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SEMESTER 1 TIME DURATION: 12 MONTH Fundamental of Computer, MS Dos & Windows.

1. #. *. +. .. 0. 2. 3. 4. 15. 11. 1#. 1*. 1+. 1.. 10. Definition of Computer with arious De!i"e $eneral %nformation of Software and &ardware with "ontents ' (arts ) $eneration of Computer ,nowled-e of Ms%nfo *# T/pes of Memor/ 1otepad, Wordpad, Ms (aint S"reen (roperties of mana-e 'M/ Computer) Command '%nternal and E6ternal) %nformation of 7SC%% T/pes of Computer 8lo"9 Dia-ram of Computer 1um:er S/stem Settin- of Tas9:ar ;peratin- S/stem 'Win43, Win <(, Win Me,) et".

SEMESTER # 8asi" Ele"troni"s & Di-ital Ele"troni"s ,e/:oard & Mouse Repairin= 8asi" definitions = S/m:ol of Ele"tri"al & Ele"troni" "omponents = >sin- 7nalo- & Di-ital Multimeter = Resistor = Capa"itor = Transistor = SCR >se, T/pe and Che"9in- = M;SFET >se, T/pe and Che"9in- = %C identif/in- = S"ot9e/ use T/pe and Che"9in- = ?o-i" $ate = Di-ital Ele"troni"s = ,e/:oard, 8lo"9 Dia-ram of ,e/:oard = Solderin- and Desolderin- different leaded Components = Cir"uit Dia-ram of DC Eliminator, E6tension = Serial and (arallel data, Clo"9 Si-nal Et". = ,e/:oard S"annin- = Classifi"ation of ,e/:oard = Different (ort for ,e/:oard %nterfa"in- = Cir"uit Dia-ram of ,e/:oard = Fault findin- pro"edure of ,e/:oard = Classifi"ation of Mouse = Different port details for mouse interfa"in- = Wireless Mouse = Cir"uit Dia-ram of Mouse = Chip Components %dentifi"ation and Che"9in- = Chip Components solderin- and desolderin- :/ SMD Rewor9 Station and Mi"ro %ron.

SEMESTER * SM(S Repairin= >nre-ulated Suppl/ = 8lo"9 Dia-ram of SM(S = Differen"e :etween 7T and 7T< SM(S = Different output "onne"tor details = Cir"uit Dia-ram of ea"h Se"tion in SM(S = Des"ription of ea"h se"tion in SM(S = Fault findin- pro"edure of SM(S = ;perational 7mplifier = 8lo"9 Dia-ram of %C@s usin- in SM(S = Trou:leshootinpra"ti"al of different se"tion.

SEMESTER + Monitor Repairin- 'C.R.T.)

= Di-ital Monitor = 7nalo- Monitor = ;peratin- "ontrols of Monitor = ideo Displa/ "ard details = Wor9in- of monitor C.R.T. = S"annin- Details and t/pes = 8lo"9 erti"al Se"tion Et". = Fault findin- of power suppl/ se"tion = Dia-ram of Monitor = Wor9in- of (ower Suppl/ Se"tion, &oriAontal Se"tion, C.R.T. Char-er Se"tion, Fault findin- of !erti"al se"tion = Fault findin- of &oriAental se"tion = Fault findin- of !ideo se"tion.

SEMESTER . >.(.S. Repairin= Cir"uit Dia-ram of Manual Sta:iliAer = Cir"uit Dia-ram of 7uto Cut Sta:iliAer = Cir"uit Dia-ram of 7utomati" Sta:iliAer = Wirin- Dia-ram of %n!ertorB>(S = >(S importan"e and Chara"teristi"s = T/pes of >(S ' ;nline, ;ffline and &/:rid) = 8lo"9 Dia-ram and pin details of different %CCs used in >(S = Cir"uit Dia-ram of 7 R Sta-e = Cir"uit Dia-ram of M;S dri!er and output Se"tion = Trou:leshootin- pra"ti"al of different se"tion. = Cir"uit Dia-ram of 8atter/ Char-in- Se"tion = Wor9inof >(S in 7C Mode and 8atter/ Mode. = Chan-e ;!er Sta-e = ;!erload Shut Down Sta-e = 1o load Shut Down Sta-e = ?ow 8atter/ Shut Down Sta-e

SEMESTER 0 Computer 7ssem:lin- and %nstallation

= Stru"ture of Mother:oard = 7::re!iation of Te"hni"al Words = ReDuirements of Computer S/stem = 7ssem:lin- and Deassem:lin- of Computer S/stem = 7:out E %S7, (C%, 7$(, C1R, Et". = 7:out S%MM, D%MM, R%MM, SDR7M, RD R7M, DDR%, DDR%%, Et" = Differen"e 8etween %S7 & (C% = Differen"e 8etween (C% & 7$( = Differen"e 8etween S%MM & D%MM = %DE and FDD = Differen"e 8etween (7T7 & S7T7 = Fumper Settin- = Conne"tin- Different E6pansion Cards = 8%;S Setup ;ptions = FD%S, Command, Format Command = &ard Dis9 (artitionin- throu-h FD%S, = &ard Dis9 Formattin- throu-h Format Command = %nstallation of Windows <( = %nstallin- Sound Card, $raphi" Card, ?71 Card Dri!er Et". = Dual 8ootin- ;peratin- S/stem = >p-radin- an ;peratin- S/stem = Repairin- an ;peratin- S/stem = Trou:leshootin- of Computer S/stem = >sin- 1ero

SEMESTER 2 1G '1etwor9in-)
= %ntrodu"tion of 1etwor9in-, 1etwor9in- Fundamentals = 8rief Des"ription 7:out ?71, C71, M71, W71 = Des"ription a:out 1etwor9in- De!i"es = Differen"e 8etween &>8 & Swit"h &>8, SW%TC&, R;>TER = 7:out %B; 8o6, (at"h (anel, 1%C, M7C 7ddress = Transmission Media 'C7TE0, Fi:er ;pti"al Ca:le) = Details 7:out ;S% Model, 8road"ast & Multi"ast = %( 7ddressin-, Different %( Classes and Their Ran-e = 1etwor9, 1etwor9in-, Strai-ht and "ross Ca:le Conne"tion, = 7:out Topolo-ies 8>S, Mesh, R%1$, ST7R = Wor9 $roup Model, ?o"al >ser = Domain Model, Domain >ser 'Client) = &ow to "on!ert lo"al >ser to Domain >ser = %nstallation of Win #55* Ser!er and their Features and i"e ersa = Details 7:out DC 'Domain Controller or Main Ser!er)= 7DC '7dditional Domain Controller or

8a"9up Ser!er) = %ntrodu"tion 7nd %nstallation of 7"ti!e Dire"tor/ = 7dministratorCs 'S/stem 7nd 1etwor9) Dire"tor/ Ser!i"es = Creation of ?o"al and Domain >ser = &ow to %mplement Sharin- 7nd Se"urit/ ;ption = 7""ess of Shared Files 7nd Folders

7d!an"ed Topi"sHE
=%ntrodu"tion 7:out Wireless 1etwor9in- = Su:nettin- '1etwor9) '?71,M71,W71) = %ntrodu"tion of Win #553 Ser!er = %ntrodu"tion of windows Setup Demo :/ Fa"ult/ = Desi-nin-, %mplementin- & Maintainin- Corporate 1etwor9s ista = ?i!e

SEMESTER 3 (rinter Repairin- & Dot Matri6 (rinter

= 7:out (rinter = Classifi"ation of (rinter = 8lo"9 Dia-ram and Si-nal (ath of DM( = Details of (C to (rinter %nterfa"e Ca:le = (rintin- pro"ess inside (rinter = (arts of Dot Matri6 (rinter = &ome Sensor Cir"uit Dia-ram of DM( = Wor9in- of &ome Sensor Cir"uit. = (aper End Sensor Cir"uit Dia-ram of DM( = Wor9in- of paper End Sensor Cir"uit = Carria-e Motor Dri!in- Cir"uit Dia-ram of DM( = Wor9in- of Carria-e Motor Dri!in- Cir"uit = (aper Feed Motor Dri!in- Cir"uit Dia-ram of DM( = Wor9in- of (F Motor Dri!in- Cir"uit = (rint &ead Dri!in- Cir"uit Dia-ram of DM( = Wor9in- of (rint &ead Dri!in- Cir"uit = 1eedle Firin- durin- printinCondition in DM( = Ser!i"in- of DM( (rinter = Fault Findin- of Dot Matri6 (rinter.

%n9Iet (rinter
= Step :/ Step iew of an %n9Iet (rinter in wor9in- mode = Refillin- of %n9 in Cartrid-e = Ser!i"in- of %n9Iet (rinter = Dia-ram of (aper Feed 7ssem:l/ in %n9Iet (rinter = Ser!i"in- of Separate Motor 7ssem:l/ = Ser!i"in- of Self Maintenan"e Station 7ssem:l/ = (arts of an %n9Iet (rinter = (C8 Tra"in- of %n9Iet (rinter = Fault Findin- of an %n9Iet (rinter

?aser (rinter
= 7:out ?aser (rinter = Conditioninof the ;(C Drum = Cleaninof the ;(C Drum in ?aser (rinter = 8lo"9 Dia-ram & Si-nal (ath of ?aser (rinter durin- %ma-e Formation = De!elopin- the %ma-e on he ;(C Drum = Writin- the %ma-e on the ;(C Drum = Fusin- the %ma-e on the (aper = Transferin- the %ma-e from ;(C Drum to the paper = Toner Refillin- in Toner Cartrid-e of ?aser (rinter = Ser!i"in- of ?aser (rinter = Fault Findin- of ?aser (rinter = (arts of ?aser (rinter.

= 7:out &DD = %nternal Stru"ture of &ard Dis9 Dri!e = Defferen"es :etween (7T7 & S7T7 &DD = Details of 7T7%; Conne"tor & Ca:le = &DD Formattin- = (arts of &ard Dis9 Dri!e = Fault Findin- of &ard Dis9 Dri!e = 7ll 7:out CD & D D Dri!e = Stru"ture of CDBD D = Comparison :etween CD & D D = Different T/pes of Motors used in CD Dri!e = ;pti"al (i"9 >p >nit Dia-ram of CD Dri!e = (arts of CDBD D Dri!e = Fault Findin- of CDBD D Dri!e = 7:out S"anner = T/pes of S"anner = Stru"ture of S"anner = S"annin- >nit Dia-ram of S"anner = (arts of S"anner = Fault Findin- of S"anner.

SEMESTER 15 Mother:oard Repairin= Di-ital Ele"troni"s and ?o-i" $ates = Com:ination of $ates and Flip Flop Cir"uits = Details of $ates %CCs = 8lo"9 Dia-ram of Mother:oard = (C 8us Stru"ture = E6pansion Slots of Mother:oard = Stru"ture and Details of E6pansion Slot = 7:out (ro"essor & CoE(ro"essor = Details of (rimar/ & Se"ondar/ Memor/ = 8lo"9 Dia-ram and Si-nal (ath of J( = Se!en ReDuirements of J( 'Mi"ro (ro"essor) = 8lo"9 Dia-ram of Clo"9 $enerator = %dentifi"ation of Mother:oard = %dentifi"ation of Slots = CR; ;peratin- = Components Che"9in- :/ CR; = Si-nal Che"9in- :/ CR; on Mother:oard = Trou:leshootin- of Mother:oard

SEMESTER 11 TFTB?CD Monitor & ?aptop Maintenan"e

T.F.T. ?CD Fundamental and differen"e :etween CRT and ?CD Monitors = Wor9in- of ?CD displa/ dia-ram = ?CD displa/ methods = Se-ment dri!in- method of ?CD displa/ = Matri6 dri!in- method of ?CD displa/ = Dia-ram and des"riptions of CCF? = Wor9in- of CCF? = 8lo"9 Dia-ram and si-nal path of TFT ?CD Monitor = 8lo"9 and Cir"uit dia-ram of TFT ?CD MonitorCs SM(S = 8lo"9 and Cir"uit Dia-ram of TFT ?CD MonitorCs %n!ertor se"tion = Dia-ram and si-nal path of TFT ?CD dri!in- "ir"uits = Fault findin- of TFT ?CD Monitors. = 7:out (orta:le Computers = Differen"e :etween Des9top & (orta:le Computers = ,inds of (orta:le Computers = 7ll a:out ?aptopB1ote:oo9 (C = (ort & Conne"tors of ?aptop = 8lo"9 Dia-ram of ?aptop = Des"ription of Ea"h Se"tion and 8lo"9 of ?aptop = Details of (ro"essor of ?aptop = E6pansion 8uses of ?aptop = Cir"uit Dia-ram of (ower Control sta-e of ?aptop = Cir"uit Dia-ram of CCF? Sta-e = 7C 7dapter Cir"uit Dia-ram of ?aptop = TFT & ?CD Se"tion Testin- & Fault Findin- = Trou:leshootin- of ?aptop.