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Spec CPO 1) Principal Dimensions Length Overall : 250 feet Beam Molded : 72 feet Depth Molded : 16 feet Construction

: Double Hulled Bow : Bow Shaped

2) Classification : BKI

3) Scantling Deck Plating : 10.0mm Side Plating : 10.0mm Bottom Plating : 12.0mm Inner Double Bottom Plating : 9.0mm Inner Double Side Plating : 8.0mm Transverse Bulkhead Plating : 8.0mm Longitudinal Bulkhead Plating: 8.0mm Longitudinal : Deck -9mm x 125mm x 75mm angle bar Bottom -9mm x 125mm x 75mm angle bar Side -9mm x 125mm x 75mm angle bar L/Bulkhead -7mm x 125mm x 75mm angle bar T/Bulkhead -9mm x 125mm x 75mm angle bar Longl. Bulkhead : 1 length Transverse Bulkhead : 7 lengths Vertical Pillar : Fitted with 150mm x 150mm H-beams

5) Main Cargo Piping System Main Cargo Tanks : 12 tanks

Total Cargo Capacity : 3500MT Internal Piping : 8 diameter SCH40 Seamless Pipe Manifold : 10 diameter SCH80 Seamless Pipe Loading & Discharging : On port & starboard using 10 dia Gate Valve Ventilation : One unit 10 Air Vent Head on each main cargo tank Sounding Pipe : One unit 2 sounding pipe with 2 bronze cap on each main cargo tank. Cargo Pumps : 2 units of CTP (China) or equal Twin-Screw Pump 260M3/HR @90M Head driven by Radiator cooled diesel engine. 6) Additional Tanks a) One (1) unit Freshwater Tank b) One (1) unit Fuel Oil Tank

7) Machineries a) Two (2) PEKINS (USA) or equal Generator 35KVA 415V 3 Phase / 50Hz b) One (1) EUROFLO (Singapore) Freshwater pump

8) Fire Fighting a) Suitable no. of fire extinguishers. b) One (1) Fire Hydrant with fire hose on port and starboard of deck house. c) Engine Room and Pump Room located below deck.

9) Accommodation a) One (1) Office/Salon/Radio Room - 1 table - 2 chair - 1 sofa - 1 VHF - 1 P.A. b) One (1) Sleeping Room - 2 beds

- 2 lockers c) One (1) Gallery - 1 200ltr fridge - 1 electric twin stove

10) Life Saving Equipment a) One (1) 8men Life Raft b) Ten (10) Life Jacket c) Six (6) Life Buoy with life throwing line d) Three (3) Life Buoy with blinking light.

11) Fittings a) One (1) set Diesel Engine driven Winch c/w 100m 25mm dia wirerope and one (1) unit 1000kg anchor. b) Suitable number of aluminum anodes for two years protection. c) Eight (8) twin bollards. d ) Two (2) Skegs. e) Two (2) Smit type towing pads. f) One (1) Single Storey Deckhouse

12) Paintings Before fabrication, all external surface of deck, side and external bottom plating will be shop blasted to SA2.5 at shop and primed with one coat of shop primer. After fabrication, all external surface will be sand swept follows with Two (2) coats of Coaltar Epoxy paints (Sigma / Hempel / Berger products) for the deck, side and external bottom plating and together with one (1) coat of tropical anti-fouling shall be added to the external bottom plating. The deck plating be coated with one (1) coat of Coaltar Epoxy paint.