONLY
II. Structures:
1. Future wish:
+ V.....
IF ONLY WERE V- i!....
Eg: a. It will be rain tomorrow. II only it w"u#$%t r&i tomorrow.
b. She is not coming with us. She wishes she were '"(i! with us.
c. I want to be in Hanoi next week. II only I '"u#$ )e in Hanoi next week.
* When S1S2, we oIten use '"u#$ instead oI w"u#$. *He wishes he could / would go home. )
~ We only use could , wouldn`t aIter I wish/ We wish/ II only I / II only we .
Eg: I wish I '"u#$ / w"u#$ see him / II only I w"u#$+t be there .
* W"u#$ is usually used when the speaker is complaining about something.
I wish she w"u#$ he#, her mother with housework.
-. .reset wish:
WISH V-/ V-e$
+ S + */E were0
IF ONLY * .&st su)1u'ti2e0

Eg: a. I'm poor now. --~ I wish I were rich / a millionaire.
b. She doesn't have enough time to do homework. --~ She wishes she h&$ enough time to do
* Note: InIormal English I wish he w&s good at Math(s).

3. .&st wish:

Eg: a. We were not together. I wish(ed) we '"u#$ h&2e )ee together.
b. He regrets asking Jason Ior money. He wishes he h&$%t &s4e$ Jason Ior money.

S + WISH 6O V 7
- I wish to live in Paris now . // I wish you a happy new year.
1. 9&, :i##i! * see WISH CLAUSE E8ERCISE 0
-. ;u#ti,#e 'h"i'e <uesti"s: *i$0
3. Sete'e tr&s:"r(&ti" : *i$0
3a. Words, phrases or clauses such as w&t t"/ w"u#$ #"2e t"/ w"u#$ #i4e t"/ )e s"rr=/ )e &:r&i$/ it+s
,it=/ re!ret7 (ust )e "(itte$ .
- They w&t Jason t" be here now ~ They wish Jason were here now.
- I+( &:r&i$ I can`t go to your party. ~ I wish I could go to your party.
3). re!et/ :"r!et/ re(e()er + V-i! / )e s"rr= :"r + V-i! / sh"u#$ *"t0 h&2e V3 / ee$ h&2e 23/
(ust h&2e V3 7>? usually describe a past action / state ~ PAST WISH
- He re!rets "t s&=i! good-bye to Jane. ~ He wishes he had said good-bye to Jane.
- I think you should have told him about that matter. ~ I wish you had told him about that matter.
3c. The context only helps us to recognize the tense oI such phrases as w&t t" )e/ w"u#$ #"2e t"/ w"u#$
#i4e t" 7
- He wants to be a teacher when he grows up. (Iuture) ~ He wishes he could be a teacher.
- He wants you to be here right now. ~ He wishes you were here right now.
3$. E<ui2&#et teses i '"$iti"&#s/ it+s *hi!h0 ti(e 7 / w"u#$ r&ther 7
- It`s high time Mary went to bed. ~ Mary`s mother wishes she went to bed.
3e. Present perIect ~ past wish
- She hasn`t visited London yet. ~ She wishes she had visited London.
1. w"u#$ "r '"u#$@
a. I wish Andreas help me sometimes.
WISH .AS6 .ERFEC6.....
b. II only I have a holiday!
c. Gavin wished he visit his uncle in Paris. d. I wish I win the prize.
e. I wish they top shouting. I. Judith wishes she go to London.
g. II only the baby be quiet Ior a moment. h. II only you get the job you want!
-. C"(,#ete the se'"$ sete'e s" th&t it h&s & si(i#&r (e&i! t" the :irst "e. Use )etwee tw"
&$ :i2e w"r$sA i'#u$i! the w"r$s !i2e. D" "t 'h&!e the !i2e w"r$s.
1. I haven`t got much money. ~ I wish I ...................
2. She`d like to be Iar away, on a desert island. She wishes ...............
3. Francisco lives a long way away. ~ I wish Francisco ................
4. I have to practice the piano every day. II ........ to practice the piano every day!
5. I`m not very good at maths. (BETTER). ~ I wish .................. Maths.
6. Daniel doesn`t live in the center oI town. (LIVE) ~ Daniel wishes...........the
7. I don`t know how to repair the car. (KNEW) ~ II repair the
8. It rains here every day. (RAIN) ~ II only every day!
9. Nicholas is sorry he smashed up his car. SMASHED
~ Nicholas .............................. up his car .
10. ' Why did I leave my job?, she asked sadly. LEFT ~ She wishes she .........her job.
11. I`d love to own a horse. HAD ~ I .......................a horse.
12. Won`t the snow ever stop? ~ II only ......................stop!
13. UnIortunatly, I am not lying on a beach in the Caribbean.
I wish I ....................... on a beach in the Caribbean!
14. I shouldn`t have spent so much money. HADN T ~ II only ....... so much money!
15. He should stop talking so much. HE ~ I wish much!
16. I don`t think I`ll be able to go to the concert. II only..........concert!
17. I`d would be so happy iI Pablo phoned me tonight. II ............tonight!
18. It`s a pity we aren`t neighbours. ~ I ..................neighbours!
19. I regret speaking to him so impolitely yesterday. ~ I wished...............
20. I want the baby to stop crying. I wish. .........................!
21. He is sorry Ior not having invited Molly to his party. He wished............!
22. She wished she didn`t live in such a small house. ~ She ................. .
23. I wish that Mark knew about it. Mark ................... .
24. We have no idea what to do~ I wish ....................... .
25. He should have stopped smoking. II only..................... .
26. What a pity, hes so boring. I wish ..................... .
27. It`s a mistake oI mine, accepting that job. I wish .................. .
28. How unIortunate that they all heard about it. She wished...............!
29. It would be useIul to have shares in the company, but I haven`t any.
~ I wish......................
30. I`d like him to contribute his opinion more tactIully. I wish..............!
31. You needn t have told her about that. I wish ....................!
32. I should have gone to the conIerence. I wish...................!
33. Is it ever going to stop snowing? I wish
3. ;u#ti,#e 'h"i'e <uesti"s * eBtr&'te$ :r"( E9E0
1. She wishes her Iather here now to help her.
A. has been B. is being C. is D. were
2. Julie goes to bed late. her mother wishes .
A. she went to bed early B. she went to bed late
C. she doesn`t go to bed late D. she goes to bed early
3. My Iather won`t lend me his car. I wish .
A. he lent me his car B. he didn`t lend me his car
C. he would lend me his car D. he wouldn`t lend me his car
4. We wish we a large house, but we can`t aIIord it now.
A. have B. had C. can have D. will have
5. I`m sorry I haven`t got any money on me. I wish I .
A. I have got no money on me B. I have some money on me
C. I had got no money on me D. I had some money on me
6. It`s a pity she didn`t take her doctor`s advice. She wishes .
A. she took her doctor`s advice B. she had taken her doctor`s advice
C. she takes her doctor`s advice D. she would take her doctor`s advice
7. My Iather is not Iree today. I wish .
A. my Iather is Iree today B. my Iather won`t be busy today
C. my Iather would be Iree today D. my Iather were Iree today
8. I`m aIraid our team will lose the game today. I wish .
A. our team would win the game today B. our team won the game today
C. our team didn`t lose the game today D. our team had won the game today
9. My Iriends didn`t take part in the game. I wish .
A. My Iriends took part in the game B. My Iriends would take part in the game
C. My Iriends did take part in the game D. My Iriends had taken part in the game
10. She wishes he his letter oI application earlier.
A. would write B. had written C. wrote D. would wrote
11. I wish you make so much noise. I`m trying to work.
A. shouldn`t B. needn`t C. couldn`t D. wouldn`t
12. It wasn`t Iine. I wish .
A. it was Iine B. it would Iine C. it will Iine D. it had been Iine
13. She wishes she to told you the bad news yesterday.
A. is not asked B. was not asked C. were not asked D. had not been asked
14. My uncle wishes he time when he was young.
A. wouldn`t waste B. didn`t waste C. hasn`t waste D. hadn`t waste
15. -Minh: you speak English very well.
Huong: Yes but I wish I other languages well, too.
A. can speak B. am speaking C. spoke D. speak
16. I wish we shopping here together.
A. would go B. will go C. can go D. go
17. I`m not able to visit London. I wish I go there.
A. can B. will C. may D. could
18. I wish that the weather not so warm.
A. be B. was C. are D. were
19. I`m sorry I missed your birthday party. I wish I your birthday party.
A. wouldn`t miss B. didn`t miss C. hadn`t missed D. had missed
20. I wish you me a new one instead oI having it as you did.
A. gave/ to repair B. would give/ to repair
C. had given/ to repaired D. had given/ to be repair
21. I wish I there Ior my holiday last year. I didn`t enjoy it.
A. wouldn`t go B. didn`t go C. hadn`t gone D. would rather go
22. I wish I English when I was at high school.
A. study B. studied C. have studied D. had studied
23. I wish I a computer.
A. use B. will use C. can use D. could use
24. They will drink wine at the party. I wish they .
A. can not B. would not C. had not D. should not
25. I wish I a trip to London last year.
A. had taken B. took C. will take D. take
26. I don`t know many people. I wish I more people.
A. know B. knew C. have known D. should know
27. I have to work tomorrow. I wish I in bed.
A. would stay B. should stay C. stay D. stayed
28. I wish so much.
A. I haven`t eaten B. I hadn`t eaten C. I do not eat D. I won`t eat
29. I wish I applied Ior the job.
A. will B. should C. had D. have
30. I wish you something instead oI just sitting and doing nothing.
A. do B. should C. will do D. would do
31. I wish Sarah here now.
A. is B. were C. would be D. will be
32. a car to drive now.
A. iI I had B. only I had C. iI only I had D. better I had
33. What are you going to do next year? I wish I the answer to that question.
A. knew B. had known C. would know D. will know
34. She wishes she a doctor in the Iuture.
A. is B. were C. will be D. would be
35. I wish I your wedding, but I was in Paris.
A. could attend B. would attend C. attended D. could have
4. Fi$ "ut the (ist&4es
36. Peter wished that he has gone to the party last week.
37. I sometimes wish that I will have another car.
38. I wish my house were so large as John`s.
39. I wishes you had been at the meeting yesterday.
40. She wishes he will stop interrupting her whenever she speaks.
41. I wish I didn`t say that to him yesterday.
42. I wish I wasn`t absent Irom class yesterday.
43. I wish my sister will go camping with me tomorrow.
44. She wishes that we didn`t send her the candy yesterday because she`s on a diet.
45. I have a lot oI work to do. I wish I have more time.
46. She wishes she could speak English as Iluent as her sister.
47. I wish I could make a 20000 miles-undersea trip in a nuclear submarine.
48. I really wish we can make a trip around the world.
49. He got bad marks. He wishes he reviewed his lesson careIully.
50. I wish I didn`t speak to him so severely yesterday.

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